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Item#: 7629
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Tunnel entrance into SCP-7629.

Special Containment Procedures: As part of Directive Alpha/1911 and in accordance with the ROUND TABLE Agreement, weekly reports regarding the state of SCP-7629 are to be sent to Overwatch Command. All interaction with SCP-7629 are under Site-120’s supervision and all forms of negotiation with its denizens and/or SCP-7629-ARHTUR are to be conducted by a team led by either Daniel Ashworth,1 Jessie Rivera,2 or Dr. Anna Szulc,3 with prior notification to Overwatch Command.

Supplies and resources are to be regularly delivered for the benefit and the ongoing prosperity of SCP-7629’s community and structural integrity. All previously unrecorded thaumaturgical and historical information gathered from the inhabitants of SCP-7629 are to be notified for immediate documentation.

Attempts to locate other undiscovered SCP-7629 communities are currently ongoing.

The entrance to SCP-7629 is to be fenced off with on-site security under the guise of a geological study operation authorized by the Russian government.

Update: Having been authorized by Overwatch Command, as per agreement with SCP-7629-ARHTUR, SCP-7629 volunteers are to be transferred to numerous Free Port-type Nexuses such as Esterberg as part of an integration/exchange program to help incorporate them into outside anomalous communities without breaching the Veil protocol.

Description: SCP-7629 refers to a subterranean community located within an expansive cavern system within the Ural Mountains with a population of approximately 640,000. These caverns are naturally formed but have been greatly expanded by the denizens of SCP-7629, both for extracting mineral resources as well as residential spacing. The entrance to the cave was kept hidden from plain sight by means of visual & tactile thaumaturgic runes that made the entrance undetectable, thus preventing any possibility of intruders. The inhabitants of SCP-7629 are a race of sapient humanoids with vastly reptilian characteristics and biology that are self-identified as Droganians. Instances are at an average of 1.905 m to 2.820 m, male instances have a more muscular body shape while female instances have a slimmer body shape. SCP-7629 instances possess scaled skin similar to Ophiophagus Hannah (King Cobra) that come in vast array of colors and patterns. Instances also possess slit reptilian eyes resembling Alligator Mississippiensis (American Alligator) that appear in shades of yellow, orange, red, or wheat brown.4 On their backs are large retractable leather wings with a wingspan of 2.13m granting them flight. Other traits include horn-like protrusion on their foreheads, pointed frilled ears, forked tongues, five fingered clawed hands, and digitigrade legs with five toed clawed feet.5

SCP-7629 instances possess numerous natural, anomalous and thaumaturgical capabilities. Most notably is there ability to alter their physical form into a large reptilian creature resembling common depictions of dragons.6 They are capable of emitting a stream of thaumaturgically enhanced fire from their mouths both in humanoid form and dragon form, ranging from wide flame blasts to condensed beams of plasma comparable to an industrial blow torch. They possess a highly adept sense of smell much stronger than humans, are capable of sight in infrared and a form of spectrum which allows them to view and are even capable of sensing EVE,7 can withstand intense high temperatures, and possess vast knowledge of thaumaturgy of high magnitude.

Prior to discovery by the Foundation, the culture and architecture of the Droganians were more rural and isolated. Their society possessed a paranoia and fear of leaving the caverns towards the surface, as well as being very uncomfortable towards possible outsiders. Their architectural and technological prowess was comparable to that of the 12th century BCE,8 though they were able to create a lush and harvestable environment for farming as well as the breeding of livestock via thaumaturgical means. This previous lifestyle and societal paranoia were attributed to ancient historical events that threatened their species.9


Droganian Language Alphabet.

Aside from thaumaturgy, the Droganians are also skilled in the fields of philosophy, mining and the study & manipulation of precious metals. They are capable of speaking a variety of languages including ancient Greek, Proto-Nordic, ancient Chinese, Sarkic, and their own native language called “Dragina”. There society is led under an aristocratic court referred to as “The Dragoon’s Circle” composed of a council of 12 nobles lead by a patriarchy labeled “The Vajra King”, with the current head being identified as Ragna Von Morrowind (further referred to as SCP-7629-ARTHUR).

Discovery: On the 18th of August 1998, a team of Ukrainian mountaineers were undergoing a hiking expedition up the Ural Mountains to study their geological history and determine whether the area would be rich with minerals. After they stopped to construct the current location of their camp, one of the members claims to have spotted what she described as a “green scaley winged devil the size of a child” perched on a small cliff ledge. When the creature spotted the group, it got startled and fled, leading to the team given chance only to eventually lose it. One of the members managed to capture a picture of the creature as they gave chase. Upon returning they shared and published their story to the local media and the news began to spread, catching the attention of the Foundation. The story was successful covered up and the witnesses were administered amnestics.

A team was then dispatched to the mountains to locate, identify, and contain the anomaly. After a long and thorough scanning of the landscape, unusual amounts of EVE radiation were detected near the side of a mountain top formation, leading to the detection of a hotspot of thaumaturgic and anti-memetic activity. Site-120 was immediately notified of the activity and a team led by Dr. Daniel Asheworth, accompanied by Jessie Rivera and Anna Szulc were sent in to investigate. The anomaly was identified as a form of barrier blocking the entrance of a cavern, Dr. Daniel Asheworth was eventually successful in bring down the barrier allowing access to the cavern. Afterwards large amounts of EVE was detected coming from deeper within the cavern, a request to explore the cavern was requested to O4 Command and the cavern as well as any possible anomalies within were classified as SCP-7629.

Addendum 7629-1: First Initial Exploration of SCP-7629

Exploration Video Log Transcript

Date: 08/22/98

Subject: SCP-7629

Team Lead: Dr. Daniel Asheworth

Team Members: Dr. Jessie Rivera, Dr. Anna Szulc, ATF-1, ATF-2, ATF-3

Foreword: An exploration attempt into the depths of SCP-7629 was authorized in order to further understand the nature of the anomaly, as well as to confirmed the possibilities of other anomalies within in regards to the previously sighted entity by the expedition witnesses. Daniel Asheworth and Jessie Rivera volunteered to lead a team within a cavern due their experience with thaumaturgical anomalies, accompanied by Dr. Anna Szulc in regard to the possibility of the creature(s) being sapient, along with three on-site security personnel as protection for any possible threats


ATF-1’s Helmet camera connects, the team have proceeded to descend into the cavern. Daniel Asheworth and Jessie Rivera are taking lead with ATF-1 taking point while Anna Szulc follows behind with ATF-2 and ATF-3 guarding their backs.

Asheworth: Remember, we don’t know what could be down there, or if whether or not it’s hostile. So, keep your guard up, and stick together. We don’t want to risk the possibility of getting separated.

ATF-1: Understood, staying sharp.

Szulc: Do you think me might find anything intelligent down there?

Rivera: Well, I guess we won’t know until we find out.

The team continues to descend deeper into the cavern for five minutes, eventually turning on their headlights when the tunnel starts to become too dark to see.

ATF-3: So what do you think we’ll possibly find down here? You think we might have found some sort of portal to hell? Judging by that green devil or whatever the witnesses saw?

ATF-2: I doubt it, I mean how many anomalies has the Foundation so far found that has in someway to do with hell? Or at least something similar?

Asheworth: I doubt it, If it were then it would be TRE10 radiation coming from the cave, not EVE.

Rivera: Actually, that’s something I wanted to point out. The EVE we’re picking up.

Asheworth: What about it?

Rivera: Something about it feels…off to me.

ATF-1: What do you mean by off? Aren’t you an expert in this kind of stuff?

Rivera: I am! It’s just this EVE specifically feels unique judging by the readings I'm getting. Like it seems very familiar, almost very similar to magic demonstrated by Fae. And yet…It also seems completely different.

Szulc: Then Yeren maybe?

Rivera: No, it’s not that either. This is something else…Something much more powerful and ancient.

ATF-1: …I got a bad feeling about this.

The team continues to descend deeper into the caverns for an additional 15 minutes. As they descend deeper down, the EVE readings are increasing exponentially.

A sudden squishing and wrinkling sound is heard, accompanied by ATF-3 loudly groaning in disgust.

ATF-3: Ugh great! I think I just stepped in something nasty.

The team turns toward ATF-3 as the lights are pointed down at his boot, revealing something moist and paper thin is stuck to his foot. ATF-1 peels off the material and holds it up for everyone to get a closer look. The material is a semi-transparent paper like material slightly covered in a slick mucus, faint patterns resembling scales are visible on the surface.

Recorded camera footage.

ATF-1: Is this what I think it is?

Szulc: It kind of looks like—

Asheworth: Shed skin, yes.

ATF-2: You’re right! It looks like it came from a snake. I used to have a pet snake when I was a kid, so I would recognize snakeskin. But this looks like it came from something bigger…much bigger!

Rivera: Well on the plus side, we can confirm that we’re dealing with something reptilian in origin. We should take this as a sample for analysis, help us learn more about whatever’s down here.

Rivera pulls out a sample bag from her bag and proceeds to place the skin inside before placing it into her bag. Afterwards they continue to descend deeper into the tunnel, all the while the EVE readings continue to increase.

Szulc: Down there — Is that light?

Rivera: I think so, It’s hard to see clearly.

ATF-1: Everyone turn off your headlights!

They all proceed to turn off their headlights. In the distance, a slight orange glow can be seen emanating from deeper in the tunnel.

ATF-2: It looks like the light coming from a fire, you can see the shimmers you often see from the shadows.

Rivera: Well…There's only one way to find out.

They continue their way down in the tunnel closer to the orange light. They finally reach it and as they turn the corner, they can see the rest of the way down the tunnel is lined with what appears to be stone torches as visible flames are coming from the top.

Szulc: Torches. These are torches. Whatever is down here is intelligent, that's for sure. An undiscovered sapient anomalous species, perhaps!

Rivera: Could be, or maybe it's the enclosure to the population of a species already discovered?

Asheworth: Don’t get your hopes up just yet, we don’t know if they’re peaceful or not. We still need to be cautious.

Szulc: I know, but this is such a great opportunity. I'll stay cautious just in case.

They continue there way down the tunnel, with more and more torches becoming visible as they do. They continue walking for another seven minutes before the ground of the tunnel goes from rough stone to smooth polished bricks. The EVE readings are reaching maximum levels

Asheworth suddenly stops as he slightly hisses in pain as he grips his forehead.

Rivera: Daniel? What’s wrong?

Asheworth: Fine. I'm… I’m fine. It’s alright, it’s just…I never felt anything like this. Never felt magic as old and odd as this, I mean.

ATF-3: Is that something we should be worried about? Considering this is something very new to you two?

Szulc: Only if they’re a threat. It’s still possible that they may be docile, and with how pristine this tunnel is becoming, I think it’s very likely.

Asheworth: <shrugs> I suppose we better go down there and find out.

The journey down the hallway continues for another ten minutes. As they proceed further the tunnel walls and floor now appear smooth and polished with well chiseled walls and well positioned polished brick. Eventually they come across a portion of the tunnel that shows numerous painted murals.

ATF-1: (Whistles impressed) Would you look at that.

ATF-2: Well doc, if the well-built tunnels didn’t convince you these guys were smart…THIS confirms it!

Szulc: This looks like it’s telling some form of story, maybe it gives us some insight on their history!

ATF-1: Well then (Taps the side of the helmet cam) I’ll be sure to get a shot of everything for documentation.

They proceed to examine all the murals that are present on the walls. The first mural depicts several winged reptilian creatures. One was perched above a mountain, another was soaring through clouds, two are performing what looks to be a form of sky dance or possibly a mating ritual, and another is stockpiling gold and jewels.

Rivera: Daniel, are these what I think they are?

Asheworth: Giant winged reptiles flying through the sky into the mountains. Dragons, most likely. Or some derivative, I suppose.

ATF-3: Did you just say dragons? But I thought dragons were extinct, at least from what I heard from other personnel.

ATF-2: Really? Out of all the crazy impossible stuff we’ve seen working for the Foundation, this is what you have trouble believing?

ATF-3: I just never considered the possibility that we would ever run into something like dragons.

ATF-2: What about that box?

ATF-3: Those were paper. I'm talking about actual dragons, not anomalies that resemble them.

ATF-1: Let’s stay focused here.

They continue examining the murals. The second mural depicts a group of dragons in what appears to be a form of subjugation before a much larger dragon with four silver wings, black and gold scales, blue glowing eyes, and is surrounded by a yellow light.

ATF-2: Well doesn’t that big guy look important.

Szulc: They're bowing before it. King, I presume.

Asheworth: Or their god.

Rivera: That’s also a possibility.

The next mural depicts some form of battle. On the left is the dragons along with the larger black one, on the right is what appears to be quadrupedal feline like creatures with no hair and yellow eyes. Above them is what resembles a large white furred tiger with purple jagged stripes, dark violet claws, and glowing golden eyes.

Asheworth: It appears to be some form of ancient battle between another species or a pack of monsters, most likely a war.

Rivera: Notice the size of the tiger. Similar to the large dragon in shape. Their leader perhaps?

ATF-2: Hey! Doesn’t this remind you of the Yin and Yang mythos in Chinese mythology?

Asheworth: Hmm?

ATF-2: I mean look at it. A black dragon fighting a white tiger? Tiger vs dragon, black and white, yin and yang? It’s hard not to notice it!

Rivera: …She’s actually not wrong, you can see the connections between this and the myth.

ATF-3: Maybe this is where the idea came from, like what inspired it?

Asheworth: It’s not impossible.

They then move on to the next mural, this one seems to catch Asheworth and Rivera’s attention the most. The Mural depicts a group of dragons being attacked, with some of them dead and appearing withered while the rest are fleeing. They’re being attacked by a group of small winged humanoid figures with strange weapons, some are pale white with two big eyes while some are bright green with six small eyes. They’re being led by a taller winged pale woman with silver hair with gold highlights, glowing pink eyes, and wearing a dark purple dress along with a floating crown. She’s depicted attacking the dragons with some form of magic, possibly killing them, or draining their powers. Seeing the depictions of this mural has the two unsettled as Rivera points at the woman.

Recorded camera footage.

Rivera:…It always comes back to her, doesn't it?

Asheworth: <sighs> It looks like that, yes.

Rivera: We need to let the O5 know about this and start some investigations.

Asheworth: Agreed. From what we see, it looks like Mab was targeting these dragons and doing something to them that either killed them or stripped them of their powers.

Rivera: Could it be possible that was what allowed her to become so powerful in the first place? Stealing their magic, I mean.

Asheworth: It’s possible, but I can't be certain. I need more context. Possibly from someone in Esterberg. Or from whatever's down there.

Asheworth than walks up to Szulc and places his hand on her shoulder.

Asheworth: Anna, You better get prepared. If a dragon or a number of them live at the heart of this cave, and if they are intelligent enough to the point of being sapient, then we need to get them on our good side and cooperate with the Foundation so they can aid us in dealing with future threats.

Szulc: Of course, I understand. I hope this goes peacefully just as much as you do.

Asheworth: Good, then let’s keep moving.

ATF-3: Don’t you want to look at the last mural? It may tell us something important.

Rivera: …Maybe we should.

They come to the last mural. The mural depicts a line of dragons flying towards a group of mountains, one of them with a cave inside. They appear to be entering the cave.

ATF-2: And with that, the final piece of the puzzle! Looks to me like they all went into this cave to hide from the crazy lady that was killing them.

ATF-1: I’m guessing at this point she became so powerful that they couldn’t stand against her, or they thought they couldn’t.

Asheworth: We'll just have to find that part out for ourselves, let’s get going.

The team continues to descend deeper and deeper down into the tunnel, now with more determination what with the information they just recently learned. During the walk, Asheworth looks at the EVE readings once more and sees that the readings are off the charts, almost too much for the scanner to handle. He turns it off before stashing it, in the case it might overload and explode.

Asheworth suddenly raises his hand informing everyone to stop.

Rivera: What’s wrong?

Asheworth: Shhh! Listen.

As they all stood quiet, though faint, the sound of voices can be heard up ahead. Two individuals speaking in an unknown language.

Asheworth: There’s definitely people down here, and definitely sapient.

ATF-1: What now? Should we head back to inform command?

Szulc: No. At this point, it’s better to introduce ourselves now rather than with a fully armed force. Don’t want to risk accidently provoking them. Let’s take it slow.

They continue down the tunnel at a slow and steady pace. As they do, the voices in the distance become more audible and clear. They stop at a turn, Asheworth instructs ATF-1 and Szulc to approach and the three of them peek over the edge to view what’s up ahead. At the end of the tunnel is a larger spaced grotto with a chiseled stone wall at the end where a massive wooden gate was in the center with a second metal barred gate in front, accompanied with two dragon statues atop fine podiums carved from marble.11 Standing near the gate are two armored humanoids, they have scaley skin, horns protruding from their forehead, clawed hands and feet, large wings on their backs, and both are carrying spear like weapons.

The one on the left is orange and appears slightly obese, while the one on the right is maroon and much slimmer. They appear to be having a conversation, speaking in an unknown language.

Asheworth, Szulc and ATF-1 regroup with the others who were waiting patiently for them while they took lookout. “The ongoing dialogue is in hushed tones to avoid catching the guards attention”

Szulc: Looks like we found our dragons.

Asheworth: Yeah, but it’s not what I expected. It seems they changed greatly due to being down here for so long, they evolved into humanoids and seemed to have built what I can only guess to be their own civilization.

ATF-1: The entrance is right at the end of this hall, and there’s two guards watching.

ATF-3: They’re guarding the entrance?

ATF-1: Yes, though it doesn’t look like they’re taking their job seriously. All they seem to be doing is standing around talking to one another.

ATF-2: I guess that makes sense; I mean what’s the point of guarding a gate if no one can find their way down here? It sounds like a waste of men to me.

Rivera: Focus, please. We still need to know whether they're peaceful or not.

The group goes quiet as they try to plan the next course of action, when Szulc suddenly speaks.

Szulc: I’m going to go reveal myself to them.

ATF-1: Whoa hold on a second doc! I don’t know if that’s a good idea, I get you’re determined on the idea of peaceful negotiation, but you’re too important to just put your life at risk!

Szulc: I came on this investigation mission on the chance of encountering a sapient anomalous species to negotiate with, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do! Besides, what other options do we have?

Asheworth: Let her go.

Rivera: Are you sure? What if—

Asheworth: I trust that she knows what she’s doing. Plus she’s right, we don’t have any other options at the moment. (To Szulc) But we'll be right behind you just in case.

Szulc: Thanks, I appreciate it. (Takes a deep breath before exhaling) Alright… here goes nothing.

Szulc stands and proceeds forward towards the gate as the rest of the team follows closely behind. The humanoids are still deep in their conversation and have yet to notice them. Eventually the orange guard catches them in the corner of their eye and immediately notices them, they react with immediate shock and terror as they quickly notify their partner who also has the same reaction. They proceed to point their spears towards the group as the maroon guard then pulls out what looks to be a blowhorn and blows into it, letting out a low drone that is estimated to be a warning siren.

ATF-3: Shit! That’s not good!

ATF-2: Something tells me they don’t like strangers.

The gate behind the guards suddenly starts to rise as it opens. Once it does more armed guards come running as they proceed to surround the team with their weapons facing them. One of them in a more detailed gold armor, assumed to be the leader of the squad begins to speak in the unknown language.

Guard #1: (Speaks demandingly in unknown language)

The ATF agents immediately raise their firearms towards the guards as Asheworth and Rivera also get in a defensive position, expecting a fight to ensue…until they’re stop by Szulc.

Szulc: WAIT, STOP!

Rivera: Anna, what are you doing?!

Szulc: They’re not hostile!

ATF-2: Not hostile my ass! We’re surrounded with them pointing their weapons at us!

Szulc: In self-defense!

ATF-2: What?

Szulc: Look at their body language and facial expressions, they’re afraid of us.

As ATF-1’s helmet cam focuses on the faces of the guards, it is indeed clear that their facial expressions show signs of fear and caution.

Guard #1: (Shouts in unknown language)

Szulc: Please …Let me try and reason with them.

Asheworth:…Do as she says.

ATF-1: But sir-

Asheworth: I won't repeat myself.

The team eventually acknowledges and lowers their weapons, Szulc then raises her arms as a sign of surrender and cooperation as she slowly moves forward. This puts the guards at an unease as some of them silently gasp along with slightly backing away.

Guard #1: (Speaks demandingly at Szulc in unknown language while thrusting their spear forward as a show of force.)

Szulc: Calm down! We mean you no harm, we come in peace. Can you understand me?

Guard #1: (Shows signs of caution as they again speak demandingly in unknown language)

Szulc: Take it easy, we’re not going to hurt you.

The guard is panting and beginning to sweat as they keep their guard up, although they’re starting to show signs of doubt in their fear.

ATF-3: I don’t think they understand English. Hey doc, do you know what they’re saying?

Asheworth: No, I don’t recognize the language.

ATF-2: I got an idea, do you know any ancient languages?

Asheworth: That's Vemhoff's expertise, but I've picked a few things up. What are you suggesting?

ATF-2: Well remember that thing I mentioned about the myth inspiration with the Yin and Yang? Maybe they know some old human languages.

ATF-1: It’s worth a shot.

Asheworth: <Sighs> Alright, But I doubt it’ll work.

Asheworth makes his way next to Szulc, which keeps the guards around them uneasy as many of them keep their eyesight on him.

Asheworth: (Clears his throat) Okay let’s see…(Latin) We mean you no harm.

The guard doesn’t respond, indicating Latin isn’t familiar to them.

Asheworth: No? Okay then. (Sumerian) We are not your enemy.

Again no response.

ATF-3: How about something much older? Maybe an anomalous language?

Asheworth: Well, there is one that I can try. (In Sarkic) We come in peace.

The guard widens their eyes in surprise as they start lowering their weapon. All the other guards around them also show signs of shock as they start mumbling to one another all the while starting to lower their guard.

Szulc: It’s working, they seem to understand!

”The following dialogue is translated from Sarkic to English for ease of understanding”

Guard #1: (Now speaking in Sarkic) State your business! Who are you and how did you find this place?!

Asheworth: My name is Daniel Asheworth, me and my crew do not want to cause any trouble. We’re researchers, we represent the Foundation. We heard word of a small creature that looks similar to you being spotted around these mountains and came to investigate.

The guard seems confused by this statement at first, until they suddenly came to a realization before shifting to annoyance as they pinch the brow of their nose.

Guard #1: (Groans as he mutters to himself) Damn it Loki! I knew that kid was up to no good. When this is over I’m going to have a word with Zoron about that troublemaking hatchling of his! (To Asheworth) Why have you come here?!

Asheworth: As stated before, we represent an organization known as The SCP Foundation. We came here under the assumption that there was life down here and wish to peacefully negotiate with you and your people.

The mention of a peaceful negotiation seems to surprise them as they contemplate on this knowledge, until one of them, the orange one, steps forward with clear doubt and suspicion.

Orange Guard: I don’t believe a word of this rubbish that you spout! How do we know you’re not just Fae spies of the Mad Queen’s empire in disguise sent to make us lower our guard for an ambush?! I bet there’s an entire armada of your Fae comrades ready to storm in here and butcher us like cattle!

Their maroon partner then approaches his partner with a look of annoyance.

Maroon Guard: Guma don’t be ridiculous, if they were Fae than they would be emitting way more mana12 than they’re giving off. Though I won’t deny he and the one red haired female next to those oddly armored knights have more mana than a standard human would have.

Guma: Exactly! Those two could be Fae while these humans could be their slaves that they brought to use their low mana as a form of camouflage!

Guard #1: Guma, Sembu, that’s Enough! I will not tolerate this nonsense! As if the Fae empire would ever associate themselves with humans.

Asheworth: …How long exactly have your people been down here?

Sembu: Two hundred seventy-six thousand, nine hundred and ninety-eight years.

Guma: Pfft! Know it all.

Guard #1: I SAID ENOUGH! (Pounds the end of his spear into the ground) One more jabber out of either of you and you’ll be sentenced to mandrake uprooting duty!

They immediately stand in a more straightforward position in response to the demand.

Guma & Sembu: Yes Captain Agron!

Asheworth: Ahem! Not to interrupt this disciplining, but I feel I should let you all know that the Fae empire fell over twenty-four hundred thousand years ago.

All the guards loudly gasp in absolute shock as they once again mutter to one another in disbelief and surprise at this revelation.

Captain Agron: Is…Is this true?! The empire has fallen, the Mad Queen is dead?!

Asheworth: Yes, In fact that’s one of the things we wanted to discuss with you and whoever is in charge of your people about. The empire is gone, and Mab is dead. But we don’t believe the threat she poses is truly gone, we were hoping we can gain your cooperation as an ally in hopes of combating her influence and whatever other threats might be afoot.

Agron’s eyes widen even bigger than before as he fully comprehends the information he had just received.

Asheworth: Of course we’ll need to bring it up with our higher ups first about what we found down here and of the partnership we wish to make with your people.

Agron immediately turns his attention to one of the other guards present as he gives them an order in the unknown language. The guard salutes before heading back through the gate.

Captain Agron: I’ve just ordered one of my men to inform the Dragoon’s circle and the Vajra King of your presence and your terms. If what you said is true, then this might mean our people’s time of living in fear and paranoia is over. We can finally rise from this pitiful state we find ourselves in now, and be the great beasts we were that soared through the crystal blue sky in ancient times once more!

He then gets down on his knees, bows his head and places his hand on his chest in a sign of respect and a welcoming gesture. The rest of the squad copies the gesture.

Captain Agron: I am Captain Agron Skyrim of the Droganian Armada. Welcome to Arcadia, sanctuary of the last dragons!

Szulc looks to Asheworth with a look of satisfaction, after getting over her shock at what has just occurred.

Szulc: We made peace?

Asheworth: Not completely, but it looks like we soon will.

Szulc: <Fist pumps> Yes! I'm so excited to learn all about these creatures!

Asheworth: I figured you would be.


Closing Statement: Dr. Daniel Asheworth’s crew and the leaders of the SCP-7629 entities who identified themselves as "Droganians” agreed to a later meeting to discuss negotiations and the possibility of cooperation. Afterward Daniel Asheworth’s team returned to the surface and informed O5 Command of their findings and the plans of a meeting.

Addendum 7629-2: Olivié Gwyneth Interview

With the discovery of the SCP-7629 communities’ connection to the Fae (Homo sapiens sidhe) as well as evidence of historical conflicts with PoI-001-C ("Queen Mab”), an interview with a Fae Esterbergian was authorized to determine if any familiarity with SCP-7629 was present within the anomalous community.

The following is the transcript of the interview conducted with Olivié Gwyneth, a Fae historian employed at Esterberg city hall’s library.

Interviewed: Olivié Gwyneth

Interviewer: Jessie Rivera

<Begin Log>

Rivera: Thank you for agreeing to conduct this interview Olivié. I understand that you’re probably busy working within the library of city hall.

Olivié Gwyneth: It’s not a big deal. I can make time for friends. So what is it that you wish to know? I’m assuming you once again like to increase your knowledge regarding the diasporas?13

Rivera: No, not today. Actually I’m here to gather some information on something else that might have connection to Fae history as a favor for some colleagues of mine.

Olivié Gwyneth: Well I’d be more than happy to offer my aid. So, what is it that you wish to know about?

Rivera: Well…I was wondering if you or the library has any information regarding dragons.

Olivié Gwyneth: Dragons?

Rivera: Yeah, or at the very least something similar.

Olivié Gwyneth is silent for a time as she goes into deep thought, seeming to recall something.

Olivié Gwyneth: Actually…I think I know something about what you’re looking for.

Rivera: You do?

Olivié Gwyneth: Yeah, but I’m not sure if it’ll be of much help. It’s not really much historical, more like an old fairytale, or to be more specific it's one that was derived from some old religious text found long ago. It’s something that my grandmother actually used to tell me when I was little, a story she learned from her grandmother.

Rivera: I’m sure that it’ll be helpful information, so feel free to tell me.

Olivié Gwyneth: Okay. Well as the story goes, a long, long time ago, back when the Earth was still young and when we still lived within the trees under a golden sunny day and a beautiful starry night. The sky was ruled by the ones called “The Sky Keepers”, great winged lizards that can fly fast enough to shatter the wind and were strong enough to break mountains. But it was their mastery of magic and mana that they really shined.

Rivera: Magic and mana? Care to elaborate?

Olivié Gwyneth: While all creatures of Gaia radiated mana, with some more than others such as us the Fae and the Yeren who were also around at the time, none radiated such mighty mana more than The Sky Keepers. Compared to them, we were a mere campfire while they were like a raging inferno engulfing a forest! But while they were mighty and terrifying beasts, they were also wise and noble. They were said to worship a mighty black winged serpent just like them, only this one could dwarf a castle and scar the very face of Gaia herself! It was from their knowledge that we learned how to wield the hidden powers that mana possessed and with it we along many others prospered.

Rivera: So they taught you how to use magic?

Olivié Gwyneth: Yes. They say without their knowledge, we probably would’ve faded away never to see beyond the trees we inhabited.

Rivera: What happened to them? If they ruled the skies back then, why aren’t they now?

Olivié Gwyneth: Well…you see, not everyone was so righteous and well-intended. Like all great powers, there were those who wanted it for good…and those who wanted it for evil. Many began hunting The Sky Keepers to steal their great powers and their vast pools of mana for themselves, some even believe this was how the queen herself became so mighty. There was even some who heard stories about how they were also fighting their own war, one against something that they called “The Feral One”, who or what exactly they were referring to remains a mystery. Then one day…they disappeared.

Rivera: Just like that? They just vanished without a trace?

Olivié Gwyneth: Well they themselves did, but the teachings they bestowed unto us and the many treasures they protected were left behind. What exactly happened to them is a mystery. Some believe they all died, some say they left to another sky to live in peace, while others believe that they went into hiding and are secretly among us to this day. However, no one has been able to prove what happened because no one could find any evidence.

Rivera:: What do you think?

Olivié Gwyneth: Well. When I was little, I hoped I could one day meet them and see their amazing magic that my grandmother said mesmerized and inspired so many. But that was a long time ago, I stopped believing in such silly dreams and fantasies…However, a part of me deep down believes they indeed existed, and that they’re still out there somewhere, waiting for the day to be seen in the sky again…A part of that little girl who still dreams of meeting them.

Rivera:…Thank you very much Olivié, I really appreciate this information that you shared. I’ll admit it is quite a story, and you know what…I get the feeling that dream may soon come true.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After this interview, several other Fae denizens of Esterberg were questioned and shared the same story and their own thoughts. Yeren denizens were also questioned, who shared their own similar story.

Addendum 7629-3: Meeting with SCP-7629-ARTHUR

Following the events of the exploration log in Addendum 7629-1, The O5 Council was informed of the findings from Daniel’s Asheworth’s team. With the discoveries made in regards to the SCP-7629 populations connection and history with PoI-001-C ("Queen Mab"), the meeting between Daniel Asheworth’s team and the leader of the SCP-7629 community (referred to as 7629-ARTHUR) was approved with the terms of negotiation to be immediately reported to O5 Command afterwards. For easier means of communication, Dr. Alistair Vemhoff14 was requested for the meeting as translator for those currently incapable of communicating with 7629 instances.

The following is the video log transcript of the events of the meeting with SCP-7629-ARTHUR.

Video Log Transcript

Date: 08/24/98

Subject: SCP-7629

Team Lead: Dr. Daniel Asheworth

Team Members: Dr. Jessie Rivera, Dr. Anna Szulc, Dr. Alistair Vemhoff

NOTE: All communications have been translated for convenience. In original video log, Dr. Alistair Vemhoff translated all communications made by SCP-7629 instances to remainder of team and vise versa, these were removed from the updated logs.


Daniel Asheworth’s team have reach the turn leading to the entrance to the Droganian settlement and are proceeding forward.

Asheworth: (To Vemhoff) Remember, while they do apparently have their own language, they actually know Sarkic. You can of course ask them about their language.

Vemhoff: I was actually planning to gather information on their native language either way. No need to remind me, but thanks either way.

Asheworth: Just thought I’d let you know either way.

They arrive at the large gateway into the settlement, with the three Droganian guards “identified as Captain Agron, Guma, and Senbu from the previous exploration log” standing post. They spot the team and proceed forward to greet them.

Captain Agron: Ah Asheworth, you and your companions have returned. I see you brought another with you.

Vemhoff: I'm Dr. Alistar Vemhoff, head of Site-120’s translation team. I’ve been requested to accompany as translator for the rest of our team, as well as to learn about your native language and whatever languages you may have knowledge of.

Senbu: Oh we indeed known a number of other languages, but as a means to get started on your cataloguing of the knowledge you seek, we refer to our native language as “Dragina”. But we wouldn’t also mind learning your languages as well.

Captain Agron: That’ll be enough Senbu. (To Vemhoff) But of course, I’m sure once we proceed with the negotiations, we’d be able to teach in the ways of our native tongue.

Szulc: Don’t mind my interruption but, can we please proceed to the meeting with your leader? I’m honestly exhilarated to start negotiations as well as learning about your culture.

Captain Agron: But of course young maiden. We were ordered to await your arrival so we can escort you to the royal halls. (To Guma) Open the doors!

Arcadia Main Gate.

With an annoyed groan, Guma approaches the main gate before pulling a dangling rope, resulting in a loud ringing akin to a bell to be heard. Three seconds later the gateway rises allowing entry into the settlement.

Captain Agron: Right this way!

The team are then escorted by the three Droganians through the gateway, where more guards are seen standing guard on the other side. They’re lead down a walkway where a large rural village becomes visible. Many Droganian citizens can be seen proceeding with their daily lives. From farmers working on their crops, housewives scrubbing laundry before hanging them on clothes lines, to children roaming around without a care.

Aside from Vemhoff, Daniel and the others showed surprise by the culture’s rural and primitive lifestyle.

Rivera: This…is not what I was picturing.

Vehmoff smirks in response to Rivera's statement.

Rivera: I mean considering the massive amounts of EVE we detected when we first came down here as well as the fact of the Fae, Yeren, and a number of the other humanoid species that the foundation is aware of. I was expecting a more technological advance culture, not…This.

The group finally makes it to the bottom of the stairs and are now making their way through the village. The denizens finally notice the unexpected guests and are apparently startled by them. Some of them freeze as they stare at them in surprise, some quickly return to their homes, most of the children run back to their parents, and some of them grab farming equipment or tools to use as weapons as if expecting trouble. Noticing this, Agron stops before speaking to the citizens in Dragina, causing them to first show surprise before slightly calming down, although some of them are still wary of the outsiders. Some of them started rushing to other portions of the settlement.

Agron then turns to the team and speaks again in Sarkic.

Captain Agron: I informed them that they have nothing to fear and that you are guests with peaceful intentions, as well as to inform the rest of the citizens of what I just stated. Should make it easier to proceed forward without the spread of fear.

Szulc: Are your people that afraid of outsiders?

Guma: What do you expect? We’ve been down here for thousands of years hiding from a crazy tyrant and her empire who, until you guys showed up, we didn’t know died off not long after we came down here. You think we wouldn’t become a little paranoid over time?!

Rivera: You never considered going back out to see if it’s safer now?

Senbu: Actually, we sent out a large scouting party a few thousand years ago for just that reason. Unfortunately, they never came back, so we assumed the surface was no longer safe.

Vehmoff: If we’re done with the little history lesson, we should continue forward so we can proceed with the meeting.

Captain Agron: Of course, this way.

The guards continue to lead the team through the village. As they do they see more of the homes and shacks that make up the settlement’s architecture. All the buildings they’re currently coming across are composed of wood and bamboo, reminiscent of architectural designs from the early 12th century. They also spotted wooden furniture along with primitive tools such as axes, shovels and pitchforks.

Rural Settlement Structures.

Szulc: If I may, I noticed that all the buildings here seem to be made of wood. So, if you don’t mind me asking, how did your people managed to get wood if you’ve been stuck down here?

Guma: It’s called magic.

Senbu: Ahem! To be more specific, we used enchantments to fertilize the earth in this cavern into soil as well as to sprout vegetation which we then harvested and used to plant more crops and greenery to construct a more flourishing and livable environment.

Vehmoff: Chlorokinetic thaumaturgy? I’m guessing you used other thaumaturgical means to develop the current ecosystem?

Senbu: Definitely. We used it to help us create a renewable source of water by manipulating underground water veins within the mountains, thus creating our current lakes and rivers, which also helps us to always ensure a bountiful harvest.

Asheworth then notices a farm where various livestock such as pigs, chickens, and cows are present. There were also some species that didn’t seem familiar to anything currently known by humans.

Asheworth: What about the animals?

Senbu: We grabbed as many of whatever animals we can scavenge before we came down here. We also ensure that they’re all in good health conditions to prevent the possibility of livestock shortages. (Looks to Guma) Especially when some of us have too big of an appetite!

Guma: Hey, it’s not my fault rotisserie style roasted boar is so juicy that it makes my mouth water!

Senbu: Yeah? Well, what about the time you nearly emptied out all the merlock meat from the meat lockers?!

Guma: I told you that was an accident! I was under the influence of those mogul mushrooms!

Senbu: Everyone knows you should never eat raw mogul mushrooms!

Guma: I thought they were regular mushrooms!


The loud sound of roaring fire is heard as Agron angrily lets out a quick roar, along with a burst of flames from his mouth. This causes the other two to cease their argument.

Captain Agron: My apologies, but these two always tend to cause some form of commotion whenever they’re together.

Vehmoff: Very unprofessional for soldiers if you ask me.

Captain Agron: You have no idea.

The walk continues for another 25 minutes. During the walk they’ve come across many other sights around the village. They pass a district composed entirely of lush farmlands where plants and crops both familiar and unfamiliar are being harvested, a lake with crystal clear blue water with a park where some families are having picnics or fishing, shops for manufacturing of goods such as a bakery and a forgery, and what appears to be the entrance to a mineshaft as some muscular Droganians are seen exiting with carts full of metal ore and minerals. All the while passing hundreds of lantern posts that are spread throughout the settlement.

Rivera: I must say, you did a great job building your community as it is, though it makes me wonder why you haven’t advanced in regards to technology and architecture, not too mention the massive amounts of EVE that we’ve detected down here.

Senbu: EVE?

Asheworth: I believe the first time we met, you referred to it as mana.

Senbu: Oh! You mean you humans have developed the ability to sense mana as well?!

Rivera: Actually no, we have machines that do that. But as I stated before with how much we detected down here, I was expecting your civilization to be more highly developed and greater than what we see now.

Guma: It’s better to stay low and simple rather than draw unwanted attention from your enemies.

Szulc: Are you saying you live a primitive lifestyle as a form of camouflage?

Captain Agron: I believe it would be better if our leaders explain all the details to you about that. But to give you the basic idea, we chose to take on these forms and avoided progress to ensure that those who desired our power do not discover this place, thus preventing the possibility of being revealed and exterminated.

Asheworth: Chose to? You mean your humanoid appearance isn’t a result of evolution?

Senbu: Oh no, as this point it has become natural to us to appear like this. But we can change back into our original forms if we wanted to.

Rivera: You can?!

Senbu: Of course! (To Agron) Captain, permission to demonstrate to our guests?

Agron stops to consider this request. After a few seconds he comes to his decision.

Captain Agron: I’ll allow it this once. Since it is a request from our guests, and they no doubt wish to require more knowledge.

Senbu then backs away from the group to have more space, his body begins to glow with a bright red light as his EVE levels began to increase tremendously. The light then consumes his entire body which then proceeds to distort and morph into a new shape. Eventually the light dies down and where Senbu once stood was an eastern style winged dragon approximately 8.23m in length, 1.19m in height, and 1.14m in width. It had a serpentine body with maroon scales and a tan underbelly, it’s eyes were a wheat brown, it’s hair was a dark chestnut, and the leather folds of it’s wings were a vibrant deep orange.

Asheworth and the rest of the team were visibly shocked and impressed by the transformation, with Vehmoff showing signs of interest…Even when it spoke to them.

Senbu: So what do you think?

Asheworth: Impressive. Very much so. Never did I think I'd see a real, breathing dragon after the War. <smiles> And yet, here I am.

Guma: You think that’s impressive wait until you see what our king looks like.

Captain Agron: Watch your tongue Guma! I will not tolerate anyone speaking of the Vajra King Ranga in such a manner!

Guma: What?! It was a compliment!

Captain Agron: Speaking of which, we’re nearly at the royal halls, so let’s keep moving forward. (To Senbu) That’s enough Senbu.

Senbu once again was swallowed by the red light and his EVE drops back to their original levels as he reverts to his humanoid form. They continue their walk to their destination.

Five minutes later they come up to a large flight of stairs where four guards are standing post at both sides. They salute Agron who returns the gesture as he leads the team up the stairway. Two minutes later they reach the top of the stairway as they now find themselves approaching a much more vibrant and professionally built temple like structure with architecture reminiscent of Chinese temples from the 3rd Dynasty era.

Royal Hall Structure.

Captain Agron: We have arrived! This is the sacred royal hall of the Dragoon’s Circle, led by the royal Vajra King. They have already been informed of your presence and are awaiting your arrival. They have much they wish to speak with you about, but The Vajra King himself wishes to meet with your group alone first before proceeding with the meeting.

Szulc: That’s not a problem, I actually would like to ask him some questions first before we get down to the negotiations.

Asheworth: That pretty much goes for all of us, as we all no doubt have something to ask him.

Captain Agron: Excellent, then let us proceed!

They make their way towards the temple, at the front gates are two guards standing watch who upon spotting Agron and the others, open the gates allowing them entry. Agron salutes them as they salute back as the team continues forward.

They finds themselves within a well furnished and elegantly designed foyer, numerous statues, and paintings of Droganian figures and events can be found on display in many corners of the chamber. The team proceed forward up the stairways in the middle of the chamber as they proceed pass the second floor and up to the third with a large set of double doors at the end. They proceed through the door leading to a long hallway where many Droganian guards are standing post in a line on both sides of the hallway. As they proceed forward, the team takes notice of several stain glass mural windows placed across the hallway. They all show imagery that matches with several of the murals seen from within the tunnel, but much more detailed and telling a more detailed story.

The first depicts the same massive four-winged black dragon radiating light, but it appears far more muscular, and its eyes are now white glowing with a bright blue flame-like energy. It also has multiple horns protruding from its head taking of shape that looks akin to a crown or a form of royal headpiece. The second mural depicts the black dragon releasing a beam of light that takes on the form of a massive egg, with a flaming humanoid figure incubating it in flames. The third mural follows up on the second as the egg is seen hatching with numerous smaller dragons in varying shapes and colors emerging from it, with the larger black dragon looking down upon them. The fourth mural shows all the smaller dragons bowing before the black dragon as it emits a cloud of purple energy upon its followers , with the flaming humanoid offering them a golden flame, both seeming to be blessing them with power. The fifth mural shows many dragons engaging in many forms of activities much like what was depicted from the cave murals but more detailed. The sixth mural depicts a group of dragons suddenly being attacked by a pack of grey semi-bipedal creatures with feline and/or bat like physical characteristics, all the while a dark violet shroud with four glowing eyes is rising from the distance. The seventh mural depicts the dark shroud, now sporting the silhouette of a four eyed tiger head, sprouting tendrils that extend onto a group of dragons. They appear to be experiencing both pain and being driven mad by the shroud as their eyes are glowing with dark violet flames. The eighth mural depicts the black dragon and the smaller dragons going to war against the grey feline creatures and the dark entity, who has taken the form of a monstrous white-haired tiger with jagged purple stripes, needle like protrusions on it’s back, and a tail ending in a bladed tip.15 The final mural depicts the black dragon sealing away the tiger entity into a purple crystal, which is then depicted falling into a pit deep into the earth before being sealed with a large golden glowing stone.

They finally make it to the end of the hallway where a large highly detailed set of crimson double doors are located. Agron then stops the others with a raise of his hand.

Captain Agron: The throne room is just on the other side of these doors here, The Vajra King awaits you on the other side. However, me and my men must wait here as you meet him.

Asheworth: That’s understandable. Thank you for the assistance you’ve provided us so far.

Captain Agron: Just doing what I must if it will ensure a brighter future for my people. I wish you all the best of luck, may the mighty light of Bahamut16 bring you strength and guidance.

Guma and Senbu proceed to open the double doors as Agron moves to the side to allow them entry. The team continues to walk forward as they now find themselves in a large chamber with many marble columns and busts that presumably depicts past rulers judging by the crown each one possesses. At the end of the chamber is a platinum throne with dark red velvet fabric and embedded with many jewels such as rubies, saphires, emeralds, diamonds, and pearls. Perched on the throne is a Droganian dressed in royal garbs ranging from a ankle high grey tunic with gold and silver decals, and a black long sleeved ankle length robe with deep red and warm purple highlights along the sleeves and lower base. A gold shoulder padded guard piece around the neck with etchings inlayed with silver, long crimson ceremonial scarves inlayed with words in the Dragina language, A heavily jewel embedded gold head piece resembling those worn by ancient Chinese monarchs, along with numerous jewelry pieces. His scales are a bright crimsons with yellow and white patterns, has beep blue eyes, long smooth shoulder length white hair, and the leather folds of his wings were a golden orange.

Upon noticing Asheworth and his team, he shows curiosity and excitement as he rises from his throne to greet them in Sarkic.

King: Ah, I see our guests have arrived, Welcome to my sacred palace! I am Ragna Von Morrowind, 19th Vajra King of Arcadia, home of the Droganians and the last sanctuary of the Sky Keepers! Which one of you is the one called Asheworth?

Asheworth: That would be me your highness. Daniel Asheworth of The SCP Foundation. These are my colleagues, Dr. Jessie Rivera, Dr. Anna Szulc, and Dr. Alistair Vemhoff, Who will serve as translator. We came in the hopes of negotiations as well as a partnership with you and your people.

King Ragna: But of course, I’m fully aware that you wish to make an alliance with us in the hopes of us aiding you in dealing with the dark malevolent forces that hide in the shadows.

Asheworth: Yes, more or less.

Vehmoff: We also hope to learn whatever we can about your species and all they are capable in regards to biology and thaumaturgy, as well as whatever you can provide us in regards to your society and culture such as your history, religion, languages, and practices that may proof beneficial to The Foundation and it’s goals.

King Ragna: I fully understand. However, before we can proceed with the meeting of negotiations, I have a few questions that I liked to bestow upon you, and I know you have much questions of your own.

Asheworth: That’s why we’re here your highness. So, ask away!

King Ragna: Of course. Now from I’ve been told, you stated that The Mad Queen Mab and her mighty empire have long since crumbled along with her death. Is this the genuine truth?

Asheworth: It is indeed true. The Fae empire has been dead for many thousands of years and hasn’t risen again since, and while the Fae are still present to this day, their numbers have drastically dwindled due to…unforeseen consequences and manipulations. However, despite a few who remain loyal to Mab, the Fae are now on more peaceful terms with humanity as well as our organization. Also yes, Mab is dead. However, we don’t believe she is completely gone as we believe her soul still slightly lingers in this plane of existence and we fear the possibility of her finding a means to return.

King Ragna: So the queen still haunts this world and still poses a threat to all? I see, and you seek our aid to ensure she does not return…Well as long as she no longer poses a threat to my people, I’m sure we can become your allies in this fight.

Rivera: That would be very appreciated your highness.

King Ragna: However that does bring the question…What of her sister? It was common knowledge that Mab had a sister who was more benevolent.

Rivera: She unfortunately was killed by Mab and had her name stolen after she revolted against her resulting in a civil war between her followers and Mabs.

King Ragna: Well…That is unfortunate, but it is good to know that she saw the error of her sister’s ways. If she were alive today than she would’ve been a most valuable ally for both our parties.

Asheworth: Yeah…I guess she would of. Anything else you’d like to know?

King Ragna: What of the nightwalkers? What became of them?

Szulc: The Yeren? They are still around and are now on peaceful terms with the Fae remnants. After the fall of the Fae empire they were the dominant species for a time, they went on to build their own prospering civilization where they created vast cities and machines from plants and organic matter. The Foundation has even interacted and cooperated with them on a number of occasions.

King Ragna: You said they were the dominant species for a time, I’m assuming that eventually came to an end didn’t it?

Asheworth: Yes it did. Like I stated before, Mab still exists in this world as a spirit, and, well thousands of years ago she managed to manipulate humanity into rising up against them. Resulting in the Second Great Diaspora, also known as The Day of Flowers.

King Ragna: The second you say? How many of these Great Diasporas occurred?

Asheworth: Three of them.

King Ragna: I’m assuming the First Diaspora was when the Fae empire fell correct? What was the third one if humanity is still dominant?

Asheworth:…That would be the unforeseen consequences I mentioned that wiped out most of the Fae.

Rivera: Hold on! I just realized something. Shouldn't it actually be Four Diasporas then? With your history in mind, I mean.

King Ragna: (Chuckles slightly) No no no. we were not the first of these diasporas. Yes, we were an extremely powerful and intelligent race, and we still are to this day. However, we were not much of a dominant species but more of a major species. We did rule the skies, some even called us The Children of the Sky, but we were not the prior rulers of this world, we let those who lived among the earth rule over it while we held dominion over the skies and shared knowledge from time to time.

Asheworth: Which brings me to our first question…what exactly happened that led you to come down here, and what of your history prior to coming here?

King Ragna expression morphs into one of sadness and pity as he contemplates this question. He then sighs before turning around walking towards one of the busts of past rulers.

King Ragna:…As I already stated, while you, the fairfolk, and the nightwalkers roamed the earth that is Gaia’s face below, we were the masters of the clouds and the endless blue horizon that was present when the sun would shine it’s comforting light, as well as when it shifted into the black star filled void when the moon offered us comfort when in the dark. Our people began much like all others of this world, when the ancient gods and guardians of the world walked alongside Gaia when her domain was still that of an infant. From the iron scholar and his sister the mother of flesh, the monarch of blood soaked thorns and living shadows, The master of matter and particles who went to build his domain upon the halo world that neighbors our own, The serpent that rules over the sanctuary of all knowledge of this world and beyond along with its dark counterpart that destroys knowledge down to the very soul, as well as many others praised by both humans, Fae, and Yeren.

King Ragna: But out of all of those deities, there were two who we not only praise beyond all others, but who are the parents that brought my people onto the lands of Gaia. The first and greatest was Bahamut The Sky Lord “Emperor of Wind and Father of The Sky Keepers”, the second was Pangloss The Eternal Fire “The Flamebearer and Guardian of Harmony”. Bahamut conceived the egg that birthed us and Pangloss was the one to offer it warmth with his sacred flames. When our people were born, Bahamut bestowed upon us the gift of high mana and intellect, while Pangloss offered us the golden flame that burns within all of us. We then went on to rule over all above the clouds as we sought out to learn about the unknown secrets of this world and spreading that knowledge on to those below us so that they too may prosper and shine, as well as basking in the many riches and wonders that this world had to offer. This went on for many years as we came to be both respected and feared by those who looked up into the sky, as we danced and sang above as the great masters of mana and wisdom that we came to be.

King Ragna then turned back to them, showing his facial expression shifted into that of detest and disgust.

King Ragna: …But there was one who did not find our ways and even our very being satisfactory, but as repulsive and a waste of what we were capable of. One who relished in the ways of primal fury and chaos, who was the manifestation of animalistic cruelty and the darker instincts that all creatures of this existence had deep within… Bahji was her name. Bahji The Savage “Empress of the Cold, The Violent Tigress” is what we called her. So, she along with her mad spawn, the Chuba we called them, set out to rip the very wisdom Bahamut bestowed onto his children, and corrupt us into primal savages, mindless beasts who knew nothing but violence and rage! Many have lost friends and family as they were driven mad, some even turning on those they cherished like they were nothing but vermin…So then did the War of Wisdom began, as Bahamut lead us to battle against Bahji and her feral abominations. The battle was one that caused the very world to shiver in fear. Mountains burst as they erupted in smoke and magma, seas rippled and pulsed as they were turned red by the blood of the fallen, the skies raged with lightning and hail that pelted the lands of Gaia for many days with no end, and even the very earth itself fractured and was deformed, which led to the unnecessary and unbearable loss of innocent souls… It was more than just a war… It was an apocalypse. Eventually we triumphed over the feral ones, as Bahji was too ignorant to see that intellect can subdue even the most brutal of titans. Bahamut then sealed her and her foul followers in a great obsidian tomb, which he then banished to the deepest pit below the earth and sealed it with an impenetrable golden monolith, so that The Empress of Cold Anarchy and her forces of ferocity would never again attempt to plunge this world into mindless bloodshed and soulless violence!

King Ragna takes a deep breath before proceeding with his story.

King Ragna: Afterwards we went on with our lives, and to mourn for our loved ones and comrades who were lost in the brutal war. Bahamut then made a great sacrifice to ensure Bahji would never return, by going back down into that pit and sealing the hole with him inside to guard it. He would remain there to ensure that the seal would not fail, and that the obsidian prison would not break open…He sacrificed his freedom so that we and all others of enlightened minds can continue to live peaceful lives from the dark forces that seek to snuff it out like the loneliest of candles. Over time things went back to the way they were, as we lived in the clouds and spread wisdom to those below as they too recovered from the disasters brought upon them by our war. It seemed things would once again be peaceful for us above and those below…Then came those who sought out our gifts and wisdom with evil intent. Many began to hunt down our people to steal what we possessed, to feel the taste of the power we held within. Of course, many of them failed to accomplish this, and were punished for their shameless greed. Bestowing upon them horrible curses reserved only for the most despicable of fiends or denying them the chance to ever again know the hidden powers that mana bestowed on all.

His expression shifted again into that of pity and regret as he has his back turned, all the while looking down in shame.

King Ragna:…Then came The Mad Queen. She too desired our power and the darker knowledge that we kept hidden from those who could not handle these truths without succumbing to madness. In our arrogance, we believed she would fail much like all others…But we were wrong. She succeeded in tasting the raw power of our mana and drank the dark secrets we withheld, it made her feel like she was on the path of a greater might than those who came before her, that with more she would reach the height of true apotheosis and become the new god of this reality, one greater than all who came before… and she believed it. She and her followers proceeded to hunt us down and drain us until we were all but dry, leaving us nothing more than empty husks. With each victim her power grew, as well as her greed, making it all the more difficult to stand against her might. Many of us prayed to Bahamut that he would return to deliver us from this massacre…but he did not answer, as he fell into a deep slumber as he continued to guard the cage of animosity. Some even prayed to Pangloss to deliver us… But he was just as silent, as he vanished into the stars, too far to hear our pleas. As our numbers continued to dwindle, we came to the conclusion that the longer we made our presence known, the bigger the fear that our kind will meet its ultimate end will come true. So, with no choice and with great shame…we fled. We fled deep into the bowels of the earth where we would remain as the mad monarch’s domain spread across the face of Gaia like an infection, believing that we had to give up our domain over the clouds to ensure that our very existence continued. Down here we remained, slaves to the fear of extinction by greater powers, building a new way of life from the paranoia that consumed us all, reducing us into a pitiful state as we chose the way of cowards…We were once mighty kings and queens…now we are nothing more than peasants.

The room remained absolutely silent as everyone fully comprehended the tale of tragedy that they heard. Overcome with the feeling of shock, amazement, pity, and sadness. Szulc was showing signs that she was about to start weeping. Vehmoff, despite his usual calm and collected demeanor, showed some signs of deep pity for the king and his people. Rivera had her hands clasped over her mouth in a silent gasp as she fully contemplated how low these creatures had fallen. As for Asheworth…He was still in absolute shock about what he heard, but his face also showed a glimpse of determination, of inspiration.

Asheworth: …That's one hell of a story.

King Ragna: I understand that this is a lot for all of you to take in. It just shows how constantly living in fear for so long has reduced us to such a sad people. Strong and mighty in body…but weak willed.

Rivera: That’s the one thing I don’t understand. Why is your society in such a primitive state? Why haven’t you gotten around to progress and developing your architecture and technology?! I mean the Fae and the Yeren have reached that peak of civilization…so why didn’t you?

Vehmoff: Also, how is it that your people know how to speak the Sarkic language if you never went back to the surface?

King Ragna: We actually did consider developing our society to a stronger and more adept one in the past, but we then came to fear that doing so would alert our enemies of our presence with all the activity caused by it. The reason we’re not advanced is because we were afraid it would expose us. That is also the main reason we are the way you see us now. These forms work to slightly shield our high levels of mana, yes, it’s still much higher than yours, but nowhere near as high when in our natural forms. Overtime this form became natural to the point that newborns are automatically brought into the world in this form. We can still revert to our original forms as we do use them for more strenuous tasks at times…But they’ll always serve as a reminder of how far we’ve fallen.

Rivera: Be consumed by fear, and that fear will drown you in weakness.

King Ragna: As for how we speak…what did you call it, Sarkic? I was under the impression it was called Ämäragnä?

Vehmoff: It is, that’s just what we’re calling it because it’s linked to a religious group that the Foundation has known about and ran into multiple times for years.

King Ragna: Ah, I see. Anyways, we know this language because it was the language of the Mother of Flesh herself. We studied and learned many languages of both the gods and the ancient peoples, some probably forgotten by those above today or have drastically changed overtime…just like us most likely. Forgotten by time and reduced to mere myth or stories.

The room is once again silent for a time, until Asheworth puts on a face of pure determination and his body languages tenses.

Asheworth: Not for long.

This surprises the king as he focuses on Asheworth.

Asheworth: Your people have been hiding in fear long enough. Let us change that. Together.

Rivera: Daniel?

Asheworth: We’re going to help you the best we and The Foundation can. Nobody deserves this.

Szulc: I'll offer all I can as well. As the head of Inter-species Communications, I will do everything I can to help build a better world for your people. We may even be able to get permission to allow the Droganians to visit the city of Esterberg, and interact with the citizens. Both human, Fae, and Yeren.

Rivera is at first surprised by this sudden behavior from Asheworth and Szulc, but when she looks into his eyes as he looks into hers, she immediately sees the look of determination and the promise to help these people as she smiles back and looks back to the king.

Rivera: We’ll do everything we can to help you and your people King Ragna. You’re in good hands. (To Vehmoff) Right Alistair?

He takes a deep breath and sighs before he nods his head in agreement with a soft smile.

Vehmoff: As long as you provide us information and keep your end of the word, then I'll repay you by informing you and your people everything you need to know about the modern world.

King Ragna was absolutely shocked and utterly surprised by the promises that Asheworth and his team have made as he continues to stare at them in shock. Eventually it shifts into relief and joy, to the point where tears are starting to fall from his eyes. He then slightly bows to them along with placing his hand on his heart.

King Ragna: Thank you, my people and I are forever in your debt!



Asheworth and his team are now being lead by King Ragna down another long hallway with numerous guards aligned in a row on both sides, towards another large set of double doors. The doors are black with the imagery of 13 dragons, each with a different gemstone embedded in the chest with the dragon on top wearing a crown.

King Ragna then turns to them as he holds up his hand.

King Ragna: The grand meeting hall of the Dragoon’s Circle is just beyond these doors. This is where we shall initiate the meeting of negotiation and possible future cooperation. The other members of the circle should be waiting for us on the other side. Therefore I would kindly ask that you all wait here for a minute while I inform them that you have arrived so that we may be ready to start the meeting.

Asheworth: That’s perfectly understandable. Let us know when we can enter so we can proceed.

King Ragna: Of course, I’ll knock to let you know that you we are ready to proceed.

King Ragna opens the double doors and enters the room before closing them. The group now proceeds to wait until the meeting is prepared.

Asheworth: Remember to also note down everything that is discussed during the meeting, as well as all the agreements and benefits both of our parties shall provide one another. The O5 made it clear to inform them of everything that happens during the meeting.

Szulc: Let’s jut hope that they actually agree on cooperating with them. Not that I don’t trust them, It’s just a small worry of mine.

Vehmoff: The 05 are vary aware of how much of a threat Mab poses both to humanity and the anomalous world in general. If these are one of her enemies and possess vast power knowledge that the Foundation is currently unaware of, then they’ll want the Droganians on our side.

Rivera: Speaking of Mab, we should probably inform them of dangerous groups such as Triumviraté17 and the Chaos Insurgency.

Asheworth: We’ll make sure to let them know of the GoI that may target them if they knew what they were capable of. I’m more worried if the rest will act peaceful towards the Droganians or not.

Rivera puts her hand on his shoulder to ensure things re going to be fine.

Rivera: We’ll figure something out Daniel, I know we will. We managed to work it out with Esterberg, I’m sure this will work out as well.

Asheworth: Thanks Jessie, I needed that boost in morale.

A knock is then heard from the other side of the double doors, informing them that they may now proceed.

Asheworth: That’s our cue, <sigh> let’s do this.

They open the double doors and proceed forward. They find themselves in a large domed room with marble columns all around them with a glass domed ceiling with a golden chandelier hanging by many strong chains. At the center of the room is a large circular table made of a polished black stone with a deep purple hue, King Ragna and 12 other Droganians in regal attire are currently sitting. They notice them and King Ragna directs them to their seats…in English.

King Ragna: Good, our guests are here! Have a seat.

Asheworth and his group are taken back by the king suddenly speaking in normal English, which also leaves them very confused.

Rivera: How…How do you suddenly know how to speak English?!

King Ragna: Look behind you.

They turn around and they all immediately notice the large glowing thaumaturgic rune on the double doors, which also makes them notice the very transparent wall of thaumaturgic energy surrounding the entire room they stood in.

King Ragna That is a linguististical conversion sigil. It instantly converts the speech coming from all individuals within its field to be heard in the language they are most familiar with. I figured it would make things easier for both of our parties.

Vehmoff:…I don’t know whether I should find this technique groundbreaking, or insulting to my field of study.

King Ragna: No offense to you Vehmoff, just wanted to make it easier for the meeting. Speaking of which, shall we begin?

Asheworth: Of course.

The team then proceeds to the extra set of chairs that were set up for them. As everyone is now seated, King Ragna clears his throat to get everyone’s attention.

King Ragna: Now, before we begin, I shall follow standard procedure and ensure that all members of the Dragoon Circle are present! Nailbarus?

Nailbarus: Dragoon of Fire, right hand of Vajra king and head of law and order. Present!

King Ragna: Good, Tarluna?

Tarluna: Dragoon of Water and head of environmental stability. Present!

King Ragna: Good, Roldrinth?

Roldrinth: Dragoon of Lighting and head of military and security. Present!

King Ragna: Good, Ykom?

Ykom: Dragoon of Air and head of architecture and manufacturing. Present!

King Ragna: Good, Eipy?

Eipy: Dragoon of Flora and head of agriculture and food stock. Present!

King Ragna: Good, Aymral?

Aymral: Dragoon of Fauna and head of livestock population and condition. Present!

King Ragna: Good, Bighed?

Bighed: Dragoon of Stone and head of geological stability and mining operations. Present!

King Ragna: Good, Fymrys?

Fymrys: Dragoon of Ice and head of climate stability and manipulation. Present!

King Ragna: Good, Illoa?

Illoa: Dragoon of Body and head of health and protection of civilians. Present!

King Ragna: Good, Xazo?

Xazo: Dragoon of Mind and head of preservation of magical, informative and historical records. Present!

King Ragna: Good, Mytoa?

Mytoa: Dragoon of Spirit and head of magical practices and sacred relics. Present!

King Ragna: Good, and finally, Uninth?

Uninth: Dragoon of Light and head of ethical decision and morale. Present!

King Ragna: Excellent! It seems that we are all present. With that, I hereby declare this meeting begins! Now our human guests here, ambassadors of The SCP Foundation have come to us today to discuss the possibility of negotiation and cooperation.

Nailbarus: Negotiation and Cooperation? On what terms, what is it that these humans wish to gain from this?

Asheworth: I can explain. We are an organization that seeks to contain what we dub as anomalies in order to protect the rest of humanity and even the world in general from whatever damages and catastrophes they could be capable of.

Roldrinth: Are you making the assumptions that you see our kind as a threat?!

Szulc: No! Not at all. We also ensure the protection of anomalies from those who would seek them out with unethical intentions, that includes sapient species like yourselves! We actually wish to have your people as allies to protect the lives of the innocent.

Illoa: An alliance in other words?

King Ragna: Correct. They promised to help us in anyway that they can, they wouldn’t have went through all the trouble of arranging this meeting for nothing.

Asheworth: Exactly. When we learned about your people’s history and the incredible abilities you possess, We here hoping you would offer your assistance in aiding our goals.

Xazo: By history, you’re referring to the Mad Queen and her empire correct? You stated before that it has fallen, so why would you want our assistance in regard to that?

Rivera: Because the threat that Mab poses is still present. She may be dead, but her soul is still walking this earth, not to mention the numerous Fae who are still loyal to her and wish to bring her back. We know it was The Fae Empire that drove you down here, so consider this a chance at retribution for all the suffering they cause you and your people.

Roldrinth: Retribution you say? Are you suggesting a war against the Fae?

Szulc: What?! No! Most of the Fae are against Mab and the ways of the empire, and have even made amends with the humans and Yeren. We even have numerous colleagues working for or who are on good terms with our site, Site-120, who are Fae.

Rivera: It was even a Fae who gave us some more knowledge about your history, a very good friend of mine. They along with the Yeren actually have stories and even religious text about your people’s predecessors and the knowledge they gave them.

This surprises the council as they all develop a look of amazement.

Xazo: You mean…We haven’t been forgotten?

Asheworth: In a sense, no. But they’re unaware that you evolved and became the society you are now.

Vehmoff: Speaking of your society, we were hoping as part of the alliance, you would offer us information and whatever knowledge you can provide about you and your civilization.

Mytoa: I’m guessing you wish to learn our many magical practices, considering your earlier reaction to the linguistic sigil.

Vehmoff: Not just that. We were hoping you can also provide us knowledge in regards to your history, biology, religious text, societal practices, languages, and to know if you are familiar with other ancient anomalies and groups that the Foundation may or may not already know about.

Nailbarus: A trade in other words?

Ykom: And what do we get in return?

Szulc: We’ll provide you with resources such as food, medication, better clothing, and materials to improve your living conditions.

King Ragna: That seems like a fair trade, but I get the feeling that you wish to offer us more.

Asheworth: Yes actually, while we’re not a hundred percent certain that our higher ups, the O5 we’ll approve of it…We were considering helping you people develop a more thriving and technogically capable society.

Once again, the council members are taken back in shock by this statement.

Tarluna: You mean you want to lead our society on the road of progress?!

Nailbarus: Hold on! I do not think that is a wise decision, despite whatever benefits it may provide us! Your highness, surely you must’ve informed them why we have not pursued that option.

King Ragna: I did Nailbarus, and they informed me that we no longer have any reason to avoid such a decision as our enemies have long since crumbled. Besides, like they stated before, most of the remaining Fae are peaceful and against Mab’s ways. Plus they and the Yeren have already reached the peak of a majorly advanced society, So I believe now might finally be the time for us to experience that level of progress.

Eipy: He does has a point. If humans, Fae, and Yeren have reached that peak, then it’s only logical that we too should follow.

Vehmoff: Indeed. We only ask that in return, the Foundation will have access to the technology you develop, as many may prove incredibly useful to both our parties.

Roldrinth: That seems fair enough, plus I’m honestly curious about those strange weapons that their soldiers were carrying that I heard the guards mention after their first arrival. (To Asheworth’s group) What do you call those contraptions anyway?

Asheworth: Umm…We call them guns. They’re actually a common modern weapon. If you are familiar with crossbows, then it’s the same principle but much more advanced.

Roldrinth: So a projectile weapon. <Rubs chin in intrigue> Interesting. Care to explain many other modern wonders that we might gain access to if we choose progress?

Vehmoff: You’d have access to many technological marvels such as long-range communication, Advance medical practices and equipment, electricity powered through numerous means such as solar, wind and geothermal, Transportation, and devices that’ll greatly improve many of the practices you currently have such as agriculture and mining.

With all the possibilities that were listed, the council was starting to see the benefits of technological progress and were becoming very fascinated by what it can provide them.

Szulc: To better help you understand, I decided to bring this to show as an example.

She pulls out a mobile phone which she then places on the table then slides it to King Ragna to examine the device. He then picks it up as he and the other council members look at the device with curiosity.

Szulc: That device is called a phone. It allows us to speak with an individual from super long distances. You can have a conversation with a person while the two of you are on opposite sides of the planet.

Mytoa: Incredible! You said these were common?!

Rivera: Super common, practically everyone has one nowadays. Though this version is a mobile one that’s still somewhat new as most phones are stationary, whether installed in your home or placed out in the open for public use.

King Ragna: …Clearly we missed and avoided so many incredible possibilities by isolating ourselves from the outside world. But now that’s all about to change! We can finally leave this cave and soar the skies once again.

Asheworth and most of the rest of his team’s expression shifts to that to unease and concern.

Asheworth: …Actually you highness, there’s a problem with that.

Hearing this causes the excitement to leave King Ragna’s face as it shifts to that of concern, as well as have all the council members’ expression change to that of suspicion as their eyes are all focused on Asheworth.

King Ragna: What do you mean?

Asheworth: You see, when we said we contain anomalies, we meant that we do so without the public’s awareness or knowledge. We are a secret organization who hides stuff from the rest of the world because we believe humanity is far from ready to know this information, or because the knowledge is so dangerous that it can cause chaos. Most of the world doesn’t even know that our organization even exists or ever will, and if people ever figure something out, we wipe their memories so the knowledge doesn’t spread. The members of humanity who aren’t aware of the anomalous don’t even know about the Fae or Yeren, believing to be nothing more than fairy tale creatures or superstitions that aren’t smarter than a common animal…That includes dragons for the former.

This causes King Ragna’s eyes to widen in shock and horror at what Asheworth is implying.

Asheworth: In other words…you won’t be able to rule over the skies again because the Foundation won’t allow it, for the security of what has been dubbed “Normalcy”.

King Ragna then starts slouching in his seat as starts to be consumed by disappointment.

King Ragna: …Which means we have to stay underground.

This information does not go well with most of the council members, as most show signs of anger or denial. Roldrinth even proceeds to rise from his seat and slam his palms into the table.

Roldrinth: So you’re going to keep us locked up down here, is that it?! LOCKED UP LIKE ANIMALS IN A CAGE?! I KNEW YOU HUMANS COULDN’T BE TRUSTED, I WON’T ALLOW US TO BE TREATED LIKE PETS!

He starts pulling out the same blowhorn that Senbu possessed from the first exploration log. He’s preparing to blow into it, most likely to summon guards in a hostile retaliation.


Before Roldrinth can blow into it however, it is blasted out of his hands and sent flying to the other side of the room. All parties turn their attention to King Ragna as he’s now standing off his chair with a look of furious disapproval, with his arm held out as a glowing sigil fades.

King Ragna: Stand…down…Roldrinth!

Roldrinth: But, your highness—

King Ragna: NOW!!!

Petrified by the rage his superior is presenting, Roldrinth submits and once again sits himself down.

King Ragna: I will NOT tolerate such unprofessional and hostile behavior in my meeting room. Besides, I believe our guests haven’t finished explaining themselves.

He then calms down before sitting back down and bringing his attention back to Asheworth’s group.

King Ragna: You may continue.

Szulc <Sighs in relief> Thank you your highness. (To the rest of the council) Look, I’m not saying we intend to keep you all trapped down here. Yes, you can’t expose yourself to the world, however, there is a loophole. An exception to the veil.

This immediately catches their attention and starts to calm the more displeased members.

Szulc: They’re called Nexuses. They’re areas that are completely anomalous, most of them even have entire communities within them. The biggest ones are called Free Ports, they’re basically nexus communities the size of cities that contain populations of over hundred thousand or more!

The knowledge of nexuses puts all the council into a much more positive mood, as they’re starting to see where Szulc is going with this.

Szulc: You may not be able to fully go back out into the outside world, but you are perfectly fine when it comes to nexuses. We at Site-120 even keep watch and are on good terms with a majorly important nexus to the Foundation named Esterberg, it’s actually where a large portion of the Fae and Yeren population reside in and where we learned more about their history. If the O5 Council approves it, we might be able to have a number of your people be able to find themselves a home in the city.

Rivera: Plus I’m sure the Fae and Yeren would be more than happy to help you with getting your people back on their feet, considering all that your ancestors have gifted them in the past. Who knows, maybe they’ll even make the Droganians official citizens of Esterberg to the point they include some members in their government.

Whatever doubts that the council members had during this meeting seem to be thrown aside, as they all show signs of hope and satisfaction with all the information and benefits that are possible with the negotiation.

Illoa then rises from her seat and raises her hand.

Illoa: I vote in favor of the alliance!

Many of the other council members eventually follow Illoa’s actions as they too vote in favor.

Uninth: I also vote in favor!

Eipy: I as well!

Tarluna: In favor!

Aymral: In favor!

Fymrys: In favor!

Bighed: In favor!

Ykom: In favor!

Roldrinth: I’ll admit I obviously misjudged your organization, therefore I too vote in favor!

Xazo: Vote in favor of alliance!

Mytoa: In favor of alliance!

All eyes turn to Nailbarus as he is the last to respond. He is quiet as he thinks it over. Finally he sighs before he proceeds to stand up.

Nailbarus: I guess I’ve been consumed by my fear for so long that I believed that there was no hope of life for our people changing for the better…But you know what…It’s time to stop living in the past! As the right hand of the Vajra King, I must focus on the future! I vote in favor of the alliance!

A big smile full of joy and satisfaction spreads across King Ragna’s face as he immediately stands and spread his arms.

King Ragna: Then by the power infested in me as the 19th Vajra King of Arcadia, I officially declare the alliance between the Droganians of Arcadia and the humans of The SCP Foundation, formed!

The entire room is filled with the sound of applause as the entire Dragoon Circle and even Asheworth’s team clap their hands in response to the decision. He then walks over to the other side of the table and raises his hand to Asheworth, he responds by shaking his hand.

Asheworth: Welcome to The SCP Foundation King Ragna. We’ve got much worked to do.

King Ragna: Indeed we do!


Addendum 7629-4: O5 Meeting

Addendum 7629-5: Announcement by SCP-7629-ARTHUR

By the request of SCP-7629-ARTHUR, The announcement of the partnership between the Foundation and the future improvement of the Droganian society was recorded by on-site personnel for both documentation and record keeping purposes.

The following is the video log transcript of the event, all dialogue has been translated from Dragina to English by Dr. Alistair Vehmoff.

Video Log Transcript

Date: 08/26/98
Subject: SCP-7629


King Ragna is standing prone on a large balcony with the other 12 members of the Dragoon’s Circle and Daniel Asheworth’s team standing aside him. The balcony looked over a massive portion of the Droganian settlement, presumed to be the site of announcements by the king. A horn like device was mounted on the rail in the middle of the balcony where King Ragna currently stood, presumed to be some form of primitive megaphone.

A large crowd of Droganian citizens and guards were gathered at the front gate of the royal halls, curious to what announcements their leaders were to reveal.

King Ragna stands in front of the megaphone, clearing his throat as he grips it and begins speaking to the crowd in Dragina.

King Ragna: People of Arcadia! My fellow Droganian citizens! Hear my words! For many countless millennia, we have been enclosed down here in these vast caverns. Isolated from the rest of the world of the surface due to the fear of annihilation by the Mad Queen and her malicious empire. How long we have chosen to cage ourselves within these hollow tunnels and living the way of peasants, allowing ourselves to be leashed by the fear and paranoia that was brought upon us by the tragedies of the ancient past. How long have we let ourselves become weak…But I have called you all here today to bring news of a brighter future, of an age where our people will once again be as strong and mighty as we once were in ages past, where we can once again proudly hold the title of The Sky Keepers!

King Ragna then gestures to Asheworth’s team to proceed forward. They obliged and came closer to the balcony as he ushers the crowds attention to their human guests.

King Ragna: Long now have you no doubt been eager to learn of these human visitors and why they make their presence here, well now you shall be answered! This is Daniel Asheworth and his companions of the group known as The SCP Foundation. They’ve come before us with both life changing news and a truly bright opportunity. People of Arcadia, our time of hiding in the shadows is now over, for over thousands of years now, the Mad Queen herself and her empire…are gone!

The sound of many loud gasps of shock emanated from the crowd from the overwhelming news, many even muttering to each other or themselves.

King Ragna: Yes my fellow citizens, it is true! Mab is dead and her empire is nothing but a memory and has been for many millennia! Although the Fae do still walk this earth, most have abandoned the ways of their mad monarch as they chose the ways of the more benevolent Inventor, who had tragically sacrificed herself to put an end to her sister’s wrath. They have also made amends with the nightwalkers and humans that they enslaved and are now at peace! I know many of you have difficulty comprehending and/or believing this news. But I promise you all that it is indeed true! After all, our words have always been about truth!

He then proceeds to raise his hand to quiet the crowd, before they get too restless.

King Ragna: Which brings me back to our guests and the bright opportunity they can provide us. You see my fellow Droganians, a lot has changed in the outside since we’ve been isolated down here. Many great events occurred both enlightening and tragic. While the Fae and Yeren still remain, humanity are now the dominant rulers of the lands of Gaia, and have been for a long time. <Gestures once again to Asheworth and his team> Their Foundation have for many years now been keeping at bay and hidden from the rest of the world the many horrors and malevolent forces hiding in the dark…Including the ghost of the Mad Queen herself! But they also ensure the safety and cooperation of other races blessed with the gift of intelligence. They have come to us with the offer of a partnership!

Once again the crowd is shocked by the news brought upon them by their king.

King Ragna: They promised that they will help our people thrive and prosper to a greater one once again! They will provide us resources and teach us the ways and knowledge of this new world, even aiding us in advancing as a stronger and more technological society like we once considered in the past. Not only that, but they also offer the opportunity to go out into the open sky once again, to live within the communities where magic and wonder are free to live peaceful lives!

The news of safely going outside again and seeing the clouds and the sun again truly shocked the entire crowd and gotten a large portion of them excited and curious about the feeling of the sun on their skin and the breeze of the wind through their wings.

King Ragna: The time has come people of Arcadia, the age of paranoia and isolation is over! Today starts the beginning of a new shining era, an era of freedom and prosperity! An age where once again we shall soar through the skies and spread our wisdom and gifts with the peoples of this world! An age where we shall once again be the mighty masters of mana and knowledge we once were! Today marks the beginning, the beginning of the return…OF THE SKY KEEPERS!!

The crowd erupts in an uproar of cheers full of joy and jubilation. They show their happiness and gratitude in many ways, friends and family embrace one another with tears of joy, many soldiers raise their weapons into the air as they let out cries of triumph, some of the most thrilled of individuals even shift to their dragon form and roar into the sky with a display of fire like a beast who has triumphed over a worthy adversary. Truly it was a moment of celebration.

King Ragna than turns back to Asheworth and his team. He then once again slightly bows to them with his hand over his heart, with an expression of absolute gratitude. Asheworth with a soft smile, returns the gesture.


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