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Item#: 7624
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7624 is to be kept in the possession of former researcher Dr. Emily Carter at all times. Experimentation with SCP-7624 is currently suspended pending further risk assessment.

Description: SCP-7624 is an orange regulation-size table tennis ball with no other distinct physical characteristics. Its activation, facilitated by former researcher Dr. Emily Carter, triggers a transient portal originating from the activation point. This portal leads to a stable temporal spatial anomaly, hereafter referred to as SCP-7624-1.

SCP-7624-1 consists of endless network of stalls, booths, and pop-up shops, resembling The Grand Bazaar in Turkey. Ongoing efforts are being undertaken to chart and map SCP-7624-1. Due to the interior orientation of the bazaar, no exterior region of SCP-7624-1 has been observed. On arrival, visitors would appear at an archway with the sign 'Beyond Time Bazaar'.



SCP-7624-A is a group of a hundred and one (101) autonomous humanoid constructs that appears to be made of porcelain and is fluent in various ancient and modern languages. SCP-7624-A behavior consists of guiding visitors through SCP-7624-1 and will bring visitors to their desired location.

The items traded consist of unknown or unidentifiable artifacts, technologies not known to be discovered and anomalies from various alternate timelines. The oldest artifact identified was a rock hammer said to belong to the first men dated approximately 250,000 BCE. All trades performed in SCP-7624-1 are through barter and no currency is noted to be used.

Discovery: SCP-7624 was discovered following Incident 7624-1 involving researcher Dr Emily Carter and a previously unknown entity (now identified as PoI-8710). The following is a video transcript of Incident 7624-1.



[The camera feed displays Dr. Carter engrossed in her work, typing in her work terminal. The video glitched slightly, the air seems to shimmer, and a figure materializes in the room.]

Dr. Carter: [Almost whispering to herself] Oh my Go…

[The entity strides forward into the light with an air of confidence, a lopsided grin playing on his lips. He is revealed to be a middle-aged man in a classic cowboy outfit, complete with a ten-gallon hat and boots.]

Mason Tucker: Howdy there, ma'am. Hope I ain't interruptin' anything too important.

Dr. Carter: [Slowly regaining her composure] I… I wasn't expecting anyone. Who are you?

Mason Tucker: Call me Mason Tucker. A humble merchant of sorts, traversing the tides of time and cosmos.

[Dr. Carter eyes Mason Tucker with a mix of skepticism and intrigue, her fingers lingering above the alarm.]

Dr. Carter: [Cautiously] Mer… chant?

Mason Tucker: That's right, ma'am. Got me some peculiar wares to peddle, and I reckon you might be interested in this particular item.

[Mason Tucker reaches into a pocket and produces a small ping pong ball, SCP-7624. He places it on the table with a flourish.]

Dr. Carter: [Studying SCP-7624, her eyes narrowing] And what, pray tell, is that?

Mason Tucker: That there's what I like to call a "Blinkin' Ball." A portal to a whole mess of worlds and times, right at your fingertips. Figured a clever mind like yours could put it to good use.

Dr. Carter: [Pausing, her curiosity piqued] A portal? To different times and places?

Mason Tucker: Yessiree. Just give it a good bounce, and you'll find yourself in a bazaar that ain't bound by the ticks of one clock and lines of one map. I reckon you're the type who'd appreciate what I got to trade.

[Dr. Carter hesitates, her gaze shifting between Mason Tucker and the enigmatic SCP-7624. The implications of such a device weigh heavily on her mind.]

Dr. Carter: What do you want in exchange for this… Blinkin' Ball?

Mason Tucker: [Grinning] Simple enough, ma'am. I'm fixin' to get my hands on that fourth draft of SCP-████'s log you're working on. A real collector's item, that.

[Dr. Carter furrows her brows.]

Dr. Carter: [Nodding slowly] Very well, Mr. Tucker. You have a deal.

[The exchange is made, and SCP-7624 changes hands. The video glitches slightly, the room seems to shimmer, and Mason Tucker disappears, leaving Dr. Carter alone with the newfound SCP-7624]


SCP-7624 was subjected to multiple activation attempts using D-class personnel without any incidents. Approval was granted for Dr. Carter to conduct an activation attempt on SCP-7624. The subsequent excerpts are extracted from Dr. Carter's personal body camera footage, designated as Exploratory Log 7624-11A.



[The body cam footage shows a swirling vortex forming around Dr. Carter as she bounces SCP-7624. Moments later, the vortex dissipates, revealing her standing in the midst of SCP-7624-1, surrounded by an array of exotic stalls and bustling vendors. The atmosphere is vibrant, and the sights and sounds are overwhelming.]

Dr. Carter: [Whispering] Unbelievable… It worked.

[As Dr. Carter navigates through the marketplace, she encounters a humanoid construct made of white porcelain. The humanoid, now designated as SCP-7624-A, approaches her with graceful movements.]

SCP-7624-A: Welcome, Emily Carter, to the Beyond Time Bazaar. I am Nakta Lugal-Zaggisi, at your service. How may I assist you on this journey today, tomorrow and yesterday?

[Dr. Carter is taken aback by the appearance of SCP-7624-A, her initial surprise giving way to fascination.]

Dr. Carter: You're… a guide? How do you know who I am?

SCP-7624-A: Your presence was anticipated. Our marketplace is attuned to the rhythms of existence, and your arrival was foreseen. Tell me, dear traveler, what treasure do you seek?

[Dr. Carter takes a deep breath, considering her options before addressing SCP-7624-A.]

Dr. Carter: I'm seeking a merchant by the name of Mason Tucker. Can you guide me to him?

SCP-7624-A: Mason Tucker, a seller of tales and custodian of adventures. Follow me, and I shall lead you through the tides to his stall.

[The body cam footage captures Dr. Carter and SCP-7624-1 weaving through the bustling marketplace, passing by stalls filled with artifacts from different timelines. The environment is a cacophony of languages and cultures. As they approach a specific stall, a figure with a cowboy hat and an air of confidence greets them.]

Mason Tucker: Well now, ain't this a pleasant surprise? Dr. Emily Carter, if I'm reckonin' right.

[Dr. Carter nods, her expression a mixture of intrigue and determination.]

Dr. Carter: You have quite the reputation, Mr. Tucker. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Mason Tucker: [Tips his hat] Pleased to meet you too, ma'am. I reckon you've got that Blinkin' Ball I traded you.

[Dr. Carter reaches into her pocket and produces SCP-7624, holding it up for Mason Tucker to see.]

Dr. Carter: Indeed. It's proven to be quite the intriguing anomaly. But I'm not just here to discuss trades. I seek something else from you.

[Mason Tucker raises an eyebrow, his grin widening.]

Mason Tucker: Well, I'm all ears, ma'am. What, pray tell, can I help you with?

Dr. Carter: I want to learn more about this marketplace, its rules, its consequences. And I want your expertise. Can you be my guide?

[The camera captures Mason Tucker's thoughtful gaze as he considers Dr. Carter's request.]

Mason Tucker: [Pauses] Now, that's a curious proposition. But I reckon I might just have a fondness for unexpected alliances. Let's say we ride the tides of time and folds of space together, Dr. Carter.

[The camera captures Dr. Carter and Mason Tucker strolling through the maze of stalls, the colorful wares creating a mesmerizing backdrop.]

Dr. Carter: [Smiling] I must say, Mr. Tucker, you've shown me quite the array of marvels in this market. I'm grateful for the tour and the chance to meet the vendors.

Mason Tucker: [Grinning] Well, ma'am, ain't nothin' like explorin' these tangled threads of time. Happy to be your guide through this here bazaar.

[They pause near a particularly captivating stall, adorned with vinyl and its captivating art covers. Dr. Carter takes a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship.]

Dr. Carter: [Turning to Mason Tucker] Can I ask you something personal? How did you become a merchant of… well, the extraordinary?

Mason Tucker: [Pausing, a shadow of reminiscence in his eyes] That's a tale spun from heartache and recklessness, doc. Y'see, when I was a spry young buck, I came face to face with an anomaly that nearly ended me. It was my friend Jeb who paid the price.

Dr. Carter: [Genuine concern] I'm so sorry to hear that, Mr. Tucker.

Mason Tucker: [Nodding] Jeb was a good man, ma'am. His life was my reminder that ignorance and lack of respect for the unknown can cost you everything. That anomaly flung me here, and I've been spreadin' the word 'bout the oddities ever since. Partly out of warnin', partly out of guilt.

Dr. Carter: [Deep in thought] The weight of the past can shape our present and future choices in profound ways. But, may I inquire, Mr. Tucker, why don't you use your anoma.. I mean power to… perhaps bring Jeb back?

Mason Tucker: [Serious, looking ahead] Y'know, doc, once someone's slipped through the veil, they can't come back. It's a rule as old as the hills, and tryin' to break it? Well, that's a fast path to ruin.

[As they continue walking, the camera feed captures a reflection of Dr. Carter's contemplative expression.]

Dr. Carter: [Cautiously] I understand the complexities of these rules, Mr. Tucker. It's a matter of respect for the timeline and its delicate balance.

Mason Tucker: [Observant] Respect's a powerful thing, doc. It's what keeps this place from turnin' into a whirlwind of chaos.

[The camera continues to capture their interaction, the backdrop of the bazaar creating a vivid and otherworldly atmosphere.]




[The camera feed shows Dr. Emily Carter seated across from Dr. Sara Lloyd, both of them situated in comfortable chairs.]

Dr. Lloyd: [Offering a warm smile] Emily, it's good to see you. How have you been since your last exploration?

Dr. Carter: [Returning the smile] I've been keeping busy, Sara. Thanks for checking in. Your office has quite the tranquil vibe.

Dr. Lloyd: [Nodding] It's designed to be a haven. A space where we can talk and navigate the complexities of time and existence without feeling overwhelmed. [Laughs]

[Dr. Lloyd's calm demeanor puts Dr. Carter at ease.]

Dr. Lloyd: Let's start with something simple. How have you been feeling about your experiences in the Beyond Time Bazaar?

Dr. Carter: [Reflective] It's been a blend of fascination and caution. There's an undeniable allure to exploring timelines and artifacts, but the responsibility weighs heavily on my mind.

Dr. Lloyd: [Empathetic] Indeed, your role is unique. SCP-7624 appears to have a connection with you, and that presents challenges. How do you ensure the Foundation's best interests are always at the forefront?

Dr. Carter: [Thoughtful] It's a balance, Sara. I approach each journey with a researcher's mindset. Every action I take has consequences beyond myself. I always consider the potential benefits and risks to humanity.

Dr. Lloyd: [Engaged] Speaking of risks, time travel has a way of amplifying personal interests. How can you be certain that your motivations won't interfere with our mission?

Dr. Carter: [Resolute] I'm acutely aware of that possibility, Sara. But my dedication to the Foundation's principles is unwavering. My desire to protect humanity comes before anything else.

Dr. Lloyd: [Nodding] That's reassuring, Emily. Your commitment shines through. Now, I must ask about something that's been on both our minds. Your son, lost to SCP-████. How does that loss influence your actions?

Dr. Carter: [Pausing, emotions surfacing] It's a wound that never truly heals. But my grief doesn't cloud my judgment. I've learned that tampering with the timeline isn't a solution, even though the temptation is strong.

Dr. Lloyd: [Gently] Understandable. You asked PoI-8710 about bringing people back. What led you to ask that question?

Dr. Carter: [Sighing] My thoughts wandered, Sara. The marketplace teems with possibilities, and the personal becomes entwined with the professional. But even Mason Tucker cautioned against it. He emphasized the delicate balance of time.

[Dr. Lloyd's expression shifts, her tone taking on a more somber note.]

Dr. Lloyd: Emily, I want you to know that I'm here to support you, both as a colleague and a friend. Your experiences are vital to the Foundation's mission, but your well-being matters just as much.

Dr. Carter: [Softening] I appreciate your concern, Sara, our chats mean a lot to me. You know I'm determined to continue exploring SCP-7624-1 and to keep contributing to the Foundation.


Psychological Assessment Report 7624-EC-1

Dr. Emily Carter displays psychological resilience and a clear dedication to the Foundation's goals. Her interactions within SCP-7624-1 have not compromised her mission readiness, but it is crucial to monitor her emotional well-being and ensure that personal motivations do not override the Foundation's objectives.

It is recommended that regular assessments and support mechanisms be put in place to ensure her continued effectiveness in these exploration missions.

Psychological Assessment: Passed

Dr Sara Lloyd
Temporal Psychiatrist

Following Exploratory Log 7624-11A, a non-exhaustive roster of Persons of Interest (PoI) found within SCP-7624-1 is compiled.

Dr. Emily Carter participated in a subsequent exploration mission. The following excerpts were extracted from Dr. Carter's personal body-mounted camera.



[The body cam footage shows Dr. Carter and Mason Tucker sitting across from each other, two mismatched chairs drawn close. They share an amicable exchange, their drinks mirroring the eclectic assortment of artifacts in the bazaar.]

Dr. Carter: [Smiling] It's remarkable, Mr. Tucker. The market's diversity, the convergence of cultures and epochs. It defies our conventional understanding of time.

Mason Tucker: [Nodding] It sure does, ma'am. Fact is, time's a wild beast, and us folks here are its wranglers. We're bound by its rules, but we've found a way to ride the currents.

[As they sip their drinks, Dr. Carter leans in, her eyes betraying a curiosity that goes beyond academic interest.]

Dr. Carter: I've always wondered, though… with all this temporal interaction, do you ever worry about disrupting timelines? Causing instability?

Mason Tucker: [Chuckling] A valid concern, ma'am. I ain't one to ignore the ripples that our actions can stir up. But you see, I've got myself a trusty companion in this journey. [He reaches for his wrist and displays a timepiece-like device.]

[The camera captures a glimpse of the watch, adorned with intricate dials and a pulsating light. Dr. Carter's eyes narrow as she studies the device.]

Dr. Carter: That watch… it guides your travels?

Mason Tucker: [Grinning] You could say that. This ol' thing knows where and when I can go without causin' too much commotion. Keeps the tapestry from unravelin', so to speak.

[Dr. Carter's gaze lingers on the watch for a moment longer than necessary, her thoughts veering into a more personal territory.]

Dr. Carter: [Curious] And does it ever lead you to moments you'd rather not see? Moments that could change everything?

Mason Tucker: [Pausing, his expression thoughtful] Now, that's a question worth ponderin'. Fact is, time's a malleable force, and we're only here to nudge it, not reshape it entirely. Our actions got consequences, and I reckon we must weigh 'em mighty carefully.

[Dr. Carter's voice lowers, tinged with a blend of wistfulness and resolve.]

Dr. Carter: It's a delicate balance, indeed.

Mason Tucker: [Leaning closer, his tone somber] Remember, ma'am, sometimes what we desire might be a powerful current, but those currents can wash away more than we bargain for.

Dr. Carter: [Narrowing her eyes thoughtfully] I can't help but wonder, Mr. Tucker, if it's possible to encounter a paradox here. To meet oneself from a different time.

Mason Tucker: [Raising an eyebrow] Paradoxes, ma'am, are trickier than a rattlesnake in a hay bale. See, every timeline, every reality, is its own separate dimension. Each version of you exists in her own thread of time, never crossin' paths.

Dr. Carter: Different dimensions…?

Mason Tucker: Yep, ma'am. In a way, think of 'em as reflections in a shattered mirror. They might start from the same source, but they're fractured and unique. You're from dimension-22, I reckon. Another you might be sippin' coffee in dimension-11 or ridin' the rails of dimension-77. They're parallel tracks, you see, runnin' alongside each other.

[Dr. Carter's expression shifts from curiosity to understanding, her mind absorbing the intricacies of the concept.]

Dr. Carter: And if different versions of me were to cross paths here, in this bazaar?

Mason Tucker: [Chuckling] Ah, now that's where the bazaar's got itself some safeguards. We can't have too many of the same soul waltzin' 'round causin' a ruckus. It'd be like tryin' to stuff too many cattle through a single gate.

Dr. Carter: And who enforces these safeguards? What keeps the order within the timelines and the bazaar?

Mason Tucker: [Leaning back, his demeanor growing more serious] The Sheriff, ma'am. Someone who keeps the peace between the ticks of those many clocks. Balancin' what's possible with what's wise. Best not to cross that one.

[Dr. Carter and Mason Tucker walk through a futuristic section of SCP-7624-1. Neon lights and holographic displays adorn the stalls, and futuristic technology is on prominent display. The camera feed shows Dr. Carter and Mason Tucker approaching the cyberpunk stall, where a neon-lit sign reads "CODY'S TECH REVOLUTION." ]

Mason Tucker: [Chuckling] Doc, allow me to introduce ya to Cody. A real artist when it comes to the gear of the future.

[Cody, the man behind the counter, a humanoid with various cybernetic and robotic attachments and limbs walks forward.]

Cody: [Waving a cybernetic hand] 'Sup, chooms? Cody's the handle. Dope to meet someone from the… past.

Dr. Carter: [Curious] "Past"?

Cody: [Grinning] Yeah, like, compared to where I'm cookin' my tech, you're retro, doc. No disrespect, though. We're all like a gnarly time stew here.

Mason Tucker: [Chuckles] Doc's been catchin' up on the flavors of the future. Cody's been slingin' some mighty fine wares to the discerning connoisseurs.

Dr. Carter: [Amused] Fascinating. What sort of wares do you peddle, Cody?

Cody: [Tapping his cybernetic eye] Got the slickest tech this side of the multiverse, doc. From laser guns to nanite-threaded threads. And if your eye's itchin' for an upgrade, I've got just the ticket.

Dr. Carter: [Engaged] Laser weaponry? Advanced technology? It sounds like something that could be of great use to organizations like mine, for research purposes, of course.

Cody: [Leaning forward] Research, huh? But lemme guess, that ain't the whole deal, is it?

[Dr. Carter's expression shifts slightly, her curiosity mingling with hidden intentions.]

Dr. Carter: [Keeping her tone casual] Well, Cody, the Foundation always seeks ways to understand anomalies and advance our knowledge.

Cody: [Smirking] You Foundation folks got style. But here's the twist. You wanna play with my gear, you gotta trade me a piece of that Foundation fashion of yours.

[The camera captures a reflection of Dr. Carter's contemplative expression as she weighs the offer. She glances at her Foundation jacket, considering the potential gain.]

Dr. Carter: [Pausing] This jacket? A trade, you say?

Cody: [Chuckling] It's the nature of the time game, doc. But word on the digital streets is, you ain't the only Foundation peeps cruisin' these dimensions.

Dr. Carter: [Surprised] You mean, other Foundation agents have interacted with you?

Cody: [Nodding] Oh, for sure. Research nerds, anomaly hunters, the whole shebang. 'Course, I gotta say, some play it straight, others get all cloak-and-dagger.

[The camera feed continues, capturing the interaction between Dr. Carter, Mason Tucker, and Cody in the futuristic stall.]

Dr. Carter: [Curious] Cloak-and-dagger? What do you mean?

Cody: [Winking his mechanical eye, with a grin] Sometimes folks wanna score a gadget or two without their bosses back in the main timeline catchin' wind. Dimension-hoppin' can get messy, ya know?

[Dr. Carter's expression remains thoughtful as she glances at her jacket, considering the implications and her own hidden intentions.]




[The camera feed displays Dr. Emily Carter and Dr. Sara Lloyd seated comfortably within an interview room, their interaction exuding familiarity and trust.]

Dr. Lloyd: [With a warm smile] Welcome back, Emily. How have you been since your recent exploration into SCP-7624-1?

Dr. Carter: [Returning the smile] Thank you, Sara. I've been well, staying focused on our mission objectives.

Dr. Lloyd: Excellent. Let's dive right into it. Can you share some positive and negative aspects of your recent mission?

Dr. Carter: Certainly. On the positive side, I've gained further insights into the market's intricacies and potential applications for anomaly containment. However, I can't ignore the lingering concern that my presence within SCP-7624-1 might inadvertently disrupt timelines.

Dr. Lloyd: [Nodding] Your awareness of the potential consequences is crucial. Speaking of timelines, how do you view your responsibility to maintain their stability while exploring SCP-7624-1?

Dr. Carter: Mason Tucker's words have resonated with me, Sara. While I'm driven to explore and understand this anomaly, I'm equally driven to respect the fabric of time. I've come to understand that tampering with it, even with the best intentions, can have far-reaching repercussions.

Dr. Lloyd: [Engaged] That's a balanced perspective, Emily. Let's delve into something that arose during your recent exploration. The encounter with Cody, the vendor of futuristic technology. You considered bringing such technology back. What were your thoughts on that?

Dr. Carter: [Pausing, contemplative] Cody's offerings do hold potential benefits for the Foundation's research and containment efforts. However, I'm well aware of the dangers of destabilizing the timeline with technology from other dimensions.

Dr. Lloyd: [Supportive] It's clear that you're cognizant of the implications. Now, during your interactions, you mentioned other Foundation agents from different dimensions. How do you view their actions and truthfulness?

Dr. Carter: [Thoughtful] The agents from other dimensions are likely facing distinct circumstances that I can't fully comprehend. However, their intentions might be guided by their own versions of reality. Truthfulness could be subjective, influenced by their unique contexts.

Dr. Lloyd: [Probing] Considering that, could you imagine yourself in their position? Would you ever consider actions that deviate from our Foundation's core principles?

Dr. Carter: [Taken aback] Sara, I am unequivocally committed to the Foundation's principles. The idea of compromising those principles for personal gain or manipulating the timeline is an affront to the trust placed in us as researchers and protectors of humanity.

Dr. Lloyd: [Noting the tension] My apologies if my question came across as doubting your commitment, Emily. It's my duty to explore all angles.

Dr. Carter: [Taking a deep breath] Understood, Sara. Our role is to question and analyze. Now, if you'll allow me, there's a matter that weighs on my thoughts.

Dr. Lloyd: [Attentive] Of course, Emily. Please, share your thoughts.

Dr. Carter: [Softly] My son. I know that the nature of SCP-7624 and its possibilities is complex. It's difficult not to imagine the potential of reuniting with him. But I've come to accept that even the capabilities of the bazaar can't rewrite the past or change the fundamental rules that govern time.

Dr. Lloyd: [Sympathetic] It's a heavy burden, Emily. I can't fathom the emotions tied to such contemplations.

Dr. Carter: [Resolute] The bazaar is a place of wonders, but it's not a realm of miracles. My mission remains anchored in understanding anomalies and ensuring that our actions protect the timeline, even if that means confronting the limitations of our powers.

Dr. Lloyd: [Nodding, with respect] Your dedication is inspiring, Emily. Your insights into the human condition and the complexities of time make you an invaluable asset to our endeavors.

Dr. Carter: [Expressing gratitude] Thank you, Sara. It's conversations like these that help keep me sane.


Psychological Assessment Report 7624-EC-2

Dr. Carter's psychological state appears to have remained stable since her previous assessment. In terms of mission readiness, Dr. Carter has not shown signs of wavering in her dedication to upholding the principles of the Foundation. Her responses during our interview, particularly in regard to temporal dilemmas and personal motivations, indicate a willingness to confront the complexities of her role.

However, it's essential to note that Dr. Carter's emotional connection to her lost son remains a source of vulnerability. While she has demonstrated the ability to manage these emotions, it's crucial to monitor their impact on her decision-making process. Continued assessments and support mechanisms are recommended to ensure her ability to navigate the complex ethical landscape of time manipulation.

Psychological Assessment: Passed

Dr Sara Lloyd
Temporal Psychiatrist



[The body cam footage begins with Dr. Emily Carter and Mason Tucker walking through the vibrant marketplace of SCP-7624-1. Their conversation is lively as they explore the various stalls, their faces lit up with curiosity and wonder.]

Dr. Carter: [Smiling] Mason, you really weren't exaggerating about the diversity of offerings here. It's astonishing.

Mason Tucker: [Chuckles] Told ya, doc. This place is a real mishmash of the ages. Now, let me tell ya 'bout the most delicious cup of ansault pear juice I once had. A real buttery pear, extinct back where you're from.

[As their conversation continues, the camera feed captures a moment of disruption. The air seems to shimmer, and a towering humanoid figure of porcelain, steps into view – the 'sheriff.']

The Sheriff: [Addressing Dr. Carter] Dr. Emily Carter of Dimension 22.

Mason Tucker: [Nods at the Sheriff, respectful] Sheriff.

[Mason Tucker tactfully excuses himself, leaving Dr. Carter alone with the Sheriff.]

Sheriff: [Turning slightly, revealing a page from Mason Tucker's magazine – SCP-████] Do you recognize this artefact, Doctor?

Dr. Carter: [Visibly taken aback] That… That's SCP-████.

The Sheriff: [Nods] Indeed. The Orb, as some call it. A most dangerous artefact.

Dr. Carter: [Grim expression] It's responsible for the loss of my son.

Sheriff: [With a hint of intrigue] An unfortunate consequence, but not your only one, Doctor.

Dr. Carter: [Cautious] What do you want, Sheriff?

Sheriff: [Directly] A trade, as is the nature of this market. The Orb for your son's return.

Dr. Carter: [Firmly] No. I won't trade destructive forces for a life. Not even for my son.

Sheriff: [A measured response] Let me enlighten you. The orb holds more power than you comprehend. Its potential is immense.

Dr. Carter: [Defiant] I won't entertain this offer.

Sheriff: [Pausing] Very well. Allow me to propose an alternative. Information, in exchange for the orb.

Dr. Carter: [Curious yet cautious] Information about what?

Sheriff: [Serious] An ancient multiversal entity, known as the Harbinger, threatens to consume Dimension-22 in ten days' time. A catastrophic end that the Foundation would not be able to prevent on its own.

Dr. Carter: [Genuine concern] The end of Dimension-22? Is there a way to stop it?

Sheriff: [Offering a pact] Bring me the Orb, and I will give you the means to thwart the Harbinger. A way to save your dimension from obliteration.



Dr. Lloyd: [Speaking into the recording device] Interview log for Dr. Emily Carter. Following her third exploratory mission into SCP-7624-1 and in light of the impending threat, this interview aims to assess Dr. Carter's psychological state and readiness for the situation at hand.

Dr. Carter: [Leaning forward] I understand the urgency of the situation, Dr. Lloyd. The Harbinger approaches, and time is not on our side.

Dr. Lloyd: [Nodding] Indeed, Dr. Carter. I've been informed that higher-ups are strategizing to address this impending crisis. Talks of a plan are in motion.

Dr. Carter: [Pausing, her expression uncertain] A plan? But do we truly understand the extent of the consequences if the Harbinger is not stopped?

Dr. Lloyd: [Meeting Dr. Carter's gaze] I empathize with your concerns, Dr. Carter. The uncertainty of the situation weighs heavily on us all.

Dr. Carter: [Resolute] I've come to understand the gravity of our predicament, Dr. Lloyd. My explorations have revealed both wonders and dangers beyond our comprehension. And now, as the Harbinger approaches, I feel a responsibility to act.

Dr. Lloyd: [Gently] And do you believe yourself ready for this responsibility, Dr. Carter?

Dr. Carter: [Firmly] Yes, Dr. Lloyd. I am ready.

Dr. Lloyd: [Softly] Your dedication to the Foundation's mission has been exemplary, Dr. Carter. Your refusal to trade the Orb for personal gain is admirable.

Dr. Carter: [Nods, her voice steady] Humanity's interests must always come before personal desires.

Dr. Lloyd: [Pauses] I sense a profound determination within you, Dr. Carter. But I also detect a level of… internal conflict.

Dr. Carter: [Avoiding eye contact briefly] The weight of the situation demands careful consideration of all possibilities.

Dr. Lloyd: [Leaning in] Dr. Carter, as a temporal psychiatrist, my concern lies not only with the success of our mission but with your well-being as well. Are you facing any uncertainties that may hinder your decision-making?

Dr. Carter: [Meeting Dr. Lloyd's gaze] Uncertainties exist, Dr. Lloyd, but they do not eclipse my commitment to protecting humanity.

Dr. Lloyd: [Softly] The impending arrival of the Harbinger, the possibility of dimension-22's demise—these are overwhelming matters, Dr. Carter.

Dr. Carter: [Maintains composure] We stand at the precipice of events beyond our control, but the Foundation has been entrusted with the duty to safeguard humanity. Our choices define us.

Dr. Lloyd: [Sighs] I can't deny the weight of these concerns, Dr. Carter. The thought of the world ending, of failing to halt the Harbinger's advance—it's a fear we all share.

Dr. Carter: [Lean forward, earnestly] Dr. Lloyd, we must confront our fears head-on. We are scientists, guardians of knowledge and protectors of the future. We must ensure that the dimensions are preserved and that chaos does not prevail.

Psychological Assessment: Passed

Dr Sara Lloyd
Temporal Psychiatrist

Upon approval by the O5 Council, SCP-████ was authorized for transfer into SCP-7624-1. Following authorization, Dr. Carter initiated the activation protocol for SCP-7624, subsequently entering the anomaly with an anti-thaumaturgical containment briefcase containing SCP-████. Dr. Carter returned exhibiting signs of disorientation and confusion, in a state of undress and notably, Dr. Carter was still in possession of SCP-████, the Orb.



[The recording depicts a dimly lit medical wing, with Dr. Sara Lloyd seated across from Dr. Emily Carter. Dr. Carter appears disoriented and her gaze distant.]

Dr. Lloyd: [Speaking calmly] Interview log for Dr. Emily Carter. Post-retrieval assessment following Dr. Carter's return with SCP-████. Dr. Carter appears to be in an altered state. Emily, can you hear me?

Dr. Carter: [Whispering, her voice distant] Yes… yes, I can hear you.

Dr. Lloyd: [Concerned] Emily, you've returned with SCP-████. Can you tell me what transpired during your mission?

Dr. Carter: [Slowly, her gaze unfocused] We… we will beat the Harbinger.

Dr. Lloyd: [Relieved] That's reassuring to hear, Emily. Your determination is commendable.

Dr. Carter: [Pauses, her tone serious] But there's something you need to know. Something I did.

Dr. Lloyd: [Curious] What? What did you do?

Dr. Carter: [Leaning forward] The Sheriff. He wanted to use SCP-████, strengthened it beyond imagination and lure the Harbinger to an uninhabited dimension. I told him I'll bring the Orb back here. The Harbinger will consume Dimension-22 along with the Orb, and from within, it'll be destroyed.

Dr. Lloyd: [Shock evident in her expression] What? Why would you—?

Dr. Carter: [Interrupts, her voice steady] Because it's the only way, Sara. To save humanity across all dimensions, sacrifices must be made. The Harbinger's threat extends beyond Dimension-22.

Dr. Lloyd: [Desperate] There has to be another way, Emily. The Foundation has always found solutions, protected humanity.

Dr. Carter: [Smiles wryly] Always saved the day, haven't we? But this time, it's different. The Sheriff deceived us, Sara. Not ten days. The Harbinger is here, now. It's happening.

Dr. Lloyd: [Alarmed] No, this can't be happening. There's still time, still a chance.

[The room trembles, and the camera feed captures the windows rattling as the sky darkens outside.]

Dr. Carter: [Gaze intense] The Harbinger devours dimensions, and ours is to be its last.

[The recording ends abruptly, the image replaced by static.]








[The video feed opens with red. Not blood or fire, but tinted red. The feed has a shaky view as if recorded from Dr. Emily Carter's left eye. Indecipherable words, numbers and bars cover the feed. The surroundings are chaotic, the ground trembling with each impact. Dr. Carter is lying on a hospital bed in the medical bay.]

Dr. Carter: [Voice trembling] This… this wasn't part of the plan. Cody, you sneak…

[The camera view shifts as Dr. Carter raises her head slightly, surveying the room. Dr. Sara Lloyd is notably absent, and the sense of isolation is palpable.]

Dr. Carter: [Sighs] Damn it, Cody. Installing this eye without me knowing… Why is it all red? God!

[Dr. Carter's voice wavers as she continues to speak, her emotions evident as the gravity of the situation weighs heavily on her.]

Dr. Carter: [Pauses] I used to tell myself there's no higher power, no destiny, just the choices we make. But now… at the end, I'm questioning everything. I made a choice, and I'm sticking to it. Hell, when I fall, I'm dragging Harbinger down with me.

[As she speaks, a small piece of debris falls, startling Dr. Carter. Her gaze turns downward, and her expression changes to one of astonishment as she spots SCP-7624, the Blinkin' Ball, amidst the rubble.]

Dr. Carter: [Whispering] No… it can't be. How did you get here?

[Dr. Carter goes to pick up SCP-7624. The words 'TEMPORAL SHIFT: SAFE' appeared on the camera feed. The camera angle shifts as she bounces the ball on the ground, and the environment around her shimmers and shifts.]

[The camera feed shows Dr. Carter standing within SCP-7624-1, surrounded by the bustling marketplace. The vibrant atmosphere of the Beyond Time Bazaar envelops her. She looks around, taking in the sights and sounds.]

SCP-7624-A: [Addressing Dr. Carter] Welcome once again, Emily Carter. You have returned.

[Dr. Carter's gaze shifts towards the heart of the marketplace, where a large gathering of figures can be seen. Among them are Mason Tucker, Cody, and the Sheriff. They stand together, their demeanor respectful and somber.]

Dr. Carter: [Whispering to herself] What's going on?

[As Dr. Carter watches, the figures seem to notice her presence. The Sheriff nods in her direction, and Mason Tucker tips his hat. Cody, dressed in a Foundation jacket, raises his cybernetic hand in acknowledgment.]

Dr. Carter: [Voice filled with gratitude] They're… they're paying their respects.


Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round and harken to this piece, penned by none other than the illustrious Dr. Emily Carter from Dimension-22. A true legend of the multiverse and slayer of the Harbinger.

Saddle up and rustle through the pages of 'Tucker's Trailblazers: Anomalies of the Frontier' where you'll find this very article and a heap more. Feelin' curious 'bout that enigmatic SCP-████? Hitch your curiosity and trot on over to the issue LXXXIII, partner. Y'all ain't gonna wanna miss it!

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