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Item#: 7623
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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A caricature of Robert Coates, entitled "Robert Coates Esq. The Amateur of Fashion"

Assigned Site Site Director Research Supervisor Assigned Task Force
Site-126 Dir. Caspar Nilsson Dr. Antonia Sauer MTF μ-83 "Hot Potato, Orchestra Stalls"

Special Containment Procedures: The skeleton of Robert Coates is to be stored in an anomalous object storage locker; the room said locker is contained in is to be soundproofed. Personnel who encounter SCP-7623 are advised to ignore its presence entirely. Experimentation with using SCP-7623 to distract or otherwise incapacitate anomalous threats is ongoing.

Description: SCP-7623 is a Level-2 Humanoid Apparition1 which manifests in the vicinity of the skeleton of English amateur actor Robert Coates. SCP-7623 takes the form of a translucent apparition of Coates, dressed in various elaborate stage costumes. The apparition will perform extracts of Shakespeare's plays to passersby (with a particular preference for Romeo and Juliet) at high volumes and with intense displays of emotion, interpreting all responses to its performances as being positive.

SCP-7623 is noteworthy for its involvement with an anomalous incident associated with SCP-2264-B, the extradimensional empire of Alagadda.

Addendum 7623.1: Biographical Background

Addendum 7623.2: Historical Documentation

Addendum 7623.3: Anomalous Event Documentation

Addendum 7623.4: Incident Report (██/██/2023)

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