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Item#: 7619
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7619 is to be tracked and documented by Mobile Task Force Sigma-9 ("Nightwatch"). Task force operatives are equipped with specialized radios calibrated to detect SCP-7619's anomalous emissions. Any sightings of SCP-7619 are to be covered up with false meteorological explanations. Observations of SCP-7619's movements, behavior, and emissions must be promptly reported to Site-901 for analysis and research.

Description: SCP-7619 is an aerial serpentiforme organism measuring approximately 90 kilometers in length. It possesses the ability to fly, although the mechanism behind its flight remains unknown. Currently, SCP-7619 resides in the thermosphere. During daylight hours, SCP-7619 feeds on solar light, rendering it invisible to non-anomalous technology.

SCP-7619 emits various patterns and wavelengths of light, often transitioning through multiple colors. However, it predominantly appears as a large streak of green light. SCP-7619 favors locations near the Antarctic continent in the southern hemisphere.

Notably, SCP-7619 emits wavelengths that are lower than standard radiowaves, making them undetectable by conventional radios. However, Foundation radios have been specifically designed to receive these anomalous wavelengths. Exposure to SCP-7619's emissions induces a mild cognitohazardous effect, creating a sense of nervousness and worry in those who perceive them.

Subject: SCP-7619

I hope you're doing okay. I stumbled upon a little problem concerning SCP-7619, and it's been acting a bit more lively lately. You know, moving around a lot more than it should be. And there was this one day when it forgot to camouflage itself. It was a bit of a disaster. We had to come up with this whole fake story about "Solar Auroras" to throw people off. I mean, we even went as far as creating a fake Wikipedia article. Can you believe it?

Anyway, it's been a rough ride, and I was really hoping to get your input on this. I could use a fresh perspective, you know? Things are getting a bit chaotic, and I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed. We're trying to get it to stop but we have no clue what to do.

I know you're busy with all your important work, but if you could find a moment to respond, it would mean the world to me. Seriously, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot, and I hope to hear from you soon!

- Rosanne

Subject: Re:SCP-7619


I hope this email finds you well. I couldn't help but sense a tinge of worry in your recent message, and while I appreciate your concern, allow me to pose a simple question: What exactly do you expect me to do in this situation? We're dealing with a creature of colossal proportions here, surpassing any other SCP in the records—at least as far as my knowledge goes.

Now, if you happen to have any insightful suggestions as to why this behemoth is behaving with increasing unpredictability, I'm all ears. Feel free to enlighten me with your brilliant insights. After all, we're all here to share knowledge and work towards containment, right?

However, if you find yourself bereft of such groundbreaking theories, I must confess that my time might be better spent elsewhere. You're the best researcher on this thing, I'm confident in you.


Director Joans.

Subject: Re:SCP-7619

About that.

The New York Times.

All the news that's fit to print

New phenomena spotted in the North: Another Moonlight Streak?



Addendum: During an oil mining operation near Alaska, personnel from Noss Oil Industries inadvertently discovered an additional instance of SCP-7619, designated SCP-7619-B. Subsequent to the discovery, SCP-7619-A abruptly ceased its movement, coinciding with both SCP-7619-A and SCP-7619-B emitting identical wavelengths. Individuals exposed to these wavelengths reported experiencing a heightened sense of nervousness.

In the aftermath of these events, SCP-7619-A initiated its movement towards the stationary SCP-7619-B. As a precautionary measure, personnel located in the Northern Hemisphere were advised to make necessary preparations for an Amida-class disruption event.

Subject: SCP-7619 Breach

Hey Joans.

I'm in a real bind here and could really use your help. Have you seen the absolute chaos that SCP-7619 has been causing lately?

This thing is moving at an insane speed, flying over cities and towns left and right. People are freaking out, and we're left scrambling to come up with these ridiculous stories about a giant streak of light cruising through South America. I mean, seriously, it's getting out of hand.

I'm reaching out to you, because I need your support real fucking bad. We can't handle this on our own anymore. I'm talking more resources, more manpower, anything to deal with this situation before it spirals completely out of control. We've got to find a way to neutralize this thing, and fast.

- Rosanne

Subject: Re:SCP-7619 Breach


I understand your frustration, trust me, I really do. We're both doing our best to handle this situation. But here's the truth: we're stuck between a rock and a hard place. This SCP is unlike anything we've dealt with before, and shooting it down is simply not an option, as much as we might wish it were.

I've poured significant resources into misinformation campaigns, spending thousands of dollars to keep the public in the dark about this damn thing. But despite our efforts, people just aren't buying it. It's incredibly frustrating, I know.

Rosanne, please understand that I'm giving it my all here. I'm doing everything within my power to contain this anomaly and mitigate its impact. But right now, we're grasping at straws.

If, by some miracle, we discover a way to neutralize it, you'll be the first to know. I promise you that.


Director Joans

SCP-7619-A persisted in its approach towards SCP-7619-B. Despite multiple attempts at neutralization, SCP-7619-B retaliated by emitting highly disruptive wavelengths, some of which were perceptible through non-anomalous means. A notable incident occurred when Anti-Matter Cannons were deployed against SCP-7619-B, triggering the release of wavelengths that induced a comatose state in those exposed to them.

Subject: SCP-7619-B


It's getting critical with SCP-7619-A. We've exhausted every resource at our disposal, even resorting to experimenting with risky conceptual anomalies to halt its progress. The waves coming from SCP-7619-B are getting worse, some poor dude listened to it and was immediately knocked out, he's been on life support for a few hours now.

If you have any ideas, any shred of hope, please share them with us. Site-901 is positioned right below where SCP-7619-B is expected to be. We need to act fast.

Time is running out, Joans. We're counting on your support and expertise. Any assistance you can provide would be a lifesaver.

- Rosanne

Subject: Re:SCP-7619-B

Neutralization has been cancelled.


They're beautiful.

SCP-7619-A and SCP-7619-B have established a stationary presence within the confines of the North Pole. Observations indicate that the wavelengths emitted by both entities are consistently described as evoking feelings of "contentment" and "being beloved" across all witnesses.

Update: Recently, researchers at the Department of Miscommunications and the Department of Interstellar Languages have successfully translated the waves emitted by SCP-7619-A to SCP-7619-B into English through various methodologies.

In the language of old, with love profound,

I pen a poem from depths unbound,

From Querasthen, this heartfelt verse,

To Seraphine, my love immersed.

Oh, my dearest Seraphine, so long apart,

Centuries passed, a void in my heart,

Through ethereal skies, we danced in flight,

Twin souls aglow, bathed in celestial light.

In realms afar, our paths diverged,

But still, my love for you surged,

Through time and space, my heart's desire,

Yearning to rekindle passion's fire.

I traversed the heavens, chasing your trace,

Through constellations, stars, and space,

Across the Earth, I roamed, seeking signs,

To reunite with you, my love entwined.

With ancient words, this ode I impart,

From Querasthen, eternally linked at heart,

Rejoicing in our reunion, after ages long,

Seraphine, my love, our bond is strong.

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