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Last known photo of SCP-7616

Item #: SCP-7616

Object Class: Safe-Draugr1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7616 and SCP-7616-# are to be contained in Site-88. SCP-7616 is to be investigated for anomalous properties, and its Hume level monitored for spikes in activity.

Reconstruction of SCP-7616 is currently underway, so as to obtain a better understanding of its nature.

Description: SCP-7616 is a heavily damaged American sternwheel steamboat commissioned by one “Adrian2” in 1921. The object was used for commercial river cruises along the Mississippi River, and as a cover for illegal activities such as gambling and moonshine production/distribution.

The many relevant objects found within the vessel are referred to as SCP-7616-#, and include decks of standard playing cards, dice, roulette tables, slot machines, and eight deceased humans. SCP-7616-# gaming equipment only manifest anomalous properties within SCP-7616. Any players who participate in a game of chance have a 100% success rate. When SCP-7616-1, or Adrian's corpse, is treated as a “player” of a game within SCP-7616, SCP-7616-1 loses 100% of games in all tests.

All results of chance-based elements of any game played within SCP-7616 are decided in the players favor. Should the odds of a win-condition be impossible, the circumstances of that game will shift to allow a player win. Skill-based factors of games played within SCP-7616 are unaffected, as well as games where the opponent is another player, excluding the "House."

The internal Hume level of SCP-7616 is exceedingly high, ranking at 7██~, and the presently known anomalous properties do not account for its Hume levels. SCP-7616-# objects have been proven to be non-anomalous, and SCP-7616 merely reacts to games of chance being played within it. SCP-7616-# corpses are thought to be non-anomalous and have been buried, save for SCP-7616-1.

Addendum: SCP-7616 was found in the bottom of the Mississippi River, near Port Sulphur, its destruction thought to have been caused by an explosion to its engine. Civilians aboard SCP-7616 at the time of its malfunction have been safely evacuated, the only casualties appearing to be Adrian, and 7 confirmed members of the New Orleans Crime Family.

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