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Item #: SCP-7615

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The alleyway containing SCP-7615 has been sealed off from public access.

Description: SCP-7615 is an inter-dimensional location accessible via a steel hatchway, located in an alleyway within the city of █████, Wisconsin, United States. On the hatch is fixed a placard that formerly read “Department of Abnormalities”.

All attempts to access SCP-7615 or penetrate the hatch were unsuccessful, until the 26th of June, 2015, after surveillance camera feed ceased for several seconds. Upon restoring, the feed revealed the placard to now be blank. Personnel sent to examine SCP-7615 found that they could now freely open the hatch without difficulty.

The entrance to SCP-7615 initially begins with metal ladders leading down a circular shaft, measuring twenty meters in length. The walls consist of bricks identical to those in the initial alleyway: Dull-grey in color, covered in graffiti, and severely cracked and dirty, before gradually becoming less damaged as the descent continues, eventually being replaced entirely with smooth, red brickwork. At the bottom is a tunnel lit by ceiling lights of varying color. The roof of the tunnel is curved with a single downwards spike protruding down the centre, forming a long cordate archway measuring a further ten meters in length. At the end is a single steel door, which appears to have been unlocked from the other side.

The door leads out through a wooden outhouse, located in an open field containing a variety of flora, notably common homegrown vegetation and fruit-bearing plants1. In the distance can be seen a perpetually setting sun. Located at the central point of the field is an elevated grassy hill on-which a small cottage stands.

The cottage is fully furnished for two people. Numerous personal items of the house’s former occupants are located throughout, including framed photos, books, clothing, and other forms of personal entertainment dating back to the early 1970’s.

Upon initial investigation, the bodies of two elderly women were found together, sitting in a large wicker chair on the porch of the cottage. Both were positioned as to imply that they had been watching the sunset. Autopsy reports estimated the two to have been deceased for around the same amount of time.

Discovery Log: The Foundation was alerted to SCP-7615 in 1972, following the mention of the phrase “Department of Abnormalities” in a newspaper article published in █████, Wisconsin.

SCP-7615 was found shortly following the sudden disappearance of two women, Angela Murray and Riley Watkins in the city itself. Reports indicate that the two had entered the alleyway together, before witnesses following the duo reached the location themselves, only to find it empty.

SCP-7615 was eventually found by one of the several witnesses that had followed the two women, however they were unable to open it. Witnesses refused to explain their reasons for chasing the couple.

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