SCP-7612, which used to be the Earth

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Owing to the ongoing crisis and its disruptive effects on sapient communication, the following document has been declassified automatically for all relevant authorities following it not being accessed for a period of ██ days. This is done on behalf of the SCP Foundation (SCPF) and Global Occult Coalition (UNGOC), in line with "Broken Masquerade" Scenario FL1-2602.

Be aware that this file possesses cognitohazardous properties tied to comprehension as a microcosm of the larger crisis. While reading this text is not inherently harmful, please exercise discretion.

ITEM#: 7612
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SCP-7612, formerly Earth, viewed from far orbit in 2020.

As of 09/12/2035, GOC efforts to establish colonies on nearby planets are underway under the pretense that SCP-7612 used to be the planet Earth. As the acceleration of phenomena surrounding SCP-7612, formerly Earth, has initiated a Veil-breaking scenario, efforts by the Foundation to lean public opinion towards this fact have proven to be unnecessary.

Access to SCP-7612-1 (previously SCP-2602, formerly a library) is to be restricted to authorized Foundation and GOC personnel only. Previous policies regarding amnesticizing the town in which former library SCP-7612-1 is located are no longer necessary.

As it is not possible to contain SCP-7612 and the fact that it used to be Earth, steps should be taken to minimize the impact of post-Earth cognitohazardous effects on all forms of communication. Filters pertaining to SCP-7612-1's effects should be updated as soon as is feasible to flag text pertaining to SCP-7612, then modified to improve comprehension for all parties. Ongoing media coverage of SCP-7612 should be monitored for deterioration in public understanding.

Prior protocol regarding the file of SCP-2602 (now SCP-7612-1, a former library, formerly of Earth) being edited regularly is to be upheld, though the requirement that personnel editing not be familiar with SCP-7612 (once Earth) or SCP-7612-1 (once a library) is to be reconsidered at weekly intervals as the availability of such individuals, by necessity isolated from public discourse, decreases.

As of 17/11/2035, it is no longer possible to remove more than 18% of references to the fact that SCP-7612 used to be the third planet from the Sun before a given editor becomes aware of the phenomenon.

SCP-7612 is a celestial object that, prior to late on 23/09/2035, was the planet Earth. The reasons for SCP-7612 no longer being Earth have yet to be fully determined but are believed to be related to SCP-7612-1, a building that, at some point prior to 09/10/2004, was a library.

When communicating information about SCP-7612, subjects are compelled to regularly refer to the fact that the object used to be Earth. The nature of references is tied to individual context, but always unambiguously convey this information. Texts referring to SCP-7612 can have references removed to a highly limited degree by subjects who are unaware of SCP-7612 formerly being Earth.

Due to the limited compulsion to leave references unedited, attempts before 23/09/2035 to develop an automated process to remove references were unsuccessful. Following this date, development was suspended indefinitely.

Any information regarding former planet SCP-7612 is anomalous. Subjects aware of the nature of SCP-7612 will consistently identify the fact that it used to be the planet Earth as the causal element behind any observations made, regardless of how much awareness of SCP-7612 they had prior to interview. In personnel surveys carried out at 14 sites across SCP-7612, only 15% of individuals questioned were able to distinguish SCP-7612-1, which used to be a library, as a potential cause.

While subjects will construct false beliefs to support irrational causal linkages, they do not generalize. For example, while many subjects have posited that the effects of local physics on SCP-7612 are a result of it having once been a planet2, they do not hold this belief with regards to planets in general. Due to the potential for these beliefs to spread further disorientation among the affected human populace, such ideas are now considered to pose an active risk to societal cognition.

All above-mentioned aspects of this phenomenon are shared to some degree with SCP-7612-1, which used to be a library.


SCP-7612-1, formerly SCP-2602, formerly a library.

Subjects are incapable of communicating information pertaining to SCP-7612-1 specifically prior to the development of its anomalous properties. When prompted, they will instead repeatedly refer to the fact that SCP-7612-1 used to be a library. Due to this and the fact that SCP-7612 used to be Earth and SCP-7612-1 used to be a library, it is a present concern among both UN and Foundation authorities that this additional phenomenon may progress to encompass SCP-7612 as a whole, necessitating the establishment of planetary outposts to avert a total collapse of human communications.

ADDENDUM 7612-A: Discovery
SCP-7612 was identified as having previously been the planet Earth on 23/09/2035 when it was discovered that the majority of the native sapient population of SCP-7612 believed that SCP-7612 was once the planet Earth but was no longer Earth, being only formerly so. This is theorized to be because SCP-7612 used to be the planet Earth.

At this time, SCP-2602, which used to be a library, was identified as a potential cause due to similar characteristics — often shared between former planets and former libraries — and redesignated as SCP-7612-1.

Owing to the highly cognitohazardous nature of SCP-7612 having only used to be planet Earth, the Foundation and Global Occult Coalition were forced to enact "Broken Masquerade" protocols on 25/09/2035. This was carried out once it became apparent that SCP-7612 was formerly Earth, and that this information would continue to propagate even after the release of wide dispersal amnestics in global water supplies.

While the general secrecy of anomalous phenomena would last, the O5 Council (SCPO5) and United Nations Undersecretary General (USG) would jointly determine that both groups would need to establish a public presence to ensure societal stability and continuity of informational coherency.

As of 05/02/2036, automated monitoring of Foundation and GOC joint activities, alongside inactivity in the access of this or related documents, indicates that these efforts have largely failed to suppress societal mass panic and/or collapse in the wake of the fact that SCP-7612 used to be Earth.

ADDENDUM 7612-B: Attached Files
Automated Foundation file crawlers have determined the following additional documents and extracts to be of primary importance to the context of SCP-7612, which used to be Earth.

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