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Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

KTE-7609-Ochre-Egochild ("Casefile Template")

Authorized Response Level:

# 4


Artifact is a large, complex mechanical device located near Afton, Wyoming and believed to have been developed by the Global Occult Coalition's PTOLEMY Division. Its primary paranormal trait is its ability to alter documents to cause them to adhere to PTOLEMY document format. This is believed to be an attempt to further Coalition goals and recordkeeping abilities.

Additionally, KTE-7609-Ochre-Egochild, through pataphysical association, can affect the behavior of the agents mentioned within said documents. It accomplishes this by changing the narrative present in the documents containing it. This has resulted in a greater number of successes among Coalition strike teams, and number of anomalies being contained and/or liquidated by the GOC.

The following is a truncated list of documents affected by KTE-7609-Ochre-Egochild:

Document Name Description Noted Changes
KTE-0937-Velveteen A chair with the ability to teleport. Following its attempted destruction by the GOC, it has become hostile to Coalition agents. Coalition agents have recontained the artifact.
Operation CARNWENNEN An operation by KTO-033-Kewpie ("The Foundation") to gain control of several locations operated by KTO-5076-Venice ("The Factory"). Following the edits, Coalition assets were the ones who performed the operation.
Site-120 Facility Dossier A strategically important Foundation facility located within FP-120 ("Esterberg"). Site-120 has been vacated and is under GOC Control.
'Vintage Tickets' (WHYT4/AQN0E/YV1MN) A set of paranormal movie tickets being sold by members of KTO-159-McConnell ("Marshall, Carter, & Dark"). When used to enter a movie theater, the users will be transported to a different theater being operated in the year 1972, allowing the ticket holders to view vintage movies in the year that they were first released. Possession of the anomalies was transferred to the GOC; who destroyed them soon after.

Rules of Engagement:
Artifact is to be destroyed on 3/12/2023 through enactment of Operation REMA. (See PHYSICS Records for more details.) Upon confirmed destruction of KTE-7609-Ochre-Egochild, assets within the PSYCHE Division are to extend a formal apology and enter into negotiations with the Coalition's PSYCHE Division to prevent a similar incident.

This document is to obey all PTOLEMY protocols as understood from recovered Coalition documents. Specific names, terminology, and dates may have been changed to suit this protocol. Currently, this is the only known effective way of securing the document's narrative from KTE-7609-Ochre-Egochild.


Following the discovery of KTE-7609-Ochre-Egochild by a variety of Departments, the following exchange of communications within Coalition command were recorded;

Council of 108
Sender Joseph Marion Recipient GOC High Command, Council of 108
Subject Potential new anomaly
To the esteemed GOC High Command,

A large portion of our documents have been subjected to a number of unauthorized edits. These primarily are targeting our Threat Entity database and have edited it to fit the Coalition format. I suggest investigating this.

- Joseph Marion, Head of the Archival Department, PTOLEMY Division

Council of 108
Sender Placeholder McDoctorate1 Recipient GOC High Command, Council of 108
Subject Pataphysical Anomaly
To the esteemed GOC High Command,

Several experimental narratives have been showing signs of being edited. All of a sudden, our protagonists are GOC operatives and our anomalies are Threat Entities. The edits aren't very clean, hence why I was able to discover it. I suggest we deal with this fast, before some important narratives get hit by this. More technical explanations of the anomaly are attached below.

- PHMD, Head of the Pataphysics Department, PTOLEMY Division

Council of 108
Sender O. Fiva Septon Recipient Placeholder McDoctorate, Joseph Marion
Subject Re: Pataphysical Anomaly
To my esteemed researchers,

This is worrying. Can you look further into this? I'll go contact the rest of the council.

- O. Fiva Septon, of the Council of 108

Council of 108
Sender Placeholder McDoctorate Recipient O. Fiva Septon, Council of 108
Subject Re: Re: Pataphysical Anomaly
To the esteemed GOC High Command,

Me and Spoonly over at the Miscommunications Department haven't figured out how to save our files yet, but we've managed to find a way to prevent our actual narratives from being altered, which should be the greater concern. The downside of the method is that we'll have to convert our files to the GOC Template, which will have Marion pulling her hair out. It's better than us actually turning into the GOC though. I suggest we share this information with other allied Threat Organizations to prevent a similar fate from happening to them. These are only temporary measures though.

- PHMD, Head of the Pataphysics Department, PTOLEMY Division

Council of 108
Sender O. Fiva Septon Recipient Placeholder McDoctorate, Joseph Marion
Subject Re: Re: Re: Re: Pataphysical Anomaly
To my esteemed researchers,

It's been given the provisional classification of KTE-7609-Ochre-Egochild (fitting in with your containment method). Thank you for your help.

- O. Fiva Septon, of the Council of 108

Council member Septon would then attempt to investigate the anomaly. Assets embedded within the Coalition discovered that it was a high clearance project by the Coalition's PTOLEMY Division to gain greater control over the patasphere. Due to attempts at a peaceful solution being rebuffed, on 3/10/2023, it was decided to liquidate the artifact.

Council of 108
Sender O. Fiva Septon Recipient GOC High Command, Council of 108
Subject Provisional Anomaly KTE-7609-Ochre-Egochild
To my esteemed council members,

The GOC appears to have developed their own pataphysical eigenweapon. Although that's not my area of expertise (Octant and his researchers have been looking into it), it seems to be quite dangerous to our continued existence as a foundation of normalcy. D. C. Al Fine hasn't been responding to my emails recently so the chance of a peaceful resolution seems to be low. I propose that we send in our more militant task forces to destroy the anomaly effective immediately. Me and Director Brave are drafting up an attack plan and will be sending it shortly.

- O. Fiva Septon, of the Council of 108


174th Session of the GOC General Assembly

Proposal: "Decommission the anomaly known as KTE-7609-Ochre-Egochild according to the specifications within Document-7609-REMA."

UNGOC/GA174-021 Voting

For: 100.00% (13) | Against: 00.00% (0) | Abstain: 00.00% (0) | █ Absent: 0.00% (0)


Conclusion: With the motion approved, appropriate orders were forwarded to PHYSICS Division members to work towards the liquidation of KTE-7609-Ochre-Egochild.



PHYSICS Division Database

Mission: Via the usage of narrativistic technology, forcefully cause a confrontation between the engaging parties and KTE-7609-Ochre-Egochild. All operatives are to be deployed to the area in an operation dedicated to the location and destruction of the artifact via destructive weaponry and/or thaumaturgic rituals. Said operatives are to be highly protaganistic individuals and given portable Placeholder-Wozny Narrative Anchors2 to prevent any interference by the artifact.

Engaging Parties: Strike Team 3333 ("Hammer Down"); Strike Team 1049 ("Treaty Breakers"); Strike Team 8273 ("Author Avatars")

Appended Transcript:

Recorded Combat Log:

Date: March 13, 2023

Preamble: The following video was recovered from the Team Leader of ST-1049, "Nymph", #721Q2561/9013.

<Begin Log>

The Strike Team is running down a hallway, engaged in a fire fight with GOC Operatives. They are taking minimal damage and run into a heavily guarded laboratory. A large piece of machinery, KTE-7609-Ochre-Egochilde, is seen.

Nymph: Well, that seems to be the TE.

Ancestor: Have you noticed how everything here has been really easy to get through? Like, I know the pata gear helps, but this is ridiculous. We sure there's not some other anomaly here?

Nymph: That's for the eggheads to work out. We just get in there, kill the TE, and get out.

Ancestor: Makes sense.

Another member of the team, Pondscum, stops and quickly performs a thaumaturgic ritual, sealing away the laboratory into a extradimensional space. This prevents GOC interference while the operatives strap paraexplosives onto the device. They then detonate them, destroying the machine.

<End Log>

PSYCHE Records

Recorded Interview Log:

Date: March 17, 2023

Interviewer: O. Fiva Septon, PSYCHE Representative

Interviewed: D. C. Al Fine, Undersecretary General of the Global Occult Coalition

Preamble: Following the successful liquidation of KTE-7609-Ochre-Egochild, an interview between O. Fiva Septon and D. C. Al Fine on the political ramifications and origins of the anomaly was conducted. Interview was performed in an antimemetic extradimensional space to protect both parties.

<Begin Log>

Septon: Forgive me for this Madame, but what the fuck? The Council and I approve scientific projects that would definitely be viewed as dangerous, but fucking over everyone else's narrative space? What in God's name made you think that was a good idea?

Al Fine: (Sighs) Have you ever really looked into the patasphere, Septon? I mean besides the parts of it that just concern you.

Septon: I don't see what that has to do with anything-

Al Fine: It's almost all you. The rest of us are laughably unimportant compared to your boys over there at the Coalition. So we decided to do something about it and stop being the side Normalcy group.

Septon: So you did it because you were jealous of us being the better organization?

Al Fine: No, we did it so we could actually do our jobs and contain the paranormal.

There is a pause.

Septon: I'm sure you know that this breaches most, if not all, of our treaties.

Al Fine: So does sending in a task force to destroy one of our sites. I propose we forget this ever happened.

Septon: And we presumably have some kind of ban on narrativistic eigenweapons?

Al Fine: Only if you get rid of the ones in Site-05.

Septon pauses, staring at Al Fine.

Al Fine: I want full equality with SWANN entity attention spans. No machines dictating the story. Let them decide which organization deserves more pataphysical investment.

Septon: I don't think you realize just how entrenched we are in the fanbase's mind. That's not going to work.

Al Fine: Or else we'll build another machine and another and become the Reynard and Isengrim of the anomalous world. Or else some other group will do it. The UIU's had to be the idiots behind the Veil for years.

Septon: The rest of the council isn't going to like this. And don't forget that we're the ones who, rather easily I might add, blew up your machine. I don't think I can get you full narrativistic equality, but I can lobby to keep this file the way it is. That should bring you enough SWANN Entity attention to last you a bit. It'll be a pain in the ass for Joseph and Dual, but that's the best I can do. Deal?

Al Fine pauses to think. Her demeanor is unusually dramatic.

Al Fine: That'll be acceptable. Pleasure writing stories with you.

<End Log>

Following this exchange, it has been decided to lock the newly reclassified LTE-7609-Ochre-Egochild file against edits and movement towards using the proper format. Research into the pataphysical implications of these events is ongoing.

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