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Item#: 7602
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An instance of SCP-7602-2

Special Containment Procedures: Until further notice, SCP-7602 is to be quarantined and deemed inaccessible to all non-critical personnel. MTF Beta-777 ("Hecate's Spear") are to ensure this mandate is upheld. In addition, any expansion events of SCP-7602-1 are to be reported to Dr. Hannigan of the Department of Thaumatology. All personnel that come into physical contact with SCP-7602-1 are to be considered lost. All captured members of GOI-7602 are to be kept at Site-55 in standard humanoid containment cells.

Description: SCP-7602 refers to a doorway located in the basement of GOI-7602's compound. It appears to be a gateway to a previously unknown extradimensional space containing an indefinite amount of a black gaseous substance hereby referred to as SCP-7602-1. Any object that comes into contact with SCP-7602-1 becomes completely absorbed by it. This is considered irreversible. SCP-7602-1 is currently held in place by a set of thaumaturgic runes identified as SCP-7602-2. Investigation into alternative methods to contain SCP-7602-1 are underway.

SCP-7602 was discovered on 4/15/2023 near Middlefield, Massachusetts, following a spike in Humes detected in the area. Foundation agents discovered a heavily fortified brick compound populated by worshipers of a religious group identifying themselves as "The Order of the Void Gate" (GOI-7602). Agents confirmed multiple uses of anomalous rituals, warranting the dispatch of MTF Beta-777 to secure the compound. Despite heavy casualties, MTF agents managed to capture the area as well as 6 survivors, including the leader of the GOI (POI-7602-1). During cleanup, a squad of MTF agents discovered SCP-7602 in the basement of a church-like building. The squad opened SCP-7602 resulting in the first recorded expansion event. The resultant SCP-7602-1 consumed all but one member of the squad, halting at a set of SCP-7602-2 located on the wall. According to POI-7602-1, this expansion event will repeat without proper maintenance of the remaining instances of SCP-7602-2. This claim, as of yet, is unverified.

Addendum 7602.1: First interview with POI-7602-1

Addendum 7602.2: Second interview with POI-7602-1

Addendum 7602.3: Following the discovery of SCP-7602, Dr. Byrnes of the Department of Thaumatology was authorized to research possible containment methods. After several days, procedure BYRNES-14 was developed from reverse engineering SCP-7602-2. The experiment was allowed to occur on 4/19/2023.

Addendum 7602.4: Third interview with POI-7602-1

Addendum 7602.5: Dr. Cooper's Closing Statement

Document: Closing remarks on the matter of POI-7602-1
Author: Dr. Alicia Cooper

For the past several days I have been tirelessly analyzing the veracity of POI-7602-1's statements. While we've managed to get a hold of records up to his disappearance from Oxford, we can't find out anything about the years that followed. This, combined with the failings of the Department of Thaumatology have forced me to evaluate everything he's said at face value. It is my recommendation that POI-7602-1's demands are met as we work towards a permanent containment method. I hereby swear that this report was made of sound mind, and I submit my findings for summary judgement.

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