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Item#: 7600
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Part of SCP-7600, as seen during the activation of one of its protective runes.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Heads Assigned Task Force
Site-01 O5-1 O5-4 and O5-8 Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand")

Special Containment Procedures: The containment of SCP-7600 has been indefinitely suspended. Despite this, and in accordance with the SHEPHARD Agreements, the containment of any SCP-1000 instances spotted by Foundation assets outside of the area is still to be carried out as per standard protocol.


MTF Alpha-1 insignia.

For ease of contact, numerous portals connecting Site-01 and SCP-7600's Inner Sanctum have been constructed; their maintenance is to be considered one of the most important and primary duties of on-Site thaumaturges from both parties. To ensure proper political contacts at least one member of the O5 Council,1 alongside Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"), are to be located within the SCP-7600 Foundation Embassy at all times, and are to be monitored by the second Research Head Overseer situated aboveground in SIte-01.2 The continuation of peace between the SCP-7600 population and the SCP Foundation is considered a critical priority.

Under no circumstances are any Foundation personnel to interfere with SCP-7600's Sundown Ritual preparations.

Description: SCP-7600 is a gigantic biomechanical city megastructure located within the Earth's crust and inner and outer cores, spanning approximately 200 000 000 km3. Dated to be as old as 212 000 years,3 it is the primary habitat hotspot for over 99,5% of all SCP-10004 instances living on Earth and currently hosts over 2 000 000 000 citizens. Self-referred to by its denizens as the city of Druv'tuul,5 it is heavily reinforced by antimemetic and thaumaturgic seals that prevent accidental outside discovery and protect it from the naturally harsh environment affecting its location.

SCP-7600's physical makeup and society are each divided into five separate parts, internally referred to as "rings." Despite their proximity, these rings do not interact outside of transportation systems between them. The rings primarily differ from each other based on their intended respective purposes. For example, rings one to four focus themselves solely on physical work,6 whilst the fifth ring — the highest possible social position within SCP-7600's society, hosting its aristocracy and king (further referred to as SCP-7600-K) — is concerned only with the maintenance of thaumaturgical binds and rituals protecting the city, effectively acting as the administrative organ for SCP-7600 while further utilizing the work of other rings as preparations for the Sundown Ritual. Although the buildings making up the different rings possess a variety of appearances, all of them are composed of a combination of metallic and organic materials estimated to be technologically ahead of humanity's current advancement.


The Sundown Ritual itself, along with any and all preparations for it, is the primary "goal" and focus of all SCP-7600 citizens and their work. Considered to be the central idea of SCP-7600's culture, it was deduced to be a hypercomplex thaumaturgical ritual that would utilize the entire area of the city and extremely specific and complicated markings laid within as its thaumic circle, focusing all energy harnessed towards the inner sanctum, where SCP-7600-K would then use said energy to complete the ritual. Although its exact characteristics are unknown, recovered scripture and information retrieved from SCP-7600-K suggest that, when finalized, it would cause the creation of some sort of immensely powerful "lantern" construct that would guide the supposedly lost, god-like SCP-1000 instance (referred to by Yeren scripture as "Phomet") with its dimensionally-crossing light, allowing him to "reclaim his guideship over his people." For further information, see — SCP-7600 Cultural Briefing.


The Chilean city of Valdivia, immediately following the 1960 earthquake.

Discovery: SCP-7600 was discovered during the aftermath of the Great Chilean earthquake that occurred on 22/05/1960. Due to the magnitude of the event it was initially believed to have been caused by anomalous influence, the foremost theory suggesting it was caused by a paraweapon or eigenweapon test in the area which destabilized local reality.7 Despite Foundation research ultimately concluding that it was, in reality, an entirely natural phenomenon, retreating researchers spotted multiple humanoid figures in the area immediately following the earthquake's occurrence.

Further research by the on-site personnel revealed the Yeren originated from a large, previously undiscovered cave that led into what is now classified as SCP-7600, the likes of which is located beneath the city of Valdivia. It would later be revealed that the earthquake had managed to damage the binds of one of SCP-7600's antimemetic seals that guarded it against aboveground entry prompting citizens to repair them and leading to instances being spotted by Foundation staff.

A series of new scans and thaumaturgic echolocation practices conducted with the consideration of said seals then revealed the existence of a location near the Earth's core which was then classified as SCP-7600. Due to its significant size and potential relation to SCP-1000, the project and all further research into the anomaly was immediately promoted to Level Alpha priority. Before a Foundation manned mission into the location could be dispatched, however, O5-48 — the decided research head for the project — made the following statement:

Ever since we've founded ourselves amidst the chaos following the Sixth Occult War in the winter of 1870, the existence of SCP-7600 — or, at least, something very similar to it — has been… suspected by myself and my team. We'd always known where our second biggest neighbor — the Fae — lived. Avalon (as painful as its loss might've been), Esterberg, and Hy-Brasil have been no secrets to any member of the anomalous world, but… Yeren (or the Children of the Night, as we liked to call them back then) had no such place to call home. No matter where we searched or how hard we tried, it just simply didn't exist. So that was what we lead ourselves to believe for over 90 years.

And then the 22nd of May happened.

I'd be lying if I said finally getting proof of SCP-7600's existence isn't… exciting, to say the least. It's one of the biggest breakthroughs I've ever made in my study of SCP-1000's culture. For years uncounted, the mysteries of who the peculiar Phomet was and what the Key he gifted to his kind is have trapped my mind. These questions were my primary drive forward here in the Foundation, so to — after so many years — discover potential answers to them by pure luck is not just enthralling. It is exhilarating.

I'd like it to be known to every Department of History doctor, every lone researcher with a passion for this field similar to mine — come to me. Come to me, and you will be given a chance to explore SCP-7600 and its mysteries alongside me after we make first contact with Alpha-1. Come to me, and, together, we shall finally put this puzzle together and make the riddle that is our past, present, and future into a fully comprehensive set. Come with me and O5-8 aboveground, and we might just make the bright future we promised ourselves and the paranormal after the Factory9 into a reality.

I have but one simple request to all those who accept my invitation — be careful. After what we'd done to those that lived in the forests, we absolutely cannot allow ourselves to bring the same fate to those that inhabit the lands below us. Because, otherwise, that might finally prove to be what unmakes us.

— O5-4, "The Annalist"

Addendum 7600-1: Initial Exploration of SCP-7600

Date: 22/05/1960

Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force Alpha-1, squad Bravo ("Red Right Hand")

Subject: SCP-7600

Team Lead: A-1-1

Team Members: A-1-2, A-1-3, A-1-4, A-1-5

Foreword: For ease of entry, MTF Alpha-1 was transported via the usage of apportation as closely to the borders of SCP-7600 as possible; due to the existence of an impassable wall created by the thaumaturgic protection sigils guarding the city, direct teleportation into SCP-7600 itself was deemed impossible. The closest possible apportation distance — and the distance to which Alpha-1 was transported — was 500 meters. Due to the depth, they were covered in a plethora of cooling and protective symbols which would absorb the heat from around them and protect them against pressure.


As footage connects again, members of Alpha-1 are laying on the ground in a large, dark grotto. The thaumaturgic circle in which they were teleported can still be seen fading around the five. Its red markings and sigils are disappearing into the brown floor over the course of a few seconds. When no runes remain, all five stand up and take in their surroundings. Although the cavern's walls are visible, its ceiling extends upwards into darkness. A-1-1 flashes her light at it, but the pillar of light dies after 20 meters upwards. She switches it off, and turns to the rest of her team.

A-1-1: Command, this is One speaking. All five members reported present. No damage done by procedure. Over.

Command: We hear you loud and clear, One. Over.

The four remaining members come closer, replacing A-1-1's light with their own. Through these newly-activated beacons, two corridors terminating in the cavern are revealed, one leading up, one leading down. The five turn towards the latter, readying their weapons, tuning their vision to infrared,10 and turning their lights off.

A-1-2: Two, reporting in. We located our target. Requesting approval to engage. Over.

Command: Approval granted, Two. Over and out.

Recorded camera footage.

A-1-2 nods to A-1-1, who in turn looks at the remaining operatives. They all point their paraweaponry into the gaping darkness that engulfs the corridor in front of them. A-1-3 signals the rest to stop and closes their eyes. After five seconds of deep focus, they open them again, and slowly proceed forward. Their companions follow shortly after.

As a strong breeze of wind rushes through the passageway without an apparent source, A-1-5 turns back, frantically scanning the corridor behind him. The others stop but continue seconds later, albeit more slowly, this time with A-1-5 guarding their backs. A-1-3 remains in front. The three others turn their vision to the walls surrounding them. Though the structure is nothing majorly out of the ordinary, the walls are unnaturally even and smooth; if it wasn't for the fact the pathway was constantly descending downwards, its frame would be a perfect, perpendicular 2-meter square.

A-1-3 squints their eyes.

A-1-3: You feel this?

A-1-5 raises an eyebrow.

A-1-5: …Do I feel what?

A-1-3 draws a circle in the air with their right hand, but continues walking forward.

A-1-3: This… warmth.

A-1-2 rolls their eyes.

A-1-2: We're a thousand kilometers underground, of course we feel warmth.

A-1-3: No, I mean, like… like whatever's down there, it's… good. That kind of warmth. The type you felt when your mother hugged you when you were seven.

A-1-2: Weren't you meant to be a twenty?11

A-1-3: I am. That's why I pointed it out. It's… It's weird.

A-1-1 gets ahead of A-1-3, signaling the other to remain behind.

A-1-1: God knows what lies there. We're dealing with an artifact from an age when humans weren't even around in our current form. Who the hell knows.

A-1-1 sighs.

A-1-1: Just keep on going.

Now no longer leading, A-1-3 looks at the walls, too. This time, they are covered in a plethora of markings not found to be thaumaturgical in nature. They begin as simple shapes and lines, but over time turn into larger structures, eventually concluding in a red, serpentine slash that forms rough outlines of a small, humanoid figure. As the corridor progresses, the figure morphs into more and more drawings, in just mere meters spawning a series of what appear to be working creatures, carrying chunks of rock and metal into giant, plant-like refineries. From there, they transport the material towards a castle, from which a large beam is ejected into a night sky, surrounded by stars. Above the palace, however, a single white border can be seen, separating the below from the cosmos; the beacon terminates upon meeting it. This scene is repeated over and over over the course of the two hundred meters of wall the team passes.

Suddenly, the sound of rapid footsteps is heard coming from behind the team. A-1-5 flinches, and starts to frantically aim at the darkness in front of him. His radars do not pick up any heat.

A-1-5: Did anyone else see that?

The rest stop silently, preparing their weapons. A-1-1 and A-1-3 focus on the front, while A-1-2, A-1-4, and A-1-5 direct their sight towards the back. For ten seconds, they make no sound and do not move.

A second wave of wind flashes before the team, this time in its front. A-1-3, who is in the middle, turns towards it. They groan slightly, and gently touch their head. The others notice this and focus entirely on observing their surroundings; when infrared shows up nothing, they all look at A-1-3. They nod, and the team changes their vision to EVE.

Recorded camera footage.

The entire cave is revealed to glow with heavy magic backlash, rapidly changing its EVE density and focus every second. The radiation dances around them like a flame, focusing mostly on A-1-3 and a few unspecified points in the distance. For a split second, the Task Force members look at these patterns, losing focus on the corridors. In that moment, the cave's magic goes almost dark.

As the EVE patterns reform themselves into a humanoid shape in the distance, A-1-5 camera locks onto it, recognizing it as a living being. It starts to rapidly approach the team.

A-1-5: Hostile spotted! Requesting permission to open fire!

A-1-1 starts to run, and her subordinates soon join her.

A-1-1: Denied. Do not engage with locals, no matter what. Commence forward!

She starts to pant. Although her tone is calm, it is obvious she is having trouble maintaining this voice.

Alpha-1 continues to quickly make its way forward as the path starts to slide more and more downwards. The markings on the walls turn from the previously described paintings into formations of gears, keys, and moon-like shapes. They grow bigger and bigger as the corridor becomes tighter and tighter, eventually allowing only one person to stand in it at once. A-1-1 takes the lead and accelerates, leading the others to do the same. A-1-3 groans again, this time much more loudly, and the one EVE-centered figure approximately 40 meters in the back suddenly turns into three, and eventually into five. They, too, pick up their pace.

A-1-1: Fuck, fuck! Command, do you copy?

The five turns into ten.

Command: We— <inaudible> —lash <inaudible> can— <inaudible> —ot <inaudible> con—

The ten turns into twenty. Their distance decreases to 30 meters.

A-1-1 firmly taps her headpiece.

A-1-1: This is One, requesting backup! Twenty— no, thirty hostiles about to engage with us! Pull us out!

Recorded camera footage.

The thirty turns into forty. As the team continues to maintain and increase pace, the corridor terminates 2 meters above the ground of the next chamber, causing the five to fall and roll. In seconds, they stand up again, and continue their walk. The new area is much larger and wider than the pathway they arrived through. Although it is entirely devoid of EVE, towards its end a large opening can be seen. It is blindingly dense with both light and magic energy gaping through it from the other side.

A-1-5 looks at the hole they fell through; it is pitch-black. All of the figures previously outlined as following them stand at its end, but do not move. They silently observe Alpha-1's movements as they continue forward into the light. Once more, A-1-1 takes lead. The others follow, carefully observing the standing humanoids, whose faces slowly turn to follow the team's every step. A-1-3 swallows hard.

A-1-1 tells the remaining team members to ignore the observers and starts to firmly walk forward. The others comply and, in a few moments, are at the threshold of the light.

Command: ALPHA-1, DO— <inaudible> —I REPEAT: <inaudible>

A-1-1 stops.

A-1-1: Command? Can you hear us?

Command: ALPHA ONE ONE, IT IS— <inaudible>

A-1-1: Command? Command?!

A-1-1 repeatedly taps her headphones, only forcing the voice of Command to dissolve faster. In just mere moments it dissipates into static. A-1-1 swears and massages her temples. Seconds later, she picks up her pace again, and shrugs. She takes a deep breath, pauses, and walks through the light. The rest of Alpha-1 follow suit.

The feed cuts off for approximately ten seconds, blinded by the intensity. When it reconnects the team is standing in a large cavern. It is blindingly bright with EVE radiation, forcing Alpha-1 to switch back to normal vision.

Now, it can be seen that the grotto is at least 500 meters tall and 50 meters wide. Its formation is reminiscent of a monumental man-made hall; its floor is paved and its walls are composed of bricks and polished stones. Throughout the length of the corridor on both sides, a series of approximately one thousand humanoid statues stand. They depict various members of the SCP-1000 race; all of them have their eyes closed and their hands folded. They are all holding stone staffs, all of which are embedded into the dirt. A-1-1's breath starts to tremble.

Despite no identifiable light source being present, the entire area is dimly lit and half-filled with fog. In the distance, a 30-meter tall wall can be seen, made up of carefully crafted pillars and flanks. Magma is dripping from drains located inside of it, spitting the liquid out into a river, crossable only by a large, stone bridge. In the wall's center, an equally monumental gate — constructed in the form of a white-furred SCP-1000 instance with a key and crown above its head — stands wide open, revealing a small corridor terminating in solid doors within. On top of a connected gate tower, nestled on the bronze tiles making up its roof, a 3-meter-tall figure covered in shadows stands. It looks directly at the team.

A-1-1: C-Command? What is the-the recommended c-course of—

A-1-3 touches A-1-1's shoulder. They look at each other deep in the eyes. A-1-1's breathing slows down. A-1-3 touches the hand of A-1-1 that is connecting to the headpiece and gently shows her to let it go, starting to walk in the direction of the gate. A-1-1 closes her eyes and inhales, but follows the other. Eventually, so does the rest of the team.

Halfway to the gate, the statues animate and start to rhythmically pound their staffs into the floor. To this repetitive and deafening tune, they start to vocalize chanting noises in an unknown language. The team flinches and starts to run towards the gate. As more and more of the sculptures can be seen, it is revealed they are not artificial constructs, but merely SCP-1000 instances with skin similar to stone in its color. They open their eyes and start to sing faster. The figure atop the gate draws forth some sort of weapon from its back.

Command: <static> —copy? Repeat, Alpha-1, do you copy?

Relief runs through A-1-1's face. Despite this, she keeps careful watch on the humanoid atop the tower.

A-1-1: Thank god. Yes, Command, we copy. Can you see our feed?

Command: Yes, <inaudible>, we do. We cannot pull you out of there; the <inaudible> EVE <inaudible> too high for <inaudible> —ull apportation. You are on your own.

A-1-1: Shit. What should we do?

Command: I'm afraid the only recommendable <inaudible> of action is continuing forward towards <inaudible> gate. Retreat is… inadvisable.

A-1-1: W-What? Why?

Command: The entities that were chasing you have now <inaudible>. There is… <inaudible>-thousand of them.

A-1-1 begins to tremble.

A-1-1: Can you… Can you at least identify those chants? What are they? What do they mean?

For a few seconds, no answer is heard.

Command: We… We believe those people are… repeating the words for… "Fae butchers" in <inaudible> language.

A-1-1: Jesus fucking Christ. I—

Command: Continue, and we— <inaudible>.

Command's feed once again turns into static.

A-1-1: Shit, shit, shit, shit!

At this point, the team reaches the bridge. They are only 100 meters away from the gate.

As the first Alpha-1 member sets foot on the structure's stones, the figure standing on the tower suddenly jumps forward, landing just ten meters in front of the team, forcing a cloud of smoke and dust into the air. When it settles down, the individual is revealed to be a 3,5-meter tall, white-furred SCP-1000 instance. It is wearing heavy armor constructed from some organic-metallic material, ending in steel gloves with giant knuckles. In its left hand, a 2-meter sword vibrating with heat from the magma inside its translucent cast is seen. Around it, breath turns into steam. Above the instance's scarred face, tainted with a single white eye, a crown-like yellow formation is levitating. The being growls, and grasps its unoccupied hand. From the tips of its fingers, brown sparks fly out into the air, making the headpieces of half the team explode from EVE overdose. The being furrows its brows.

All Alpha-1 members swallow hard.

Suddenly, the being laughs.

SCP-7600-K: Welcome, children of Adam! I hope your journey here was most pleasant!

Although SCP-7600-K's voice is extremely rough, with its accent leading to the overarticulation of the phonemes /d/, /g/, /h/, /w/, and /ɹ/, the English it uses is easily comprehensible. It comes closer, extending its arms, and smiling widely.

SCP-7600-K: Oh, it seems my messengers did not manage to welcome you properly. What a shame! I cannot imagine what a nightmare navigating these corridors must be for above-grounders like you, hehehe.

SCP-7600-K turns around and starts to walk towards the corridor inside the gate. When, after a few seconds, no Alpha-1 member follows, he once again looks at them, genuine surprise painting his face.

SCP-7600-K: What seems to be the matter? It would quite a shame if heroes like you were to refuse a feast within the sacred city of Druv'tuul. I was so excited to finally talk to your kind after all you'd done since we last met, although I did hope to converse with one of your… leaders, if you know what I'm saying, heheh.

SCP-7600-K puts his right arm on A-1-1's shoulders, who flinches.

SCP-7600-K: Come! I'm sure the rest of the guests are all restless by now.

Recorded camera footage.

As A-1-1 complies with the being's orders, signaling the rest to follow. They all exchange nervous looks, but continue their walk forward, eventually making their way into the tight corridor within the gate. They walk like this for approximately two minutes, at the end of which they meet large, wooden doors. SCP-7600-K opens them widely, smiling even more than before.

SCP-7600-K: Welcome, friends, to Druv'tuul Al-lhad, after more than two hundred millennia! Let us feast together in memory of your recent brave deeds, for the Night is still young!

He laughs, and gestures the team to enter with his gigantic, muscular hands. They listen to his request, and the feed gets filled with error after error, with every EVE and light parameter overloading. One by one, every Alpha-1 member disconnects. The log terminates.


Closing Statement: Due to an overload of EVE radiation on a scale almost never-before-seen, both the camera and audio feeds of all Alpha-1 members have been terminated, as they were not built to withstand such tremendous stimuli. For the next 36 hours, no contact from the agents was initiated.

Addendum 7600-2: Post-Exploration Data Exchange

After exactly 36 hours following Alpha-1 's feeds going offline, its agents were suddenly teleported inside of their main quarters at Site-01. They were all perfectly intact, although they all were wearing highly unusual clothing and were extremely dirty. They were immediately detained and quarantined; despite this, all scans proved that they were under no anomalous or thaumaturgic influence, and were merely slightly more EVE-radiating than expected. When this was confirmed, O5-4 personally requested an audit with the team's leader, Alpha-1-1, for the sake of detailed questioning in regards to their exploration mission. It was approved by O5-8 shortly later.

Date: 26/05/1960

Interviewed: Samira Rodríguez ("Alpha-1-1")

Interviewer: ████ ████████ ("O5-4")

Foreword: Before this interview was conducted, initial questions by Site-01 staff revealed Rodríguez to be entirely healthy, capable, and free of any anomalous influence, including memetic or mind-affecting phenomena. Despite this, and to ensure the safety of both involved parties — especially due to their Level 5 and Level 6 Clearances respectively, the conversation was undertaken within a specially prepared room, separating the individuals by a single pane of extremely durable, protective glass.

Samira Rodríguez, circa 1958.


O5-4: I realize it may not be… easy, for you, but please, tell me everything you can remember from your time within SCP-7600. Anything you can remember is crucial information for both me and the Council.

Rodríguez takes a deep breath.

Rodríguez: Alright, I… You got our footage until we reached those doors, right?

O5-4 nods.

Rodríguez: Right, okay.

Rodríguez closes her eyes, trying to gather her thoughts.

Rodríguez: We passed through into a corridor, just like the one we came through, in-in the giant gateway. It was definitely larger than the one before, though. And its decorations — they were something like those drawings of stars and working Yeren at the beginning, but… much, much more advanced.

O5-4: I understand they… differed from the previous ones, yes?

Rodríguez: They were still the same scenes, just crafted with much more care. They weren't just lines forming into figures, this time; their composition was… immaculate, almost. But the image, it was still the same — people carrying ingredients into plants and then sacrificing them into some magic beam shooting into a border in the sky. Seems like something important to them, especially considering it kept popping up. But… But I digress — the corridor was long. Really, really long. I can't really say for how long we walked, but it was at least an hour. The king — SCP-7600-K, I mean — kept that happy expression all throughout, even after we told him we needed a break, many times. It was almost as if he didn't listen — he just told us we needed to hurry to some feast, and how happy he was the "children of Adam visited the domain of his people once more." Whatever that means. I'm still not sure if he did that with joy or some sort of insanity-driven passion. He put significant weight on the word "Adam" every single time. Any idea why, sir?

O5-4: I'm afraid not. <pause> Did this… strange behavior continue for all your visit?

Rodríguez shakes her head.

Rodríguez: No. When we entered the city after hours of just walking through the same corridor, it changed. From happiness to pride. Overbearing pride.

O5-4 leans forward in the chair.

Rodríguez: The city… it was nothing like I'd ever seen. Not even Alagadda felt that… that strange. Druv'tuul, as they called it, was… simply monumental. On a scale I didn't think was possible. On a scale that, by all means, felt like it shouldn't be possible. But there it was. Our first contact was in some… work district, I think — the sky at least 20 kilometers beneath the cave's ceiling was just engulfed in a sea of fire, smoke, and dust. From every corner of the place you could feel steps and voices, always murmuring about work. That's all I could really gather from what little Yeren I know. We walked above them all on some golden bridge. -K didn't even look at the world beneath him. He just marched straight on as hammers fell and engines roared. I couldn't do as little as catch a glimpse of what the buildings were made from — all I could see below were his subjects who… greeted him, kneeling amongst flowing molten metal, suffocating smog, and deafening cracks in stone.

Rodríguez: Again, we walked, but this time without exhaustion — it was as if upon entering into this… sanctuary — it almost felt as if it melted away. Our restless steps were accompanied by warmth, always exuding from the myriad pipes and valves while the world was illuminated by the fires and magma, dripping down from the ceiling onto controlled casts and lakes. The people, they turned like gears — every moment, every single goddamned movement they made somehow contributed to whatever machine they were making, even as they wandered streets engraved in symbols I did not understand.

O5-4: These symbols — could you elaborate on them?

Rodríguez: They were everywhere. Ideally geometrical and seemingly untainted by all of the… dirt. They covered the cobblestone streets of Druv'tuul in their various shapes and sizes. They were laid on every centimeter of the path. All of it.

Rodríguez shakes her head.

Rodríguez: Excuse my flowery language, sir, but it just… it felt so surreal it's difficult to talk about it without getting a bit emotional. And I feel like normal words wouldn't fully do it justice.

O5-4: Do not worry. I understand. <takes down a few notes> This city, though — was there more to it? Surely, you didn't just spend 36 hours wandering around factories.

Rodríguez touches her forehead.

Rodríguez: Eventually — I could not tell you how long even if I tried — we made it. To… to the Palace, I mean. <takes a deep breath> We went through some golden pathways I felt were reserved only for those of 7600-K's kind and arrived in the single biggest area I have ever seen, sir. I'd give you a comparison, but— do you know the feeling of stargazing on a cloudless night? That… overwhelming notion of incomprehensible size, weighing down upon your measly shoulders. Now take that abysmal scale, and apply it to every direction. That is what it was. That was the cave of the Inner Sanctum. A place beyond size, beyond time, beyond man itself, extending everywhere, forever. It was nearly unbearable. I… You know I'm not a cowardly person, sir, but that… it struck fear into my heart, like it was telling me I was unworthy to even look at it. <pause> From its ceiling, wherever it was, lava fell, filling an impossibly hot ocean around an equally impossibly large and far away island. And, atop it…

Rodríguez pauses to take multiple deep breaths.

O5-4: We… We can pause, if you need a moment.

Rodríguez: N-No, I just needed to gather my thoughts. <pause> Atop the island, there was the palace. It was… a monument to the capabilities of man, built from metal entangled with plants, standing so large and proud in this undefeatable, incomprehensible space as if it was challenging the rules of reality itself. Skyscraping towers waved flags covered with keys, stars, and crowns… and nearly-blinding light shined from— somewhere. All around a tree so big it reached above the structure, w-with a hollow middle. It all just… stood there. Laughing at the world around it, daring it to come and try it. And, guided by the king, we went inside.

Rodríguez swallows.

Rodríguez: Forgive me for bringing Alagadda up again, but I need something to compare it to to simply put what we saw into words. Similarly to that, within the castle, there was a feast. A feast like I'd never experienced, making my every sense explode with a billion feelings I didn't know existed. Walking through those halls felt like a fever dream, as me and my team navigated through a hundred rooms with so many people I couldn't even begin to describe it all. Aberash, they — I mean, A-1-3 — they were bordering on insanity, experiencing all of those foods and drinks and smells and sights. I could feel their every sense, made more conscious by their skills, practically begging for help. But in their eyes… I could see they didn't want it to stop.

O5-4: <pause> The feast — what was it like?

Rodríguez: We didn't join the festivities upon arrival, not yet. Before we could sit down in the throneroom, -K took us to some, at this point expectedly, large balcony that overlooked the magma lake from two kilometers above. On its shores, I could see towering humanoid figures, standing and stretching forever into infinity. And, above us, in the sky we could finally see — there were stars. Fake ones, that I'm sure, but they looked like the real things, dancing around in those artificial cosmos. Yet they were brighter than what I'd known stars to look like — it was as if someone that made them had never seen them before. He — the king, I mean — said… something about "liberation awaiting" or something equally nonsensical as he pointed at his own, virtual universe above his head. And then, we went back in.

Rodríguez: Again, I cannot begin to describe what it truly felt like. The halls were filled with various SCP-1000 nobilities and mages, of that I'm certain, and all were carefully looking at us as we made our way towards our designated seats. We somehow knew they were ours — they were the only ones that weren't filled by guests. But there were six of them — five bearing the names of my team, and the sixth one… it simply said it belonged to a ████ ████████.12

Rodríguez looks O5-4 directly in the eyes, not blinking for a moment. He sighs. She nods her head, and looks at the ground.

Rodríguez: He saw us to our chairs, and just told us to "have fun." And that we did, I-I think. I don't remember.

O5-4: You… don't remember?

Rodríguez: It went by infinitely fast and yet impossibly slow at the same time — it was as if time itself had unraveled into nothingness for an impossibly drunk me, all the while making me experience and consume things not meant for my brain, f-for my soul. Like miasma, that drug-like ecstasy spread to my people, and, then, it came back to me tenfold. It was like a sickeningly real fever dream, tainted only by the sour smell of alcohol mixed with the sweet taste of the food. I'm sure our noo-specialists will tell you more, because I just can't remember anything else. All… All I can tell for certain is that after more than a day of that, -K came to us once more. He gently tapped us on our shoulders, and… said it was time to go. But he was disappointed. I could feel that.

O5-4 raises an eyebrow.

Rodríguez: Before he sent us back, he-he leaned in close to me, uncomfortably so, and sort of just stared at the chair that had been empty all night. Stared and… <pause> whispered something to me.

O5-4 leans in closer.

O5-4: Yes? What was it?

Rodríguez: He… he said he wanted to talk to you, sir.


Closing Statement: As per her own request, Rodríguez was amnesticized regarding O5-4's name during her standard post-mission treatment. An additional, granted request (sent by O5-4) reduced squad Bravo of Alpha-1 to non-vital mission status with included holidays for the next month. The reasoning given regarded it as a reward for their efforts in the above mission.

Immediately following the conduction of the above interview, O5-4 immediately made his way into the Site-01 Summit Hall where he proceeded to call a non-emergency meeting of the O5 Council. Attached below is a transcript of the meeting that follows.

Date: 26/05/1960

Parties Present: O5-1, O5-2, O5-4, O5-7, O5-8, O5-13

Foreword: Due to a majority of the O5 Council being off-site at the time (due to parties attending to vital Foundation business elsewhere) they were unable to attend the summit. As such, only those of the Board of Directors listed above participated.


O5-8, circa 1940.


O5-8 enters the Summit Hall. O5-1, O5-4, O5-13's ghost, and part of the supercomputer hosting O5-2 are already present. As she closes the doors behind her the room disconnects from baseline reality, becoming an exclusionary safe zone. She sits in her reserved seat and crosses her legs, looking at O5-4 with an expression of dissatisfaction.

O5-8: What is it?


O5-8 looks at the expressionless monitor simulating O5-2's face , raises an eyebrow, and then turns towards O5-4. After a second, she scoffs.

O5-8: You're… kidding, right?

O5-4 squints his eyes, crossing his arms.

O5-4: I am not.

O5-8 chuckles.

O5-8: Right, so we've all just collectively lost our minds this morning, it seems. That's great to hear. Fantastic.

O5-8 looks at O5-1.

O5-8: And what's the reason for you letting one of our most important members just waltz into an actual Yeren metropolis at the center of the earth like they don't want to kill us for a billion different reasons? Come on, you can do better than that. It's stupid and would not only put him in danger — <tilts her head> which, you know, I would very much not like — but also sabotages our little project here.

O5-1 sighs.

O5-1: Eight, please. You cannot deny 7600 holds immense historical and research potential which would undoubtedly provide answers to hundreds of questions we've never answered. And—

O5-8: So that is why you're allowing him out of all people to go there? To answer some questions for you? You're just going to ignore all of our post-Factory safety protocols and just let him — again, him, from all of History — barge in there like it's good ol' 1900 again? Can you… I don't know, not? I'm speaking in both official and personal authority here.

O5-4 turns towards O5-8.

O5-4: I am the best man for the job, we all know that.

O5-8 does not turn towards O5-4.

O5-8: Well, actually, Alpha-1 was. At least they were, until you put them on vacation while we're uncovering the single most important thing this decade.

O5-13 fades through the table, standing between the two.

O5-13: All right, this seems—

O5-8 moves her right hand, forcing O5-13 back on his seat.

O5-4: I don't think you understand just how much I know. I know you care about me and the project but… I'm simply the best man for the job. How much that could help here, how much I could help here. I know things that others simply do not—

O5-8: What I understand is that you don't realize your importance to many things, people, and your position and the need for you to not risk your life.

O5-4 turns towards O5-1.

O5-4: Can you do something about her, Aaron? Ever since you allowed her to just de-age herself with her magic, she—


O5-1, circa 1955.

O5-8: I've made myself younger, not stupider. Being annoyed at some of your ideas is just a logical byproduct of not being bound by some stupid old people rules. Perhaps you could use that procedure sometime? From the looks of things, at least, it seems it could help. It's starting to seem like the good ol' fountain just isn't cutting it for you anymore.

O5-4: Put it to a vote or stop being an annoying little ontokinetic brat. I hate to use Mom's argument here, but I am older here. I know better. I always have.

O5-1 sighs, reseating his glasses onto his wrinkled nose.

O5-1: Both of you, stop this. Neither of you is behaving as your position demands you to, nor how the relations between you demand. I will not tolerate shouting in this hall. Is that understood?

O5-4 nods. O5-8 simply looks at the floor.

O5-1: Thank you. <pause> Now, let's hear arguments from both sides like civilized people, shall we?

All parties present exchange looks, except O5-2, who simply shows a thumbs-up icon on its monitor. O5-1 then focuses on O5-4 and motions him to proceed. O5-4 clears his throat.

O5-4: I believe my exploration of SCP-7600 and conversation with SCP-7600-K would not only yield extensive scientific results, but would likely allow us a rare opportunity to hopefully regulate the increasingly frequent Yeren appearances. We are beyond lucky to have been given such a chance — a near-entirely random one, at that — to finally understand what we've been yearning to know about our world for so, so long. You cannot just ask me to waste such a golden opportunity that chance bestowed upon us.

O5-4 nods towards O5-8.

O5-4: While the dangers my colleague outlined should not be ignored, we have more than enough magic and technology on our hands to protect me from any harm that could befall me within the city. I'm sure she, too, understands why I want to go there, somewhere deep within. Why it's so important to our shared project. But, should such an incident occur regardless — which, again, I find more than doubtful — Judith Low of the History Department would be more than a fitting candidate for my position.

O5-1 turns his head towards O5-8.

O5-8: If you genuinely need to hear a speech from me to understand why putting him in danger is a terrible idea, then I don't think anything I say would matter anyways.

O5-1 sighs, massaging his temple. He then looks around the room, glancing at every Council member present.

O5-1: Shall we put it to a vote, then?


Closing Statement: By a vote of 6-3-4,13 the motion passed.

Addendum 7600-3: O5-4 / SCP-7600-K Meeting

Following the approval of his requested expedition, O5-4 proceeded to be fully anti-thaumaturgically inoculated by Site-01 personnel, rendering him a perfect anti-magic sink for the duration of one week. This effect — paired with the numerous protective rituals, totems, and anti-ontokinetic pieces applied to him — render him practically invulnerable to any damage SCP-7600 citizens and surroundings could inflict upon him. However, to further ensure his safety, O5-4 was additionally equipped with an occult talisman bound to Site-01, breaking of which would immediately return him to Site-01 should the need arise.

Date: 27/05/1960

Attending Party: O5-4

Subject: SCP-7600

Foreword: Despite O5-4's apportation ritual mirroring that of which was used to transfer MTF Alpha-1, upon emergence he found himself directly within the Inner Sanctum. The reasons for this occurrence were, at the time, unclear and the suspicion spawned from the incident nearly result in O5-4's immediate retrieval. However, due to O5-4's personal override permissions, the mission eventually continued as initially intended.


As reality itself stabilizes and the swirling ash falls to the ground, O5-4 begins to cough violently, covering his eyes in reaction to a nearby, blinding light. Moments later a large furred hand pierces through the barrier of illumination, extending towards the Overseer. After brief hesitation— during which Four appeared ready to activate the teleportation failsafe — he accepted the gesture.

SCP-7600-K: I have been waiting for you, Overseer.

Four stands up, blinking twice. He realizes he is located inside the center of a large hall. The room is constructed solely from steel-like metal and stone, and vine-like chandeliers flickering with green flames hang from the barely-visible ceiling illuminating the room entirely. He turns to his left, taking in a large gate that seems to lead into the remainder of the palace, the floor carpeted in a royal crimson.

To his right, the carpet terminates at the base of a 10-meter tall throne constructed from the melted-together remnants of golden keys. It, and the hall in its entirety, are empty. Behind the chair, however, a giant glass pane divides the repetitive wall design, seemingly to gaze out into the magma-filled lake. O5-4 returns his gaze to SCP-7600-K who, standing in front of the throne, extends his hand to the Overseer. They exchange a firm handshake..

O5-4: Just "Four" is fine enough.

SCP-7600-K smiles, releasing the grasp.

SCP-7600-K: Then, Four, it is truly a pleasure to be able to welcome your kind once more to Druv'tuul. Especially someone like… you.

O5-4 raises an eyebrow, putting his hands behind his back. He walks forward towards the window, trying to see what's on the other side.

O5-4: You know, normally I wouldn't much appreciate someone relocating the exit of my teleportation, but… I think a sight like this is enough for me to forgive you.

SCP-7600-K chuckles politely, joining Four.

SCP-7600-K: I thought you'd want to come directly to the palace rather have to bother with city's usual entry pathways. Especially with how your — Alpha-1's, was it? — mission turned out, heh.

The two take a moment of silence, not sharing a single word. For almost two minutes, they simply look at what is presumed to be the magma lake in front of them.

O5-4: My men said you wanted to see me, 7600-K. Is that correct?

SCP-7600-K raises an eyebrow, cracking a slight smile.

SCP-7600-K: Is that what your people have called me? Similarly, simply Met'heus will do.

O5-4 nods his head with visible appreciation for the gesture.

SCP-7600-K: But, yes, I have called you here. For what I believe is a reason you will find most intriguing.

O5-4 crosses his arms.

SCP-7600-K: Let me show you.

SCP-7600-K extends his left hand towards the glass and, after a few graceful, precise touches along the pane, takes a step back. The entire wall proceeds to quickly destruct itself, the glass seeming to fade away entirely as the bricks reposition themself into the formation of a balcony segment extending outside of the confines of the room. Once the reconstruction seems to complete, SCP-7600-K takes the first step forward while motioning for O5-4 to do the same. He complies.


Recorded camera footage.

They emerge into an open grotto, extending in every direction until the end of the horizon severs vision. Approximately two kilometers below the palace a lake is filled by the constant drip of magma from a ceiling so far up that clouds of smoke obfuscate it entirely. The two are protected from its heat by a transparent barrier surrounding the balcony on which they stand. In the distance of the cavern, the shores of the massive pool can be seen. Atop them, a series of 300-meter humanoid metal statues stand, their arms extended towards to falling flows of magma with constructs that appear visible similar to lanterns clasped within their hands. All are unlit.

O5-4 inhales deeply, only to slowly release their breath over the course of the following ten seconds.

O5-4: I…

He looks up, and meets the artificial night sky, sparkling with starlight and planets and suns, just a fingertip's-length away. It engulfs the place in a mirage of moving cosmos which hovers just 100 meters above ground level. Enchanted, O5-4 extends his hand forward and, in but a moment, one of the stars comes down towards his palm. It burst with light and comfortable warmth, but disappears just moments later. Four simply stares at his hands.

O5-4: <pause> How? And— And more importantly, why? Why do… all of this?

SCP-7600-K comes forward and extends a hand, too. Similarly, a star-like light falls down into his palm but, unlike O5-4's, doesn't burst. Instead, he gently throws it back up where it shines even brighter than before.

SCP-7600-K: I brought you down here because it would be… difficult for your kind, I think, to understand what I truly want to share with you without any of you seeing this first. <pause> I know you have many questions. I will answer any of them more than gladly, but… many of them I will simply have no answer for. For most of them, though — they come back to that one word. "Why?"

SCP-7600-K turns around, looking towards some point in the distance past the two rows of colossi.

SCP-7600-K: "Why go to the effort of building all of this?" "Why not fight back for the right to live among humans?" I have heard those two questions alone a million times from the lips of every great man I have invited here over these endless millennia. But I think you will be the first to understand. So let me tell you a story.

SCP-7600-K inhales.

SCP-7600-K: Before your times, we — by which I mean, my people — created an empire so large it spanned the entire globe. We… We did things much more peacefully than those that came before us. We gave you warless homes so that you could live in the light as we did in the dark. From organic skyscrapers tall enough to hear infinity to mines deep enough to make us feel our bounds, we were everywhere. Always and forever in peace. We created a society that could not only thrive — we created a society that could thrive in tandem with you.

SCP-7600-K: But, in the millennia that would come, Earth grew to be less than enough for us. We uncovered the mysteries of all the myths and legends that once shrouded the unknown, and everything to comprehend we understood thoroughly. So, with all the knowledge we had, we tried to expand upward — to the myriad worlds above us — hoping to find a planet to host us, leaving us both free to live alone… free of the constant reminder of our shared, brutal past. But the Queen…14 she did not like that.

Once again, a planet from above comes to touch SCP-7600-K's arm.

SCP-7600-K: Somewhere from beyond her grave, she cursed us. She cast chains upon us heavy enough to bind our entire species to Earth. "The Children of the Night," she mockingly called us, sentencing us to only forever wander said Night, never to so much as touch the stars that shined so brightly we couldn't help but feel compelled to explore them. She… <he turns away for a moment and pauses, looking at a few Yeren individuals in the distance> She made us disgusting. <inhales> But, in time, we found the cure. A god that led our people — Phomet, that was his name — he discovered a way to break the curse. A remedy that would, once and for all, free us from our past we so desperately tried to tear away from. But the cost, for him, was too much. A price too heavy to pay for salvation, even one we craved oh so dearly. He never told anyone the price of liberation; he feared the rest of us would find it a toll we couldn't afford.

SCP-7600-K closes his hand, smashing the light.

SCP-7600-K: But even that was not enough for the Queen. She… She convinced your people to aid her in overthrowing us, crowning you kings of the planet in less than a day. The Day of the Flowers, your people call it. Everything seemed to bloom that night, even as you slaughtered us in our sleep and our blood flooded the grass; the flowers just kept growing. So you left us with no choice; we ran. We ran and ran and ran until we were so deep within the depths of darkness that we were certain your fragile, light-loving people wouldn't catch us. We could not save everyone; those we left behind remained above and lived among you still. But we… we could not. We had to stand up for ourselves.

SCP-7600-K smiles, turning his sight towards the palace.


Recorded camera footage.

SCP-7600-K: And, since then, we build. We have built all these years, never stopping, until we formed a city proud enough to call home even here, millions of meters below the ground where we were safe. Where nobody could reach us. Where we could thrive in peace once more. But… <he sighs> it was not enough. It never was.

SCP-7600-K: Blinded by… call it hubris, if you want, the king of the newly-made Druv'tuul once again looked towards the stars, not content with what his brother said about the price being too high. He reached to him, saying it was our time, but Phomet simply said he was a fool if he truly thought that. And, for breaking Phomet's trust, he had never seen him since. A man he'd known as nothing less than a god left for a journey, where he hoped to find peace and wisdom he could share with who he thought were people that didn't yet understand what he truly could see in his enlightenment, even after all those years of guiding them.

SCP-7600-K sighs, then points and nods to the lanterns held by the giants.

SCP-7600-K: So we did what we always have — we worked. We worked and worked, relentless to get our light in the darkness back, relentless to… to make ourselves not rancid anymore. We created a plan — the Sundown Ritual, we called it. A ritual that would guide our beloved Phomet back home with a lantern so bright it would be seen in all realities, no matter where he was stranded. It wouldn't be easy. Hell, it would be nearly impossible. But we had to try. For us, and for you, so that we could once more believe in a future as bright as the stars we so desperately love. It was a price we were willing to pay. <clenches fist> A price we simply had to pay. So we have worked, without pause, ever since. All in an effort to fulfill an impossible promise of a beautiful future.

SCP-7600-K looks at the floor and doesn't speak another word. O5-4 doesn't respond for nearly three minutes, the two instead simply standing in silence, looking at the lake. Eventually, O5-4 turns towards SCP-7600-K with a moved expression on his face.

O5-4: Why… Why tell me all of this?

SCP-7600-K: Because you are one of the solemn few who truly understand loving the past more than wanting to celebrate the present. And because, ultimately, we are almost done, and I would not want to live through such a monumental moment alone. <looks towards the distance> Because to find a cure for our curse, our repulsiveness, alone, to make us good again, without anyone else by me — I couldn't bear that.

O5-4: I'm… not sure I understand. What about your people? Are they not enough?

SCP-7600-K: It is not the same, Four. We both know this. They… They work, and they appreciate that I give their lives purpose, but they do not really get it. They're not fully people, they… in some odd sense, they are just work. They aren't like me. Like you. They are content with the curse put upon them and, in this simplicity, they are repulsive. Repulsive in how they live without dreams. And I need to fix them, no matter what price it takes. No matter how high it ends up as. For them, I can do it. But they don't get it. Nobody does, nobody… nobody ever has. Except you — a man that, similarly to me, sees that what came before us is more important what surrounds us now.

O5-4: <pause> And what about the others? I mean, those of your kind that live aboveground. Surely they would understand? At least a little.

SCP-7600-K smiles sadly.

SCP-7600-K: They would not, I'm afraid. They don't even know their past, so how could they make it their life's purpose? They're even more… rancid. They need to be fixed even more. Besides, we barely allow non-Phometians inside of the city. He would not want someone that cannot believe in what he stood for to work for him. Especially someone as violent as them.

Short pause.

O5-4: How do you know… all of that? And I mean — all of that?

SCP-7600-K: Because I was there to see it. And because I was that foolish, foolish king.

Another pause.

O5-4: But why me? After all me and my colleagues have done — after the goddamned Factory I didn't stop — why… why me?

SCP-7600-K: Because I do not believe any price is too great for wisdom. And you yourself have paid quite the hefty debt for your perspective. Would you not agree?

O5-4 doesn't respond. Instead, he looks at the border between the palace and the rings. There, he can see multiple SCP-7600 citizens attempt to breach the border, only to be actively stopped by guards. He blinks, and turns back to Met'heus.

SCP-7600-K: Will you help me? There is surely so much you want to ask me, I can see that in your eyes. I can and will provide any and all answers if you but simply listen to an old man as the fires finally burn and Phomet comes home. That is all I ask for — company during what would most likely be my final day. I need someone to help me bear the burden of the price I need to pay.

SCP-7600-K extends his hand. O5-4 swallows.

O5-4: I… yes. Yes, I will. Just show me what I can do to help, and I will try my best to assist.

Four accepts the gesture, but, before their hands touch, his small finger extends. He inhales, looks SCP-7600-K directly in his eyes, and moves his wrist in a circular manner whilst whispering an inaudible phrase as red lightning sparkles around himself, effectively rending the agreement a Death Oath.15 SCP-7600-K sees this, nods, and puts his arm around O5-4's shoulder.

Met'heus: Then come with me, my friend. There is still much work to be done.


Closing Statement: Although O5-4's conversation with Met'heus continued for more than 5 hours following the end of this transcript, O5-4 did not record it, instead personally turning off his camera.

Following approximately 36 hours of unrecorded activity, O5-4 returned to Site-01 via the usage of his teleportation totem. After Overwatch Command personnel confirmed that he was indeed the real Overseer, he was allowed entry into the rest of the Site, where he reported what he had done during those hours. The actions he described primarily consisted of standard SCP-7600-K interviews and SCP-7600 exploration.

Shortly after, O5-4 proceeded to pitch to the present O5 Council members several plans he had made alongside SCP-7600-K during his time within Druv'tuul. They consisted of, among others:

  • The establishment of a Foundation embassy within SCP-7600;
  • The signing of the SHEPHARD Agreements between the O5 Council and SCP-7600-K, which would regulate the containment of SCP-1000 instances outside of SCP-7600 and the Foundation's terms of engagement with SCP-7600 itself alongside its population;
  • The creation of an SCP-7600 research team, consisting of O5-4 and his most trusted personnel that would be allowed to freely wander the city and study its technology, citizens, and buildings;
  • The establishment of free information and material exchange between Foundation personnel and SCP-7600 citizens to an extent limited by the O5 Council, which would allow the former to gain a better understanding of reality and the latter to more quickly finish the preparations for the Sundown Ritual.

As all of these proposals have been considered to be operations technically under the previous approval of O5-4 and O5-8's research within SCP-7600, the rest of the O5 Council tentatively agreed upon the above plans. Over the next couple of months, they would become integrated into the Foundation procedure regarding Druv'tuul.

Addendum 7600-4: Further SCP-7600 Research

Below attached are a few select entries made by O5-4 in his personal journal during his research on SCP-7600 alongside his team, acquired through the use of a recording device alongside O5-8's supervision.

Date: 02/06/1960

O5-4: Today was the first day I've felt alive since I was born.

O5-4: I don't often like to use dramatic language, at least in documentation, but it's hard to talk about Druv'tuul and everything surrounding it without reeking of excitement. Walking among these ageless halls feels more like a dream come true, no, more than that — it feels like the fulfillment of everything I have ever dreamt of. From scrolls as ancient as time itself to people almost living beyond time to answers — answers! — to secrets I thought I'd never hear. It's all so unreal, like some pure, dream-like ecstasy. And I never want to wake up. The best thing, however, is that… she agrees. For once, I'm happy she sees my decision as a positive one. We're currently working together to decipher everything.

O5-8 nods.

O5-4: Yesterday, I spent my days working on things I couldn't care about any less, filling papers and sending out orders I knew didn't matter. Today, I live once more, freed from the shackles of bureaucracy and oversight. Tomorrow, I will answer every lingering question I've had in my mind since I was a young scholar. And all of this — all of these incredible, unbelievable, nearly incomprehensible opportunities — given to me by pure chance. I do not know if there's any god up there, but I suppose I should be thankful to them, just in case.

O5-4: I've yet to explore more… nuanced, let's call it, parts of 7600, as Eight and I do not want to indulge in specific research without my trusted men who are yet to arrive. But, for now, as little as simply taking steps within this city is more than enough for my hungry mind. From the brief talks I could get Met'heus to have with me, I've gleaned more answers than I've ever been given from reading books older than most civilizations. A hundred years of reading trumped by fleeting conversation. I cannot put into words how excited, satisfied, and intrigued I am.

O5-8 rolls her eyes theatrically.

O5-8: And, I suppose, neither can I.

O5-4: Tomorrow, our work truly begins. And I don't think it would be fair to keep it waiting.

Date: 14/06/1960

O5-4: I feel so small down here. I wish she could see it.

O5-8: I don't!

O5-4: It might sound silly for a man like me to say this—

O5-8: <quietly:> And it does!

O5-4: —out of all of the ever-present reminders of the universe's indifference towards us, for this to be what finally breaks me probably sounds like a joke. But I couldn't be more serious, and, to an extent, slightly terrified of the true might the Key holds within its walls.

O5-4: When we first arrived here, I didn't… I didn't feel that, though. It was only when my men and I started to map out the palace and the Inner Sanctum two days ago did it truly hit. This… never-ending weight and realization of the age of everything — from Druv'tuul to the stars its citizens envy so — just pours upon you when you try to comprehend it. I can see it in my men, too. But I also see that, like me, they don't want it to stop.

O5-4: The palace — it's beautiful.. It's magic, everywhere and always, interweaved with techniques I thought were lost to time — lost to the Day of the Flowers. We began to reverse-engineer them, but this incredible mixture of technology and biomancy is truly… so alien, in some ways, but in others, so familiar. Their solutions to problems we thought to be impassable are so beautiful in their natural simplicity. Their continued, unfailing operation, so precise and trustworthy in its every turn.

O5-4: So far, we could only understand two recovered pieces, but there's still so much we just do not know. Even with as little as these, we were capable of automating and enhancing processes we previously couldn't hope to even reliably utilize.

O5-4: But there's still so much more we can do.

O5-8: And there is, more importantly, so much more we will do.

Date: 26/06/1960

O5-4: The stars down here — it's hard to talk about them without my hands trembling.

O5-4: You'd think that for such a common phenomenon, for something I saw every night as I went to sleep — for that to make me shiver, it would be stupid, but… I simply cannot truly explain it. That sensation. Not without showing what the sky looks like here. To even call it a sky is a disservice, even. It's a meticulously crafted piece of artwork, hung above the ground for everyone to see and remind themselves why they work each and every day; to get even a step closer to them. And, even to someone as culturally distant from the people of 7600 as myself, I can guarantee you it does its job well.

O5-4: However the cosmos here isn't just a display of power, magic, and goals; it's a chronicle. From what I was able to gather from the people of Druv'tuul and my own observations, the stars do not depict the current night sky. Rather, they're an image, a still of an age long gone, for they were made to mirror the stars as remembered by those who ran during the Day of the Flowers, from their memories of the night before. I've yet to send photos and observations of them to Pandora Metis over at Astrophysics — or to anyone else in the Department, for that matter — but I am more than certain they will find them as fascinating and, hopefully, useful as I have.

O5-4: With each day the stars seem to grow closer, all while the people of 7600 approach the final day of their preparations for the Ritual. We are less than a month away now, Met'heus says, and practically everyone is doing anything they can to help.

O5-4: We are within an arm's reach of a revolution that will change the world forever.

O5-8: Hopefully for the better.

Date: 13/07/1960

O5-4: I was finally able to talk to him today.

O5-4: After more than a month of preparations and trying to maneuver between royal duties, I was at last capable of getting a whole day to ourselves; just Met'heus and I. And it was everything and more than what I could have asked for. For twenty-four hours, I bothered him with questions troubling me since 1870 and got so, so many answers. I was… reckless, with some of them, but curious with even more. And that curiosity was as satisfied as it could possibly be. He gave me every solution he was aware of — some, of course, he didn't have yet due to the Ritual and Phomet not yet arriving, but for every question I asked that he could answer, he answered tenfold.

O5-8: That he did alright.

O5-4: But… for a select few of my braver inquiries, he had… strange replies. For example, and to really show what I mean — I wanted to know what his people meant when they greeted us with their chants reminding us of the massacre we allowed to happen to the Fae. To that, he simply stated: "It's a cruel world out there, friend; I grieve the loss of old brethren, but the sad truth is the fewer enemies out there, the better. And Mab's children — I cannot expect them to be anything but that. I simply wanted to congratulate you on so easily getting rid of a parasite I thought to be immovable."

O5-8: It's… not good, that's for sure, but the Death Oath still is active so I doubt it's much to worry about.

O5-4 nods.

O5-4: But the majority of our time went much more smoothly than that. We discussed so much, from their long-gone Empire to the Day of the Flowers, even to their involvement with human history. I cannot wait to see the look on Judith's face when she realizes I was right about the fact that the Mekhanites couldn't have built the First War Colossi on their own! Guess she was right about the Deava magic, though… <pause> It was not only eye-opening — it was, in a sense, soul-opening, too.

O5-8 clears her throat.

O5-8: Can I… Can I talk to you for a second? Off-recording? I know you're very passionate about this but you know how worried I've been for you ever since M—


Date: 28/07/1960

O5-4 is still in his chair, clearing his throat. This time, he is visibly alone — O5-8 isn't present beside him.

O5-4: I nearly died today, but I don't regret it.

O5-4: It was… terrifying, definitely, and perhaps also stupid, but I would not say my near-demise experience was a waste of my time; quite the opposite, even. But I think some context is necessary so… first thing's first.

O5-4: After thoroughly investigating the four upmost rings of Druv'tuul, today was the day we — me and my men — would finally venture into the fifth. And that, after all proper preparing was complete — including the equipping of what fail-safes and research apparatus we had — was what we did. For better or worse, we found our way into the most industrial, factory-filled area I've ever seen. And, for the next few hours, we split up and explored where we could.

O5-4: As for myself, I took responsibility to thoroughly probe an industrial building up close. Having found a place I'd like to enter, I went through its, as always, massive doors, and simply observed what transpired inside. And some deep part of me was simply struck and shocked by just how much these people cared for what they do; even when uncomfortable or tired, they do not so much as complain. They continue on in their seemingly endless toil, reading to sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears for their sacred goal. I have nothing but the utmost respect for that. So, intrigued to learn more, I went a bit further and… got a little too close.

O5-4: As I approached one of the workers the floor simply disappeared beneath my feet; I plunged right into a pit of magma the men used for their work. Even from within my protective bubble I could feel the heat as it choked the orb tighter and tighter, eventually starting to suffocate me. Thankfully the Yeren acted quickly, pulling me out with a few rituals of their own. In reality, I was out in mere seconds but… the threat was real and terrifying.

O5-4: Beyond the fear, though, there was… excitement, in some sense. Finally free of the bounds of that sterile palace and Met'heus' guard, I had stepped into the "real" world. Truth be told, it almost feels as if he's trying to separate himself from his people, but… well, I will be back tomorrow. Inside the factory to see more of what its pure efficiency holds. But this time I can guarantee myself to not be such a fool again.

Prior to the above incident being recorded the O5 Council tolerated — albeit tentatively — the doings of O5-4 and O5-8 within SCP-7600 despite their frequent danger and lack of professionalism, this incident prompted O5-8 to declare a security intervention a necessity. To achieve such, she called a non-emergency O5 Council meeting the same evening as the transcript's upload to Site-01's database, ordering O5-4's immediate attendance. Attached below is the summit's transcript.

Date: 28/07/1960

Parties Present: O5-1, O5-2, O5-4, O5-7, O5-8, O5-13

Foreword: Similar to the previous summit, only a small portion of the Council was capable of partaking in this gathering due to their continued, required attendance outside of Overwatch Command due to vital Foundation business.


O5-4 teleports outside of the Summit Hall, taking his hand out of his pocket. He massages his eyes and coughs once, immediately starting to walk forward towards the room's doors. After a few moments, he enters and the gate closes shut behind him. The location buzzes for two seconds before separating itself from baseline reality.

The rest of the attending Council members are sitting in their respective chairs, all looking at O5-4 with visible disapproval and disappointment. The least satisfied of these faces is O5-8, who has her hands folded and her chin propped up against them, scanning Four with near-anger. He ignores her, correcting the stack of documents and journals he is carrying in his hands, and takes a seat. He crosses his arms.

O5-4: What is this about?

O5-8 furrows her brows.

O5-8: Let me tell you what this is about.

Eight stands. The rest of the council does not protest.

O5-8: You nearly died out there, Four, that's what this is about, you…! <she takes a deep breath> What do you think we called you here for?!

Four sighs and bites his lip. He settles the documents he previously acquired before himself and motions for Eight to settle down with his hands.

O5-4: Look, I—

O5-8: There's no "look" this time, Four. You're being put down. I— I mean we… we cannot lose you.

O5-4 blinks twice.

O5-8: You are being officially removed from the 7600 project. Your team will carry on normally under my supervision, but you will not be allowed back into Druv'tuul until you can prove yourself capable of not getting yourself killed. I, and the project, cannot afford such a loss.

O5-4 scoffs.

O5-4: This is absurd, for—

O5-8: The only thing that is absurd here is you nearly dying in a factory! <taps her forehead with her index finger> Have you, for at least one fucking second, considered how beyond lucky you were you survived? Dumb luck. Dumb. Luck!

O5-8 sits down again, with a heavy thump.

O5-8: Don't be so reckless again. Ever.

O5-4: Just… please, listen to—

O5-8 looks at Four again, with what could be mistaken for murderous intent in her eyes.

O5-8: I am not going to repeat myself. Just… <closes eyes> Just, please, comply or I will take over the project forever. You are not allowed to die, period. <extends her arms> Simple as tha—

O5-4 hits the table with his fist and stands abruptly.

O5-4: Just LISTEN TO ME, for once! <exhales, and looks at O5-1> Please, forgive my behavior, but I would like to be listened to, too. Last time I checked, we all have equal voices here on the Council.

O5-8 angrily looks at O5-1. He stares at her with a blank expression and motions for both of the arguing Overseers to sit down.

O5-1: <quietly:> I'll allow it. Let's hear what he has to say. He deserves that much.

Eight's angry gaze does not budge but, rather, seems laced with worry. She complies regardless, nervously tapping the table. Four inhales.

O5-4: Thank you, One. I won't try to defend my reckless behavior as detailed in the log, as I'm sure you're all aware of. It was irresponsible and plainly stupid for someone of my station. But removing me from the 7600 project? Do you have any idea what a monumental waste of potential that would be?

O5-8 raises her eyebrows mockingly. O5-4 ignores it.

O5-4: We are nearing the end of our work. My team, Eight, and I have been relentlessly studying everything could gather from inside the city, and, in just two days, we will finally be done. In almost exactly 48 hours, the Sundown Ritual will be finished, and, when that happens, we will finally be able to solve the puzzle we've been piecing together for the last few months. Just think — think! — about what we could do with a complete and absolute history of our relations with the Yeren and the Fae. There is, logically, no better weapon against the Queen, and—

O5-7: Pardon my, perhaps, ignorant intrusion, but are we really going to ignore the fact that you've been aiding an anomaly in the creation of a ritual that would, most likely, summon an equally powerful god in the process?

O5-4 inhales.

O5-4: Phomet is no god. I've documented such heavily in the reports I've sent to all of you, but it looks like you all have forgotten to check your mail. He's no threat; he never was.

The present Council members exchange looks amongst themselves, confused. Eventually, they each pull out their tablets and start searching for the information. O5-4 sighs.


O5-4: Here, I've just sent it again. This time, read it.

The entirety of the Council takes a few minutes to familiarize themselves with the text and analyze it, scrolling through the message on their devices. They all stop reading after a while, genuine surprise on the faces of some.

O5-8: Right, but this ultimately doesn't change much. You're still actively exposing yourself to a truly unknowable force that could, if it so chose to, level the entirety of Earth with the ritual it has brewing down there. The fact it hasn't done so already doesn't mean they can't do it to you. We both know it — hell, look, I…

O5-4: How… How could you even say this doesn't change anything? It changes everything.

O5-4 turns to the rest of the Council.

O5-4: Why can't you all see this? Where is your passion? Where has it gone? Have we hidden it entirely behind our paranoia? Our foolish worries? Where are the people who sat down with me in 1870, seething with incredible excitement, in anticipation to understand this magical world we live in? Where is the fire in your eyes?

Four throws his hands in the air.

O5-4: Have you really become so… so stuck up in your bureaucracy? So stuck up in some fetish of power that you forgot why we formed this group at all? This… this might finally allow us to defeat the Queen below this fucking meeting room. If you all have a problem with an old man trying to piece together a mystery we all promised to solve together, then I simply—


O5-7, circa 1939.

O5-7 growls.

O5-7: Are you done?

O5-4 looks at her, confused.

O5-4: I'm… I'm sorry?

O5-7: I didn't come here to be insulted. Not by you, and not by the witch you try so desperately not to call "sister."

O5-4 and O5-8 look at Seven in shock.

O5-8: How… do you…?

O5-7 gives Eight a pitiful look.

O5-7: Do you really think you can be the centerpiece of a spynet without spying on your own colleagues? Please. And come the hell on, it's practically obvious from the way you two talk.

O5-8 doesn't respond.

O5-7: But, yeah. If you have anything of actual substance to say rather than trying to see whose dick is bigger in a situation like this, you know where to find me. I'm afraid dealing with D.C. al Fine being an actually fucking insane bitch is a little more important than whatever theatre show you're putting on here.

O5-7 stands up from her seat, heading for the exit. She waves her hand with a fake smile, only for the expression to shift into a grimace as she looks away from the remaining attendees. She exits the room.

Silence fills the room as nobody speaks a word. Eventually, O5-4 stands up.

O5-4: I'm going, too. If you want to prove me wrong about what I said earlier and witness what will most likely be the single most spectacular magic ritual to ever occur, you also know where to find me.

He turns to O5-8.

O5-4: And to you — I hope you will one day see how much you break her heart every day. Because she taught us to live a life of wonder, not one where we're so afraid we won't even take risks.

As O5-4 rapidly exits the room the meeting concludes.


Closing Statement: Following the conclusion of the above summit, O5-4 has once again resumed his operations within SCP-7600. Similarly, O5-8 entered Foundation-controlled parts of the city without notifying the former. This time, however, no party previously involved in Four's attempted reprimand protested in any capacity.

Addendum 7600-5: Final Sundown Ritual Preparations

Date: 28/07/1960

Parties Present: O5-4

Foreword: Approximately two hours following the summit described in Addendum 7600-4, the following recording was sent to all O5 Council and MTF Alpha-1 members from the account of O5-4 marked with Level 0 Priority.16 Despite being registered as sent within the database, however, it was only properly received by the intended recipients following the events of Addendum 7600-6 transpiring. The exact reasons for this occurrence remain unknown.



Recorded camera footage.

As the feed connects, it reveals a gigantic underground valley, extending in every direction. Throughout its middle, a river of magma slowly flows, terminating at the end of the horizon. Despite its location, the entire area is brightly lit, both by the aforementioned flowing magma and artificial, thaumaturgic lights above, although the latter are mostly shrouded by the ever-present smoke and dust. In the far distance, parts of industrial buildings can be seen with the rest of the structures hidden behind mountains of black stone and the aforementioned smog. Despite this, a few SCP-7600 workers are present. O5-4 waves to them and they return the gesture. From the context of the surroundings, it can be deduced the recording depicts one of SCP-7600's lower rings.

The camera slowly moves away as O5-4's tired sigh can be heard. His walk continues for a few more minutes before he settles near a large opening, almost entirely devoid of any of the previously described buildings. He looks over the horizon and pulls out one of his journals alongside a pen. He sighs again and starts to draw or note down something. Although the exact details are imperceivable due to the paper's location relative to the camera, from what can be seen it can be reasonably assumed that O5-4 is illustrating the landscape and marking notes. This continues for a moment.

O5-4: Oh, Druv'tuul. If only the others could see your beauty the way I do. If only she… could just… ehh.

O5-4 shuts the book and slowly sits on the ground. He crosses his arms, massages his temple, and slowly inhales and exhales.

O5-4: <almost whispering:> But perhaps… perhaps after today.

He looks to the horizon, admiring the view as the sound of clinging metal and glowing magic is heard in the distance. Eventually, Four stands and starts to walk again, heading towards a large tunnel situated inside one of the mountains before him. Where it leads to is not yet confirmed, but judging from its height, golden decorations and illustrations which depict palaces, stars, crowns, and keys, it can be theorized it connects to the Inner Sanctum.

As O5-4 continues, step after step, his sight turns towards the pavement below. Crafted from black cobblestone and bricks, it is the only even surface among the rough patches of stone making up the hills it cuts through. Within its structures, a series of barely visible, interconnected thaumaturgic circles are woven throughout, covering the entire sidewalk. Everywhere the Overseer looks one symbol is seen, forming one gigantic circle over the entirety of the Ring, which later connects to the remaining sites throughout the rest of SCP-7600, creating a single, monumental ritual site over the city's entire space. However, the pieces he currently observes are not so large; they all are ideally symmetrical and mostly consist of identical round symbols with a diameter of approximately 75 centimeters.


Digital recreation of the rune noticed by O5-4.

However, one pattern that takes up a significant portion of the pathway catches O5-4's attention; he skews his head and squints his eyes. He focuses solely on it for a few moments, and, in doing so, accidentally trips over some irregularity in the path, falling onto his rear. He tries to prop himself up with his hand, but, as the unknown symbols start to rapidly glow up forming a chain reaction that circles him, he gasps.

He turns to his back, realizing one of his pockets is similarly glowing. He empties it, now holding the Site-01 teleportation totem in his hand. As he does so, the circle below his arm starts to glow much more aggressively and his arm begins to turn gray. He screams and stands up violently, albeit with visible difficulty. Four looks at his arm, terrified, and sees that it has withered significantly. Upon breaking contact, the energy within the circles below spreads out into very dim light, until it vanishes altogether. Around him, various workers start to approach him, worry in their eyes. He motions them to stay back.

O5-4 looks around himself frantically, trying to see how many more of these circles surround him. They are revealed to stretch almost everywhere, woven into almost every dormant incantation of the thaumaturgic structure SCP-7600 holds within itself. His breathing starts to get irregular as he picks up the teleportation item and smashes it. Despite its intended function, nothing happens. Four's eyes widen even more as his heartbeat surpasses standard rates. He swallows hard, looks at the remains of the totem for a second, and turns towards the Yeren individuals around him. They exchange a few inaudible words, and, seconds later, O5-4 starts to run towards the Inner Sanctum tunnel, tapping something on his Foundation phone. The remaining SCP-1000 instances look frantically at each other and rapidly depart.

O5-4: Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck fuck!

The tapping gets more aggressive, apparently due to no response, and Four sighs angrily, increasing his pace. His vision is now entirely focused on the destination in front of him. His expression turns from fear into pure determination and anger.

As he crosses the anti-thaumaturgic border that separates the Inner Sanctum from other rings, the feed gets forcefully disconnected.


Closing Statement: See Addendum 7600-6 for further information.

Addendum 7600-6: O5-4 / SCP-7600-K Intervention

Date: 28/07/1960

Parties Present: O5-4, SCP-7600-K

Foreword: Due to the extreme amount of thaumaturgic backlash coming from the activation of the Sundown Ritual corrupting the below video feed, whether the events it depicts are fully true currently remains unknown. Further research is ongoing.


As O5-4 enters the Inner Sanctum, he taps his personal camera a few times, rebooting it once more. He is now located in front of SCP-7600-K's palace, which is noticeably glowing. All thaumaturgic symbols covering its walls and paths leading to it are now brightly lit and, from atop its highest spire, a vague beacon of white illumination extends into the sky above, terminating near the ceiling, which it appears to be slowly excavating as if to make its way aboveground. Around it a myriad of SCP-1000 instances can be seen actively trying to breach the border between the Inner Sanctum and the lower rings; although the walls and guards serve to impede some, most of them succeed, pouring into the palace. When Four notices, he grunts and further quickens his pace.

He enters the building and continues his run until he makes his way into corridors crowded by protestors which he pushes through until reaching the throne room depicted in Addendum 7600-3. With exhaustion clear as he pants, he makes his way up the stairs and past the throne, standing before the wall directly behind it. O5-4, despite seeming quite frantic, carefully replicates the order in which Met'heus touched the bricks, successfully reopening the balcony's entrance. Still recovering his breath, Four steps forward, embracing the blinding light of the outside world.

Once he is able to properly see again, he notices Met'heus standing towards the edge of the balcony. The Yeren looks into the horizon towards the myriad statues decorating the banks of the lake. Their lights are starting to dimly glow, pulsating with a similar tone as the beacon erupting from the palace. As Four's footsteps sound out against the balcony floor the king takes notice of him, smiling widely as he extends his arms.

Met'heus: Four, my friend! I am so glad to see you! You have arrived just in time for—

O5-4: You… liar!

Four points at Met'hus and approaches him angrily.

O5-4: You… You lied to me, you…! After everything I've done for you, you—

Met'heus' expression shifts from happiness to a grimace within a split second. He puts his hands behind his back and turns away, shifting his gaze towards the magma lake.

Met'heus: So, I assume you know?

O5-4's gait widens as he extends his grayed arm forward, shoving it towards Met'heus, who ignores the gesture. Eventually, Four stops halfway through his march, simply looking at the Yeren's back.

O5-4: I do. <weakly:> Why? Just… Just why?

As a single small pebble falls above O5-4's head, his protective bubble activates, eliminating the rock before it can hit the Overseer. Met'heus notices it and sighs, taking a step forward. He touches the ground below him, and mutters something to himself before standing up once more.

Met'heus: Why do you think?

The king turns back towards Four and walks towards him, before stopping two meters before the Overseer.

Met'heus: Why do you think I am doing what I am doing, you hypocrite? Out of all the people in the world, have you not considered how ironic it is that you are asking that question?

He tries to reach for Four, but his movement once again touches the ground. As the historian raises an eyebrow, Met'heus clears his throat.

Met'heus: I am doing what needs to be done to be remembered as someone more than… than the brother of a man that did nothing!

Met'heus practically runs to the other side of the balcony, much to O5-4's confusion.

Met'heus: Phomet was no more than a coward, a figure who wanted all the praise for none of the work. He could never put any actual effort into anything he did, unable to sacrifice anything but his time for the position the people put him in. He stagnated in his "wisdom," thinking putting someone in the check was the same as checkmate. He could not force himself to make the right decision, deciding that the sacrifice of a few human magic cunts was a price not worth paying to undo the stagnation of our kind when he knew they would overthrow us eventually anyways. But me — <taps the parapet's barrier five times> I am everything but a coward. He would have forgiven you, let you choose to bring us back in. But me? I don't ask. I take what rightfully belongs to my people. No matter the cost.

O5-4: And that justifies turning yourself into a harbinger of genocide? You'll kill literal millions of humans, you… you…! You treat them like fucking batteries! Like they're not even people — like they aren't of my own kind! — just because the magic within them can fuel your ritual! <pauses, calms his breath> You're a fucking lunatic if you really believe murdering all human mages is worth breaking your damn curse.

Met'heus: Then perhaps I am one. But that still makes me more worthy of my position than Phomet. Or you.

The king coughs thrice into his opened palm and pats himself on the head. If Four wasn't blinded by anger, he would raise an eyebrow.

Met'heus: What even gives you the right to judge me? Do you know what it feels like? How it feels to have history forget how you save literal billions because your brother was some sort of idiot thinker? Do you realize what it feels like when your unfathomable achievements are entirely forgotten because some stupid flip of a coin decided you would be raised under the same roof as an idiot who would become a foolish, ironic messiah, despite doing next to nothing to even match your accomplishments? Hmm? DO YOU?

He closes his eyes and walks to the other side of the gallery. There, he spits on the ground, and inhales hard.

Met'heus: So, I have decided; if history will not be kind to me, neither will I be to history. <sighs> I simply do what must be done to truly care for my people. I am willing and ready to pay the necessary price to free them from their curse. To free them as they truly deserve. <turns towards Four> Are you? <pause> You were wrong about your people dying in the dark. You wouldn't do so if it meant others may yet live in the light. You yourself will die in the light so that we can live in the dark.

O5-4 backs off, shaking his head. He points at the red circle around Met'heus' right hand, signifying the Death Oath.

O5-4: But you… you swore, you…!

Met'heus shakes his arm, breaking apart the runes.

Met'heus: Did you really think your parlor tricks would work against a magical force of nature like myself?

O5-4: You're psychopathic. Why… Why even tell me this? Do you need someone to… to throw your unhinged ambition at, before you turn and smile to those people down there and tell them you did the good thing?

SCP-7600-K simply smirks.

SCP-7600-K: No. I just needed to get your attention away from my hands for a second.

He extends his hand upward and red lightning starts to crackle along his fingers. The irregular points he previously walked towards explode with magical energy that surges towards his palm, extending into a translucent bubble that surrounds their entire figure. It eventually forms into an opaque cocoon around SCP-7600-K that immediately starts to crack from the impact of the lightning. O5-4 looks at it, terrified, and attempts to run away.

As the Overseer tries to once more activate the balcony's entrance, a blast of energy sends him flying into the air causing his back to crack against the bricks of the balcony. He doesn't retain any physical damage due to his protective bubble, but his sight once more turns to the transformation site which is now cracking at an exponentially increasing rate. He blinks once and the cocoon suddenly bursts with a blinding red light that fades moments later. When Four can see again, SCP-7600-K is gone, instead replaced by a 50-meter tall figure that looks identical to him.

The giant smiles, cackling loudly, and draws forward his sword. O5-4 tries to turn away, but it far too late; SCP-7600-K swings his weapon down, now crackling with pure magic energy, upon the Overseer. He ducks and closes his eyes, readying for the impact.

Seconds pass and Four realizes he is still alive, opening his eyes again as he frantically scans the surroundings. His protective bubble is surrounded by huge plumes of dust and smoke, the likes of which cloud the air as loud cracks of stone meeting flesh can be heard elsewhere. These sounds are accompanied by feminine grunts alongside the screams of the now-gigantic SCP-7600-K. O5-4 stands as the terribly loud sound of the tower being demolished fills his ears. He coughs, the dust impacting his breathing, as he tries to clear his vision.

As Four finally emerges from the immense cloud of dust and smoke, stepping towards the edge of the balcony, another shout can be heard, this time signifying SCP-7600-K's anger. The colossal figure enters his field of vision suddenly, his waist clutched by a 100-meter tall stone statue as it continues to bash -K's head with a large, glowing lantern.

Identified to be one of the figures that previously decorated the banks of the lake, the entity furiously picks SCP-7600-K up as -K bites at its hand, destroying only some of the stone as the taller statue shouts in frustration in a feminine tone. Despite SCP-7600-K's efforts, the statue manages to throw the Yeren king against the beacon tower with a resounding crash that shakes the entire structure. Amidst the ruins of the palace, SCP-7600 citizens start to pour from the collapsing structure in an attempt to attack the king who deflects their assault with ease. The colossus turns directly towards O5-4 while panting.

UNKNOWN: I could really use a hand here, you ass!

The statue's face opens up, revealing a levitating O5-8 within its hollow insides. Her eyes are burning with a bright purple light that fills the entirety of the head and, from her appendages, violet, rope-like structures formed from her reality-bending powers connect her body to the arms and legs of the colossus. The protesting Yeren start to cheer. She looks at Four, nodding him to come closer. He simply blinks, unable to move.

O5-8: <groans> Eugh, you're hopeless.

O5-8 closes her eyes and focuses deeply, causing O5-4 to levitate towards her. He eventually joins the Overseer within the head which she seals it once more, readying her battle stance. In the distance, SCP-7600-K starts to move again, opening his eyes. He is furious, and starts to move his hands in a fluent matter, clearly trying to weave some sort of spell as reality crackles and bends around him. Eight notices and smiles widely.

O5-8: Now, let's give that motherfucker hell.

Before SCP-7600-K can completely weave his spell, O5-8 punches his jaw uppercut, sending him flying into the air. Rather than crashing back down, though, the king instead manages to form a pane of ice-like material between his legs which flows down towards his adversary, creating a frozen bridge.

Eight attempts to crush it with her left hand while attempting to maneuver into a proper striking position with her right hand. As she attempts to strike him, however, he draws a sword that destroys the hand, turning the air around it into steam. Eight shouts, turning suddenly and strikes the now-laughing Met'heus in the back of the head who stumbles and tries to lash out with his blade as he falls, the sword splitting in half upon making contact with the head of the construct. Both the broken blade and gigantic SCP-7600-K crash to the ground, forming a crater below them.

O5-4: But… how? How did you know—

His sister does not respond, instead rushing towards SCP-7600-K before leaping, aiming her elbow towards his face as she attempts to accelerate her fall via the use of her ontokinesis. Meanwhile, Met'heus attempts to position its legs to impede this strike, his feet starting to pulse green, though only one manages to make contact as the onslaught of SCP-1000 individuals forces the other to fall.

Nonetheless, as the giant statue makes contact with SCP-7600-K's foot he kicks, forcing the giant back into the ceiling where it begins to freefall as Met'heus jumps in an effort to meet her halfway. He clenches his fist and aims for her face while Eight's remaining arm attempts to repel the strike, though it only impartially impedes it, the strike still sending her flying back towards the ceiling once more. As she does, though, she grabs the king's own wrist and pulls him into her, forcing both to crash into the rock above, both parties sustaining damage as they enter a freefall towards the palace's beacon spire.


Recorded SCP-7600 protective runes, as seen during their chain mass activation within the upper parts of the Inner Sanctum during the destruction of its palace.

Before Eight's body crashes into the spire, she looks at Four and taps her head with her free left arm.

O5-8: I was in the area. And it's hard not to know what your brother is up to when you're a telepath. <smiles> I still do care about you, dipshit. In case you haven't noticed yet. <pause> The rest of O5 is notified of the situation. If we just hold off for a few moments more, Alpha-1 and—

Before O5-4 can express anger, the impact does not come; instead, the two can feel their bodies levitate upwards, carried by the white beacon. Both Met'heus and O5-8 grunt in pain as the beacon begins to suck the magic from their bodies; in doing so, the beacon seems to grow stronger, further increasing the magic-draining process and the speed at which they are elevating. Color begins to fade from Eight's eyes.

O5-4: No, no, no no no no no!

Four slaps Eight a couple of times, but to no reaction.

O5-4: NO!

He continues attempting to wake her as her body begins to visibly wither, growing grayer and grayer. SCP-7600-K, however, is still conscious despite the beacon continuing to shrink his body. Although he appears nearly incapable of locomotion due to the exhaustion resulting from the transformative ritual, he manages to kick himself free from the now-inanimate colossus, freeing himself and the Overseers both from the beacon as it continues to climb up. Both crash down into the palace below, shattering the face of the goliath statue; SCP-7600-K manages to stand and starts to slowly march towards the limb statue, grabbing his bleeding right arm. His face is twisted into a grimace.

UNKNOWN: <highly glitched, coming from O5-4's personal camera:> Hello? Hello?!

Four looks at the source, tapping it thrice.

O5-4: Command? Can you hear me?!

Site-01 Command: Barely. We— <inaudible> can make out most of— <inaudible> situation. You're 100 kilometers below— <inaudible> so we can finally make <inaudible> out, we—

Four looks frantically between the camera, the approaching SCP-7600-K, and the unconscious O5-8.

O5-4: R-Redirect me to O5-7.

Site-01 Command: But—

O5-4: Now!

Met'heus' limping grows quicker.


The radio crackles even worse than before, but eventually comes to life.

O5-7: —our? What is this about?

Four lowers himself, nearly touching the microphone with his lips.

O5-4: Backup. Now. Any eigenweapons you FUCKING have, fire them at us!

O5-7: I… I'm afraid the only thing we've got is HECOR, and—

O5-4: Then fucking fire it! Override Code Arael Three-Oh-Period-One-Oh-Seven-Seven-Seven!

O5-7: <groans> You know I can't compromise the life of two Overseers without—


O5-7 swallows.

O5-7: Understood.

For nearly a minute, no response follows. SCP-7600-K is nearly upon the open face of the goliath, but suddenly stops, looking upwards through squinting eyes. Then, the feed stops abruptly for twenty seconds.

When the feed reestablishes, the grotto in which they were resting is ten times larger and the sky above is blindingly yellow. O5-8 is standing once more, actively attempting to bend the beacon of HECOR's energy towards SCP-7600-K who is similarly attempting to gain control over it. Despite their relative influence over it, its energy continues to excavate more and more of the surrounding area. Both parties pant heavily and are visibly exhausted, clinging to consciousness, but they remain in a deadlock regardless, eyeing each other with pure desperation. Between them, the ritual beacon continues to tear its way up towards the surface as it begins to pulsate frequently.

Suddenly, the thaumaturgic light meets with HECOR's energy, and everything goes infinitely bright.

Two seconds later, both Eight and Met'heus are thrown against opposite walls as the eigenweapon's beam goes haywire and starts to bend, frantically moving around the cavern and damaging everything around it. It almost touches O5-8, but Four tackles her, grabbing the Overseer as he ducks out of the way. The beacon then rebounds off the wall and hits the ceiling above SCP-7600-K, forcing rubble to nearly bury him. He appears unable to move.


Footage of the aboveground area surrounding HECOR's target; the thaumaturgic backlash of the two rays meeting combined with SCP-7600's properties and a thaumic field of its own resulted in mass magma expulsion up from within the city.

HECOR's fire meets the thaumaturgic energy once again; this time, the rebound makes the eigenweapon go sideways, cutting a diagonal line up the surface. Then, it suddenly stops, finishing its attack. The beacon however still persists, and escapes into the aboveground, piercing the sky and the grotto in which the three are trapped.

Everything slowly quiets down. O5-4 is laying unconscious, and O5-8 stands above him, barely sustaining consciousness. In the distance, Met'heus lays half-buried underneath stones. Only his right arm and bleeding head are still visible. He reaches outwards.

SCP-7600-K: This… This isn't over! I… I…!

Suddenly, the ceiling starts to rumble. O5-8 notices it and covers herself and O5-4 with a protective bubble. SCP-7600-K is too late.

As a series of rocks fall down upon him, one of them seeming to split his skull. He goes limp and the rest of the rockslide carries the body into the hole within which the Sundown Ritual beacon is still shining.

The very moment the corpse touches the beam, it starts to burn with blinding intensity, forcing the carcass to become gray within an instant. Its yellow turns into pure, iridescent blue, and the pillar fully shoots into the sky, terminating upon reaching the cosmos. In that very point in space, an illusion similar to the facsimile of the universe located within SCP-7600-K's Inner Sanctum appears. The beacon branches out into every star, every planet, and every galaxy visible within it, forming a structure reminiscent of a tree. Through it, energy pulsates, and it reaches each celestial body at rapid pace, making them glow with pure power.

Then, they all explode.

One by one, each of the fake stars burst amongst the clanging of falling metal and pounding of hammers. They all shatter into a billion small, glass-like pieces that float down like snow, slowly sinking to the ground as the ritual beacon fades. For a single moment, the entire world is silent. Then, a cacophony of hundreds upon thousands of Yeren voices, seemingly coming from everywhere and nowhere, cheer from above and below. But soon, they too fall silent.

As the scene concludes, O5-8 looks around herself, smirking through near-death. She gazes at Four, smiling sadly, and sits down next to him, touching him on his head.

O5-8: For what it's worth, I'm so, so sorry, John.

Eight passes out, and the feed terminates.


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