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by PlaguePJP

Item#: 7592
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7592 is effectively self-containing, as it only manifests at SCP Foundation-owned Sites, provisional Sites, and external areas of operation. SCP-7592 instances that contain classified information should be reported and removed.

Description: SCP-7592 is the collective designation for a series of "Did You Know?" style metal signs manifesting in all SCP Foundation Sites. SCP-7592 instances are denoted by their use of multi-colored text, large images, and distinct grammar and spelling issues. While resembling the style of some Foundation notices, a majority of the information presented had no correlation to Foundation workplace safety or procedure. SCP-7592 instances vary widely in subject matter, ranging from nonsequiturs to extremely limited knowledge of the SCP Foundation's operations.

After a period of 24 hours, SCP-7592 instances will alter in appearance, often with a unique font, text colors, related image, and a new "fact." SCP-7592 instances began manifesting in the lobbies of all Foundation Sites on December 20th, 2022. with all Sites receiving the same signage. Below is a comprehensive compilation of all SCP-7592 instances that have manifested to date.









It is unknown what entity or entities are responsible for the SCP-7592 phenomenon. Pending Ethics Committee approval, a major addition would be made to the containment procedures of this anomaly. This update would require all personnel who come into contact with an SCP-7592 instance to ensure they read and fully comprehend the text of the respective instance. This would theoretically guarantee permanent containment.

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