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Researcher Morgan, we have reason to suspect that this draft may have been accessed by an unknown third party. If you notice any changes to the document that you do not recall making, please contact us immediately. Also, try to limit the amount of intensity in your logs. I get that sometimes it’s unavoidable, but this feels a bit overboard.

— Jackson Cartwright, Security Consultant, RAISA

Item#: 7580
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Image of SCP-7580 taken during Initial Discovery

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7580 is to be held within a standard spiritual containment cell within Site-7’s Astral Containment Unit following Senior Researcher Regan Morgan’s request1. Personnel with Level 4 clearance may interact with SCP-7580 after submitting a formal request to the director of Site-7.

Description: SCP-7580 is the designation for a Cold Steel brand pocket knife recovered from the gymnasium of Shelbyville High School in Texas. When closed, the item exhibits no abnormal traits. When opened however, SCP-7580 reveals the spiritual manifestation of former Foundation thaumaturge Lily Spurlock, hereafter referred to as SCP-7580-1. SCP-7580-1 is identical to Agent Spurlock apart from appearing grey, translucent, and incorporeal. Testing has revealed that SCP-7580-1 will remain within 1m of SCP-7580 during manifestation events. Although SCP-7580-1 appears conscious of its surroundings, it has been unresponsive to any attempts at communication, though it can be heard repeatedly vocalizing the phrase "no more."

Addendum 7580-A-1: Discovery

The Foundation discovered SCP-7580 following a report made by Spurlock’s significant other and Foundation employee, Emily Conners. Conners claimed that Agent Spurlock had not been in contact for the past five days, and had grown concerned that she was in danger. Foundation investigators discovered that Agent Spurlock had neglected to update her supervisors during her own investigation of a small GoI known as “Utility Union”. Spurlock was apparently known to take long breaks between updates, so it wasn’t considered an issue.

The Foundation launched an investigation with Conners acting as an advisor. Following a 2-day search, SCP-7580 was discovered alongside several VHS tapes documenting Spurlock’s torture2. A thorough examination of the scene concluded Lily Spurlock was dead, although no body was recovered. The seven members of the Utility Union have not been found.

Addendum 7580-A-2: Post-Incident Interview

Interview Transcript 7580-A

Interviewer: Doctor Frank Howard
Interviewee: Emily Conners


Howard: You sure you’re up for this? We can wait a few days.

Conners: What’s gonna change in a few days, Frank?

Howard: Fair enough. Why don’t we start from the moment you realized something was wrong and we go from there?

Conners: Yeah, okay. I felt… no. God, how do I explain this…

Howard: Just start from the beginning.

Conners: Okay. Lily and I both came from similar places, ya know. Our parents were Foundation thaumaturges and, despite their best efforts, we became mages just like them. There was a time that the Foundation would've just fried the knowledge from our brains, but resources have been so scarce the past decade. One thing led to another and bam, we were employed instead. Lily and I were in the same training camp and- (chuckles) that’s how we met. Actually funny story, one time-

Howard: Try to stay on topic, please.

Conners: Yeah, sure… Lily and I hit it off immediately and formed a secret spell when we were still kids. I don’t know what our thought process was, but we basically linked our souls so that both of us could feel one another’s emotions. If it were anyone else, that would have been idiotic, but after I met Lily… something changed.

Howard: Changed how?

Conners: I don’t remember a time before her. I don’t remember who I talked to about my feelings or told shitty jokes to late at night. After a while, it felt less like we were a couple and more like we were one person. We shared thoughts, feelings, emotions, everything was broadcast between us. I’m not saying we didn’t have our rough patches. I mean our anger had a way of feeding each other. But the good far outweighed the bad…

Howard: Emily? The moment you knew something was wrong?

Conners: Yeah, sorry. Sometimes she’d stub her toe or cut her finger and I’d feel it. That’s kinda what it felt like at first but much worse. I woke up one night feeling as if my heart was being ripped from my chest. It was intense, but not too out of the ordinary.

Howard: The feeling of getting your heart ripped out wasn’t out of the ordinary?

Conners: I felt the exact same thing when she watched Return of the King. Even still, I decided to text her, just to make sure, ya know. Emily didn’t respond, but this also wasn’t out of the ordinary—she’d hyper-fixate on a case sometimes. I wasn’t worried at that point.

Howard: But this feeling persisted, and you didn’t think to tell us then?

Conners: Are you kidding? Thaumaturgy isn't exactly the most welcomed branch in the Foundation. I figured if anyone found out about our little unsanctioned magical pact, that we'd get blacklisted immediately. I only came here because I didn’t know what else to do. Maybe I should have come earlier. I don’t know.

Howard: Okay, let's talk about the investigation…

Conners: Yeah, okay… They thought that I’d be helpful, since I had a direct link to her emotions.

Howard: And were you?

Conners: Yeah… The pain would get stronger the closer we got to Lily. That being said, they probably would have found Utility without my help. They weren’t a big or smart group. Left plenty of tracks and clues as to where they were holed up.

Howard: But, even with your help, it took us two days to find them?

Conners: Yes, the night we arrived in Shelbyville I felt something change. I couldn’t feel Lily anymore, but I could hear her. It was like she was talking over herself in my head, whispering and yelling over and over, “No more, no more, no more.” At that exact same time it was like Utility vanished, no one had seen them and none of the members had made any purchases. This basically made tracking them impossible.

Howard: So they skipped town when you arrived.

Conners: That was our guess.

Howard: How did you find them?

Conners: Followed the voice in my head to the school, where we found out a couple of the members had been hanging out at a condemned gymnasium.

Conners: That’s where we found Lily. When I…

Conners takes a moment to let out a breath

Conners: When I opened the door I saw her standing there, transparent and grey. I ran to her but she turned away from me. She kept whispering those same fucking words, “No more, no more, no more.” That had to be what she said to them right? She was begging them as they carved into her.

[Sparks manifest from Conners’ hands, causing Howard to recoil.]

Conners: Sorry!

Howard: It’s fine, just try to keep a hold on that.

Conner: It’s not that simple, it’s tied to our emotions. It’s like trying not to cry.

Howard: Let’s discuss her death. You watched the tapes, correct-

Conners: Death? What do you mean?

Howard: Emily… You saw the ghost. Lily is gone.

Conners: Is that what they’re fucking saying? That she’s dead? I can still hear her, Howard. She’s still in my head, yelling and whispering that phrase over and over and over. That spell was for life and it’s still working!

Howard: Emily, there’s no way of knowing how that spell actually works. You two cooked it up as kids, you said so yourself.

Conners: Are they calling off the search?

Howard: What is there to look for, Emily?

[Ten seconds of extraneous footage expunged]

Conners: You piece of shit! You motherfucker! You tell me who is heading this!

Howard: I think we’re done here.

Conners: She’s not dead! She’s not fucking dead!


Following the interview, Emily Conners was granted two weeks' paid bereavement leave.

Addendum 7580-B-2: VHS Tapes and Footage Recovered from Discovery Site

Addendum 7580-FU: LIAR

(Automated Notice: The following edits have been made by FHoward_12. If you believe these changes to be unauthorized, please report the issue to RAISA immediately.)

Hello, whoever you are. I’ll have to assume you’re the one in charge and not just some assistant told to edit the document before it’s published. I'll be talking to you as if you're the one, anyway. So if you think this is for someone else, go ahead and forward it to them now.

I don’t know you or how to find you, but you should know who I am. I don’t expect to hide my actions from you, but I do expect you to listen. Two weeks ago, you told me that the love of my life died brutally to a cult of backwater nobodies. I was told that the only thing remaining was a ghost attached to a knife. I was told to take a few days off to mourn my loss. I was told lies.

There were a few clues, none by any fault of your own. No, you were very thorough. Even still, there were a few things out of your control. Despite her apparent death, I could still hear her voice in my head. Those words. No more, no more, no more. This shouldn’t have been possible.

You provided plenty of solutions that could be true. It was a spell I did as a kid, couldn’t be sure it worked perfectly. After the interview, I was told that the link might not have accounted for a ghost. My favorite was that the voice might have been a psychological issue, all in my head. Howard even referred me to a therapist.

It was a good plan, but I think Howard was what made it fall apart. It’s amazing the Foundation employed such a bad liar. I knew he was keeping things from me, but it was just a hunch until I snatched his folder during the interview. I got a look at this draft, just a peek, but it was enough to see the object class.


That ghost isn’t able to travel five feet from the knife. Why is it listed as keter? This only confirmed what I suspected. Someone (that's you) was lying to me. I doubt Howard even noticed I took his clearance badge. Seriously, you need to hire better.

That badge has gotten me pretty far. It's how I'm able to edit this document and talk to you right now. But at first, I didn't edit the document. I just read it only to find the beautiful tale you used to cover up the truth. A story of a poor agent who met a terrible fate. It was completely believable, but there was one thing that stood out to me. It said no body was recovered from the gym. That’s not what Howard told me. You "expunged the extraneous footage" but I heard what he said, “What is there to look for, Emily? We found the body.”

Again. Bad liar.

It took some digging, but I did eventually find what you neglected to put in the document. I had to go back to Shelbyville and flash the badge to get it but now it’s in my hands. The 7th bit of recovered footage. I’ll link it here since you obviously forgot.

I should have stopped there. I got my answers and I should have stopped there. But I didn’t and you won't either. I don’t think you’ve ever seen it in person before. Don’t worry. I recorded it there just to show you.

The footage ends there, but I tried for hours to help. I knew she’d never leave, but I loved her too much to leave. Not that you'd understand that. But she doesn't love me. She barely even remembers me. They took all of that from her, there's nothing left. Just rage.

So that’s how you plan to leave her? Half of Lily is tortured and lacks the driving force to push past her trauma, while the other half is too full of hatred to ever want to move on.

I can’t even begin to describe the hatred I feel for you. But in all honesty I’m more confused. Why are you doing this? Why do you keep Lily in that state? Why are you trying to cover it up? Surely this isn’t the easiest solution, leaving a reality bender free to kill these people forever. I just can’t understand why you’re letting this happen. It almost feels malicious.

I’m not ignorant to what I’ve done and the consequences I’ll see. I’ve broken enough site regulations to put me in an orange jumpsuit, if I’m lucky. What I’m saying is, I know you’ll come for me. You have no reason not to. But before you kill me, or erase my mind, or whatever, please do one thing for me. If there’s any scrap of kindness or decency inside you, please grant my last wish. Tell me why.

Why won’t you put Lily back together?

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