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Item#: 7577
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


A photograph of SCP-7577 during its tenure at Area-13.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7577 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell within the Orpheus section of Area-13. As a precaution, at least one Scranton Reality Anchor is to be placed at least thirty meters from SCP-7577.

In accordance with Project Orpheus1 guidelines, SCP-7577 is to be visited on a daily basis by its head researcher (currently Doctor Kassandra Angelos). This is to ensure interviews are regularly conducted with the subject to stimulate as much brain function as possible during its containment.

In line with this, several cranial lead wires are to permanently be attached to SCP-7577’s brain to study its brain activity, with special attention being paid to the effects that its condition has on its mental state.

Due to immense rarity of SCP-7577's condition2 and its equivalently immense value to Project Orpheus, no attempt is to be made to remedy its current state. Likewise, due to the fact that the longevity of all records of SCP-7577’s existence outside of the Foundation database is limited, all research notes pertinent to the object are to be displayed within SCiPNet.

Description: SCP-7577 is a forty-three year old human male formerly known as Alex J. Gomez, who worked as a maintenance staff at Area-13. Based on traditional classifications of reality bending entities, SCP-7577 is considered as a class five reality bender– however, due to its prevailing metaphysical condition, SCP-7577 is not able to voluntarily use its abilities.

Instead, SCP-7577’s reality bending properties are focused upon itself in a rare condition known as autometaphysical erasure (AME), causing its body to involuntarily exhibit sudden violent changes to its hume levels3. This leads to a state where reality actively abhors the existence of SCP-7577, causing it to slowly begin to phase out of being.

In order, the following stages take place following a subject first being affected by AME:
Stage 1: The incremental loss of the subject's memories
Stage 2: Disassociation of the subject's identity from itself
Stage 3: The loss of all human memory of the subject
Stage 4: The erasure of all physical (and written) evidence of the subject4
Stage 5: The sudden disappearance of the subject from reality.

Though all physical evidence of the subject will normally be purged from existence following Stage 5 of AME, the Foundation database will still continue to reliably display the information of those affected by the condition, including SCP-7577. This information will then be kept independent of written records outside of the database or the human memory of SCP-7577’s researchers.

At the time of writing, SCP-7577’s condition is terminal. Due to its academic utility to Project Orpheus and the Foundation as a whole, no efforts are currently being made to research a cure for its condition.

Contribution made November 10, 2014.

Addendum 7577.1: The following logs detail transcriptions of selected interviews with SCP-7577 deemed to be most pertinent to its utility to Project Orpheus, along with accompanying researcher notes5.

Contribution made November 10, 2014.

Interview 1
(dated November 11, 2014)

Interviewed: SCP-7577

Interviewer: Dr. Kassandra Angelos, Head Researcher

<Begin Log>

[Dr. Angelos enters SCP-7577’s containment cell. She is holding a tablet, which is seen displaying several documents. SCP-7577 sits up in a bed opposite her, with several cranial leads attached to its head. Bandages cover the previously exposed hole in its skull. As Angelos enters, SCP-7577 smiles.]

SCP-7577: Hey, doc.

[Dr. Angelos quietly takes a folding chair leaning on the wall of the room and sets it down. She sits on it soon after, crossing her legs and placing her tablet on her lap. She smiles at SCP-7577.]

Dr. Angelos: Hello, Alex. How are you doing?

[SCP-7577 chuckles to itself, before moving its hand up to touch the back of its head.]

SCP-7577: I’m fine. Didn’t feel a thing during the operation, don’t feel a thing now. You guys always know how to treat us right.

[Dr. Angelos smiles.]

Dr. Angelos: Of course.

[Dr. Angelos continues to sort through documents on her tablet. Eventually, she flips to the topmost sheet and looks up.]

Dr. Angelos: Alright, shall we start?

SCP-7577: Yeah, doc. Sure.

[Dr. Angelos begins to read from her tablet, looking up at SCP-7577.]

Dr. Angelos: What’s your name?

SCP-7577: Alex Jones Gomez.

[Dr. Angelos retrieves a stylus from her pocket and draws a small check on the document displayed on the tablet.]

Dr. Angelos: Your age?

SCP-7577: I’m forty-three.

Dr. Angelos: Occupation?

SCP-7577: Maintenance staff at Area-13.

[Dr. Angelos visibly pauses, before making another check on the sheet of paper.]

Dr. Angelos: Place of birth?

SCP-7577: Daly City, San Mateo County, California.

[Dr. Angelos nods to herself, before setting the tablet aside.]

Dr. Angelos: Alright, that should be it.

[Dr. Angelos smiles warmly at SCP-7577.]

Dr. Angelos: How’s the meds we’re giving you, Alex? Do you feel anything, anything at all?

SCP-7577: Nah, nothing really. The wires make it hard to sleep sometimes, but it’s alright. Is it alright if you tell me what they do?

Dr. Angelos: They’re how we provide medicine to your brain. They’re harmless, really.

SCP-7577: Ah… great, thank you. You guys got any leads on what I have yet?

[Dr. Angelos' smile hardens.]

Dr. Angelos: No, we uh… we don’t.

[SCP-7577 is silent for one second, before chuckling again.]

SCP-7577: Yeah, figures. I know you’ll see me through, though. You always do.

[A silence intervenes for several seconds as Dr. Angelos types on her tablet.]

SCP-7577: It’s uh… what I have won’t kill me, will it?

[SCP-7577 visibly swallows.]

[Dr. Angelos stares at SCP-7577 for several seconds.]

Dr. Angelos: No, no… No you won’t. We promise.

[Dr. Angelos returns to making notes on her tablet. SCP-7577 awkwardly looks around.]

SCP-7577: It’s just that… my family, you know. I already filed the next two weeks for my vacation leave, wanted to uh… head back to the States.

[Dr. Angelos continues to make notes, not looking up from her tablet.]

SCP-7577: Not that Greece isn’t bad, it’s just not… home.

[SCP-7577 looks out the window of its room. Like all windows in Area-13, the glass has been blurred, only letting light in.]

SCP-7577: I miss home. Haven’t been there for a few years.

[SCP-7577 looks at Dr. Angelos. Dr. Angelos is still typing on her tablet.]

SCP-7577: Thank you.

[Dr. Angelos stops typing. She looks up from her tablet.]

Dr. Angelos: What?

SCP-7577: For helping me out. Most places I’ve worked at would never have tried to help out a little guy like me.

[SCP-7577 chuckles again. Dr. Angelos looks at him with pity.]

Dr. Angelos: Of course. We look out for our own.

<End Log>

Researcher Notes: AME does not seem to be currently affecting SCP-7577’s memory or mental faculties. Object is responding well to containment, and, thankfully, continues to remain unaware of its status as an anomaly.

Contribution made November 12, 2014.

Interview 4
(dated November 15, 2014)

Interviewed: SCP-7577

Interviewer: Dr. Kassandra Angelos, Head Researcher

<Begin Log>

[Extraneous transcript removed]

Dr. Angelos: Age?

SCP-7577: Forty-three.

Dr. Angelos: Occupation?

SCP-7577: Maintenance, Area-13.

Dr. Angelos: Place of birth?

SCP-7577: Daly City…

[SCP-7577 pauses. Dr. Angelos looks up.]

SCP-7577: Daly City, San Mateo County, California.

[Dr. Angelos nods.]

Dr. Angelos: Alright, everything seems to be in order.

SCP-7577: That’s a relief. I can’t really say how worried I was that-

Dr. Angelos: That…?

SCP-7577: That… you know, I’d caught something bad.

Dr. Angelos: Why do you think so?

SCP-7577: I don’t know… bad feeling? Can’t really describe it.

Dr. Angelos: Did you notice anything out of the ordinary?

SCP-7577: I mean… it’s just…

Dr. Angelos: Please be honest.

[SCP-7577 is silent. Its lips are pursed.]

[After a few seconds, he shakes its head and smiles.]

SCP-7577: Nah, nevermind, doc. I’m alright.

[Dr. Angelos looks at SCP-7577 questioningly, before looking back down as she starts typing on her tablet once again.]

Dr. Angelos: Were you able to write those letters I told you about, to your family?

SCP-7577: Yeah, I got them here.

[SCP-7577 retrieves three folded pieces of paper from the table next to its bed.]

SCP-7577: One for my wife,

[SCP-7577 gives the letter to Dr. Angelos.]

SCP-7577: One for my daughter,

[SCP-7577 gives the next letter to Dr. Angelos.]

SCP-7577: One for my dad.

[SCP-7577 gives the last letter to Dr. Angelos.]

[Dr. Angelos receives the letters.]

Dr. Angelos: Did you make sure there’s nothing suspect inside these letters?

[SCP-7577 chuckles.]

SCP-7577: Trust me, I’ve sent my fair share back from when I was still in Site-79.

[Dr. Angelos looks at the letters in her hand before looking up at SCP-7577]

Dr. Angelos: Is it alright if I check?

[SCP-7577 looks at Dr. Angelos. After two seconds of looking at her, he nods.]

SCP-7577: Yeah, sure.

[Dr. Angelos slowly opens one of the letters in her hand. She starts to slowly read it.]

Dr. Angelos: This is to your daughter?

SCP-7577: Yeah.

[SCP-7577 smiles. There is a hint of sadness in its expression.]

SCP-7577: She’s seventeen. Turning eighteen.

Dr. Angelos: Oh? When?

[SCP-7577 chuckles quietly to itself.]

SCP-7577: Tomorrow.

<End Log>

Researcher Notes: Subject’s hume levels are growing more and more erratic. Further analysis is needed to reach a definitive conclusion regarding its link to SCP-7577’s current condition.

To note for future reference: The letters, as they were purely products of a stimulatory activity, were properly disposed of by ordinance of Area-13.

Sorry, Alex.

Contribution made November 16, 2014.

Interview 7
(dated November 18, 2014)

Interviewed: SCP-7577

Interviewer: Dr. Kassandra Angelos, Head Researcher

<Begin Log>

[Extraneous transcript removed]

Dr. Angelos: Alright, Alex. We’re gonna try to test your responses to more questions now. Are you ready?

SCP-7577: Always ready, doc.

Dr. Angelos: Name?

SCP-7577: Alex Gomez.

Dr. Angelos: Age?

SCP-7577: Forty-three.

Dr. Angelos: Occupation?

SCP-7577: Maintenance at Area-13.

[Dr. Angelos notes down SCP-7577’s responses. She pauses, then looks up.]

Dr. Angelos: How long have you worked with us, Alex? Just give me a number. I can't access our records right now.

SCP-7577: Twenty.

[Dr. Angelos stops to note down SCP-7577’s response. She looks up again.]

Dr. Angelos: Family?

SCP-7577: Melina, my wife. She’s forty-two. My mother, Dolores. She’s sixty-seven. My daughter, Janna. She’s seventeen.

[Dr. Angelos pauses. She stops to glance at the tablet on her lap, before looking up.]

Dr. Angelos: How’re you doing, Alex? You’ve seemed quiet for the past few days.

SCP-7577: I’m alright, you don’t need to worry about me.

[Dr. Angelos stares at SCP-7577’s face.]

Dr. Angelos: Alex?

SCP-7577: Yes?

Dr. Angelos: Is it alright if I ask you a question?

[SCP-7577 smiles at Dr. Angelos.]

SCP-7577: Yeah, sure. I’m an open book.

Dr. Angelos: To date, you’ve never applied for promotion, and you’ve always complied whenever you were transferred. Why did you ever stay with the Foundation for so long?

[SCP-7577 stares at Dr. Angelos for several seconds. It continues to make a slight smile.]

SCP-7577: I mean…

SCP-7577: Why wouldn’t I, right? You treat me well. You give me a hospital room where most employers would just shove me aside. You clearly care for your people.

SCP-7577: Sure, I have low clearance. I don’t really know anything except for the things I have to clean up in the halls and in the offices.

[SCP-7577 shrugs.]

SCP-7577: But you care for your people. I know that in my heart.

SCP-7577: After all, you wouldn’t be trying to save the world from the skips if you didn’t, right?

[Dr. Angelos looks at SCP-7577 for several seconds. Her eyes are focused on the object’s face.]

[Quietly, Dr. Angelos sighs. She smiles painfully.]

Dr. Angelos: Of course we do. The Foundation cares for our own.

<End Log>

Researcher Notes: The subject’s mother is dead. His daughter is eighteen.

His AME is advancing.

Contribution made November 18, 2014.

Interview 10
(dated November 21, 2014)

Interviewed: SCP-7577

Interviewer: Dr. Kassandra Angelos, Head Researcher

<Begin Log>

[Extraneous transcript removed]

Dr. Angelos: Name?

SCP-7577: Alex.

Dr. Angelos: Age?

SCP-7577: Forty.

Dr. Angelos: Occupation?

SCP-7577: Maintenance staff at Area-13.

Dr. Angelos: Family?

[SCP-7577 stares at Dr. Angelos.]

Dr. Angelos: Family, Alex?

[SCP-7577 stares blankly at Dr. Angelos.]

Dr. Angelos: Alex?

[SCP-7577 continues to stare blankly at Dr. Angelos.]

[Dr. Angelos looks at her tablet, then glances at her right towards the nearby double-sided mirror.]

Dr. Angelos: We-

[SCP-7577 starts to tear up quietly. Dr. Angelos looks back in its direction.]

SCP-7577: I don’t remember them anymore. I can’t. I can’t.

Dr. Angelos: Alex-

SCP-7577: I’m not getting out of this, am I?

Dr. Angelos: Mr. Gomez-

SCP-7577: Please be honest with me, doc.

[Dr. Angelos shakes her head in a slightly frustrated manner.]

Dr. Angelos: Alex, I can assure you that-

SCP-7577: I won’t be seeing them again.

[SCP-7577 smiles. Tears are running down its cheeks.]

SCP-7577: That’s what you’re trying to hide, right?

[Both subjects glance at each other in silence.]

Dr. Angelos: We’re working very hard to make sure that you’ll be fine by the end, Alex.

[SCP-7577 nods slightly, continuing to quietly sob.]

SCP-7577: Is it… uh…

[It looks down, shaking its head as it does so.]

SCP-7577: Is it terminal, what I have? Does it make me a skip? Is that why you’re confining me?

[Dr. Angelos looks at SCP-7577, unaware of what to do.]

Dr. Angelos: Mr. Gomez-

[SCP-7577 turns its head to the double-sided mirror. It winces painfully as the wires pull on its head.]

SCP-7577: Mr. Sabini,6 if you can see this…

[Dr. Angelos scoffs incredulously.]

Dr. Angelos: Alex, there really is no need for this. You’re completely fi-

[SCP-7577 turns to Dr. Angelos.]

[It smiles, though tears continue to run down its cheeks.]

SCP-7577: It’s okay, doc. I’m fine with it- if it’s… really real.

[SCP-7577 nods slowly.]

SCP-7577: I was bound to run outta luck anyway, right?

Dr. Angelos: Alex, if you would calm down-

SCP-7577: It’s okay, doc. I know the rules. Skips don’t deserve the air they breathe, let alone… all this.

[SCP-7577 gestures to the room.]

SCP-7577: At least I’ll be of some more use to you like this, right?

[Dr. Angelos looks at SCP-7577.]

SCP-7577: Don’t worry about me, doc. I’m ready. Just uh… send the letters I wrote, alright?

<End Log>

Researcher Notes: Nothing to note. His memories are disappearing.

I can feel myself forgetting him, too.

Contribution made November 21, 2014.

Interview 17
(dated November 28, 2014)

Interviewed: SCP-7577

Interviewer: Dr. Kassandra Angelos, Head Researcher

<Begin Log>

[There is a blank look in SCP-7577’s eyes as it looks at Dr. Angelos.]

Dr. Angelos: Name?

[SCP-7577 is silent.]

Dr. Angelos [impatient]: Name?

SCP-7577: A-

[SCP-7577 blinks a few times in quick succession.]

SCP-7577: Alex.

Dr. Angelos: Age?

SCP-7577: I…

[SCP-7577 blinks a few times again. It shakes its head.]

SCP-7577: Thirty.

[Dr. Angelos stares at SCP-7577, then sighs as she types something on her tablet.]

Dr. Angelos: Occupation?

SCP-7577: Maintenance staff at Area-13.

[Dr. Angelos types something into her tablet again.]

Dr. Angelos: Can you tell me about your family?

[SCP-7577 stares at her.]

SCP-7577: My uh… my mom is… twenty-two.

[Dr. Angelos begins to type into her tablet.]

SCP-7577: Her name is… uh…

[Dr. Angelos stops.]

SCP-7577: What’s her name again?

[Dr. Angelos looks up from her tablet.]

Dr. Angelos: You don’t need to force yourself if you don’t wish to continue, SCP-7577.

SCP-7577: Oh uh…

[SCP-7577 reclines as much as possible, given the restrictions of the cranial leads attached to his head. He grunts in pain as he does so.]

SCP-7577: Thank you, doc. You certainly look out-

Dr. Angelos [cold]: For our own, yes. Have a good night, SCP-7577.

SCP-7577: Thank you, doc.

[[SCP-7577 closes its eyes.]

SCP-7577: Thank you.

<End Log>

Researcher Notes: SCP-7577’s inability to recall important memories show the advanced state of its AME. All general human memory of the subject will be next.

Due to the condition’s nature, the researchers will now be required to use make use of SCiPNet’s functions to remind them of their daily interaction with SCP-7577.

Contribution made November 21, 2014.

Interview 25
(dated December 5, 2014)

Interviewed: SCP-7577

Interviewer: Dr. Kassandra Angelos, Head Researcher

<Begin Log>

[Dr. Angelos enters the room, carrying her tablet in one arm. She looks down at the screen as she moves toward SCP-7577.]

Dr. Angelos: Alright, SCP-7577-

[Dr. Angelos looks up at SCP-7577.]

[SCP-7577 is staring blankly forward.]

Dr. Angelos: I am Dr. Angelos, your head researcher. Would you be willing to answer a few questions?

[SCP-7577 continues to stare blankly forward.]

[Dr. Angelos clears her throat.]

Dr. Angelos: Name?

[SCP-7577 does not answer.]

[Dr. Angelos types on her tablet.]

Dr. Angelos: Age?

[SCP-7577 does not answer.]

[Dr. Angelos types on her tablet.]

[As she finishes, she looks up.]

Dr. Angelos: You’re not going to speak, are you?

[SCP-7577 stares blankly at the wall.]

[Dr. Angelos sighs.]

Dr. Angelos: Occupation?

SCP-7577: Maintenance staff at Area-13.

[Dr. Angelos looks visibly surprised.]

Dr. Angelos: Al… alright.

[Dr. Angelos types in the response on her tablet.]

Dr. Angelos: That should be it, SCP-7577. Thank you for your coopera-

[SCP-7577 turns his head to look at Dr. Angelos. Its face is visibly pale.]

SCP-7577: I…

[SCP-7577’s turns its eyes down, as if it had forgotten what it wished to say.]

[After a few seconds, it looks up.]

SCP-7577: …I’m grateful.

[Dr. Angelos looks back at SCP-7577. Veiled disgust is seen in her expression.]

Dr. Angelos: Thank you to you too, SCP-7577.

[Dr. Angelos turns around to leave. However, she is interrupted as SCP-7577 speaks again.]

SCP-7577: Will anyone remember me?

[Dr. Angelos stops. SCP-7577 continues to look at her.]

Dr. Angelos: Due to the advanced state of your condition, we may not for much longer. The only records of your existence will be within our database.

Dr. Angelos: In short… very little will remain of you. You won’t live on anywhere but here. With us.

[Dr. Angelos turns to face SCP-7577.]

Dr. Angelos: Wait… how did you know-

[SCP-7577 is staring blankly at the wall again.]

[Dr. Angelos stares incredulously at SCP-7577 for several seconds, before scoffing quietly to herself. She turns again to leave, closing the door behind her.]

[SCP-7577 continues to stare at the wall.]

[A tear runs down its cheek.]

<End Log>

Researcher Notes: Subject is unresponsive to most questions. AME is thought to have reached its final stage.

Contribution made December 6, 2014.

Interview 38
(dated December 18, 2014)

Interviewed: SCP-7577


<Begin Log>



please help.

it’s so cold.

<End Log>

Contribution made December 18, 2014.

With AME’s nature being what it is, it has taken a long time for files like this to resurface and be learned from as intended. Everything we know about it now occurs as a matter of happenstance- a researcher stumbling on notes they made long ago, or a file accidentally coming up during database maintenance. We still don't know why it happens, or where the afflicted go. We don't even know what counts as "physical evidence", and what gets to be erased.
Please no.
Still, we know much more about AME now than we did decades ago. As Project Orpheus reaches its final stage, I believe I have fair reason to doubt that, out of the hundreds of reality benders we’ve found to have AME, this article brings something new.
File this away with the others. Time will tell if we will still find a use for them.
If we don’t… then so be it.
-Project Orpheus Director Angelos

Contribution made December 19, 2055.


Please don’t leave.

It’s so cold.

Please help me PLEASE


i can't die.

Contribution made December 27, 2467.

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