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SCP-7572, exterior view.

Item #: SCP-7572

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its location, SCP-7572 necessitates no real containment.

All further research inquiries regarding SCP-7572 — including attempts to access its topmost floor — are to be directed to Site-45.

Description: SCP-7572 is a large stone tower located inside SCP-2746-1.1 On the outside, it is entirely nonanomalous and stands at 20 meters of height; from the inside, however, its height appears to be infinite.

SCP-7572's interior is made up of several floors, all connected by a single spiral staircase. Walking down the staircase from ground level gives access to one floor; walking up the staircase from ground level gives access to a seemingly infinite amount of floors. So far, vertical exploration of over 600 levels is yet to access its topmost floor, if one even exists. As such, it has been assumed that SCP-7572's height does not adhere to the rules of Euclidean geometry and simply continues on without any limits.

During initial discovery, the entry to SCP-7572's interior and its lowest windows were covered in a series of mostly destroyed wooden planks. Analysis of the damage done to them revealed that they were all done by various animal paws2 over the course of multiple days. Since then, the structures have been removed for ease of access.

Addendum 7572-1: List of SCP-7572 Floors

Following several explorations of SCP-7572's exterior, a full record of the 627 floors which have so far been explored was created. Below attached is an abridged list of the ones which have been deemed the most important for further research.

Floor Number Description
Basement A small cellar scarcely filled with food racks and barrels. Though these containers vary in size and shape, they are all entirely empty, with large bite marks visible upon them. Large portions of the room are demolished in a similar manner to the barricades located near SCP-7572's entry. Several of the stones which make up its walls and floor were haphazardly removed, as if in search of something.
Ground A lobby decorated with seats, tables, and several miniature figures of buildings, all in various stages of disrepair. Over the doors leading into the room, a big mosaic depicting several animals and a light in the form of a humanoid shining above them is located. The latter character has been since crossed out with several claw marks, as have five of the animals.3 The silhouette of a burning fire has been similarly engraved around the scene.
1 A study, its walls covered in various architectural plans, schematics, and drawings. One of them depicts SCP-7572, with a bright star — similar in form to the light depicted in the mosaic on ground floor — drawn over its final, still-unfinished level. The paper depicting the area located immediately next to the tower's doors has been violently scratched off.
3 A storeroom filled with several shelves and boxes, all containing building materials similar to those used in SCP-7572's construction. Over some of the containers, diagrams depicting ants and moles moving the aforementioned materials towards the topmost floor drawn in schematics present on floor 2 can be seen. Notably, most of the building materials seem to have been already used.
7 A library, its walls covered in several bookcases, seemingly relating to various architectural styles, materials, and practitioners of the art. Most of their insides have been violently removed, or ripped out, similar to the manner used to uncover parts of the basement and rip up the schematics on floor 2. A majority of the destroyed books seem to somehow share a pattern of a star depicted on their cover, though various also contain imagery similar to the five animals crossed out of the mosaic on ground floor.
12 A large room with a long table and a map — seemingly of SCP-2746-1 — sitting in its middle. On it, several points are circled in red, with small diagrams of what appear to be bread loaves, crossed swords, and exclamation marks next to them. Crossed swords appear next to diagrams of starlight and diagrams of a wolf; bread loaves appear atop civilian buildings; exclamation marks appear next to areas that contain both wolf and bread diagrams. The point on the map corresponding to SCP-7572's location bears the symbol of a shield. No other circled points share this identification.
16 A room filled with several bed-like structures scattered around it in disarray. Some of them are covered in dried-up blood and bitten bones, while others are ripped up. The entry leading to this level was covered in heavy barricades reminiscent of those present near SCP-7572's entry; similarly to those fortifications, they have also been destroyed. The entry leading to the level above is decorated with a red arrow pointing up.
17-627 All floors higher than floor 16 have been found to be identical, entirely empty rooms. Their structure is less stable than that of the levels that came before them, as if they were frantically assembled in an attempt to increase the height of SCP-7572. The only thing of note in all of them is a red arrow pointing up, identical to the one found on floor 16.

Addendum 7572-2: File Update

On 07/07/2007, a Foundation exploration squad reached the 776th floor of SCP-7572. Upon entering it, they reported that they were entirely incapable of ascending further. Though the staircase continued on normally, it has been found that subjects instructed to continue up were stopped halfway through their tracks.

The makeup of the 776th floor itself differs from the set of identical 759 floors below it. Its walls are covered in dried-up blood, with several discarded items and bones laying around it. Analysis revealed that the remains belonged to various animal species, including the European mole (Talpa europaea), with bitemarks preset on them consistent with spotted hyena and brown bear markings.

The discarded items themselves are mostly personal curia, such as medallions and pendants depicting other animals. The only noteworthy of the objects is a small journal, whose pages are covered in schematics of SCP-7572 and drawings depicting its 776 floors. The page that would describe the 777th one has been ripped out. The one immediately next to it contains a short poem, that, when translated from dialect A-12 ("Old Angelic"), reads:

No people in ████;
No respite in heaven

To choose between peace
and life

Is no choice at all.

So far no means — both anomalous or not — have been found to be capable of persuading individuals to walk further than the first step of the staircase leading to the 777th floor.

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