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Item#: SCP-7571
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Assigned Department Assigned Task Force
Site-400 Director Adam Desmond Department of Psychometrics N/A

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: With approval from Site-400's current site director, SCP-7571-A and SCP-7571-B have been granted permission to continue their long-term employment with the Foundation. However, they are to be under constant surveillance to continually oversee their anomalous capabilities. Drs. Abigayle Quinlan and Windsor Gladwyn of the Department of Psychometrics are currently overseeing their research.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-7571 is the designation given to an anomaly presently affecting two human individuals currently employed by the Foundation; hereafter known as SCP-7571-A and SCP-7571-B.

SCP-7571-A is Senior Researcher Dr. Roman "Rome" Collymore, the Deputy Chair of the Archives and Revisions Section of Site-400. SCP-7571-A is a Caucasian adult male of British-Scottish descent, with brunet hair and brown eyes. SCP-7571-A is 26 minutes older than SCP-7571-B.

SCP-7571-B is Communication Specialist Rowan "Collin" Collymore, the Chief Executive of Site-400's Office of Telecommunications Monitoring. SCP-7571-B is a Caucasian adult male of British-Scottish descent, with brunet hair and brown eyes. SCP-7571-B is 26 minutes younger than SCP-7571-A.

On the 5th of March, 2019, SCP-7571 spontaneously manifested as the capability of both SCP-7571-A and SCP-7571-B to directly communicate and interface their own thoughts with each other via a psychological telepathic link. Research into the limits of this link is ongoing.

ADDENDUM 7571-1: Experiment Log

Experiment 7571-1/A
Date: 08/03/2019
Presiding: Dr. Abigayle Quinlan and Dr. Windsor Gladwyn

Procedures: Both SCP-7571-A and SCP-7571-B were placed within two different holding chambers. SCP-7571-B was presented with a questionnaire relating to world history and is instructed to answer all of them correctly. Permission to seek help from SCP-7571-A was granted.

Observations: SCP-7571-B was able to answer all of the questions with complete accuracy. As expected, he attempted to telepathically communicate with SCP-7571-A to request the answers to the questions.

Experiment 7571-2/A
Date: 10/03/2019
Presiding: Dr. Abigayle Quinlan and Dr. Windsor Gladwyn

Procedures: SCP-7571-B was temporarily transported to Research and Development Site-45, located in Western Australia. Meanwhile, SCP-7571-A was transported to Research and Containment Site-43, situated in Canada. Both of them were then instructed to communicate with each other via a telepathic link.

Observations: SCP-7571-A and SCP-7571-B were able to establish a connection despite the sizeable distance (approximately 16,270 kilometers). Both individuals were subsequently returned back to Site-400 without incident.

Experiment 7571-3/A
Date: 17/03/2019
Presiding: Dr. Abigayle Quinlan and Dr. Windsor Gladwyn

Procedures: SCP-7571-A was singularly exposed to an Artificial Regulated Memetic Agent (ARMA-567: a photo that causes viewers to sneeze three times). SCP-7571-A was asked to "send" SCP-7571-B the same image of the photo through a telepathic connection.

Observations: SCP-7571-B mentally "received" the image of the photo and sneezed thrice.

Experiment 7571-4/A
Date: 18/03/2019
Presiding: Dr. Abigayle Quinlan and Dr. Windsor Gladwyn

Procedures: SCP-7571-B was singularly told "classified information" regarding an unrelated anomaly, and was asked to keep said information verbally and telepathically hidden from SCP-7571-A. Afterward, SCP-7571-A was ordered to delicately "probe" SCP-7571-B's mind in order to uncover the information.

Observations: Following some time, SCP-7571-A finally declared that he has failed on uncovering the "classified information" from SCP-7571-B.

ADDENDUM 7571-2: Incident Log // Neutralization

On the 13th of July, 2019, SCP-7571-A and SCP-7571-B were among the individuals captured and held hostage within Site-400's auditorium by Chaos Insurgency operatives during the "Great 4:00 AM Raid". Despite objection from SCP-7571-B, SCP-7571-A attempted to provide a distraction in order for the other hostages to escape. Unfortunately, he was found out by one of the Insurgents and killed via gunshot.

Thankfully, MTF Bowe-47 ("How I Became a Martyr")1 was able to breach the auditorium from the outside and terminate the Insurgents before any more casualties occurred. At the request of SCP-7571-B, SCP-7571-A was buried near the sessile oak tree located in Site-400's courtyard, along with the other personnel who regretfully perished during the raid.

SCP-7571 has been redesignated as Neutralized. Its document will be updated accordingly.


Site-400's courtyard, with the sessile oak tree visible.

Transcript of Therapy-Session 7571-B/#49

Date: 17/01/2022

Personnel Present:

  • Dr. Abigayle Quinlan
  • Specialist Rowan Collymore

<Begin Log>

Dr. Quinlan: Welcome back, Collin. Take a seat.

Specialist Collymore: Doc.

Dr. Quinlan: How are we doing today?

Specialist Collymore: Uhh, fine, honestly. (fidgets) Nothin' really happenin' on my end.

Dr. Quinlan: Is that so? Well then, do you mind if we continue from where we left off? With the-

Specialist Collymore: Yeah, no no, please. I was actually hoping you would bring that up this time.

Dr. Quinlan: I see. (clears throat) So, in our last session, you said that the nightmares have been getting… better? Can you elaborate on that for me?

Specialist Collymore: Right, right. Umm, I might've worded that a little weird. It ain't exactly better, but uhh… more like it's more… worn out than usual. Or something like that.

Dr. Quinlan: (nods) Hmm, okay. Do you perhaps… view this as progress?

Specialist Collymore: I mean, I'm still seeing a bunch of dirt but yeah, why not? (sighs and chuckles) At least it beats the constant screamin'. I can actually get some shut-eye for once.

Dr. Quinlan: Uh-huh… (writing on clipboard) What does it consist of now? Do you remember?

Specialist Collymore: (shrugs) Just some whimperin' noises. And more begging it looks like.

Dr. Quinlan: Begging?

Specialist Collymore: Uhh, yeah, or I guess that's what it sounds like to me.

Dr. Quinlan: Can you make out anything from it?

Specialist Collymore: Somethin' about bugs, I think.

<End Log>

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