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Item#: SCP-7570
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Current location of SCP-7570

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7570 is currently contained within an abandoned lumber mill, 40 km east of Milam, Texas. No less than four armed guards should be stationed within the nearby Foundation Site-7 at a time to monitor the area and ensure Senior Researcher Regan Morgan is not interrupted during her research on SCP-7570. Anyone caught trespassing on the site should be captured and questioned on their knowledge of the anomaly. A majority of trespassers are lost locals who should be amnesticized and placed back into society according to standard procedure. Members of any GOI should be brought directly to the O5-Council for questioning.

The erasure of SCP-7570-1 is the highest priority of the Foundation. Senior Researcher Regan Morgan has been given a temporary extension on her clearance due to her relationship with SCP-7570-1. Any anomaly she thinks might be beneficial to her research will be provided to her after review of the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-7570 is a machine housed within an abandoned lumber mill near Milam, Texas. SCP-7570 is a temporal displacement device capable of transmitting a constant projection from any point in the past back to the present. The device can simulate the past with no apparent limit; as the furthest point reached by Senior Researcher Regan Morgan was well beyond the creation of our universe.

The Foundation first became aware of SCP-7570 after the minuscule town of Milam, Texas was discovered to be consuming power equivalent to that of Chicago. Foundation Agents investigated the abnormality and discovered the dead body of Francis Connery laying against SCP-7570. Connery was a NASA scientist and known procurer of anomalous technology. The Forensics Department ruled this death a suicide due to the self-inflicted gunshot wound. Forensic investigators stated that the incident happened weeks before SCP-7570's discovery. The function of the anomaly was soon discovered along with Connery's journal1 which was wholly destroyed excluding its last page. Regan Morgan’s journal2 contains all information gathered from the notes Connery destroyed.

Addendum 1: Francis Connery’s Journal

Why did God create the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? He created the world down to the last atom; he knows everything that has and will happen so why did he create the tree, knowing the serpent would seduce Eve into defiance? Why did he create humanity, knowing of their coming betrayal? Why did he deny Cain’s offering, knowing of the coming fratricide? Why did he give Samson a critical weakness knowing it would be exploited? Why did he make David see Bathsheba bathing on the roof knowing of the blood soon to be spilled? Why did he sow the wind knowing he’d reap the whirlwind?

Addendum 2: Senior Researcher Regan Morgan’s Journal

Addendum 3: O5 Audio Log #7570-01

SCP-7570 Conference 01:


O5-10: Okay, is that it? I was working on something before this that I’d like to get back to.

O5-1: Yeah I think that’s pretty much… Nope, wait we got one more scheduled today regarding SCP-7570.

O5-7: Can it wait till tomorrow, I’m actually kinda busy too.

O5-1: Um, let me read the description the site director sent me… (CLICK TONGUE AND WHISTLES AS HE SCANS THE DOCUMENT)… Okay, it says we’re meant to have a conference with Junior Researcher Reg-

O5-8: Junior Researcher?

O5-1: Eight, can you please hold off ’til I’m done, please? Thank You. Where was I? Uhhh, Junior Researcher Regan Morgan regarding something she discovered concerning SCP-7570. Site director says it’s a matter of utmost importance.

O5-9: Guess that means we have to do it.

O5-8: Can we go back a bit? Junior Researcher? Why is this coming to us? Are we taking every request that comes to our door now? What even is 7570?

O5-3: Item Number: SCP-7570. Object Class: Safe-


O5-8: Welp, I heard safe. Sounds like it’ll be able to wait till tomorrow.

O5-9: She’s apparently already on the line, she’s just waiting for us to accept the call.

O5-8: And? She can stay there till tomorrow.

O5-3: (FINISHES READING THE DOCUMENT) I think we should talk to her.

O5-8: Jesus Christ.

O5-1: Guys, come on, it’s been a long day for all of us but can we not bicker, for once, please? Okay, Three, why do you think we should hear her out?

O5-3: As the document said, SCP-7570 is a machine able to create simulations of the past. Not only is it worrying that the researcher assigned to said machine is trying to contact us, I find it strange that such a low-level operative was assigned to this task at all.

O5-1: Worrying how?

O5-3: As a junior researcher, most of the info we have is withheld from her. But if she’s been using SCP-7570, she could’ve discovered lots of sensitive material.

O5-10: Jesus Christ, who the fuck assigned her to this?

O5-11: We’ve been understaffed for months now, something like this was bound to happen. What matters now is that we nip it in the bud, get her amnestisized and reassigned.

O5-3: What about hearing her out?

O5-11: No point, she’s likely going to bring up one of our many end-of-the-world scenarios and we just went over those an hour ago. You guys wanna talk about them again? You wanna go over the petal people first or the time the sun broke?

O5-1: And if it’s something else? Look, guys. I know we’re tired but let’s just get this over with. If it’s like you say Eleven, it’ll be a ten-second conversation.


O5-1: Hello, Miss Morgan?

Morgan: Hello? Yes? Sorry, I was waiting a while. I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

O5-1: It's not a problem Miss Morgan, now it says here you were referred to us by your site director regarding something you discovered within SCP-7570, is that correct?

Morgan: Yes sir, that is correct, I’ve found something troubling in our past that I’m afraid this council is not aware of.

O5-1: And what might that be, Miss Morgan?

Morgan: Well… this requires some background. While writing the report for SCP-7570, I was experimenting with its functionality and accidentally went back to the beginning of time when-

O5-10: Hold on, the beginning of time? I was reading the report, I didn’t realize this machine would see dates past the creation of earth.

Morgan: Yes, it’s a common underestimation that my site director also fell for. The truth is that there seems to be no limit to the amount of time the machine can accurately simulate. And because of this, I found something.

O5-1: What?

Morgan: Seven minutes before the big bang took place I found another universe. One with a very similar world containing humans and even an SCP Foundation.

O5-1: A universe predating our own?

Morgan: Yes, but the thing that brings me here to you isn’t that the universe was there, it’s that it isn’t there anymore. Something, I'm not sure what, a reality eater, anomaly, universal law, or whatever but something erased their universe and replaced it with our own seven minutes after.


Morgan: Hello?

O5-10: You’re certain of this, I mean how much of this universe could you see?

Morgan: I spent a day exploring the streets and living their lives. I am positive that this place not only existed but that it was frighteningly similar to our own. They were shaped like us, talked like us, thought like us, I saw Doctor Clef on a talk show! This place was real and something killed it without warning.

O5-10: Research for this could be game-changing. If it was an advanced civilization like she says we could find solutions to problems they managed to crack but we haven’t. We need researchers on this, good researchers. I will personally-

Morgan: Wait. I had more to say.

O5-7: Do not interrupt her.

O5-10: No, Seven, it’s fine. What else was there, Miss Morgan?

Morgan: It wasn’t the only one.

O5-10: I beg your pardon?

Morgan: That world, that universe. It wasn’t the only one that was replaced. I kept going back and I found more and more and more.

O5-1: How many?

Morgan: I don’t know, I haven’t reached the end, there could be hundreds more-

O5-7: Hundreds more? How many have you encountered so far?

Morgan: Not counting our own, I have counted 786 unique universes destroyed and replaced.


Following the conference O5-1 and O5-10 were transported to SCP-7570 where Regan Morgan demonstrated the machine. O5-1 declared that discovering the nature of the universe erasure, now referred to as SCP-7570-1, was the highest priority of the Foundation.

Addendum 4: SCP-7570-1 Investigation


Former Universe-0027 “Omelas”: FU-0027 appears to be a universe housing mostly dead worlds apart from two. A similar earth and a distant, powerful, macro-civilization. The earth planet is fairly mundane but research into the alien world revealed an impossibly advanced civilization. Much of their technology seemed to be derived from a thaumaturgical source they harvested with a strange ritual. A select amount of the population was exiled to the planet's neighboring moons which acted as a malignant probability sink.

ERASURE EVENT: FU-0027 was aware of SCP-7570-1 and were actively attempting to stop it via conceptual attacks they targeted at the idea of circles. All efforts failed, however, as two years after their retaliation, their EE took place.

Former Universe-0048 “Radiant Dreams”: FU-0048 was a space-faring empire that used highly advanced thaumaturgy to cross great distances in very short amounts of time. While completely passive, the empire was not looked upon kindly by other worlds as induction into their ranks often meant the destruction of native cultures and religions in favor of those held by the empire. This inevitably led to their destruction as a race of insect-like humanoids turned their backs on a very real deity that retaliated by infecting the dreams of all who knew its name.

ERASURE EVENT: FU-0048 was completely under the control of the dream god at this point and formed a hive mind spanning countless worlds. They made no attempt to fight back when their EE came.

Former Universe-0292 “Death’s Death”: FU-0292 was a civilization extremely similar to our own, even housing a Foundation equivalent. Nearing the century before their EE, a Foundation Operative managed to kill the avatar of death, rendering every living thing in reality unable to die. Society collapsed due to overpopulation and anomalies eventually broke from their cells, one of which, SCP-610, managed to infect every cell of biological matter on the planet. Earth became a giant macro-organism capable of navigating space and invading other planets. Eventually, everything in the universe was absorbed and created cobwebs of flesh spanning across planets and stars throughout the universe.

ERASURE EVENT: FU-0292 was in a dormant state until twenty-four hours before their EE. At that moment the flesh-spanning worlds stirred and sank into itself forming a giant deity that used its reality-warping capabilities to reach out of the universe. The entity appeared to be pleading for its life before the EE occurred.

Former Universe-SNOW “SNOW”: Before there was snow the world suffered through infinite impurities, anomalies, and filth. After the introduction of snow there was only snow and only ever was snow. Infinite suffering turned to snow, cultures turned to snow, words-s cre-sn-ate-ow-ed to spr-snow. Snow. snowsnowsnowsnow.

FU-SNOW is a self-sustaining conceptual purifier attached to the idea of snow. This anomaly has the ability to alter any information that discusses it leaving this report open to unavoidable alterations. Navigation of FU-SNOW proved to be unique as times and events seemed to change the moment an infected date was observed, that date being when SCP-3799 was created. Very quickly the simulation of the universe became only snow.

ERASURE EVENT: We were left in our purity for seven minutes before we realized our foolishness. We haven't succeeded, despite sprinkling our purity across every world and every idea there was One who exceeded our reach. We couldn’t see It, only feel the conceptual magnitude of Its existence. We heard a yawn and stopped being snow.

Former Universe-2786 “Utopia”: Unlike other worlds, FU-2786 experienced an EE extremely early in its lifetime and has so far been the only monitored universe that didn't experience an industrial revolution. In this universe humanity never split away from each other creating a single nation that expanded across Africa, no other continents seemed to contain any human life.

ERASURE EVENT: FU-2786 seemed completely unaware before the EE took place.

Addendum 5: SCP-7570-1 Discovery and Classification

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