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Item #: SCP-7569

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The area of Lake Shikotsu in which SCP-7569 resides is to be quarantined from the public under the guise of a nuclear waste spill. All SCP-7569 entities are to be accounted for twice weekly.

Should any new entities be discovered outside of the quarantine zone, similar procedures should be followed. If containment is not possible, the entities should be transferred to another quarantine zone. Any civilians who come across SCP-7569 are to be given Class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-7569 refers to a race of childlike, reptilian humanoids found in Lake Shikotsu near the base of Mount Fuppushi in Hokkaido, Japan. On average, the entities are 1.2 meters in height, though outliers have been recorded as being a minimum of .8 meters and a maximum of 1.7 meters. The entities possess webbed appendages and gills.

SCP-7569 entities have been known to be mischievous, though the entities are equally aggressive towards humans. The entities can learn to speak1, though efforts are limited as the entities tend towards aggression. Currently, three entities have been taught to speak.

While on land, the entities do not pose a significant threat to humanity despite their ability to terminate a human effectively using teeth and claws. So long as the entities remain on land, they are relatively simple to contain or eliminate.

An SCP-7569 entity that finds itself in a body of water will be much more challenging to contain. SCP-7569 can move much faster in a body of water and will often use the terrain to its advantage. They have been seen to drown humans who have gotten too close before consuming the remains.

Discovery: SCP-7569 was brought to Foundation attention after a series of odd interactions with Shiko Hyuse2. Between 05/20/2034 and 06/30/2034, Hyuse could not be located on eight different occasions for up to three hours and was reported to be evasive about her whereabouts.

Although the disappearances did not appear to concern SCP-6932 or MTF Shi-2, Researcher Thomas Elwood3 felt the disappearances warranted investigation as Hyuse is currently the only translator for documents related to The Yokai Hunters.

Researcher Elwood enlisted the help of Agent Deadspace4 to track the child down. Agent Deadspace located Hyuse on the northern side of Mount Fuppushi during one of her disappearances. Though Hyuse returned to the site, she refused to elaborate on where she had been.

During Hyuse's subsequent disappearance on 07/12/2034, Agent Deadspace was able to track the child to Lake Shikotsu, where she was seen to be engaged with an SCP-7569 entity. The entity grew aggressive when Agent Deadspace approached, though it made no move to harm Hyuse. Hyuse appeared resentful but returned to Site 250 without a word.

Researcher Elwood ordered MTF Shi-2 to capture one of the SCP-7569 entities for study. The team was unable to locate any of the entities, however.

Addendum 7569-1: After seven failed attempts5, Agent Deadspace was able to locate and contain one of the SCP-7569 entities. It was reported that Hyuse was present when the entity was brought in, and her protests were recorded. The entity was heard screaming for help but received no assistance.

Researcher Elwood began tests on the SCP-7569 entity to determine its anomalous effects, later interrogating Hyuse to learn why she was keeping SCP-7569 a secret.

Addendum 7569-2: On 07/20/2034, Hyuse was seen to leave Site 250 alongside three instances of SCP-7569. Researcher Elwood ordered MTF Shi-2 Commander Bill Anders to retrieve Hyuse.

Security around Lake Shikotsu has been increased.

Addendum 7569-3: After an argument between Researcher Elwood and Hyuse resulted in Elwood receiving a broken nose, Hyuse disappeared. Due to the nature of SCP-7569, there was a concern that the entities had terminated Hyuse; however, she was eventually located alongside the SCP-7569 entities. Hyuse had created a small campsite near Lake Shikotsu. Several of the entities were seen helping her, though they grew violent when MTF Shi-2 located the group.

Hyuse appeared upset and refused to return with the team, which caused the SCP-7569 entities to begin chasing the group. While they did not follow the MTF out of sight of Hyuse, they continued to pose a problem for the staff.

After MTF Agents Hawke and Tethras were injured,7 Commander Anders made his way to Hyuse.

After returning to Site 250, Commander Anders confronted Researcher Elwood. Elwood claimed that since Hyuse's position was temporary, she should not have been trusted with access to an SCP. However; during the ensuing argument11 several SCP-7569 entities appeared before kidnapping Elwood. Anders was unable to stop it.

Elwood was later located on the east side of Mount Fuppushi claiming that the creatures had robbed him. The only thing that was missing from Elwood's possession was the keystone in question. Hyuse returned to the site later that day, though claimed she had nothing to do with the incident.

Addendum 7569-4: Hyuse has taken several more trips to Lake Shikotsu to study the SCP-7569 entities. The results of the study have been transcribed below. As they were kept in a personal journal by Hyuse, they do not currently conform to Foundation standards.

Hyuse is in the process of translating and archiving material collected during her last visit to SCP-7567. The relevance of these texts, and their connection to SCP-7569 is yet to be seen.

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