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Item #: SCP-7568

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7568 is to be kept in an underground humanoid containment cell thirty meters below Site 250. No living creatures are to come within twenty meters of SCP-7568.

Description: SCP-7568 is the decomposed corpse of a woman of Asian descent. Based on the clothing worn by the entity, SCP-7568 originated in eighth-century Japan. SCP-7568 believes itself to be a living person.

SCP-7568 possesses a cognitohazardous effect that allows it to be observed by others as if it were still alive. Often it appears as a young woman that most observers find aesthetically pleasing. The cognitohazardous effect grows stronger the longer a living creature is within proximity of SCP-7568.

SCP-7568's cognitohazard properties also allow it to compel affected subjects to follow the desires of SCP-7568 within 20 meters. These subjects are classified as SCP-7568-1 instances. If an SCP-7568-1 instance is continuously within twenty meters of SCP-7568 for more than one month, the proximity will result in the subject's termination due to a weakening of a subject's immune system while around SCP-7568.

The cognitohazard is believed to be ignored by those whose bodies produce a low amount of Dopamine and Norepinephrine. Research on this property is ongoing.

Discovery: SCP-7568 was brought to the Foundation's attention after a series of odd disappearances involving MTF Shi-2. Several members were seen leaving Site 250 to meet with an unknown woman1.

On 06/30/2032, Agent Terry Metroid was captured on camera escorting Hyuse, the child adopted by SCP-69322, out of the site alongside SCP-7568. The trio passed several groups of guards, although none made a move to stop them despite Hyuse's protest.

When they reached the front gate, an Agent attempted to stop the trio but was shot by Agent Metroid before they could act. It is unknown where Hyuse was taken after leaving the site.

Hyuse reappeared at the gates to Site 250 three days later, though she claimed not to know how she got there. She was promptly taken for interrogation.

Addendum 7568-1:

After the interview, SCP-6932 was seen to increase its watch over Hyuse. It would not allow Foundation staff near the child and has banned all but Agent Halo from entering for the foreseeable future.

Addendum 7568-2: On 07/05/2032, Hyuse was taken from Site 250 after three members of MTF Shi-2 were seen dragging the child out. Hyuse was handed off to SCP-7568, and the three members did not reenter the building. Due to the previous incident, Hyuse was outfitted with a GPS tracker.

The device was fully functional. After twenty-two hours, the signal stopped at a location in Kristiansund, Norway. MTF Shi-2 was sent to apprehend SCP-7568, gaining permission from SCP-6932 to use its pocket dimension for transport.

When the team raided the building at the last known coordinates, they found nothing besides a GPS tracker. There were no signs of Hyuse, and none of the town's inhabitants knew of a child matching Hyuse's description. Hyuse was labeled as MIA.

Addendum 7568-3: At 03:21 on 07/12/2032, Foundation Agents planted in the Metropolitan Police Service in London, England, reported a child inquiring about the Foundation and asking for Agent Halo specifically. The Agents reported the child to be coated in dirt and blood and harboring several serious injuries. The child was carrying a book and refused attempts by the Agents to get the child medical attention despite it being available on the scene. The Agents were eventually able to persuade the child into accepting the offer.

The child was reportedly anxious until Agent Halo arrived5. Agent Halo identified the child as Shiko Hyuse and took her into his custody. Once she returned to Site 250, the book she was carrying was examined, and Researcher Erickson interviewed her.

MTF Shi-2 was sent to the location indicated by Hyuse. While SCP-7568 was not present, they located twenty males ranging from twenty to forty-seven years of age. Many were extremely confused once removed from the property and did not understand that they were ill. They grew combative once informed they could no longer stay around SCP-7568.

Addendum 7568-4: The journal recovered by Hyuse was translated on 07/15/2032. Hyuse translated the journal within a day. Researcher Erickson was able to confirm that the translations were accurate.

A second journal was recovered from SCP-7567-26 and given to Foundation personnel upon request.

As Hyuse was capable of reading the secondary journal despite the unknown language, Researcher Erickson put in a request for Hyuse to assist in translation. The proposal was approved.

Addendum 7568-5: On 07/20/2032, Site 250 was attacked by a previously unknown force. It is speculated that the force originated from SCP-7568 as many of the members were Foundation staff.

MTF Shi-2 was on-site during the first attacks, as several members were negotiating with SCP-6932 over the protection of Hyuse. Once the team was alerted to the attack, they set into action. Several members guarded the entrance to SCP-6932's pocket dimension while the remaining members found and protected the rest of the site's staff. All members were accounted for within the pocket dimension within ten minutes except Hyuse and Researcher Erickson, as they were not on-site at the time.

Several of the attacking forces attempted to enter but were denied entry. MTF Shi-2 used the time to devise a plan to retake the base with minimal casualties. It was decided that the team would split up.

Three members of MTF Shi-2, including Commander Bill Anders, left the pocket dimension with the intention of scouting the area.

A containment cell for SCP-7568 was constructed below the site within a week. Efforts to replace Researcher Erickson are ongoing.

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