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Item #: SCP-7567

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-7567-1, no extensive procedures are required. Anyone claiming to have been affected by SCP-7567-1 are to be discredited. Any objects found within SCP-7567-2 are to be contained on item-by-item bases.

Description: SCP-7567 is the designation given to three anomalies situated on Mount Fuppushi, Hokkaido, Japan.

SCP-7567-1 refers to the forest surrounding SCP-7567-2. The forest has the ability to confuse a person's sense of direction, intentionally keeping anything away from SCP-7567-2. Any attempts to locate SCP-7567-2 without the proper guide1 or keystone results in the subject appearing at a randomly decided point on Mount Fuppushi.

SCP-7567-2 refers to an eleventh-century style estate found at the center of SCP-7567-1. The estate itself is believed to be the main base of the former group of interest 'The Yokai2 Hunters'. SCP-7567-2 appears as it is thought to have been in the year 1100 CE when it was abandoned.

It is believed that anything placed within SCP-7567-2 does not age. Whether this effect is similar to the one produced by SCP-6932 is currently unknown. According to supplemental material, the effect was created by 'magicks' that originated from the leading council of the group3.

Furthermore, contained within are numerous anomalous items, three hundred pieces of documentation, and a multitude of non-anomalous weapons and armor originating from 700 CE to 1100 CE. The study of these items is currently underway. This file will be updated accordingly.

SCP-7567-3 is the humanoid that resides within SCP-7567-2. SCP-7567-3 is an Asian male approximately 1.8 meters in height with a pair of black wings resembling those found on Corvus macrorhynchos4. SCP-7567-3 possesses the ability of flight. Furthermore, SCP-7567-3 claims to be trapped inside SCP-7567-2, stating that it would be terminated should it be removed from the premises. For this reason, SCP-7567-3 will be allowed to remain within SCP-7567-2 so long as it remains compliant with Foundation staff.

Discovery: SCP-7567 was brought to Foundation attention by SCP-6932 on 03/17/2030 after Foundation staff spoke of rumors surrounding an unknown anomaly attacking people on the Japanese island of Tsushima. The entity was identified as appearing human-like, with large feathered wings and a red-colored face complete with a nose measuring .3 meters.

SCP-6932 informed Agent Marcos Halo5 of an anomalous location that contained a great deal of information on the former group of interest, 'The Yokai Hunters, ' and that there was likely information there that would help the Foundation's efforts. While the group disbanded around 1100 CE, it was determined that the information was still valuable.

Two Foundation agents were dispatched to locate the area and gather information on SCP-7567 before a research team would be sent in to investigate further. Agent Halo was chosen due to his ties to SCP-6932; Agent Sarah Doom was chosen to accompany the pair in order to act as a neutral third party. SCP-6932 took the pair into its pocket dimension before reappearing in the forest surrounding Mount Fuppushi, Japan6. When asked why SCP-6932 didn't take them directly to the anomaly, it only responded that it was incapable of doing so. It then leads the Agents deeper into the forest.

After three hours of hiking, Agent Doom reported believing they were going in circles. When asked, SCP-6932 continued walking, stating that they had nearly arrived and would not elaborate further. It was noted that while nothing about the forest changed, SCP-6932's pace grew quicker.

Agents Doom and Halo reported exiting into a clearing that held a well-maintained estate, now SCP-7567-2. The recordings made of SCP-7567-2 have been transcribed in Addendum 7567-1.

Addendum 7567-1: The following recording is the video logs captured by Agents Halo and Doom.

Both items collected by Agent Halo were sent for translation. Agent Doom was recovered thirty-six hours later in Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan. Agent Doom was mostly unharmed, aside from a few scratches obtained during her journey.

Due to the increase of dangerous anomalous entities related to The Yokai Hunters, MTF Shi-2 was formed. The twelve-person team was assigned to study with SCP-6932 in order to learn the key to accessing SCP-7567-2.

SCP-6932 gave possession of its keystone to Agent Halo, stating that since he had passed, he would be allowed to enter SCP-7567-2 as he pleased. Agent Halo was assigned to act as a guide for MTF Shi-2.

Addendum 7567-2: 03/22/2030, the documents given to Agent Halo were translated. One was information pertaining to a creature labeled as D-06; the other appeared to be a journal. The journal was written by the presumed leader of The Yokai Hunters, SCP-7567-3. It appears to detail the decline of the group. 

Addendum 7567-3: 03/23/2030. Half of the population of the Japanese island of Tsushima was terminated by D-06, and the majority of the infrastructure was destroyed. The deaths were covered up under the cover story of a deadly plague, and the island was quarantined.

MTF Shi-2 was sent to gather more information from SCP-7567-3, accompanied by Agent Halo. The group was dropped at the same location as before by SCP-6932 before it stated that it would be waiting and vanished.

Agent Halo led the group through the forest, stating that he felt he knew the path despite being completely lost the previous time. The group arrived at SCP-7567-2 in less than an hour and began to search for SCP-7567-3.

Addendum 7567-4: On 03/24/2030, MTF Shi-2 encountered D-06 as it made its way into the northernmost parts of Tsushima. Commander Anders held the club they had received from SCP-7567-3 and ordered the team to pin D-06 in order to make an opening for Anders to act.

It was reported that the information on D-06 was correct, as seismic activity in the area increased as the altercation began. D-06 was shot multiple times by members of the team but did not seem to react. Furthermore, it appeared to heal at an accelerated rate as it seemed to focus on moving toward the nearby town and only gave attention to the members that attempted to harm or block it. Commander Anders used the opportunity to get close to D-06, only to be knocked back as he went to swing at it.

D-06 screeched, turning to face Commander Anders directly. Anders had reportedly sustained two broken ribs from the impact and was still recovering from the blow when D-06 reached him. Another member, Eric Bunnelbee, grabbed the club and swung at D-06. While the blow only seemed to daze the entity momentarily, the team reported seeing an odd purple haze coming off it after the blow.

Bunnelbee was knocked away from D-06 once it recovered, dropping the club. Commander Anders retrieved the club once more, preparing to strike D-06 before it could reach him again. Anders was able to land a solid hit on the creature, releasing more of the purple haze from the entity.

The team managed to land five more hits on the creature, sustaining a multitude of broken bones in the process. After the seventh hit, D-06 dropped to its knees and seemed confused. It asked Commander Anders where it was and why it was there. It then recognized the club, which was in the possession of another team member, and began to panic.

D-06 eventually apologized for anything it may have done and thanked the team for freeing it before it rushed off. Commander Anders received a formal reprimand for allowing D-06 to escape, but no other action was taken.

Addendum 7567-5: Researcher Errhen Erickson was assigned to SCP-7567 following several lessons with SCP-6932. Researcher Erickson has compiled a list of some of the items found within SCP-7567-2.

An ordinary-looking katana with a black handle. The weapon was the first to be identified and possess the ability to 'speak' with the user. Anyone holding the weapon claims that it incites them to commit crimes and that it becomes harder to resist its call the longer one holds it. Putting the weapon down is enough to silence it.

Containment at Foundation sites deemed unnecessary so long as SCP-7567-3 remains living.


A set of armor that provides the wearer with the feeling of being incapable of falling in battle. This effect does not translate into actual battle ability, and the wearer can be defeated easily.

Containment at Foundation sites deemed unnecessary so long as SCP-7567-3 remains living.


A single wooden bowl that fills with sword oil upon depletion. It is used by SCP-7567-3 in order to maintain the majority of the weapons, anomalous or otherwise, within SCP-7567-2.

Containment at Foundation sites is prohibited at this time. Possession of SCP-7567-2.3 is to remain with SCP-7567-3.


A tanto with an ornate sheath. When drawn, the blade begins emitting static until it forms into what appears to be lightning. Despite natural laws, the lightning does not move from the blade until it is forcibly inserted into an object.

Containment at Foundation sites pending approval.

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