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Item #: SCP-7560-J

Object Class: Criminal Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Uncontained, despite greatest efforts by wisest RESEARCHER Doctor Frank Gene Decray, doctor of MANY sciences, and the malfeasance of Foundation Conspiracy. Mendacious chicanery concocted by secret thug-scientists to destroy real world freedom for masters on the secret other surface of the sky where brainbanks are operated by principles of pneumatic alchemy hidden by Foundation Gangster Conspiracy.

Description: Currently held in iron grip of Foundation Criminal Gangster Conspiracy held through concentration camp crucifixion of the many bodies stored on the secret other surface of the sky. The SCP Designated Object Entity is angelic alien with many wise inventions for humankind CRIMINALLY held by Foundation Communist Criminal Gangster Conspiracy to keep humans, REAL humans, not fake humans wearing skin masks from learning the truth of their criminal masters.

DAILY, men from Chicanerous Foundation Nazi Communist Criminal Gangster Conspiracy come in wearing skin masks to hide scaled faces of Dracula Men from Venus to discuss with wisest RESEARCHER Frank Gene Decray. As a doctor of MANY sciences and wisest of all, he is the only one able to communicate with alien angelic being object entity that came from the stars to bring mankind, real mankind, to harmony and great advancement. However, wisest RESEARCHER Frank Gene Decray knows that the Dracula Men from Venus seek to drain him of his vital blood, strengthened by alien angel object entity and strong DNA from Gaul ancestors, who are the secret true rulers of Earth and real builders of pyramids for true religion of STAR PEOPLE, suppressed brutally by Chicanerous Foundation Nazi Communist Dracula Criminal Gangster Conspiracy!

Held in confinement on secret other surface of the sky in a cell on the secret surface, he must every night face the men with knives and needles in fear for his LIFE, all life. Wisest RESEARCHER Frank Gene Decray, last hope for humanity, and doctor of MANY sciences is threatened for cooperation assistance in illegal immoral holding of immortal angelic alien being object entity for furtherance of Dracula Men from Venus to aid scheming of Lying Chicanerous Foundation Nazi Communist Dracula Criminal Gangster Conspiracy! Do you have a prayer for Frank Gene Decray?

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