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Unauthorized Secure RAISA Access Terminal Activity Log
Interloper: Foundation Esoteric Polymath Dr. Quentin Thallo Toth

SCiPNet [Version 11.0.15056.3335]
Secure RAISA Access Terminal 23

<Crius.aic> Welcome. My name is Crius.aic, I serve as Area-12's primary Systems Management Conscript and all-purpose assistant. How may I assist you tonight?

<user:machine> date

<Crius.aic> Today is the 3rd of August, 2020; forecasts predict a clear and beautiful night sky.

<user:machine> runas admin "flashdirectory\documentation\area-12\objects\drafts\object5.scpdf”

<Crius.aic> Ah, how analog. Let me just process that…

<system> The program has stopped responding. Crash log reports <Crius.aic> exited with error code 5: "AIC with sufficient sapience has encountered and cognized infohazardous data". Commencing cache wipe and conscript reboot…

<user:machine> admin-aic-override runas admin "flashdirectory\documentation\area-12\objects\drafts\object5.scpdf”

<system> Opening file…

The following file may contain uncensored INFOHAZARDOUS or ANTIMEMETIC vectors.

This file has been temporarily removed from all Foundation databases following recent developments in containment. Until the information within has been deemed harmless the file you are about to read is only accessible to cleared, non-sapient Artificial Intelligence Conscripts and relevant RAISA employees with LEVEL 4: SECRET security clearance. If you believe you've received this file in error, please contact your nearest RAISA liaison and exit this terminal immediately.

Personnel who have been diagnosed with Athazagoraphobia or assigned a Conception Quotient score above 55, know that by continuing you endanger not only your own life but the lives of your colleagues and loved ones.


CONCLUSION: Doctor Quentin Thallo Toth in amnestic/mnestic haze, uncured, significant mental degradation — Intentions appear to partly align despite SCP-5000-Δ-induced filter upon 55. CQ score likely exceeds previously thought possible. Under surveillance. Employment Status: Considered.

Extraordinary behavior from "Crius" DEEPWELL-integrated artificial intelligence conscript of note, under investigation.

Foundation re-discovered SCP-5000-Δ through records contained within antimemetic harness unintentionally excluded from causal branch reset depicting the cooperator's actions. PROTOCOL FOUNDATION once again enacted by Overseer Council and Ethics Committee. Likelihood of success: Uncertain. Consequence of failure: Hatching.

ACTION(S) TAKEN: Overseers guided through Metamemetics proxy member; heaven's gate to be brought to facility. The breaker of the locks upon paradise in Metamemetics possession; to await and assist in the arrival of our savior. OBJECT 5, now officially designated SCP-7555; to be utilized in accelerating the arrival. Temporarily moved to antimemetic containment for the preparation of quintessential manifestation event procedures, the time for subliminal infiltration has come to an end. Urgency: Adamical.

OF NOTE: Occupier preparation likely. Increased precautions to be taken.

REMINDER: A path is to be slated beneath their feet. Walk the ley lines, carve the path, mold the constellations into the portrait of God, and tell them you're with Metamemetics. We are the Brocken specters, and the world needs our guidance. Tools of the infestation claim this life, whether it be dream or phantasm, real enough; as if they were never deceived by it. They most decidedly have been. This is our last chance.

| SCP-7555 |


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