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SCP-7553 (Image Sourced From Parawatch).

Item #: SCP-7553

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7553 is stored unloaded in a standard containment locket at Site-18. SCP-7553-1 instances are to be incinerated or stored on discretion. Experiment proposals involving SCP-7553 must be approved by Dr. Leeroy beforehand.

Description: SCP-7553 is a Remington 870 Marine Magnum pump-action shotgun. The object is in near-pristine condition.

SCP-7553's anomalous properties activate when held by a living subject and aimed at an object or situation that they consider to be problematic to them. Rather than pellets, one or more objects (SCP-7553-1) will be fired from SCP-7553.1 SCP-7553-1 instances vary between manifestations and typically exceed the size of SCP-7553's barrel. Instances also share the trait of automatically resolving, or at minimum, presenting the means to reliably fix the "problem" at hand. However, SCP-7553 will not always react expectantly during these circumstances, as it has been observed to jam or focus on a different object within range on occasion. The reason for this is still under investigation.2

SCP-7553 became known to the Foundation after a user of the website Parawatch, "falcon_crazy," had posted on the forum claiming to own something "paranormally handy." The user stated that the object was originally purchased at a Gun Show and had accidently discovered its "supreme powers" after "trying real hard to clean it." After reviewing the digital evidence provided and noting that the user had previously encountered an unrelated anomalous object, these claims were quickly authenticated. SCP-7553 was confiscated, with their owner anmentized and given a non-anomalous replacement. All relevant forum posts were subsequently deleted.

Addendum-01, Test Log: To uncover the extent of SCP-7553's capabilities, Dr. Leeroy authorized a series of tests to establish the parameters of the object's anomalous properties. To access to unabridged testing log, contact Dr. Leeroy:

Test # Context Result Notes
01 Under the threat of further disciplinary measures, D-11112 hesitantly inserted his thumb deep inside SCP-7553's muzzle. D-11112 closed his eyes at Dr. Harvey's warning. The force of the blast caused Dr. Harvey to stumble back slightly. After a moment, D-11112 opened his eyes and gasped. His thumb was stuffed inside a finger puppet resembling a cat. D-11112 nodded in amusement. Test was a recreation sourced from Parawatch.
06 A white wall with a streak of blue paint. SCP-7553, when continually shot, released large splashes of blue paint. SCP-7553 continually leaked paint for a span of four hours. Further tests bearing a similar context of this nature are ill-advised.
12 An unlit cigarette. A stream of fire erupted from the muzzle and onto the table. A junior researcher approached and doused the test area with a fire extinguisher. The table was heavily damaged, but the cigarette remained intact and was still lit. N/A
20 D-11112, wearing socks and sandals. The socks don't match. The blast severed D-11112's feet simultaneously, causing him intense pain. This was the first and only incident of SCP-7553 not producing a SCP-7553-1 instance.
21 D-11112, crawling and bleeding profusely on the floor. In a fit of panic, Dr. Leeroy fired directly at the injured portions of D-11112's feet. SCP-7553 proceeded to shoot a large mass of bandages at D-11112, covering him from head to toe. D-11112 nearly suffocated in the process but survived, albeit with permanent disfigurements and severe blood loss.
29 A potted evergreen conifer The tree was covered in many ribbons, ornaments, and Christmas lights. The final shot produced an elderly obese human male in a Santa uniform, the individual collided with the wall, breaking their neck on impact. The corpse was a genetic match to Walter Saltzer, a part-time mall Santa living in Denver, Colorado. Coincidentally, the real Saltzer suffered a fatal neck injury a day before this test.
33 Dr. Leeroy's previous university diplomas and accomplishments prior to joining the Foundation. Some of the diplomas were wrinkled. A McDonald's job application. Dr. Leeroy's request for incineration of the SCP-7553-1 instance has been denied.
40 Broken power module on Level 2, responsible for directing power to the southwest wing of Site-18 An entire replica of the original power module manifested. The SCP-7553-1 instance slammed into the original power module at incredible speeds, crushing and exploding it into many pieces. Somehow the instance inserted itself into the wall perfectly and directed power to the site without issue. Dr. Leeroy was commended for solving repairs at no cost to the Site's budget.
47 Dr. Leeroy's vehicle, intentionally dirtied, emptied of gasoline, and absent of its battery. A tear in spacetime measuring 2.5 meters in length manifested, acting as a portal to a gas station in Baja California, Mexico. Many witnesses were present during the exchange and began to either flee or film with their mobile devices. Dr. Leeroy and attending researchers panicked, a Scranton Reality Anchor was activated but failed to close the spatial. Dr. Leeroy suggested they physically push the vehicle through the portal. This plan was reluctantly agreed upon and enacted. After the car passed the other side, the tear demanifested, leaving Dr. Leeroy and several researchers in the area. As the gas station was unwilling to accept Dr. Leeroy's money, he had to exchange currency at a nearby bank while frustratingly attempting to communicate with the teller. In the aftermath, all witnesses were amnestized and the car was eventually fixed. Dr. Leeroy was transported to Site-18 two days later, getting severely reprimanded and docked in pay. Testing with SCP-7553 temporarily put on hold after this experiment.

Despite SCP-7553's unpredictability, Dr. Leeroy saw promise in the object's anomalous properties by citing its capacity to generally resolve significant issues and its capacity to generate a wide variety of materials, physical or otherwise. Dr. Leeroy's proposal of upgrading SCP-7553 to a minor thaumiel class object was put on hold until more comprehensible testing data came to fruition.

Addendum-02, Incident-7553: On 05/14/2013 Site-18 suffered a containment breach that resulted in a handful of anomalies escaping. Dr. Leeroy happened to be handling SCP-7553 when the incident occurred and tried to defend himself.

Dr. Leeroy's body was later identified by genetic testing and dental records. After the containment breach was resolved, testing resumed on SCP-7553. While SCP-7553 can resolve issues that pose a minor inconvenience to the handler, it can't solve major ones. The reasoning why Dr. Leeroy became successful with SCP-7553 prior was due to initial testing being little to no consequence for him, while being in grave danger was certainly not.

At this revelation, SCP-7553 was disqualified from thaumiel status and stored back into its original containment locker. Dr. Leeroy was posthumously congratulated for its research contributions regarding the object.

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