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Item#: 7550
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Still Frame of SCP-7550-C

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation webcrawlers are to search for any signs of SCP-7550-A on websites that specifically host advertising for Dungeons and Dragons1 campaigns. Any instances of SCP-7550-A are to be taken down and hidden from the public eye to prevent conveyance events. Research into SCP-7550-B and SCP-7550-C is ongoing.

Description: SCP-7550 is the collective designation for SCP-7550-A, SCP-7550-B, and SCP-7550-C. SCP-7550-A is an online advertisement located on websites that advertise D&D campaigns, mainly the website SCP-7550-A advertises a D&D campaign about traveling to the Underdark2 and cleansing it of the monstrosities that live there. Once someone joins this campaign, they are transported to an unknown location. These events are known as conveyance events. The location is designated SCP-7550-B.

Information about SCP-7550-B is sparse, but it is hypothesized that SCP-7550-B is similar to the Christian depiction of the underworld. There appears to be no discernable way to enter or exit SCP-7550-B other than entering a conveyance event. SCP-7550-B contains a Tartarean-class demonic entity, designated SCP-7550-C. SCP-7550-C is approximately three meters in length and has a superficial resemblance to a human. It possesses large, curved horns on its cranium and its eyes are luminescent green.

After a conveyance event, the viewers are then greeted by SCP-7550-C. The entity considers itself a DM3, and it wants the players to play its campaign. It is uncertain whether SCP-7550-C is a malevolent entity.

Discovery: SCP-7550 was initially discovered on 4/8/2019 when some missing person cases describe the missing people as having “vanished into thin air”. All of the missing people had a background in D&D and devoted a significant amount of time to the game. The last activity on their devices was clicking an advertisement, where SCP-7550-A was found and contained.

Addendum 7550.1: Audio Log

Addendum 7550.2: Interview Log 1

Addendum 7550.3: Video Log 1

Addendum 7550-4: Video Log 2

Addendum 7550.5: Video Log 3

Addendum 7550.6: Interview Log 2

Addendum 7550.7: Video Log 4

Addendum 7550-8: Interview Log 3

Addendum 7550.9: Implementation of Protocol 7550-Ω

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