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Item #: SCP-7547

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7547 is to be contained within a felt case within a stainless steel locked storage container at Site-44, located in a forested area near the city of Cagliari, Italy. Any variant of SCP-7547 produced during or as a result of testing shall be contained within a separate felt box from the original instances and marked. Testing is only permitted under the supervision of Dr. Robert Sampang, who currently heads research under SCP-7547.

Description: SCP-7547 is a group of seven pieces of glass in the shape of a thick, handlebar-styled mustache, each measuring 127mm in diameter, 25.4 mm in height, and 91 grams in weight. Six of the instances of SCP-7547 show heavy traces of pure diamond within the glass; the seventh, which was produced during testing, does not.

When SCP-7547 is placed upon the patch of skin above the upper lip and below the nose, said person will be transformed by small cubes into glass and will form a new instance of SCP-7547 that may be attached. However, when destroyed and placed on a subject's upper lip, no effect occurs.

Unlike the original instances of SCP-7547, whenever a new instance is formed via testing the glass of the subject, the new anomaly, will be industrial-grade glass without any diamond. When a non-original instance of SCP-7547 is placed upon a subject, they will still turn to glass, but the mustache they develop is non-anomalous. They may also form a top hat, which is also non-anomalous.

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