Warning! Due to the anomalous nature of the subject, all information contained within this document must be verified with Site-90 psychologist Dr. Ancel Mulhaney every three (3) days and Director Vogler every seven (7) days. Editing said document is to be carried out under RAISA Memetics Division supervision. No security clearance shall be required to access or purvey this document. SCP-7543 has been verified to exist as of 23 Feb 2024 03:55.

Item #: SCP-7543

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The interior of Containment Chamber 3321 is to be monitored by three CC cameras at all times; basic amenities are to be provided for the resident. Food must be delivered on a daily basis to Containment Chamber 3321 at 07:00, 12:00, and 18:00, and must be logged and signed by the deliverer and recipient. SCP-7543 (hereby referred to as "John Doe") must be accompanied by at least five escorts whenever he leaves Containment Chamber 3321 (see SCP-7543 movement schedule), and must wear the Foundation name tag assigned to him.1 A line-of-sight must be maintained by at least two escorts during these times, and a log must be kept of John Doe's activities at all times, either by outside observers or John Doe himself. A tracking and vitality microchip has been implanted in John Doe in the event of a breach. As John Doe is cooperative with Foundation guidelines and personnel, no force is required for his recontainment. In order to mitigate John Doe's anomalous property, he must be referred to informally. Frequent interaction with John Doe is strongly encouraged mandatory.

Description: SCP-7543 refers to an antimemetic human Caucasian male in his late-twenties, informally referred to as "John Doe".2 John Doe inadvertently causes anyone who perceives him to forget his existence approximately twelve seconds after breaking visual contact. Maintaining visual contact with John Doe is the only known way to neutralize his anomalous property. Retaining physical information regarding John Doe (notes, photographs, recordings, etc.) is 87% effective for mitigating his anomalous property; mnestics are not recommended to counter this effect. John Doe has severe depression and anxiety, and expresses frequent suicidal tendencies.3

Addendum-1: A note from Dr. Mulhaney to all staff in Site-90:

John Doe exists. He's in Containment Chamber 3321. We have to remember that. Asking "Who is John Doe?" is unacceptable, and constitutes failure on our part. John Doe exists. He's in Containment Chamber 3321. Calling him SCP-7543 leads to amnestic manifestation, so for the sake of his security and containment, clinical professionalism may be set aside. John Doe exists. He's in Containment Chamber 3321. Remind yourself as often as you need to. Check the video feed. Check his movement schedule. Check his daily logs. Scan his nametag. Make sure he's fed at the correct times. Interact with him. He's in Containment Chamber 3321. Don't forget. John Doe exists. Keep reminding yourself.

For anyone wondering why John Doe is classified as "Keter", despite his cooperative behavior, consider this: when visual contact is lost, the Foundation quickly forgets about his existence. If John Doe wished, he could easily escape containment simply by remaining out of sight. Even if he were caught, he could simply break line of sight, be forgotten about again, and resume his escape, and nobody would know. It would be nearly impossible to relocate him should he remove himself — or worse, be removed through negligence. Even if he were to be successfully recontained, it would only take a moment's distraction for him to slip away and be forgotten. Remember: we didn't secure him. He came to us of his own free will.

Addendum-2: A series of audio logs related to SCP-7543's study, conducted by Foundation Site-90 psychologist Dr. Ancel Mulhaney.

The following incident was taken from Site-90 security footage, four days after Dr. Mulhaney recorded his tenth audio log.

<07:00> Food is delivered to Containment Chamber 3321. SCP-7543 is present to record the delivery.

<07:30> After eating, SCP-7543 is escorted by three guards (Branson, Fulgate, and Greer) to Site-90's gymnasium for its regular morning exercises.

<07:33> En route to the gymnasium, SCP-7543 slips behind one of the guards, steals their firearm, and runs into a nearby room. The guards give pursuit.

<07:34> They run into the room, finding it empty. Surveillance indicates two other doors in the room. One guard remains in the room while the other two split up.

<07:35> The guards exchange dialogue via comm channel.

Fulgate: Hey Branson, stupid question, but…what am I doing in this room?

Branson: Uh, no idea. Your job, I hope.

Fulgate: No, I…I came in here for a reason, but…

Greer: What's going on, you two?

Branson: That's what we're trying to figure out. I know we split up for a reason but we can't figure out why.

Greer: Hmm, could be an antimeme on the loose or something. Rendezvous back here.

Fulgate: Copy. [they reunite with Greer] Should we report this?

Branson: Better safe than sorry. Hey, Fulgate, your firearm's missing.

Fulgate: What? Aw, shit. I have no idea how that happened. I swear I had it a minute ago.

Greer: We'd better check the video feeds. Come on.

<07:38> SCP-7543 is seen walking calmly into another hallway, then into an unoccupied storage chamber. It locks the door, sits down, and sets the gun it stole on a table. It then produces a sheet of paper and fixes it to the table with Scotch tape. The paper reads: "Sorry, I can't take it anymore. It's not like anyone will even notice I'm gone. Tell Mulhaney I'm grateful for what he tried to do." The name "Grieg" has been written on the bottom, but is quickly crossed out. SCP-7543 writes JOHN DOE in its place and puts the gun to its head. It stares directly into the camera for eight seconds before pulling the trigger.

<07:41> The gun fails to fire. SCP-7543 pauses, appears confused, and attempts to pull the trigger multiple times. It fails to fire each time. SCP-7543 is heard speaking: "Are you kidding me? It's not loaded? Did they forget to—" Suddenly it bursts out laughing, falling out of the chair and on the floor. "They forgot," it's heard shouting as it tries to stand. "Oh my god! I can't believe it! They forgot to load the…" It continues laughing. Branson, Fulgate, and Greer break down the door and point their guns at SCP-7543, who immediately slides the stolen weapon over to them, kneels down, and places its hands on its head. SCP-7543 is apprehended and returned to its containment chamber, still laughing.

<07:55> Director Vogler is informed of the incident.

<08:40> Dr. Mulhaney is informed of the incident.

Addendum-3: A timetable of incidents regarding SCP-7543 following Dr. Mulhaney's eleventh audio log:

Nov 1: After seventeen days, SCP-7543's positive behavior has maintained. Director Vogler approves the return of several minor privileges and rewards.

Nov 3: An incident in Site-90's cafeteria regarding unaccounted missing pieces of SCP-871. A Site-wide alert is called at 12:27 and resolved at 13:01 when video surveillance shows SCP-7543 consuming the remainder while its escort retrieved a beverage, summarily undergoing SCP-7543's anomalous effect. The escort is reprimanded and SCP-7543 has one of its privileges removed for failing to inform staff of its actions.

Nov 6: Site-90 physician Dr. Gutierrez reports the theft of a large undisclosed amount of cash money. A Site-wide alert is called at 08:47 and resolved at 09:22 when SCP-7543 returned the money. It claimed that the money was part of an experiment conducted by Gutierrez two days earlier, who had no recollection of said experiment. All of SCP-7543's privileges were removed, no investigation was made.

Nov 10: SCP-7543 cleared of previous charges following an unrelated experiment with Researcher Heinz. Gutierrez's experiment reports with SCP-7543 are discovered in Storage Chamber 4's filing cabinet during Heinz's tests, with Gutierrez claiming to have forgotten about them. All of SCP-7543's privileges were restored.

Nov 11: SCP-7543 deliberately covers Director Vogler's lab coat with mustard at 18:02 in Site-90's cafeteria, but is not reprimanded until the following day, as Vogler stated to have "forgotten" the incident. Half of SCP-7543's privileges are removed.

Nov 13: SCP-7543 claims many of its possessions were stolen by Maintenance. An investigation is performed; Maintenance is cleared of all charges following a video surveillance check (said possessions had previously been removed as a result of SCP-7543's negative conduct). A majority of SCP-7543's remaining possessions are removed as punishment.

Nov 14 - 30: SCP-7543 demonstrates exemplary discipline and cooperation. Vogler approves the partial return of its privileges, with the remainder to be delivered pending good behavior.

Dec 9: All of SCP-7543's privileges are returned, and some are added due to its continued cooperation.

Dec 10: Video surveillance records SCP-7543 filling security officer Greer's canteen with apple vinegar at 07:17, in full view of Greer, who stated to have "forgotten" the incident. Video footage shows SCP-7543 stealing the vinegar from Site-90's cafeteria two days earlier. Majority of privileges removed.

Dec 20: Part of SCP-7543's privileges returned as a result of continued good behavior. SCP-7543 begins loudly singing "Henry the Eighth" at 23:57, continuing until 00:04 the following day, where it was reprimanded. Privileges revoked.

Dec 25: One privilege returned to SCP-7543 as a gesture of seasonal goodwill.

Dec 26: Following a small birthday celebration, SCP-7543 lines the interior of seventeen "Santa caps" with petroleum jelly. SCP-7543's privileges revoked for one month and five days. Its behavior is scheduled for review on February 1.

Dec 27: Dr. Mulhaney observes a 70% increase in memory retention concerning SCP-7543 among staff. In an interview with SCP-7543, it stated that its erratic behavior is calculated to help mitigate its antimemetic effects, rather than acts of malice, restlessness, or the desire for attention. "Haven't you noticed?" it said. "People are remembering me now." SCP-7543 remarks observing staff has a noticeably greater chance of recollection when it demonstrates negative actions over positive ones, which studies later prove true. Some staff members are able to cite its actions hours and even days afterward. Having established a link, Mulhaney delivered his report to Director Vogler, who declined to comment.

February 2: After regaining all of its previous privileges, SCP-7543 is relieved of them immediately following an incident regarding Site-90's public announcement system and a "The Best of Bagpipes" CD it stole from Researcher MacLelland. Memory retention success increases to 76%.

Final assessment from Dr. Ancel Mulhaney: "As frustrating, detrimental, and problematic as John Doe's actions are, they have proven unusually beneficial in assisting with his anomalous property. It is now very difficult to forget about 'the annoying SCiP in Chamber 3321', and though I find it beleaguering, I believe it is for the best."

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