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Item #: SCP-7537

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7537's location has been deemed private property and public access is forbidden. Intruders are to be apprehended and ammnesticized appropriately prior to release.

SCP-XXXX1 [sic] is to remain sealed within the confines of SCP-7537 indefinitely.

Description: SCP-7537 is a large building resembling an office block, located in a previously barren section of desert in [REDACTED], United States. A single sub-level exists beneath SCP-7537, accessible via a lone elevator shaft. Between this level and SCP-7537 is a proportional amount of empty underground-space, containing no additional sub-levels or subterranean implementations, save for the elevator shaft.

The SCP Foundation insignia appears throughout SCP-7537’s interior, although no identifying site designation has been discovered as of yet. No additional buildings exist within the surrounding area. Through SCP-7537’s windows can be seen various rooms, including a central lobby, offices, and hallways that are painted grey or white and lit up by fluorescent ceiling lights. No activity has been detected within SCP-7537 since its discovery.

The area in which SCP-7537 manifested was formally designated as a potential location for constructing future Foundation facilities, passing all environmental safety and security requirements. Given the location's expansive size and separation from public notice, the area would have most likely been used as the grounds for a containment facility for potentially high-risk anomalies. No proposals for such a site were ever planned. SCP-7537 manifested gradually over the span of a single week, initially being incorporeal and appearing heavily faded to viewers, before eventually becoming tangible.

Addendum - Exploration Log:

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