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Item #: SCP-7531

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A fleet of no fewer than 12 warships is to maintain a perimeter around SCP-7531 at all times. All attempts by the Foundation to contain SCP-7531 have been unsuccessful. Tracking devices placed on SCP-7531 have never lasted more than 6 hours, but it can be tracked via satellites and requires constant monitoring. Any and all ships in the vicinity of SCP-7531 are to be informed to circumvent it immediately. The crews of ships unable to outrun SCP-7531 are to be advised to abandon ship.

Description: SCP-7531 is a warship of unknown classification that bears the name Chimera. It is estimated to be between 380 and 400 meters in length and between 50 and 60 meters in width. Its hull resembles that of a World War II-era Japanese battleship, but its superstructures resemble an amalgamation of Japanese, American, British, and German warships, among others. It lacks a visible flag.

SCP-7531’s armament exceeds that of any known warship. It includes naval weapons from multiple countries dating as far back as the 1930s. Its weaponry includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Primary Armament
    • 3 x triple 460 mm Type 94 guns.
    • 4 x triple 16-inch/50-caliber (406 mm) Mark 7 guns.
    • 2 x quad BL 14-inch (360 mm) Mk VII guns.
  • Secondary Armament
    • 4 x triple 155 mm 60 3rd Year Type guns.
    • 10 x twin 5-inch/54-caliber (127 mm) Mark 16 guns.
    • 4 x twin 20.3 cm SK C/34 guns.
    • 12 x single 5-inch/54 caliber (127 mm) Mark 45 guns.
    • 8 x twin QF 5.25-inch (133 mm) guns.
    • 4 x Mk 46 Mod 2 Gun Weapon Systems.
  • Anti-Aircraft Armament
    • 12 x triple Type 96 25 mm AT/AA guns.
    • 10 x sextuple Bofors 40 mm L/60 guns.
    • 112 x single Oerlikon 20 mm cannons.
    • 8 x twin Phalanx CIWS.

While nations with naval capabilities are aware of incidents involving the hostile nature of SCP-7531, such incidents have been framed as acts of piracy.

Incomplete Timeline of Confirmed Encounters:

22 January 1818: The crew of the heavy frigate HMS Trincomalee witnessed a larger and more heavily-armed French frigate being attacked by a slightly smaller vessel that has since been classified as SCP-7531. Once the French frigate was crippled, SCP-7531 approached it head-on. The bow of SCP-7531 opened both vertically and horizontally, and it began consuming the French ship. The British sailors reported that SCP-7531 made no attempt to stop the French sailors from abandoning ship or pursue them once they were in the water. Once there was no trace of the French frigate, SCP-7531‘s damage was inexplicably repaired, it increased slightly in size, and its cannons grew to match those of the French ship. SCP-7531 initially tried to pursue the HMS Trincomalee, only to abandon the chase, presumably upon realizing the Trincomalee was faster.

2 March 1863: After a pursuit that lasted eight days, SCP-7531 managed to wear down, defeat, and consume a Confederate Ironclad warship, after which its hull changed from wood to metal. Some surviving crew members claimed to have sunk four identical ships before a fifth sank theirs, while others claimed to have sunk SCP-7531 four times, only for it to return each time, somehow fully repaired. They all noted that each reappearance took longer than the one before it.

12 September 1942: An unarmed passenger ship encountered SCP-7531, which made no attempt to attack or pursue it. One crew member took a picture of SCP-7531 as they passed it.

24 October 1944: The Japanese battleship Musashi was attacked and eventually consumed by SCP-7531. The American and Japanese navies subsequently falsified documents claiming that the battleship was sunk by an American air attack during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

11 April 1946: The USS Montana was secretly completed and launched with the goal of destroying SCP-7531. The mission was a failure, ultimately resulting in the consumption of the Montana by SCP-7531. Due to the classified nature of the mission, all sailors killed were reported to have died in a training incident, and all official records claim that the USS Montana was never completed.

19 July 1953: At 06:35, a carrier group led by the USS Midway (CV-41) located and attacked SCP-7531, successfully sinking it. At 13:56, the fleet was caught in a storm that worsened engine damage the light cruiser USS Vallejo (CL-146) had sustained during the battle, causing it to fall behind. At 14:21, the rest of the fleet received an S.O.S. from the Vallejo claiming they were under attack by SCP-7531. The transmission was cut off before the captain of the Vallejo could relay their coordinates. At 14:23, the captain of the heavy cruiser USS Cambridge (CA-126) announced his intention to return to the Vallejo’s last known position. At 14:47, an S.O.S. from the Cambridge was cut off mid-transmission. No trace of either ship or living crew members were ever found, although the bodies of 14 sailors were recovered.

8 June 1960: The British battleship HMS Vanguard was attacked and consumed by SCP-7531. The surviving crew were sworn to secrecy by the British government.

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