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Item#: 7521
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Affected Ethics Committee members are not to be replaced, as the investigation into SCP-7521's origin is currently ongoing. Due to the massive risk to morale that the discovery of SCP-7521 poses to Foundation personnel, information about it has been restricted to the O5 council, The Administrator, and MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"), who have been assigned to investigate the source of SCP-7521. Any discovered instances of SCP-7521 or SCP-7521-1 in water sources are to be transferred to the nearest Foundation site for study.

Description: SCP-7521 is an anomalous chemical compound, the majority of the components of which have not yet been identified.1 This difficulty has been linked to antimemetic cloaking placed on SCP-7521-1. When any amount of SCP-7521 is ingested by a human individual, they will not experience any adverse reactions to it until exactly 1 hour after the ingestion occurred, at which point they will rapidly regress to a fetal period of development, over the course of approximately 2 seconds.

SCP-7521-1 is a collective term for various pill capsules that contain SCP-7521, notably dissolving in water near-instantly. Aside from their relationship with SCP-7521, SCP-7521-1 instances also contain antimemetic properties that prevent the visual observance of them outside of photographs and video.

Discovery: SCP-7521 was discovered during an Ethics Committee meeting, the transcript of which has been provided below.


DATE: 10/27/22


18:05: The members of the Ethics Committee are seated at a table in Site-01.

18:10 Instances of SCP-7521-1 materialize within the committee members' water glasses, before rapidly dissolving.

18:32 By this point, all members of the committee have consumed some amount of their water.

19:12 The first member of the committee regresses into a fetus, causing panic across the room. Various members call for help.

19:13 Multiple security guards enter the room.

19:32 All members of the committee have regressed into fetuses.

19:33 All members of the committee have expired.


Memo from The Administrator: After the discovery of SCP-7521, all members of Foundation staff stationed at Site-01 received a memo from The Administrator, the contents of which are provided below.

To: All Site-01 Employees

From: The Administrator

Date: 10/27/22

Subject: The Ethics Committee Incident

The Foundation has existed for over 100 years now, and we have over 7000 objects contained at this point. We have survived many adversities and many adversaries. We have even stared down gods and won. But never before has such a severe attack against the Foundation taken place. I will admit that I do not know who caused this, whether it was an inside job carried out by a rogue employee, an attack by the Chaos Insurgency, the Sarkic Cults, or the Serpent's Hand. What I do know, however, is that we will prevail, against all odds, as we have for 100 years.

We will secure, we will contain, and by God, we will protect.

-The Administrator

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