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Item #: SCP-7519

Object Class: Euclid

** Special Containment Procedures:** SCP-7519 is to be contained within a 5m x 5m x 5m standard containment chamber at Site-██. Access to SCP-7519 is strictly prohibited for all personnel, except for specially trained Class-D personnel, who are to be used for research purposes only. Any attempts to access SCP-7519 without proper authorization will result in disciplinary actions.

Personnel assigned to SCP-7519 containment are to rotate every 24 hours to minimize the risk of attachment or obsession. Class-D personnel involved in research must be administered amnestic treatment immediately after any interaction with SCP-7519.

Description:SCP-7519 is an anomalous twisty puzzle closely resembling a standard Ivy Cube. The object is composed of intricate obsidian-like material, with faint luminescent patterns that shift and morph across its surface. SCP-7519's anomalous properties render it both captivating and perilous.

Along with becoming spherical at times, when an individual attempts to solve SCP-7519, they undergo a transformation in their sensory perception. They perceive their surroundings as an ever-changing labyrinthine environment, filled with optical illusions, shifting walls, and surreal landscapes. Despite the disorienting nature of this perception, subjects believe they are navigating this labyrinth in pursuit of solving the puzzle.

As subjects delve deeper into SCP-7519, they experience heightened cognitive abilities, particularly in spatial reasoning and puzzle-solving skills. This effect is not limited to the puzzle itself; affected individuals can solve complex problems and ciphers with remarkable ease. However, these enhanced cognitive abilities are solely focused on navigating SCP-7519 and unlocking its secrets.

Prolonged exposure to SCP-7519 leads to increased obsession and compulsion to explore the labyrinth further. Subjects may disregard their basic needs, including eating and sleeping, in their relentless pursuit of understanding the labyrinth's mysteries. Additionally, subjects report vivid dreams where they are trapped within the ever-shifting maze, unable to escape.

Perhaps the most concerning aspect of SCP-7519 is its unpredictable and occasionally hostile interactions with those who attempt to solve it. In some instances, subjects have reported encountering sentient entities within the labyrinth, described as enigmatic and often antagonistic beings. These entities communicate cryptic messages, adding to the puzzle's allure but also increasing the psychological strain on those attempting to solve it.

Addendum 7519-B:Experiment Logs

Experiment 7519-A

Subject: D-7519-1
Procedure:Subject instructed to solve SCP-7519.
Results: Subject reported perceiving the labyrinthine environment and solving SCP-7519 successfully within their own subjective time frame, despite several hours passing in reality. Subject exhibited mild disorientation but displayed significantly enhanced puzzle-solving skills during the experiment.
Experiment 7519-C

Subjects:D-7519-2 and D-7519-3
Procedure: Both subjects instructed to solve SCP-7519 simultaneously.
Results: Subjects experienced the perception of a complex and shifting labyrinth, reporting encounters with enigmatic entities. Both subjects displayed heightened cognitive abilities during the experiment but became increasingly obsessed with uncovering the labyrinth's secrets.
Experiment 7519-D

Procedure:Subject exposed to SCP-7519's luminescent patterns without attempting to solve it.
Results: Subject reported experiencing vivid dreams related to the "Enigma Labyrinth." Subsequent psychological evaluation revealed signs of compulsion and obsession related to SCP-7519.

Addendum 7519-C:Incident Log

On October 17th ████, unauthorized access to SCP-7519 was attempted by a junior researcher, Dr. ██████. Dr. ██████ entered SCP-7519's containment without proper authorization and attempted to solve the puzzle. Surveillance footage showed Dr. ██████ experiencing the labyrinthine environment, communicating with enigmatic entities, and becoming increasingly obsessed.

Despite immediate intervention and amnestic treatment, Dr. ██████ exhibited signs of enhanced cognitive abilities and continued to speak cryptically about SCP-7519 Dr. ██████ remains under close observation.

In light of this incident, containment procedures for SCP-7519 have been further tightened. No personnel are permitted to enter SCP-7519's containment under any circumstances. Class-D personnel involved in research are to be closely monitored for signs of enhanced cognitive abilities and compulsion related to SCP-7519.

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