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Item #: SCP-7517

Object Class: Euclid

Description of Current Observation and Tracking:

Containment Attempt 1
Description: A decoy boat with zero passengers was sent into a storm. The boat had 5 cameras. 4 were pointing outside of the ship and one was pointed at the [REDACTED] entanglement device. At 2:37 in the attempt, SCP-7517 was seen off starboard side. At 2:40, SCP-7517 stepped onto the deck, triggering the [REDACTED] device. SCP-7517 did not move or resist. At 3:50, a recovery team had arrived to collect SCP-7517. At 3:52, SCP-7517 suddenly and violently broke free from the [REDACTED] device. One survivor, Junior researcher Benjamin Collins.

Containment Attempt 2
Description: A boat with four passengers was sent out into a storm. The passengers consisted of 2 D-Class, 1 researcher and 1 armed officer. The boat had 6 cameras. 4 were pointed outside of the ship, 1 was pointed outside of a large containment cell on top of the deck, and 1 was pointed inside of the containment cell. 2 D-Class were placed inside of the containment cell as bait. At 3:08, The officer and researcher left on a dinghy. They were observed leaving on portside. At 3:09, the officer and researcher encountered SCP-7517 and were killed. The dinghy was absorbed by SCP-7517’s mass of ship parts. At 3:10, SCP-7517 stepped onto the deck and walked into the containment cell trap. At 3:26, SCP-7517 broke out of the containment cell, leaving the two D-Class alive.

Containment Attempt 3
Description: A fleet of 12 boats were sent into a storm. They were piloted and filled with D-Class. The goal was to lead SCP-7517 on a chase into a containment cell on shore comprised of 25 feet of thick metal in every direction. The plan banked on the extra D-Class inside of the ships buying enough time to get to the cell. At 7:59, SCP-7517 was seen in front of the fleet. At 8:01, SCP-7517 [REDACTED]. Zero survivors.

Description: SCP-7517 has the appearance of a male fisherman. Specifically, it wears denim overalls, a light blue shirt, and a yellow raincoat. Its face is aged, and its eyes deeply sunken in, along with rough black mutton chop facial hair.
SCP-7517 can control a mass of broken ship parts. It uses these as a scaffold to walk above the ocean surface. How SCP-7517 does this is unknown. The way SCP-7517 manipulates these chunks of metal and wood has been described as ‘uncomfortably organic’. The ages of the parts have been identified to range from 1874 to 20XX.
SCP-7517 patrols the North Sea off the coast of Scotland. SCP-7517 will manifest only during a storm. SCP-7517 will wander looking for ships. When it finds one, it will stalk it. When it is noticed by a crew member, it will begin its attack. It will board the ship and systematically slaughter every member of the crew. Starting at the highest-ranking member and making its way down the chain. It usually keeps the lowest-ranking member alive. After SCP-7517 is finished, it will take a large chunk of the ship with it and add it to its mass of broken parts. Often not enough to sink the ship, although this seems more coincidence than an active decision.

Addendums: There have been 7 recorded instances of SCP-7517 telling the last living member a story. Interviewed members that were pressed on the story’s contents could only get a few words out before suffering a mental breakdown and becoming unresponsive. The second of these instances occurred with junior researcher Benjamin Collins.

Interviewer: What can you tell me about the story you were told?
Benjamin Collins: …I… not… not much… [Deep sigh]
but I can try…
He… he started it with, “I was like you once-”
[Benjamin pauses, getting choked up and starting to hyperventilate]
“I know-“
[Benjamin abruptly stops and begins desperately trying to leave. He is taken to the Psych ward.]

Benjamin Collins recovered from his mental break in three days. He refused to be asked any more questions. A week after his recovery, Benjamin Collins began experiencing unexplainable damage to body. 12 deep cuts appeared all over him, and another one appeared during his examination. Traces of rusted metal were found inside his wounds. This began occurring with the others who were told stories. All instances of someone being talked to by SCP-7517 are now classified as SCP-7517-1. Research and observation are ongoing.

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