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Item #: SCP-7515

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-7515, it cannot be physically contained by current technology.

Description: SCP-7515 describes patterns of solar radiation caused by the refraction of anomalous starlight through the chromosphere of Sol. These pattern vary in wavelength and intensity and can manipulate fluctuations in quantum probability that govern the sequence of cause and effect, both on earth and within the solar system. SCP-7515 events are visible in the sky as a bright pattern of light surrounding the sun, commonly referred to as a Parhelion1.

Described by Foundation researchers as ‘The Parhelion Effect,’ SCP-7515 events have been observed to correspond to great moments of luck or fortune for individuals affected, (henceforth referred to as SCP-7515-1) though whether this alteration of chance manifests as positive or negative is seemingly random. Since recording of SCP-7515 events began in 18██, at least 3,484 events of high-intensity have been recorded, with the rate of occurrence showing a steady increase over time. Various documents and artifacts recovered from historical astronomers and stargazers of antiquity reveal a vague understanding of SCP-7515's nature in regards to its ‘luck’ effects on SCP-7515-1 entities, though a firm understanding was not established until the Foundation formally began its research into the anomalous events. Ongoing study of SCP-7515 is performed by the current research team, Lambda-22, working under the direction of Dr. ██████████ at Site-██.

SCP-7515 is thought to be the origin of several astrological disciplines that draw meaning and effect from patterns of solar bodies, alignment of planets, and rotations of the moon. Efforts have been undertaken by the Foundation to promote cultural disbelief in such practices as part of containment procedures of the true nature of SCP-7515. These efforts are ongoing as known elements of the GOC2 have made attempts to bring the nature of SCP-7515 to light, forcing the Foundation to deploy Mobile Task Force “Sun Dogs” and engage in information suppression operations to thwart any moves towards public recognition of SCP-7515’s anomalous nature.

There have been no observed correlations between individual SCP-7515 events, preventing subclassification of radiation patterns, and no understood link between the starlight refracted by Sol and their effects. While SCP-7515 events have no known method of prediction, a greater quantity of events have been recorded in locations of high population density. The results from Lambda-22 monitoring teams are thus far inconclusive.

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