Portions of the following document have been passed through a Two-Stage Allegorical Filter and represent
an instructive allegory from which generally useful information about containment may be derived.
Elements which require nuanced interpretation are bolded.

- Joan Deverne, HPC Division Head

Item#: 7510
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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There is nothing within the walled area.

Special Containment Procedures: The designation SCP-7510 is to refer solely to the containment procedures carried out at Containment Site-7510.1 Containment Site-7510 has been constructed around a location which was, but is no longer a small town in Manitoba. The former name of the town is to be forgotten by everyone. The former names and former lives of the former residents of the town are to be forgotten by everyone. A concrete wall ten meters in height has been constructed around the boundaries of this area. If the wall becomes compromised, containment is to be reestablished and a new wall constructed around the compromised area.

Deaf personnel should be preferentially employed at Containment Site-7510. Personnel with hearing capacity above the acceptable maximum (see Document HPC-7510-SPR) must use noise-cancelling equipment outside of the designated safe zones.

Verbal communication outside of safe zones is not permitted.2 Any personnel who believe they have heard human voices outside of safe zones have most likely experienced a conceptual breach and should be amnesticized promptly.

Personnel who believe they have seen entities come over the wall (for example, during an armed muster around the perimeter line) should also be amnesticized within 24 hours.

Personnel are to review the narrative content within this document to foster a stable set of acceptable beliefs about the contents of the walled area. Supplemental content is available in the site archives.

There is nothing within the walled area.


In a far-away land, there is a place which is not a town surrounded by a high concrete wall. There is a secret door in the high concrete wall in a place known only to the wise.

A smiling fool who has forgotten their own name will be taught the secret words by rote and without understanding. When the time is right, the smiling fool will pass through the secret door.

If the smiling fool touches any branch of any tree, a flower will bloom. If the smiling fool sees any corpse of any person, a flower will bloom. If the smiling fool hears any word of any song, a flower will bloom.

If the smiling fool walks to a place where there is no longer a church without touching any branch or understanding anything, a flower will not bloom. If the smiling fool then says the secret words by rote and without understanding, a fruit will wither and the wretched singing will subside.

If a fruit withers, the next smiling fool will be taught the next passage of the secret words.

If instead a flower blooms, the wretched singing will not subside. As such times, the armies of the wise will assemble around the wall with weapons of flame and terror to purge whatever may come forth.

When every fruit withers, then the twisted boughs will also wither and there will be silence in the land. Otherwise, there will not be silence.


Description: There is nothing within the walled area.

The following is a fictional narrative included in this document to aid comprehension of elements which cannot otherwise be described. Tone has adjusted to favour a non-literal interpretation.

In those days frost and drought fell upon the lands, and for three years did sickly and meagre crops rise from the wilted fields. And so the people grew poor and ragged, and many among them did set forth for brighter places where food was plentiful and the sky did not hang so low.

And then there remained only those with deep roots to hold them fast to that wind-scoured plain beneath that pitiless sky. Pious men and women held fast by name, by blood, by memory. Thus they toiled in the dirt and their roots grew strange and gnarled. Thus they reached toward heaven in supplication and their branches grew gaunt and twisted.

And in the third year the people said one to another, who among us has blasphemed against the heavens that we must suffer so? So then at the old church was a grand trial held, and the wise passed judgement, and the damned were stretched toward heaven, and the heavens loomed low to claim them.

And the rains returned, and there was singing and dancing in the streets as the dark clouds at last covered the merciless sky. For three days and three nights did the rains come down and wash the lands and the people clean of all blood.

Then, on the fourth day when the clouds cleared, the corpses of the damned had taken root in the low-hanging sky. From that wicked seed had sprouted a great inverted tree, gnarled and black, clawing at the ground with its twisted branches. Yet the townsfolk walked amongst the stricken boughs without fear, for their faith was strong and their eyes blind.

Then in their bloodless hearts and eyes did the wretched tree bear fruit, and so did they swell and ripen.

The tree in the narrative is fictional and does not exist. A fictional tree is within the range of nothing which it is acceptable to believe that the walled area contains. This configuration of beliefs has proven relatively stable and is therefore encouraged.

Unacceptable beliefs about the contents of the walled area will lead to conceptual breach and must therefore be avoided at all cost.

The following is an instructive allegory regarding the origin of this containment procedure.


In a strange and distant kingdom there was something behind the sky with a likeness that is not to be carved into any graven idol. When the people prayed unto the heavens, the sky grew nearer.

In a certain former town of that kingdom, something wicked was thrust upward, and because the sky was very close, a wound was formed. Soon that wound began to fester as a parasite took root.

As it grew, the parasite answered the town's prayers. Thus the rains came down, and all the flowers bloomed, and all the fruit grew ripe.

Thereafter the wise learned of what had come to pass in that place, and a high wall was built to contain the flowers and the fruit. And the wise, knowing the ways of such parasites, said to one another: only when every soul denies it and forgets its name shall the twisted boughs wither.

Yet even still, so long as the fruit remains shall the twisted boughs thrive. The secret words must be spoken: yet, the parasite knows the hearts of mortals and shall steal the breath of any wise man who would speak those words. Only a fool who understands nothing may pass unhindered.


Addendum 7510-1: Notes on Flower Bloom and Breach Events

The flowers which emerge during these events should be crippled by the severing of limbs and incinerated once the event is resolved. The exposed heart and eyes of said entities must not be damaged prior to incineration.

Hostile entities which appear to emerge from within the wall during these events must be subject to sustained fire from incendiary or similar weapons until no further movement is observed. All involved personnel must be amnesticized after the event.

Addendum 7510-2: Containment Timeline

Date: August 1-23th, 2018
Event: Initial discovery.
Outcome: There is nothing within the walled area.
Fluids: Saliva. Tears.
Casualties: Unknowable number of civilians. 17 personnel.
Expansion: None.
Notes: Containment site established. Initial containment procedures called for no interaction with the walled area.

Date: Dec 16-22, 2019
Event: Unprompted extrusive phenomenon, severe cognitive breach.
Outcome: Bloodless wings spread wide over the plains.
Fluids: Cerebrospinal fluid. Sweat.
Casualties: ~500 civilians, 55 personnel.
Expansion: 50 meters.
Notes: Wide-scale amnestics deployed. Disruption class changed to Amida. Nearby civilian populations evacuated. Containment procedures updated with the goal of causing all fruit to wither.

Date: April 20th, 2020
Event: First successful recitation.
Outcome: A fruit withered.
Fluids: Mucous. Lymph.

Date: May 6th, 2020
Event: Conceptual breach, moderate severity.
Outcome: There was singing and dancing in the streets.
Fluids: Cerebrospinal fluid. Saliva.
Casualties: 10.
Expansion: 5 meters.
Notes: HPC guidelines updated.

Date: June 18th, 2020
Event: Second successful recitation.
Outcome: A fruit withered.
Fluids: Lymph.

Date: June 30th, 2020
Event: Third successful recitation.
Outcome: A fruit withered.
Fluids: Saliva. Lymph.

Date: July 15-17th, 2020
Event: Recitation failed due to subject misidentifying a flower. Conceptual breach due to audio suppression failure.
Outcome: A flower bloomed, and the wretched boughs flourished.
Fluids: Amniotic fluid. Vitreous humour. Tears.
Casualties: 187.
Expansion: 110 meters.
Notes: Original site lost. Containment reestablished at secondary barrier. Noise cancelling protocols updated. Containment facility reconstructed.

Date: December 14th, 2020
Event: Fourth successful recitation.
Outcome: A fruit withered.
Fluids: Lymph.

Date: Jan 3rd, 2021
Event: Recitation failed due to subject misidentifying a fruit.
Outcome: A flower bloomed.
Fluids: Vitreous humour. Tears.
Casualties: 2.
Expansion: 10 meters.
Notes: None.

Date: January 21st, 2021
Event: Recitation failed due to subject misidentifying a flower.
Outcome: A flower bloomed.
Fluids: Aqueous humour. Tears.
Casualties: 5.
Expansion: 10 meters.
Notes: Full amnesia protocol implemented for subjects to prevent further misidentifications.

Date: March 4th, 2021
Event: Unprompted extrusive phenomenon.
Outcome: Three days and three nights of rain.
Fluids: Amniotic fluid. Sweat.
Casualties: 26.
Expansion: 30 meters.
Notes: Incendiary weapons ineffective due to abundance of fluid. Electrical backup systems deployed. Significant friendly fire.

<Five successful recitations omitted. Associated fluids: Saliva. Mucous. Lymph.>

Date: October 23rd, 2021
Event: Recitation failed due to abnormal movements of fruits and branches.
Outcome: A flower bloomed.
Fluids: Bile.
Casualties: 12
Expansion: 10 meters.
Notes: Recitation protocols revised.

Date: January 2nd, 2022
Event: Tenth successful recitation.
Outcome: A fruit withered, and the blighted earth festered.
Fluids: Bile. Lymph.
Casualties: 1.
Expansion: None.
Notes: First instance of loss of subject during successful recitation. Protocols revised.

Date: March 5, 2022 to present.
Event: Ongoing, unprompted extrusive phenomenon.
Outcome: Forty days and forty nights of rain.
Fluids: Gastric acid. Bile. Sweat.
Casualties: 52 so far.
Expansion: 30 meters.
Notes: Escalation of activity noted, security presence increased.

Containment procedures are presently under review. It may become necessary to attempt recitations under extrusive conditions. Two further recitations are required to complete the containment procedures.

Addendum SCP-7510-3: The following passages were once but are no longer passages of the secret words. Said passages are not inherently dangerous, however, they may have an adverse affect on the reader's system of beliefs. If your ability to maintain acceptable beliefs about the contents of the walled area is compromised, contact your supervisor for amnesticization.

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