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Item #: SCP-7507

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7507's cadaver is to be kept in Site-17's morgue in order to ascertain whether Shift Events have ceased with its death. Once it has been confirmed, SCP-7507's request to be cremated and its ashes spread near its former home in Mayford, Tennessee is to be granted, pending approval from O5 Command.

Description: SCP-7507 is a 28-year old Caucasian human male, possessing blonde hair and green eyes, going by the name of Thomas Yaltz. SCP-7507 measures at 1.75 meters in height and 95.25 kilograms in weight. Other than an accent of indeterminate origin,1 SCP-7507 does not possess any outstanding characteristics.

Psychologically, SCP-7507 possesses a moderate stutter,2 as well as symptoms consistent with Autism Spectrum Disorder, paranoia, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

SCP-7507 possesses a space-temporal anomaly, that being the ability to "Shift" from this universe to another, random universe. The following information was determined over the course of its containment:

  1. SCP-7507 cannot control when it Shifts, which universe it is sent to, or how long it remains.
  2. Shift Events can occur no less than two weeks apart.
  3. During a Shift Event, anyy items on its person, or objects and/or beings it touches, are also Shifted along with SCP-7507.
  4. SCP-7507’s general spatial location is preserved during Shift Events.

These facts have been taken into account with current containment procedures.

Discovery: SCP-7507 was discovered on January 23rd, 2018 at Saint Christopher's Mental Institution in Mayford, Tennessee. SCP-7507 came to the Foundation's attention when a newspaper article was published about its latest escape attempt performed the previous day, after it was found in the broom closet of the local post office.

As this "escape attempt" was deemed to be physically impossible, plainclothes Agents were sent to Saint Christopher's, under the guise of transporting SCP-7507 to an institution with more stringent security.

Upon discovering the sub-standard conditions of Saint Christopher's Mental Institution3, amnestics were administered via aerosol, and an anonymous tip was sent to news outlets about their practices. Saint Christopher's was subsequently shut down on February 13, 2018.

Addendum 01 — First psychiatric evaluation and witnessing of Shift Event:

Interview conducted: February 5th, 2018

Participants: SCP-7507 and Dr. Evan Stevens, Psy.D.

<Begin transcription>

Dr. Stevens: I apologize for taking so long to get to you, Mr. Yaltz. Our Foundation has been a bit short on psychological staff lately, and—

SCP-7507: P-please, c-call me Tommy

Dr. Stevens: Alright, Tommy, whatever makes you comfortable. How are you liking your accommodations so far?

SCP-7507: It's n-nice, n-not having a bed that f-feels like it's m-made of l-lead. And w-w-with actual sheets and c-covers. I m-miss having a t-television in my room, t-though.

Dr. Stevens: We'll see what we can do about getting you a TV, Tommy, but it might take a while. There's a lot of red tape we have to go through to give our patients items.

SCP-7507: A-am I a patient, h-here? I've heard the other d-d-doctors call me "ess see pee f-five oh seven".

Dr. Stevens: Oh, don't worry about that, Tommy. That's just your patient identification number. SCP just stands for "Special Care Patient".

SCP-7507: O-okay, if you're s-sure…

Dr. Stevens: I am. So, Tommy, why don't you tell me about this "teleportation" you're able to—

SCP-7507: It's n-not t-teleporting.

Dr. Stevens: Pardon?

SCP-7507: I s-said it's not t-teleporting. Well, I-I guess it can be used for t-that. But it's really a m-more of an u-unintended side effect.

Dr. Stevens: Really? Of what?

SCP-7507: I… I've said too much. The doctors b-b-back at S-Saint C-Christopher's called me a r-r-ret… r-r-ret… retard whenever I tried to explain to t-them.

Dr. Stevens: That's horrible, Tommy. I want you to know, neither I nor the other doctors in our Foundation will ever, ever use those words with you. You can tell me what it really is. Whatever you say to me is confidential.

(SCP-7507 is silent for 20 seconds)

SCP-7507: I can "s-shift" between d-dim… universes.

Dr. Stevens: You can? How do you know?

SCP-7507: Sometimes, the w-words don't make sense, or the people don't look like p-people, or the p-p-plants will s-s-scream at me.

Dr. Stevens: I'm sorry, "the plants will scream at you"?

(SCP-7507 buries its face in its hands, and begins letting out muffled sobs)

SCP-7507: P-please. L-let's t-talk a-about s-something e-else.

Dr. Stevens: Alright, Tommy, and I'm sorry for making you relive such a traumatic memory. Tell me, can you control where you go during these "shifts?"

(SCP-7507 sniffles, and removes its head from its hands, before shaking its head)

SCP-7507: N-no. It just s-sends me somewhere r-random—

(SCP-7507 vanishes mid-sentence; its chair clatters to the floor)

(Dr. Stevens gets up from his chair, a stricken expression on his face, pulling out his phone and dialing a number)

Dr. Stevens: We've got a problem.

<End transcription>

See Addendum 02 for more information about documented Shifts.

Addendum 02 — List of notable Shift Events, and subsequent interviews:


Retrieval: SCP-7507 was found in its room the day after it had Shifted in front of Dr. Stevens.

Description: SCP-7507 stated that it did not notice that it had Shifted at first, as Dr. Stevens was still sitting across from it as it continued speaking. It was only when Dr. Stevens vocalized confusion of who SCP-7507 was, and where it had come from, that it noticed that something was amiss. SCP-7507 was seized by this equivalent Site-17's security team, and was escorted to a Containment Unit that resembled its own, and remained there for the rest of its Shift.

Requests: A tracking device and biweekly access to sessions with Dr. Stevens. Granted.

Post-Shift Interview:

Interview conducted: February 6th, 2018

Participants: SCP-7507 and Dr. Evan Stevens, Psy.D.

<Begin transcription>

Dr. Stevens: You worried all of us quite a bit, Tommy, when you Shifted.

SCP-7507: S-sorry. Like I told you, I c-can't control it.

Dr. Stevens: It's okay, Tommy. I'm not mad at you, none of us are mad at you. We were just afraid for your safety.

SCP-7507: D-doctor, please, don't b-bull… b-bull… lie to me.

Dr. Stevens: What do you mean, Tommy?

SCP-7507: SCP doesn't s-stand for "Special Care Patient," does it? T-the other D-Doctor Stevens called me that, a-a-and I could just t-tell it was meant to be like I-I'm some kind of i-item. N-not a p-patient.

Dr. Stevens: Tommy…

SCP-7507: (stands up, slamming its fists on the table) D-DON'T TALK TO M-ME LIKE THAT! I-I can hear the c-condes… c-c-condes… patronization in your v-voice. The d-d-doctors in M-Mayford spoke like t-that to me too, when they w-weren't calling me r-r-retard.

(Dr. Stevens remains silent)

SCP-7507: I-I want you g-guys to help me, but the l-least you could do is be h-honest with m-m-m-me.

(Dr. Stevens remains silent for 10 seconds, a conflicted look on his face, before sighing and removing his glasses)

Dr. Stevens: We do want to help you, Thomas. That part wasn't a lie; but you're right. It doesn't stand for "Special Care Patient." You aren't a patient here. You're not an item, either. You're just a man with an ano— (Sound of throat clearing) a strange power that you can't control. And until our doctors can find a way to stop it from happening, we have to keep you here as best as we can to make sure the world doesn't try to hurt you.

(SCP-7507 remains silent for 15 seconds, before sitting back in its chair, sighing)

Dr. Stevens: Now, you're going to get that tracking device you requested. It's very durable and long-lasting, so you don't have to worry about it running out of juice. And I'll try my best to see you at least every two weeks — assuming your Shifts don't interrupt us again. We'll also be putting a TV in your room sometime in the next week.

SCP-7507: T-thanks, d-d-doctor…


<End transcription>


Retrieval: Via tracking device. SCP-7507 was found outside of Site-17's entrance, with lacerations on its hands.

Description: SCP-7507 found itself in a derelict classroom, the sole other person being a woman that "l-looked like my e-elementary school E-English teacher" [sic]. SCP-7507 was forced to recite "tongue twisters" without stuttering, with its hands being struck by a ruler each time it failed to do so.

Eventually, after failing too many times, SCP-7507's hands started to bleed from lacerations, and so was ordered by the "teacher" to go to the Nurse's Office and then "detention".

SCP-7507 left the classroom and began walking down the hallway, trying to find the Nurse's Office. However, the hallway extended for "what felt like m-miles" [sic] with no other doors in sight. SCP-7507 Shifted back just as it saw a doorway, with light emanating from it.

Requests Bandages for its hands, and access to a speech therapist. Granted.


Retrieval: SCP-7507 was found inside Site 17's guard barracks, holding onto Security Guard Anne Bernes' shoulder and shuddering.

Description: SCP-7507 and Bernes refused to elaborate on where they had ended up.

Requests A weapon with which to defend itself, and a high-intensity flashlight was requested by SCP-7507. A replacement pistol was requested by Bernes. Both were granted, though SCP-7507 was given a knife and sheathe in lieu of the firearm it had requested.

Post-Shift Interview:

Interview conducted: June 18, 2019

Participants: SCP-7507 and Dr. Evan Stevens, Psy.D.

<Begin transcription>

Dr. Stevens: So, Tommy, how are you speech sessions with Doctor Michelle going?

SCP-7507: P-pretty good, doctor. I'm not stammering as much as I-I used to anymore…

Dr. Stevens: I'm very happy to hear that, Tommy. Now, about what happened with you and Ms. Bernes…

(SCP-7507 flinches)

Dr. Stevens: Now now, don't worry. I'm not going to pry about where the both of you ended up. I just want to know, were you always able to take other people with you during your Shifts?

(SCP-7507 hesitates for five seconds, before slowly nodding)

SCP-7507: I don't remember how I found out.

Dr. Stevens: It's alright, Tommy, I understand. Now, you realize that we can't have you holding on to people whenever you—

SCP-7507: I-I didn't do it on p-purpose!

Dr. Stevens: No one was saying you were, Tommy. We just need you, from now on, to keep some distance from our guards and doctors, so we can prevent something like this from happening again. Okay?

SCP-7507: …Y-yeah, I understand, doc.


<End transcription>


Retrieval: Via tracking device. SCP-7507 was found in its room, curled up into a ball and hyperventilating.

Description: SCP-7507 shifted while sleeping. SCP-7507 woke up inside of a large casket, finding itself unable to move its arms in order to reach its flashlight. SCP-7507 called out, in an attempt to gather someone's attention, to no avail.

SCP-7507 began to experience symptoms of oxygen deprivation at this time, as it tried to conserve the little air the coffin provided. SCP-7507 panicked after discovering not only was there a skeleton to its left, but that its skull turned to look at SCP-7507.

SCP-7507 Shifted back just as it heard knocking from the coffin's "roof."

Requests: An oxygen mask, tank, and permission to move around the facility so that it "doesn't feel so c-cramped" [sic]. Granted, albeit with the latter only being in areas approved by the Site Director and O5 Command.


Retrieval: Via tracking device. SCP-7507 was recovered at a Serpent's Hand safehouse in St. Louis, Missouri.

Description: SCP-7507 found itself in a derelict version of Site-17's facilities, with all windows covered with what appeared to be lead sheets and multiple rooms and hallways barricaded with furniture, wooden boards, and debris.

SCP-7507 heard a noise from behind it, instinctively reaching for its knife and turning to face what it presumed to be a hostile entity, only to find itself caught off guard when facing another version of itself. This other version told the other to put its knife away, as it meant it no harm, with SCP-7507 reluctantly complying.

Upon noting that the other version of it was dressed in different clothing than it, the other SCP-7507 laughed, stating that it got told that "a lot." The other version explained that, unlike our SCP-7507, it had been retrieved from St. Christopher's by the Serpent's Hand, and had been tasked with cataloguing what it called "Branches" from "Yggdrasil," as its version of the Hand had been cut off from the Ways by the Global Occult Coalition.

Asking what was going on in the world they'd ended up in, the other SCP-7507 explained that "something" had happened to a majority of the population, that caused them to attack others indiscriminately and vaporize them with "pure heat" coming out from their mouths. It further explained that these "heat blasts" did not affect anything lined with lead.

Upon stating that neither of them had lead on their person, the other SCP-7507 shook his head and stated that it wouldn't be necessary, as it'd found that the Ways were still operational in this universe. It demonstrated to SCP-7507 by opening a Way in Site-17's breakroom, which led them to a "crowded as hell" house with other Serpent's Hand members.

Both SCP-7507s remained at the house for the duration of ours' Shift, which lasted for three weeks.

Requests See post-shift interview.

Post-Shift interview

Interview conducted: October 12th, 2019

Participants: SCP-7507 and Dr. Evan Stevens, Psy.D.

<Begin transcription>

Dr. Stevens: You told the other Doctors you met another version of yourself, is that correct, Tommy?

SCP-7507: Yes… Well, it's the first time I've met one in person.

Dr. Stevens: Oh?

SCP-7507: Occasionally, when I shifted, I had people or… b-beings act like they recognized me. Some of them even greeted me like I was an old f-friend. I guess there's even more versions of me out there than just the one I met.

(SCP-7507 pauses, then sighs)

SCP-7507: Please, Doc. Don't let any other versions of me that might show up get hurt. I know you've all been treating me well, but—

Dr. Stevens: You don't need to say any more, Tommy. I'll put in a word with the Site Director, and make sure your request is heard.


<End transcription>

Post Scriptum: SCP-7507's request is pending approval from O5 command.


Retrieval: This Shift was the longest documented by the Foundation, with SCP-7507 remaining out of this reality from January 2nd, 2020 to February 9th, 2023. SCP-7507 was rediscovered via tracking device, sobbing uncontrollably in a family's home in Utica, New York, necessitating the usage of Class-B amnestics and the cover story of a home burglary during recovery.

Description: SCP-7507 found itself sitting on a bench in a park, with no one remarking on its sudden appearance. As SCP-7507 was dressed in plainclothes for unrelated reasons, it felt comfortable getting up and trying to discern any differences between this reality and ours.

After gaining access to a library computer terminal, SCP-7507 discovered that the reality it had ended up in was the result of a Broken Masquerade scenario initiated by GOI-5869 "Gamers Against Weed" that resulted in the dissolution of all Normalcy Agencies and Marshall, Carter, and Dark. Subsequently, all anomalies in containment by the Foundation were given to the Serpent's Hand, and the remaining Groups of Interest went public.

SCP-7507 had just logged off of the terminal, when it bumped into "the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." After apologies were exchanged, the woman offered to buy SCP-7507 a coffee as recompense. She and SCP-7507 subsequently "hit it off" at a nearby Starbucks.

SCP-7507 described the rest of its time Shifted in broad strokes, detailing how it and the woman, named Sarah, began dating as it acquired a custodial job at the Starbucks they'd met at, eventually leading to it proposing to her, marrying her, and moving to Utica, New York to buy a house for themselves and their expectant child.

SCP-7507 shifted in the middle of having dinner with its wife and daughter.

Requests: A pencil and paper so that it could sketch its wife in the reality "in order to not forget them" and a way for it to go back to the reality it was in and stay there. The former was granted; the latter was denied with the explanation that it was not within the Foundation's power.

Addendum 03 — Final post-Shift interview: After initially refusing to speak with them or any other staff members, SCP-7507 finally requested to meet with Dr. Stevens 6 days after its Shift.

Interview conducted: February 15th, 2023

Participants: SCP-7507 and Dr. Evan Stevens, Psy.D.

<Begin transcription>

Dr. Stevens: Tommy, I want to start off by saying that, as a husband and father myself, you have my deepest sympathies. I can't begin to imagine what you're going through, right now—

SCP-7507: Doctor, I don't need your pity. I wanted to talk to you because, as I was sketching Sarah, I remembered something.

Dr. Stevens: What did you remember, Tommy?

(SCP-7507's breathing hitches, before it swallows)

SCP-7507: That place… where Ms. Bernes and I ended up in… I've been there before.

Dr. Stevens: What was it—

SCP-7507: P-please, let me finish. (sighs) It was when I was fifteen years old, and I had an argument with my father about… something or the other. It doesn't matter. I'd grabbed onto his shoulder, wanting to just scream in his face, when…

(SCP-7507 starts sniffling)

SCP-7507: W-when the both of us S-Shifted.

(Dr. Stevens can almost inaudibly be heard speaking "SCP-7507's regressing" into his earpiece.)

SCP-7507: The p-place we ended up in looked like that old iron factory my d-dad used to w-work in. B-but it was completely f-filled with smog, a-and we could hear g-gears grinding all around us. I-I t-t-think the iron works were a-a-angry at us being there.

My d-dad was f-freaking out at me, a-asking where we were and w-what I d-d-did. I couldn't answer him. I d-didn't k-k-know at the time, e-either.

S-suddenly, s-s-some thing came down from the c-ceiling, and s-snatched my d-dad away. I-I could h-hear his s-screams even as he became j-just a dot, until I h-heard….I h-h-heard…

(SCP-7507 begins to sob openly)

SCP-7507: o-oh G-G-G-G-God, I…I m-mur… m-m-mur… KILLED my d-d-d-dad.

Dr. Stevens: No. No, Tommy, it wasn't you that killed him. You couldn't have known—

SCP-7507: P-PLEASE, S-STOP T-TALKING! (Deep breaths, then sighs) When I came back, I t-tried to explain to my m-mom what had happened, but s-s-s-ss-she wouldn't listen to a w-word I'd say, s-screaming at me to t-tell her what I'd done to my d-dad. No m-matter how many times I t-told her the truth, she just got a-angrier and a-a-angrier, until she called the p-p-police and they shipped me off to S-Saint C-Christopher's. They s-sho…. s-s-sho… zapped me so many times there, I just… f-forgot almost everything that had happened before I was a-admitted.

When I e-ended up there again with M-Miss Bernes, I just… f-froze up. I-it was like m-my body r-remembered what had h-happened there, even if my m-m-mind didn't. O-one of those things came down, a-and tried to g-grab the both of us, but Miss Bernes managed to sh-shoot at it before it could, until it s-stopped moving.

B-but more of them came down from the c-ceiling, and w-we had to r-run. E-even though I could barely get my l-legs to move, I ended up s-sprinting with her until I t-thought my h-heart would g-give up. Eventually, one of those things g-grabbed onto Miss B-Bernes, a-and I did the o-only thing I could t-think of.

I r-ran and shoved her out of its g-gra… g-g-gra… hold, b-but we ended up l-losing her gun. W-we shifted back just as I p-pulled her up onto her f-feet.

(SCP-7507 falls silent, save for quiet sniffling)

Dr. Stevens: I'm sorry about what happened to your father, Tommy… We don't have to continue this session tonight, if you don't feel like it. I can tell that telling me this has taken quite a lot out of you.

SCP-7507: Y-yeah, that… that might be for the b-best…

Dr. Stevens: Go ahead and get some rest, Tommy. We can pick back up tomorrow morning.

SCP-7507: Y-yeah, s-sure… T-t-thank you, D-Doctor S-S-Stevens. For e-everything.

(SCP-7507 gets up from its chair, and is shortly thereafter escorted to its room.)

<End transcription>

Addendum 04 — Neutralization of SCP-7507: On the morning of February 16th, 2023, SCP-7507's guards heard its tracking device flatline. After breaching the door to its room, SCP-7507 was discovered lifeless on its bed, having punctured its own neck with its pencil and bled out. Laid next to its body were two pieces of paper, one of which read "PLEASE TAKE MY ASHES HOME", and the other "IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT, DOCTOR".

SCP-7507 was tentatively declared Neutralized, while its body was transferred to Site-17's morgue until its last request could be approved.

Dr. Stevens requested his resignation from the Foundation, with amnestic treatment. This request is pending approval.

Addendum 05 — Post-neutralization Development: On February 18th, 2023, the motion detector in Site-17's morgue registered movement outside of working hours. Security staff were deployed, finding that SCP-7507's cabinet had been opened, with a single card placed upon its chest. The contents of this card are reproduced below:

I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you, Tommy. - H

The identity of this "H" is currently unknown.

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