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Item#: 7497
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-7497 is secured in a minimum 3 cm thick Boron Adamantite1 box with its lid welded shut airtight. The Boron Adamantite box containing SCP-7497 is placed in High-Risk Containment Chamber 14 in Site-6122, where one Scranton Reality Anchor (SRA) is installed on each wall. Four security cameras with bulletproof lens and reinforced steel casing are installed in the containment chamber to monitor SCP-7497 at all times. Service drones are deployed once per week to maintain the structural integrity of the Boron Adamantite box and proper functionalities of the SRAs. No personnel are allowed to enter the containment chamber of SCP-7497 under any circumstances.

In the event of a containment breach, any ongoing or upcoming court trials and nongovernmental hearings within Malaysia which could involve false accusations, foul play, or irresponsible enforcement must be investigated, especially those involving the death penalty. Foundation agents must monitor court trials and nongovernmental hearings suspected of the misconducts above and prepare to recontain SCP-7497 once it remanifests.

Any civilian who survived an encounter with SCP-7497 is to be placed under medical care and constant surveillance in civilian hospitals under Foundation control. Amnestic treatment and media suppression are executed accordingly to remove any public knowledge of SCP-7497. Appropriate cover stories are distributed to the public to justify the casualties caused by SCP-7497.


SCP-7497 is a 38 cm long Malaysian kris from the 18th century. SCP-7497 has a wavy blade made of iron-nickel alloy and infused with arsenic compounds. The hilt of SCP-7497 is made of Neobalanocarpus heimii3 wood and its configuration indicates the existence of a fitting sheath, but all attempts to locate the sheath of SCP-7497 have thus far failed. SCP-7497 possesses anomalous sharpness and invulnerability, allowing it to cut through non-anomalous materials with ease and resist any form of conventional damage.

SCP-7497 possesses a strong cognitohazardous memetic trigger effect towards a human subject who is a victim of false accusation, foul play, or irresponsible enforcement, especially if it involves sentencing the subject to death. If a court trial or nongovernmental hearing held in Malaysia involves a convicted subject fulfilling the condition of SCP-7497’s effect, SCP-7497 will manifest on the closest stable surface within the reach of the subject during the trial. Once the subject sees, touches, or is made aware of the presence of SCP-7497 through verbal statements of other attendants, the subject will be compelled to pick up SCP-7497 and use it to commit suicide as a way to prove their innocence, most commonly by impaling their own heart. Direct contact with SCP-7497’s blade transmutes the blood of the subject to contain 70% to 90% of lymphocytes, turning the colour of their blood white. The subject will then enter a hysteric state and use SCP-7497 to attack other attendants of the trial, making high-pitched vocalizations in Old Malay in the process even if they have no prior knowledge of the language. The subject is able to maintain mobility for a much longer period of time compared to average humans inflicted with the same injuries. After the subject expires from the self-inflicted wound using SCP-7497, SCP-7497 will immediately demanifest.

Current records indicate that SCP-7497 can only manifest in one location at a time, but it can manifest an unlimited number of times per day as long as the conditions are fulfilled. The application of SRA in close proximity is able to inhibit SCP-7497 from demanifesting, but SCP-7497 has displayed the capability to levitate and move independently at up to 40 km/h within a limited amount of time in several attempts to breach containment. Whether SCP-7497 possesses a consciousness of its own or is acting based on some form of predetermined routine is unknown.

Due to the tendency of SCP-7497 to cause mass civilian casualties, all testing involving SCP-7497 is prohibited until further notice.

Addendum 01: Discovery

Addendum 02: SCP-7497 Incident 028 Video Log

Addendum 03: SCP-7497 Containment Breach Report

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