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by PlaguePJP

Item#: 7594
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An Elephant seal.

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-7495 incidents are to be documented so a pattern may be established.

To date, there has been no progress toward discovering the origin of SCP-7495. As a result, potential containment vectors are entirely unknown, both due to the scarcity of known incidents, the inability to reproduce said incidents, and the random nature in which these incidents are triggered.


An Elephant seal.

Description: SCP-7495 is the anomalous phenomenon leading to the manifestation and subsequent, often violent, death of an Elephant Seal (Mirounga angustirostris).

While the exact parameters that trigger a successful SCP-7495 event are inconsistent and not fully understood, the following has been proven regarding this phenomenon:

  • SCP-7495 solely affects Foundation personnel;
  • The Elephant seal involved in an SCP-7495 event is non-anomalous;
  • The Elephant seal involved in an SCP-7495 event is created by the anomaly, as in, it is not being teleported from the active population;

SCP-7495 events are triggered just before the death of exactly one member of the Foundation's personnel. It is believed that the appearance of the Elephant seal is an attempt to stop the incident from transpiring, however, these deaths will still occur regardless of the hapless seal's manifestation. SCP-7495-activating events range from incredibly mundane to extremely anomalous, and attempts to replicate exact parameters in order to reproduce the phenomenon have unilaterally failed.

As of documentation, no discernible force or entity has been identified as the source of SCP-7495. The leading hypothesis by Site-17 researchers posits that this phenomenon is a form of failed divine intervention.

The following is an abridged record of notable SCP-7495 events.

Personnel Cause of Death/SCP-7495 Event
J. Researcher Kelly Graham Smoke inhalation after an Elephant seal blocked an exit during a fire.
Dr. Kevin Grossman An Elephant seal landed on him at a top speed of 440 m/s, protecting the corpse from a falling piece of debris.
Janitor Orlan Di Leonardo Struck by a truck. An Elephant seal materialized between the vehicles and was reduced to a fine, red mist.
Sattelite Technician Isaac Lowry Vacuum Exposure after his spacesuit unexpectedly depressurized and the torso section burst open when an Elephant seal manifested within the suit.
Researcher Marianne Warren Drowned after being caught in a riptide and being held underwater beneath an Elephant seal, which also drowned.
Pilot Garrett Bench Crushed to death when an Elephant seal manifested atop him, extinguishing an ongoing cockpit fire. The jet subsequently crashed in a residential area.
Dir. Grover Morris Blood loss resulting from the shrapnel of a crashed fighter jet piercing through Morris' window, an Elephant seal, and Morris' upper body.
Researcher Lloyd Jones. Launched into a brick wall at high speed by an Elephant seal. The seal was then shot by the bullet meant for Jones.
Dr. Javier Martinez Blunt force trauma resulting from an Elephant seal performing CPR, consisting of it repeatedly slamming its head on Martinez's chest, after he began choking on a peanut.

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