SCP 7492
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Item #: SCP-7492

Object Class: Safe


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7492-1 and SCP-7492-2 can roam the facility within clearance level 1 areas.

SCP-7492-1 and SCP-7492-21 must not be separated.

Should SCP-7492 breach, both entities will be escorted back to containment and stay in containment until damages caused by the breach are fixed.

Description: SCP-7492-1 appears as a small cat of the species Felis catus, SCP-7492-1 has a height of 9.23 inches and a weight of 9.4 pounds. SCP-7492-1 can teleport at will within 40 meters of SCP-7492-2.
SCP-7492-1 is hostile to subjects that are not SCP-7492-2.

SCP-7492-2 is a human female approximately 22 years of age with brown hair, and green eyes. SCP-7492-2 and SCP-7492-1 must not be separated.

Should SCP-7492-2 be separated from SCP-7492-1, SCP-7492-2 will transpose to SCP-7492-1's location. Anything within 10 meters of either objects when this occurs will disappear.2

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