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Item#: 748
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SCP-748, interior.

Special Containment Procedures: The non-anomalous structure above SCP-748 has been converted into Site-68. In the event of a civilian encounter, security personnel are to employ non-lethal force in conjunction with the administration of amnestics. A steel, barbed-wire fence must be maintained at a four km radius around SCP-748. Signs warning of toxic contamination are to be attached to the fence at every three meter interval.

Security has been increased in light of recent changes to SCP-748. Researchers are to travel and work in groups of no fewer than 3 and must be accompanied by an armed escort at all times. Security personnel are to be equipped with helmet-mounted live audio/video recording devices and all personnel must be equipped with a GPS tracking unit.

Description: SCP-748 is an abandoned industrial complex capable of mass-production through anomalous technology. Located in Lowell, Massachusetts, SCP-748 was constructed beneath a non-anomalous factory. SCP-748's anomalous machines are rusted, damaged, and primarily disabled. Based on recovered documents, these machines would have required a level of power on par with a fusion reactor but their intended power source has yet to be discovered. The construction of SCP-748 appears to be incomplete. Evidence of this includes walled doorways, dead-end halls, and wires/pipes that connect to nothing. Posters throughout the complex display motivational/propagandistic slogans, including "A HARD WORKER IS A HAPPY WORKER" and "ACTIVE MINDS LEAD TO IDLE HANDS" (among others).

The first subterranean floor is accessible via a collapsed portion of SCP-748's surface interior. Metal signs designate the location as “Boarding 03/1200 – Ι: 21”. The floor is characterized by eight hallways (cell blocks 1-8), each converging at a circular room equipped with a large mechanical lift. Cells are designed for the containment of workers. The floor is estimated to have been designed for the capability of housing 4,000 to 6,000 individuals in crowded, unsanitary conditions.

The second subterranean floor is a rectangular chamber. Despite its distance from the surface it appears to be designed for the packaging and shipping of products; local signs designate the floor “Shipping 03/1200 – Φ: 5190”. The floor contains twenty-one mechanical lifts including the central elevator - the lifts most likely used for the transportation of items from the assembly floor.

Contained within are three machines of identical design attached to the southern, eastern, and northern walls and are respectively labeled Νότος,1 Εὖρος,2 and Βορέας.3 Although disabled, recovered documents suggest that their purpose was related to the transportation of objects. The western wall appears to have once housed such a machine but it seems to have been destroyed. These machines have since been classified as SCP-748-1.

Heavily rusted crates were discovered haphazardly scattered throughout the area. The crates are non-anomalous and their anomalous cargo has been transferred to Site ██ for study. Anomalous objects recovered from these crates include:

  • 500 rocking horses, biologically alive. Scream when observed. Highly radioactive.
  • 500 fur coats crafted from the pelts of various unknown species. Perpetually on fire.
  • 2,000 rifles that superficially resemble the M1903 Springfield. No observable anomalies but Kant counters have registered them at >50 Hm, suggesting high levels of potential unreality.
  • 800 bowler hats that cannot be removed once worn. Causes the wearer to expel wasps from every orifice.
  • 200,000 cigarettes. Direct inhalation transforms the consumer into a basking shark. Affected individuals will explode after complete transformation (a process requiring approximately 30 minutes).
  • 10 metric tonnes of rotten meat. Genetic analysis revealed a hybrid species of human, pig, and squid. Highly radioactive.

The third subterranean floor is a semi-circular chamber accessible via the central elevator. Signs designate this floor “Production 03/1200 - Ω : 91”. The location is composed of conveyor belts, pneumatic tubes, electron tubes, and pipes – all of which connect to a large machine (since classified as SCP-748-2) located in the southern section of the chamber. Based on recovered documents, SCP-748-2's intended purpose was roughly analogous to a molecular assembler.4 However, its design and mechanics fail to correlate with such a hypothetical constructor or with established laws of nature, rendering the process entirely anomalous.

It appears that SCP-748-2 suffered significant damage at some point in the past, an event likely related to SCP-748's neutralization. This is estimated to have occurred in the early 1950s despite records stating that the surface factory was shut down and abandoned in 1915.

Addendum: On 05/14/1996, a blockage of bone and scrap metal was removed from several large pipes used throughout the complex. This removal caused the pipes to flood with water, resulting in the loss of eleven personnel. Following this incident, electrical lights were enabled throughout the complex (flickering and dim, suggestive of low power) and an aperture opened where the central elevator shaft had previously terminated, connecting to an additional floor.

The fourth subterranean floor is a spherical chamber accessible via the central elevator shaft. Metal signs designate the floor as “Management 03/1200 - Δ : 586”. Contained within this floor are 200 pillar-shaped machines attached to one another via copper wires, bronze pipes, and vacuum tubes. Each device houses a glass cylinder containing an unidentified green liquid and one preserved human brain. These brains are biologically alive but have suffered damage consistent with lobotomy. These devices are classified as SCP-748-3 and connect to a large and intricate apparatus at the northeastern section of the floor which has since been classified as SCP-748-4.

SCP-748-4 is a 275 metric ton bio-mechanical machine related to the control and management of SCP-748. SCP-748-4's mechanical component is comparable to an analog computer (albeit one of incredible complexity) while its organic component is a living human brain that claims to be Randolph T. Metzger. SCP-748-4's voice is often distorted and marred by static - it remains unknown how it is able to speak and hear.

Addendum: Six personnel have inexplicably vanished with the first incident occurring in 08/14/1996. Each individual was out of sight at the time of their disappearance and in some cases, were nearby but merely obstructed when turning a corner or moving behind a machine. The cause of these disappearances remains unknown. Security procedures have since been updated to address this concern.

When asked about the disappearances, SCP-748-4 responded by stating: "Accidents happen. Your safety is not my concern."

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