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Item #: SCP-7477

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All known vectors for SCP-7477 have been destroyed. The necessity of terminating the last known carrier of SCP-7477 is currently being debated.

Description: SCP-7477 is a viral cognitohazard incubating in organisms attempting to determine a solution to a complicated problem or project (as defined by the affected individual). SCP-7477 is capable of infecting organisms who are not working on such a problem, in which case it will latch onto an applicable problem when the organism begins working on it. SCP-7477 has displayed extreme versatility in hosts, able to affect both human and non-human organisms.

Based upon what information can be gathered and testimony from the sole surviving carrier of SCP-7477, when a viable solution to the associated problem is reached by an infected carrier, SCP-7477 detonates. At this time, the head of the affected organism will spontaneously explode. The force of the explosion exponentially scales with the size of the affected organism's head; a human head explodes with force roughly equal to a grenade, whereas an affected blue whale's head exploded with force equivalent to 10 kT of TNT.

Individuals who observe the process of SCP-7477 detonating, interact with the physical remains of a carrier (especially the head) or otherwise interact in a first-hand capacity with the SCP-7477 explosion or its effects become infected with SCP-7477. If information regarding SCP-7477 is significantly distorted, the cognitohazardous properties fade. For example, the ashes of victim's heads do not carry the effect.

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