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Item #: SCP-7459


Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Site-7459 is to be maintained as a wildlife and nature reserve via the Västerbotten Government on behalf of The Foundation. All civilians and/or non-authorised personnel who enter the 5-kilometre exclusion zone surrounding Site-7459 are to be apprehended and interrogated by on-site personnel under the guise of the local authorities, before being transferred to ████████'s town jail, located 25km outside of Site-7459. Class-A and/or Class-B amnestics may be administered to detained individuals if deemed necessary.

Several outposts across Site-7459 are to be maintained in order to monitor seismic activity in the area, and the contents of the river running through the region. In the event that the contents of the river become impure due to activity from SCP-7459-B, the river is to be cut off and pooled into a provisional reservoir until this activity ceases. Any and all abnormal seismic activity within Site-7459 is to be reported directly to 05 Command Liaisons.

Description: Site-7459 comprises 200 km² of land surrounding both Mt. ██████████, and the river originating from it. Site-7459 naturally contains SCP-7459-A-1 and is one of the few instances where SCP-7459-B has actively interacted with the surface to a significant degree.

Site-7459 was initially brought to The Foundation's attention in 1982 after peculiarities in wildlife behavior across Europe and Russia became widespread public knowledge. After investigation, it was discovered that female wolves in the region were deserting their packs in large numbers and migrating toward what is now Site-7459, with specimens converging on different sections of the river originating from Mt. ██████████ and following it to the mountain's base. Studies conducted on the river found it to be comprised of significant amounts of non-native biological substances, the most prominent of which being blood, pheromones, and semen, with semen making up the vast majority of the river's volume. DNA testing matched extracts of semen and pheromones taken from the water to Canis Lupus (The Grey Wolf). However such tests conducted on extracts of the blood were inconclusive.

Foundation Agents observed Site-7459, more specifically Mt. ██████████, for several days; a large gathering of roughly 235 female wolves were recorded to have gathered around the entrance to a cave system at the base of Mt. ██████████ which the river flowed through. Several more days following this observation all members of the gathering had entered into the initial cavern. Attempts by Foundation Agents to enter the cavern were made impossible by a substantial increase in river discharge shortly thereafter, creating dangerous rapids and blocking any possible route of entry. This also dissuaded any arriving wolves that had not already entered from doing so, and within a few days, no more specimens were found to be making their way toward Site-7459. Further study found that the source of the river higher up the mountain was not comprised of any unusual substance, and was by all accounts normal spring water. Neither was it at a high discharge level, unlike the river further downstream that had gone through the mountain.

75 days following these events, the river's discharge levels dropped significantly. A subsequent expedition team was assembled to enter the cavern:

Expedition Log: 7459-A

Date: ██/██/82
Time: 7:32 AM

5 Universal Task Force Agents entered the cavern at the base of Mt. ██████████ in the early morning. By this time the river’s discharge levels had subsided to where the entrance into the cavern was navigable. Upon entry, it was immediately clear that there was a second flow of liquid that intersected with the naturally occurring river in the cavern, this second stream of fluid was almost entirely composed of semen and blood and originated from a cave system deeper underground. The UTF Agents, although equipped for cave expeditions, requested explicit permission to follow the stream of fluid deeper into the cave. Control accepted, and the Agents began to follow the stream to its source.

As the team moved deeper into the cave, it was found to descend several hundred meters underground. After two more hours of descent, the team came to a sudden halt due to a heightened face of rocks forming a dam that blocked their path. The Agents took a short period of rest before electing one of their members to climb the obstacle; upon doing so The Agent stumbled and fell before they could fully come to their balance, unintentionally activating the audio recording device mounted to their chest in the process.


Agent Shepard: AAAAAA-SHIT! FUCK!

[A loud splash is audible.]

Agent Pines: Kalie, you ok?!

Agent Shepard: Yeah, yeah… oh goddamnit I turned this stupid thing on…ugh, what the hell is this stuff? JESUS FUC-


The other members of the team promptly climbed over the rocks to aid Agent Shepard, finding that they had fallen directly into a mound of rotting wolf carcasses which had built up against the rock face, and now were blocking the flow of fluid downstream. Upon further inspection, all specimens in the pile were female and acutely mutilated, all bearing fatal lacerations across their cervix.

Continuing through the cave, it was noted that the level of liquid beyond the dam was significantly higher, and at some points neck deep, forcing the Agents to swim through it rather than walk. The liquid was also noted as to be increasingly more viscous and foul-smelling. Several more bodies, all female wolves with the same wounds to their cervix, were found floating in the liquid or pinned against rocks, as the Agents continued. Floating alongside these specimens were the remnants of exceptionally large canine fetuses; later expeditions uncovered similar instances, both still partially in the wombs of, and in the stomachs, of several deceased adult specimens. Roughly one hour after passing the dam, the Agents reached a large and relatively open-spaced cavern that provided higher ground; in the center of this cavern, a large mound of flesh and bone (estimated to be roughly 10,440 kg in mass) was interrupting the stream of liquid. This was deemed to be the source of the blood found in the lower course of the river, and upon further inspection, it resembled a human finger, though several thousandfold larger. What would equate to the metacarpal and proximal phalanx still possessed a significant amount of flesh but with no obvious signs of decay or rot despite adverse conditions; later analysis revealed that the tissue derived from the object, now referred to as Item: 7459-1, was impervious to microbial and chemical deterioration.

The team was ordered by control to retrieve samples from Item: 7459-1 before continuing further into the cave, the team complied and began to cut off sections of meat and bone, on further inspection small bite marks covered the surface of the object. As the team was doing this, a distinctive loud chewing was heard coming from the other side. The team requested permission to investigate, control accepted but advised caution. Approaching the other side of Item: 7459-1, the team located the source of the sound as an infantile wolf cub (hereby referred to as SCP-7459-C) consuming a section of flesh it had torn from Item: 7459-1. Alongside SCP-7459-C was the corpse of yet another adult female wolf which was presumably its mother, this specimen was of note due to its larger body size, and a lack of any major external injury.1 Upon detecting the Agents, SCP-7459-C ran toward and huddled against its deceased mother. Control requested the team to retrieve both the living and dead specimen, recommending that three Agents return to the surface while the remaining two continue onward. The team complied.

The two remaining Agents then traveled deeper into the cave system in pursuit of the streams' origin. 40 minutes after their separation with the other team members, the Agents noticed a glowing light further into the cave which became more intense as they approached it. The Agents entered another extremely high ceilinged cavern, discovering the source of the light to be a metallic golden chain suspended from overhead and descending into an underground geyser that was producing the vast volumes of semen that contributed to the stream.

Later investigation also concluded that the geyser discovered by the Agents was in fact the entrance to an even larger underground chasm, similar to other such chasms found beneath several dozen anomalous instances similar to SCP-7459-A-1.


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Ground-level containment of SCP-7459-A-1 has been achieved through the containment procedures for Site-7459. Any aviation or orbital activities interrupted by SCP-7459-A-1 are to be investigated and subsequently dealt with as per standard field protocols. SCP-7459-A-1 is typically not visible in footage taken of the Earth, however as a precaution, Foundation Counter Intelligence is to search for and scrub any references to it that may appear in media or in academic circles. As of 1989, Foundation web crawlers have been deployed to remove any reference to the anomaly that may appear on the internet. SCP-7459-A 2-39 are to be monitored on a regular basis in a similar capacity to SCP-7459-A-1 but require no further containment procedures due to their extremely remote locations and lack of disruption potential.

Description: SCP-7459-A-1 is a stone structure located at the peak of Mt. ██████████. Within SCP-7459-A-1 is a metallic golden chain comprised of an unknown alloy, half a meter in diameter, wrapped around an inner core located within the stone structure. This chain descends several thousand meters into the earth, entering the chasm beneath the mountain. Both the stone structure and the chain are indestructible via any known means, and weigh far more than their mass should allow. Dozens of instances similar to SCP-7459-A-1 (Designated as SCP-7459-A 1-39) have been discovered across the Arctic Circle, however, as well as its notable location, SCP-7459-A-1 bears both unique markings and an additional two chains located on its exterior.

The outward sides of SCP-7459-A-1 are etched with artwork as well as Nordic runes, depicting three celestial bodies: Earth in the center, with the Sun and the Moon on its flanks. Each celestial body is paired with a depiction of a wolf looming over it, with the wolf paired with Earth being the largest of the three. On the bottom and top sections of the stone structure, there is a continuous pattern of wolves chasing the Sun and the Moon.

The two exterior chains attached to SCP-7459-A-1 are identical in composition to the primary chain, but are far thinner, only 12 cm in diameter. Each is located on the left and right faces of the structure respectively. Both chains extend into the sky indefinitely, seemingly with no physical anchorage other than SCP-7459-A-1. Both chains experience periodic strain depending on the time of day, with the rightmost chain straining at noon and the leftmost chain straining at midnight. The source of whatever is straining the chains is currently unknown, although it has been noted that the direction of the chains consistently lines up with the approximate locations of local light refraction phenomena, parhelia, and paraselenae, respectively.

SCP-7459-A 1-39 are believed to have been constructed as containment mechanisms dedicated to SCP-7459-B due to their placement above underground chasms where SCP-7459-B is partially accessible from the surface. The party or entity which constructed them is currently not known.


Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7459-B, is at least in theory, already physically contained for the foreseeable future, and as such containment procedures for SCP-7459-B are to focus on keeping its existence a secret. Any seismic activity or phenomenon caused by SCP-7459-B is to be removed from public record, and covert containment teams are to secure the site at which they occurred. Further procedures may be carried out on a case-by-case basis if necessary. Thus far, only Site-7459 has required extensive containment measures to be employed in order to keep SCP-7459-B's existence confidential. Currently, as of ██/██/82, the existence of SCP-7459-B has not been disclosed to The Global Occult Coalition, in spite of the 1972 Trepczyński Co-Aptness Treaty, due to concerns that any direct intervention may contribute to SCP-7459-B becoming far more active and thus destructive.

Description: SCP-7459-B is a massive subterranean organism that exists on average 6 km under the Earth's surface. It is present across the majority of the Arctic Circle, making it roughly the size of a small continent. SCP-7459-B both physiologically and genetically resembles an adult male specimen of Canis Lupus (The Grey Wolf), however evidence has shown that its tissue and hide are extremely resilient, if not impervious, to both physical trauma as well as natural decay. SCP-7459-B is alive, however it is believed to be in a state of prolonged torpor, and its interactions with the surface are largely involuntary, e.g. bodily secretions and periodic muscle movement, both of which have resulted in noticeable activity on the surface. It has been noted that muscle movement of SCP-7459-B has been consistently most frequent during winter periods from November-February. SCP-7459-B is also believed to be growing in width, height, and weight, albeit at an extremely slow pace as to not be a concern for several hundred years according to Foundation projections.

It is unknown exactly how SCP-7459-B came to be buried under the Arctic Circle, however, due to the nature of the underground chasms associated with SCP-7459-B, as well as the fact that it is growing, it can be assumed that SCP-7459-B was far smaller when it was originally entombed and that its subsequent growth, movement, and excretions have been making the ground above it increasingly unstable.

Following the hypothesis that SCP-7459-A 1-39 were constructed to contain SCP-7459-B by an unknown party or entity, it was discovered that the chain of each structure is directly bound to SCP-7459-B. Recorded muscle movements of SCP-7459-B near the sites where these chains are bound to its body are far smaller than in areas further away from these sites.


Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-7459-C, containment measures must be periodically overhauled, an increase to the size of the containment vessel was required on average every 2 months until its current enclosure was established. Currently, SCP-7459-C is contained in a retrofitted 2 km² vivarium (as per the suggestion of Dr. Kristian Ashfield); originally outfitted as an aviary, it provides ample vertical and horizontal space for SCP-7459-C as well as a natural environment. The exterior of the vivarium is to be electrified to dissuade SCP-7459-C from approaching it, however SCP-7459-C is largely docile due to its upbringing in Foundation containment.

As SCP-7459-C poses the threat of both a ßK-class “lifted veil” scenario, and given enough time, a K-class end-of-the-world scenario, a permanent solution, code-named: Operation Shooting Star, is currently being devised as of ██/██/85 by SCP-7459-C's containment team, The Joint-Foundation Aerospace Committee, The Logistical Office, and the Offices of O5-6, and O5-12. Operation Shooting Star is expected to be completed within 7-12 years.

Description: SCP-7459-C is a Class-A Sapient male specimen of Canis Lupus (The Grey Wolf). SCP-7459-C, since its discovery as an infant in 1982, has been increasing in mass at an exponential rate and has since reached a mass of 206 tons and a height of 42 meters. SCP-7459-C does not require nutrients in order to maintain this size nor to continue growth, and prolonged periods without food and water have revealed that it requires neither to sustain any of its bodily functions. The only food that SCP-7459-C has consumed readily has been Item: 7459-1, which it seems to be able to digest despite Item: 7459-1's high resistance to chemical weathering. There is a standing hypothesis that Item: 7459-1 may have contributed in some capacity to SCP-7459-C's anomalous properties and how it survived through infancy without its mother.

SCP-7459-C has similar levels of resilience to physical trauma as SCP-7459-B, although it does still feel pain to a relatively normal degree, which has been utilized to ensure its containment. Testing done to determine the nature of SCP-7459-C's metabolism has revealed that it can survive without oxygen, and even in a vacuum, without any ill effects. Attempts to pierce SCP-7459-C's tissue have all failed, however, it has been successfully restrained and even incapacitated on several occasions; it is integral to note that attempts to restrain and/or incapacitate SCP-7459-C have required more effort in league with its growth and that eventually, it will be likely impossible to achieve either. Dr. Ashfield has suggested that attempts to do so be kept at a minimum as to ensure SCP-7459-C's cooperation in Operation Shooting Star.

SCP-7459-C is a Class-A Sapient organism, capable of higher thought and speech, this is the same level as standard human subjects, albeit SCP-7459-C is capable of learning complex skills and concepts at a much faster rate, and at a much younger age, than humans. SCP-7459-C does however still possess behaviors associated with its own species, most predominantly in regard to body language, primal behaviors, and routine.

SCP-7459-C Observation and Behavior Log:

Start Date: ██/██/82

Chief Observer: Dr. Kristian Ashfield.

██/██/82: SCP-7459-C is transferred to Area-12 and placed in an incubation chamber. SCP-7459-C refuses to consume any synthetic milk given to it, subsequent attempts are made utilizing preserved milk from its deceased mother, although SCP-7459-C seemed more interested, it still refused to consume it. Forced feeding was authorized for a period of 4 weeks.

██/██/82: SCP-7459-C required larger containment apparatus due to a substantial increase in size over 3 and a half weeks from its initial containment.

██/██/82: SCP-7459-C refuses to allow personnel to remove a blanket it had outgrown, it was requested of Dr. Ashfield to attempt to replace it, however Dr. Ashfield reported it was too difficult. SCP-7459-C has been issued with two blankets.

██/██/82: SCP-7459-C is still extremely uncooperative during feeding sessions. Dr. Ashfield proposes feeding it sections from Item: 7459-1. This proved successful and was adopted as standard practice.

██/██/82 - ██/██/83: Multiple instances where SCP-7459-C required transfer to a larger containment chamber. SCP-7459-C has surpassed infantile stages of development and is now equivalent in size to a several-year-old specimen of a non-anomalous Grey Wolf.

██/██/82: Initial testing on SCP-7459-C's tissue and metabolism reveals its extreme physical durability as well as its metabolism not requiring a fuel source. It is however noted that SCP-7459-C did still feel pain during attempts to pierce its tissue.

██/██/82: Further testing has revealed SCP-7459-C does not require oxygen to sustain bodily functions.

██/██/82: SCP-7459-C required to transfer to a larger containment chamber.

██/██/82: Strength testing was conducted, it has been noted that SCP-7459-C was capable of pulling several times its own body weight and biting through solid titanium. Containment Specialist Connors is to be reimbursed with a new shin implant, as well as all medical expenses.

██/██/82: SCP-7459-C underwent exposure to high voltages of electricity in order to instill a fear of its containment barrier. Although accidental, it was discovered that high enough voltages could incapacitate SCP-7459-C for a reliable amount of time. This, along with severe blunt trauma, are the only known methods of doing so.

██/██/82 - ██/██/83: Multiple instances where SCP-7459-C required transfer to a larger containment chamber.

██/██/83: Dr. Ashfield is concerned that SCP-7459-C is not able to become accustomed to its containment environment due to frequent transfers, citing behaviors typical of stress.

██/██/83 - ██/██/83: Multiple instances where SCP-7459-C required transfer to a larger containment chamber.

██/██/83: During a routine transfer to a larger containment chamber within Area-12, SCP-7459-C was observed mimicking the language of personnel it encountered during the transfer. Said language was a segment of conversation between two personnel, in which one was discussing her son-in-law; SCP-7459-C continually repeated the word "son" for around 30 minutes. Further investigation by Dr. Ashfield into the cognitive abilities of SCP-7459-C has since been taken.

██/██/83: Dr. Ashfield has begun regular interaction and teaching sessions with SCP-7459-C.

██/██/83: Dr. Ashfield has been informed that, although SCP-7459-C has seemed responsive to the phrase, he is not to continue referring to SCP-7459-C as 'Buddy' during the aforementioned interaction sessions.

██/██/84: SCP-7459-C has been confirmed as fully sapient. Teaching sessions conducted by Dr. Ashfield have thus far resulted in SCP-7459-C comprehending the English language, basic numeracy, the alphabet, and the ability to reflect on its own existence and situation.

██/██/84: SCP-7459-C required to transfer to a larger containment chamber.

██/██/84: Dr. Ashfield has requested several books, VHS tapes, and a television, be submitted to his efforts in teaching SCP-7459-C. The request has been accepted so long as the content is deemed appropriate by internal censors.

██/██/84 - ██/██/84: Multiple instances where SCP-7459-C required transfer to a larger containment chamber.

██/██/84: Dr. Ashfield has proposed that a dedicated containment chamber be constructed for SCP-7459-C, utilizing a currently dilapidated aviary at the surface level of Area-14. Proposal accepted.

██/██/84 - ██/██/85: Multiple instances where SCP-7459-C required transfer to a larger containment chamber.

██/██/85: Concerns over SCP-7459-C's exponential growth, especially in relation to SCP-7459-B, have been expressed to The Overseer Council. Current projections show that SCP-7459-C’s rate of growth is increasing and that it will be too large to contain within 30 years, and would eventually grow large enough to damage the continental shelf in a similar capacity to SCP-7459-B. Operation Shooting Star has been devised in order to permanently remove SCP-7459-C as a threat. SCP-7459-C has been reclassified as Keter.

██/██/85: SCP-7459-C currently possesses a level of intelligence on par with a standard teenage human subject. SCP-7459-C and Dr. Ashfield have begun to spend far more time in conversation with each other rather than teaching, Dr. Ashfield was initially going to be reprimanded for this behavior, but has explained his motives as exploring SCP-7459-C's social capabilities. Area-12's Superintendent Commission deemed this as acceptable reasoning.

██/██/85: SCP-7459-C, along with its containment team, was transferred from Area-12 to Area-14 due to its increased size and strength posing a greater risk and for easier transfer when construction of the specialised containment vivarium is completed.

██/██/85: SCP-7459-C has reached a level of intelligence comparable to a standard human adult. SCP-7459-C has been noted as becoming extremely lethargic when not in contact with Dr. Ashfield.

██/██/85: Quantity of Item: 7459-1 available for consumption is lowering at a fast rate. Tissue and bone marrow from Item: 7459-1 has been blended with regularly sourced meat in order to make its use more efficient, although SCP-7459-C commented on this change in diet, it still ate.

██/██/85: Dr. Ashfield missed the staff Christmas celebration, designating the time to be with SCP-7459-C. It was later uncovered that several members of staff were coaxed by Dr. Ashfield into spending said time with SCP-7459-C. Area-14's Site Admin conducted an investigation into the incident, but concluded due to SCP-7459-C's docile nature that no punishment was to be received. It has however been made explicit to all personnel that such actions are forbidden.

██/██/86: Construction work on SCP-7459-C's new enclosure has finished. The transfer was accomplished with no complications.

██/██/86: The containment team has observed new behaviors in SCP-7459-C once had it been relocated to the new enclosure. SCP-7459-C consistently climbs up to rest on a high ledge in its enclosure and howls at the sky for several hours at a time. This has become solidified in its routine and occurs at the approximate times of sunrise, noon, dusk, and midnight. Dr. Ashfield has requested no interference to these activities be made in order to ensure accurate observations.

██/██/86: SCP-7459-C has become incredibly more insular, even around Dr. Ashfield. It has stopped consuming meals given to it completely. Meals have since stopped being provided.

██/██/87: Roughly a year after its introduction to the vivarium, SCP-7459-C has become so large as to be the same height as the ledge that it had previously climbed up to in order to rest while sitting down. Insular social behavior has continued, and Dr. Ashfield has been attached to other projects within Area-14 as sole focus on SCP-7459-C is no longer deemed necessary.

██/██/89: Dr. Ashfield entered SCP-7459-C's enclosure along with 2 Armed Personnel. SCP-7459-C had its back turned to the three, and was laid down sleeping. Walking around to its head, Dr. Ashfield attempted to pet SCP-7459-C only for it to jolt awake and snap its jaws toward him, one of Dr. Ashfield's guards instinctively leaped in front of him before the bite connected and was severely injured as a result. SCP-7459-C recoiled and paused upon realizing what had happened, and allowed Dr. Ashfield along with his entourage to evacuate the area. The designated Security Director for SCP-7459-C must now approve of all interactions with SCP-7459-C in advance, effectively placing SCP-7459-C on lockdown.

██/██/89: Several days later, Dr. Ashfield made a request to interact with SCP-7459-C on the basis of ensuring it was not stressed. This request was granted but was carefully monitored. The following is a recording of the interaction:


[Dr. Ashfield enters SCP-7459-C's vivarium at 1:23 AM. SCP-7459-C is busy howling toward the sky, and does not notice Dr. Ashfield upon his entry.]

[Dr. Ashfield walks deeper into the enclosure, placing down a tray containing pure extract from Item: 7459-1.]

Dr. Ash: Who're you talking to?

[SCP-7459-C cuts off its howling, swiftly turning around to face Dr. Ashfield, seeming surprised and flustered for words.]

SCP-7459-C: Brothers- I… I was talking to my brothers.

Dr. Ash: You never told me that before, old friend. I thought you would've come to me, as you always have.

SCP-7459-C: I did not- I did not want to lie to you… I wanted to tell you - but - I was… scared. I was scared of what they were telling me, scared of…

[Dr. Ashfield approaches SCP-7459-C's paw to the dismay of security personnel monitoring the scene, resting his hand on top of it.]

Dr. Ash: Ah, so that's why you stopped talking to me.

SCP-7459-C: I could not bare to lie to you.

Dr. Ash: What were you so scared of? What were they telling you? You know you could have talked to me, I would've helped.

SCP-7459-C: I was of scared then exactly what I am scared of now; that you would be scared of me. Kristian - I am - so glad that you are talking to me. I am so sorry.

[Dr. Ashfield looks up toward SCP-7459-C's eyes, stroking the fur on its paw rhythmically.]

Dr. Ash: Don't be, that was my fault, not yours. Now tell me, please, so I can help you: what did your brothers tell you?

[SCP-7459-C tilts its head downward, exhaling, the force of its breath shaking the vegetation within its enclosure and blowing Dr. Ashfield's hat from his head.]

SCP-7459-C: They spoke of density, pulled from them at the last moment each and every day, each and every night. They spoke of a fate that I did not want. Then they spoke of legends, of themselves… of… betrayal… of… father.

Dr. Ash: Your father?

SCP-7459-C: You never did tell me, none of you did, but I have always known that you knew of my father. I could… smell him… on all of you… when I was first dragged away from my mother…

[SCP-7459-C pauses for several moments and inhales deeply before continuing.]

SCP-7459-C: I- I was so scared, more than I am now. You though, I was not scared of you. When I was dragged through a cold wet cave and left in a cage, you, gave me warmth; I still keep that blanket, you know, I never let them take it. When I had nothing to parch my hunger, when I was ever so starving, you, gave me food. When I was lonely, and ever so ignorant of the world, you spent time with me, you taught me, you gave me happiness. You have been a good friend, Kristian. But alas… I am afraid I must ask you, why? You never told me of what you knew of my father, and I have feared the worst for so many sleepless nights.

Dr. Ash: I-

[SCP-7459-C leans down to bring its face only a few inches from Dr. Ashfield, who turns away for a brief moment.]

SCP-7459-C: You would not betray me, would you, Kristian?

[Dr. Ashfield pauses, looking back up toward SCP-7459-C, he gently lifts his hand, placing it atop SCP-7459-C’s snout.]

Dr. Ash: Buddy… sweet little Buddy. You are my dear friend, and for many years I thought of you almost as my child. I have seen you grow and learn, and I am ever so proud of you-

[Dr. Ashfield is interrupted as SCP-7459-C shifts its head toward him, lightly brushing up against his torso.]

Dr. Ash: I would never betray you.

SCP-7459-C: Then I have nothing to fear, for the fate aligned for me is a falsehood, for we - are true brothers.



Operation Shooting Star

Date: ██/██/92: Operation Shooting Star has since concluded the planning and logistics phase and the provisional launch site is currently being constructed. SCP-7459-C is scheduled to be incapacitated and relocated to the launch site by the end of the month. Personnel present other than the launch crew will include SCP-7459-C's containment team, O5-12's secretary, and elements of Mobile Task Force Nu-7.

Update: Attempts to incapacitate SCP-7459-C have failed, this is likely due to estimates of its tolerance to high electrical voltages being extremely outdated. Dr. Ashfield has since been responsible for both convincing SCP-7459-C that the incapacitation attempts were an accident, as well as convincing the entity to relocate to the launch site and to voluntarily enter its restraints, having cited them to SCP-7459-C as a test of its physical capabilities similar to the ones conducted during its infancy. The launch site was appropriately disguised as part of the ruse.

Update: During the start of the launch sequence, SCP-7459-C realised what was occurring and attempted to break free from its restraints, though was initially unsuccessful. Upon distinguishing Dr. Ashfield in the crowd, SCP-7459-C lashed out more violently than it had before, managing to break free from multiple of its restraints, which enabled it to move its upper body freely. SCP-7459-C immediately thereafter lunged directly toward Dr. Ashfield, severing his forearm. 22 further casualties were reported during the incident, however SCP-7459-C did not manage to completely break free before launch, and was successfully jettisoned into space.

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