Item#: 7457
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SCP-7457, partially redacted to prevent its effects.

Special Containment Procedures:
The cave system hosting SCP-7457 has been converted into Foundation Outpost 7457, with free cave chambers being used for storage and personnel habitat.

To prevent civilians from entering, a cover story has been spread, claiming that the cave system is home to fragile relics and that only select researchers are allowed to enter. Security personnel are allowed to use non-lethal force to repel potential trespassers.

Entry into the chamber hosting SCP-7457 is reserved only to members of the Anthropology and Memetics department. A CRV of 10 or above and proper innoculations or protective gear are required before viewing SCP-7457. Personel affected by the anomaly are to be sedated and administered with amnestics.

SCP-7457 is a collection of wall paintings created by a tribe of Homo neanderthalensis in the department of Dordogne, France. Analysis reveals that SCP-7457 is around 30,000 years old and was added to over several generations, from the tribe's arrival to their eventual demise.

Every individual painting within SCP-7457 is imbued with an associated memetic effect, presumed to have had a postitive influence over the tribe.

However, due to its creators' brain structure being different from that of a modern human, and the damages inflicted to the paintings by time, SCP-7457 instead has various random and often harmful effects on those viewing it. Those effects include:

  • Sudden catatonia for any length of time.
  • Forgetting the identities of one's children.
  • Aversion to sunlight.
  • Aversion to moonlight.
  • Aversion to flashlights.
  • Visions of being pursued by spicy foodstuffs.
  • Gaining complete knowledge of how to orient oneself using the stars, consistent with their positions 30,000 years ago. This replaces a random amount of memories.
  • Immediate shattering of all bones.
  • Visceral hatred of human hands and feet.
  • Accelerated calories consumption. This can be reversed by not drinking water for a full 19 hours.
  • Smelling like raw fish. This is permanent.
  • Playfulness and whimsy.
  • Increased aggressivity.
  • Bears.
  • Extreme bouts of paranoia.
  • Flaring pain in all cranial nerves.
  • Agoraphobia.
  • The irresistible urge to ritually sacrifice stand-up comedians.1

Each individual memetic effect has been theorised to be part of a larger meme complex that the tribe added to or expanded over time. While its existence remains theoritical, is has been tentatively designed SCP-7457-1.

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