Deal Breaker

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5/7453 LEVEL 5/7453
Item #: SCP-7453

Special Containment Procedures: Knowledge of factual information regarding SCP-7453 is to be significantly restricted among the Foundation below overseer clearance personnel, using amnestics. Unauthorized utilization of SCP-7453 by Foundation personnel, in the absence of proper credential verification and authorization, is grounds for termination. A select group of departments within the Foundation, namely the Departments of Tactical Theology, Department of Ontokinetics, and Applied Thaumaturgy, may study the anomaly while being heavily supervised. The study of SCP-7453-AΩ’s nature is prohibited.

More information concerning SCP-7453-AΩ deal control can be found on the "Foundation / Global Coalition Clause of Thaumaturgic Sway."

Update: Further utilization of SCP-7453 has been stopped indefinitely.

Description: SCP-7453 is a thaumaturgical ritual "deal" between two sentient beings. When performed, the ritual will allow one thaumaturge practitioner (referred to as "giver") to share one or multiple occult capabilities with another being (referred to as "receiver"), even if already possessing such capabilities or not.

SCP-7453 is one, if not the, simplest ritual in thaumaturgical history, having a single requirement: the acceptance of both beings to create the deal between each. This can be a verbal, written, non-verbal gesture, or telepathic agreement, with the potential for additional requirements1 at the discretion of the giver.

A giver can have as many receivers as desired. If a receiver reproduces, the offspring has a possibility of receiving a slightly diminished version of the occult capability. The receiver can later become a giver themselves, offering the same magical ability acquired through SCP-7453. The receiver, now in possession of the occult energy, has to learn its proper use.

The Foundation posits that the continued utilization of SCP-7453 over the course of history is likely responsible for the emergence of all individuals practicing thaumaturgy. Consequently, this hypothesis suggests that SCP-7453-AΩ potentially serves as the originating wellspring of all occult capabilities within both the human populace and other magic-able species.

SCP-7453-AΩ serves as the presumed focal point from which all SCP-7453 deals originate. The exact identity of SCP-7453-AΩ remains undisclosed; various individuals and entities possessing significant influence have asserted their status as SCP-7453-AΩ, albeit without substantial verification. Despite this absence of conclusive evidence, prevailing consensus sources suggest that this anomaly represents an exceptionally ancient and potent divine entity.

The thaumaturgical ritual known as "Rites of Solomon," classified as SCP-3457, is purported to grant the practitioner full control over SCP-7453-AΩ influence and deals. In effect, possessing all components allows the wielder to exercise complete authority over the distribution of thaumaturgic abilities among Homo populations. The rite itself was never fully completed.

Addendum: In light of recent events, D.C. Al Fine, Under-Secretary-General of the Global Occult Coalition, has communicated the following to the Overseer Council of the Foundation.

It's the year 1870. The aftermath of the Sixth Occult War had left behind a searing and indelible mark, a worldwide and extraordinarily brutal upheaval in the anomalous realm. The prospect of yet another conflict of this size filled the world with dread. A group of young yet promising German Thaumaturgists were searching for the existence of a solution. And not so long after, they became aware of the existence of God.

A collective thought resonated among them: the imperative to bring about a definitive resolution. Their method was a complex and arcane ritual, an amalgamation of ancient texts, esoteric knowledge, and forbidden incantations. Many of them quit or even expired due to the size of such task. But after more than a decade of countless hard work, in the year 1882, they successfully created the weapon that would soon kill God, executed without a moment of hesitation.

Initially, their assumption was that this act of deicide would erase all occult powers, thereby achieving the goal of a normal, non-anomalous society. They weren’t entirely wrong: Magic itself is disappearing among us, just way slower than expected, possibly due to the source being older than time. What we failed to grasp at first is that this entity wasn't the source of thaumaturgy.

This group's actions played a pivotal role in shaping the events that ultimately led to the establishment of the Allied Occult Initiative, which in turn paved the way for the UNGOC as you know it today. We classified the being as LTE-0913-Ex-Machina, and realized much later what we truly did: God was the stabilizer of occult power, allowing us to freely use it through those "deals."

You’ve noticed, we all have. The anomalous is growing stronger by the day. Our reality is struggling to not fail as anomalies of any kind multiply out of control. Organizations of the abnormal, no matter how powerful we currently are, won’t stay for long if this continues. And unfortunately for us, it will.

We have fucked up.

This is probably the best way to describe what might be the worst mistake of all mankind.

The metaphysical corpse of the divinity is slowly decaying. Magic is not truly disappearing; it just stops being controlled. We can continue making these deals for now, but it won't be possible indefinitely. In the coming years, occult powers will fade, dissipating throughout our world and transforming into increasingly chaotic anomalous phenomena that will greatly affect our society for the worse. I, myself, have made thousands of these deals. Some that are even allowing me to breathe still to this day, an ability which I fear to lose possibly soon.

We have fucked up. Badly. I did not send this for forgiveness; after hiding this for too long, we all know we are way past that point now. We've spent the last century trying to fix our past mistakes without even any hints of hope.

What I want to do is ask you, Foundation, to stay strong. I do not believe the following years will improve, but even so, we must remain firm in this godless world. Because that's what we do. While the path ahead may be fraught with uncertainty and chaos, I assure you the GOC will do everything to protect this universe by your side, if you will.

I would have finished this with "May God help us all," but even my sarcasm has its limits in these rough times.

I'm sorry.

God, I am so sorry.


The Foundation's response to the revelation of the unilateral termination of SCP-7453-AΩ, circa 1882, in an attempt to eradicate all Occult power is currently awaiting deliberation and a vote by the O5 Council.

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