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Item#: 7450
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SCP-7450. Cognitohazardous elements have been removed, altered or obscured.

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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7450 is uncontained. The SCP Foundation, in its current iteration, no longer possesses the resources or personnel required to contain SCP-7450. It is unlikely that any third-party paranatural classification and containment organizations would, if they indeed still exist, be capable of containing SCP-7450.

Due to the critical threat that SCP-7450 poses to sentient lifeforms, all Foundation personnel are subject to the requirements of the MAGOG Protocol. The full requirements can be found on the central Foundation data server - the primary tenants are as follows:

  1. Under no circumstances are any personnel permitted to leave the confines of their local Foundation site during a transience of SCP-7450.
  2. Under no circumstances are any personnel permitted to travel to an area that will be in the path of a SCP-7450 transience within 72 hours.
  3. Under no circumstances are any personnel permitted to look at or listen to SCP-7450.

By order of the Foundation Overwatch Administrator, any personnel found to have purposefully or unintentionally violated one of these requirements is subject to summary execution, by any other member of the SCP Foundation. Adherence to these requirements is paramount to the successful continuance of the human species.

As a result of Foundation’s inability to contain SCP-7450, and the resultant circumstances that arose following its ascension, the SCP Foundation Classification Committee has ruled 3-0 to update SCP-7450’s containment designation from the Apollyon-Class to the Megiddo-Class, to distinguish between entities or anomalies that will inevitably result in the end of the world, and those that already have.

Description: SCP-7450 is the group designation for four massive humanoid eigenweapons that ascended to godhood on the 13th of December, 2028. The ascension of SCP-7450 was predicated by the arrival of the celestial 981-AJAX entity on October 14th, 2025. The end product of the interaction between 981-AJAX and SCP-7450 was the utter annihilation of 981-AJAX and, immediately following that, the rapid escalation of an XK-Class “End of the World” event caused by the cognitohazardous and catastrophic ontokinetic effects of SCP-7450’s presence on Earth.

SCP-7450 entities range between 18.9km and 23.5km in height. They are humanoid in appearance, with six large avian wings emerging from their upper and lower back. SCP-7450 entities have a single arm and hand on their right side, in which they carry a short1 curved sickle. The entities have humanoid legs which terminate at the ankles and are seemingly incapable of locomotion - instead moving by way of levitation, though the legs do move as if ambulating. Surviving descriptions of SCP-7450 indicate other possible animal characteristics, such as claws, feathers on the arm and legs, serpentine tails, etc. They are named, in descending order of size - Pallas, Judith, Rachel, and Argine.

Accurate depictions of their facial features are infeasible to gather - it is currently impossible to obscure images of the entities’ faces to a sufficient degree to allow for visual assessment while also negating their cognitohazardous properties. Similarly, audio recordings of SCP-7450’s vocalizations cannot be reviewed by sentient observers - both human and sentient AI listeners are subject to the cognitohazards present in SCP-7450’s voice.

Since the moment of their ascension, each of the four instances of SCP-7450 have been in constant circumnavigatory transience of the planet. Each of the four moves at slightly different speeds - Rachel is the fastest, and transits the globe once every four hundred and sixteen days, whereas the slowest, Pallas, completes the passage in four hundred and sixty-eight days.

Sentient creatures exposed to the visage or voice of any instance of SCP-7450 will immediately become compelled to follow it in its transit of the planet. Once an individual has been affected they are unrecoverable - subjects who fall under the effect of SCP-7450’s compulsion will make every possible effort to avoid anything that would impede their ability to join in the mass following of SCP-7450 and cannot be deterred short of the total destruction of their body. Affected persons undergo changes over time to their physiology - they cease to age, their bodies become more resistant to damage and decay, and their features slowly begin to resemble the SCP-7450 instance they follow. They will walk behind their instance of SCP-7450 until their feet wear down to their ankles, at which point they will begin levitating alongside other similar subjects. Lastly, these subjects mimic the vocalizations of SCP-7450, and while exposure to these vocalizations by non-affected persons does not have the same immediate compulsory effect as SCP-7450, they will nonetheless experience the same end condition after a short period of time.

Addendum 7450.1: Foundation Overseer’s Address 11.2.2025

Addendum 7450.2: Foundation Overseer’s Address 12.11.2028


Image taken from closed circuit surveillance footage on December 13th, 2028.

Addendum 7450.3: Personal Journal Entries

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