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Item #: SCP-7449

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-7449's unique properties, containment is to be limited towards its occurrence and information relating to its existence. Foundation personnel unaffected by SCP-7449 are to cooperate with SCP-7449-B and are to facilitate the discovery or transportation of SCP-7449-A to SCP-7449-B, and are to not interfere until SCP-7449-A's termination. SCP-7449-B instances are to be administered Amnestics-74491 after SCP-7449 has ceased occurring.

Foundation operatives assigned to SCP-7449 containment are to be rotated on a bi-annual basis. Personnel requesting re-assignment to other projects are to be accommodated, and given priority from regional Directors. Personnel with a history of sympathetic tendencies towards those under Foundation care are to be barred from assignment to SCP-7449.

Foundation personnel are encouraged to avoid interacting with SCP-7449-B until SCP-7449-A's termination. This includes the viewing of media involving SCP-7449-B. To facilitate this, personnel are not allowed access to electronic or physical media produced by SCP-74490-B. Personnel that violate this will be reassigned to a different project, and assigned a specially trained Foundation psychologist until otherwise deemed capable of continuing work on SCP-7449's containment.

Description: SCP-7449 is an anomalous phenomena affecting all sapient life within a specific geographic location corresponding to a legal administrative, governmental or legal boundary, with the exception of one individual, hereafter referred to as SCP-7449-A. SCP-7449's area of affect can range from local counties to the nation-state.

When occurring, SCP-7449 will create an irrepressible compulsion, desire, need, or urge to eliminate SCP-7449-A among affected individuals (SCP-7449-B). Aside from this compulsion, instances are indistinguishable, physically and mentally, from their unaltered state. Often this compulsion will drive SCP-7449-B instances to put itself and others in physical danger.

SCP-7449's mechanics are seemingly random and can occur at any time, although certain conditions have been considered more favorable to its appearance than others. SCP-7449-A selection is likewise random, lacking any pattern in background. SCP-7449-B will, aside from their desire to terminate SCP-7449-B, generally not act, unless the individual instances believes that by acting it will capture or terminate SCP-7449-A.

If, after an amount of time (ranging from three months to six months), SCP-7449-A still has not been terminated, SCP-7449-B instances will cease attempting to physically harm SCP-7449-A immediately, and, instead, begin attempting to attract SCP-7449-A to the affected area for capture and termination. This manipulation ranges from simple threats to long term conspiracies to contrive SCP-7449-A's termination, even if said termination is contradictory to the SCP-7449-B's self interest.

If SCP-7449-A is captured after this period, SCP-7449-B instances will not immediately terminate SCP-7449-A, but, rather, do so only on a specific date. This date corresponds to a locally celebrated holiday in the geographic area, and will usually incorporate SCP-7449-A as a central part of the cultural event.

SCP-7449 will continue until SCP-7449-A is terminated by SCP-7449-B. If SCP-7449-A dies of other causes unrelated to SCP-7449-B, the next living biological relative becomes an instance of SCP-7449-A.

There has been no recorded instance of SCP-7449 ceasing without SCP-7449-A's termination.

Upon SCP-7449-A's termination, SCP-7449-B instances will fail to recollect the preceding events, or, if enough time has past to make this difficult, will otherwise fail to see the anomalous nature in them.


SCP-7449 was discovered on December 31st, 1999, when it affected the city of New York. At 8:54 AM, local news was overridden by Mayor ██████ ███████ and his police force to give the following declaration:

My fellow New Yorkers,
Good evening. I hope that you are having as wonderful a holiday as the rest of us are, although, unfortunately, I have come to bring bad news - news too important to delay after the holiday, even one celebrating the beginning of the new century.

There exists a threat to us today. Its not mystical or unseen. Its not even foreign. Its here, right at our shores. It may be right next to you, right now, sitting, looking, watching. You - I - we - know that fear better than anyone else.

His name is Harry Nelson. He is a 19 year old man living at [REDACTED], second floor. He works at the gas station at [REDACTED] street, a little bit away from the public library, and he always keeps a nine millimeter handgun in his glove box. As we speak, the brave men and women of the New York City Police Department will be raiding his home, so that he can be killed, and so that we may all sleep a little more soundly at night. If you are seeing this, it is because we failed - and he has escaped.

I speak to you, citizens, in a time of need: Harry Nelson is a thief, a criminal, a terrorist - a danger to the people. His death is the only way for this city to remain safe, to remain clean.

I, as representative and sovereign of the people of New York, shall be suspending all statues as relates to assault and murder in relation to Harry Nelson's capture and death. All citizens are to cooperate with the New York City Police Department, renamed the New York City's Militia in light of the current crisis, and for the people to organize for the apprehension of this dangerous criminal.

God have mercy on this city, and those who do it harm.

At this, the Foundation, in collaboration with federal, state and international authorities2 to limit SCP-7449's affects. Despite this all activity ceased as the citizens of New York City attempted to locate and terminate 'Harry Nelson', including all economic, infrastructure, entertainment and political functions.

Although threats of force were used, SCP-7449-B instances refused to cooperate. This only intensified as time continued, as all electrical, water, and heating infrastructure was abandoned in order to search the city for SCP-7449-A. Although authorities were able to turn them back on during the incident, it is believed around thirty individuals died from the lack of heat throughout the city.

It was only on January 3rd, after four days of searching and a media blackout that SCP-7449-A was discovered returning from a vacation to Europe, and was entering the city when he was apprehended by the NYPD. He was subsequently executed on live television as a warning to other 'terrorists'. It was only then that the New York City New Years parade was allowed to occur.

SCP-7449 Event Log

2/19/2002[REDACTED], Kentucky, United States of America: A small town of five hundred people, SCP-7449-A was assaulted outside of town and hanged on a sign post. SCP-7449-B instances responsible were unable to understand why Foundation operatives took SCP-7449-A down for burial.

8/1/2004[REDACTED], Schleswig-Holstein, Germany: A coastal town of 1000, SCP-7449-A was an elderly man who had been pushed down and could not get up. Several American troops were stationed near the elderly man, and were ordered by the Mayor and local commander to shoot anyone who attempted to help SCP-7449-A. When Foundation operatives were deployed to retrieve SCP-7449-A, they were repelled in the face of heavy resistance, ending in the deaths of three American soldiers and ten Foundation officers. SCP-7449-A died from being run over by a bulldozer the day after this battle, and only then was the Foundation able to intervene.

4/22/2005[REDACTED], Sakha, Russian Federation: A village of 90 people, primarily elderly. SCP-7449-A was a son of an SCP-7449-B instance, who had been invited by the later to his home after he had left home many years earlier. SCP-7449-A, believing it to be a form of reconciliation, was terminated in its parents home before its body was made part of the village spring festival.

12/19/2006Alabama, United States of America: Secretary of State █████ █████ of Alabama requested from the Governor, and Government, of Tennessee, the extradition of SCP-7449-A, a former Alabama citizens who had not lived in the State since 1939. If the State would not do so, the Secretary of State claimed that there would be 'devastation the valley has not seen since Sherman.' Despite threats from the federal government, the Legislature of Alabama was appropriating money for the State National Guard for an invasion until the Foundation applied pressure to Governor ███████ of Tennessee to extradite SCP-7449-A. SCP-7449-A was boiled in an steel bull near Birmingham, Alabama, in honor of the States' historically large deposits of iron.

7/4/2009Site-22, [REDACTED], [REDACTED]: During an inspection of Site-22, O5-11 was taken hostage by MTF-Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"), in collaboration with Site-22 staff. MTF-Alpha-1 delivered a message to the O5 Council, describing O5-11's capture and situation, and demanding that, unless SCP-7449-A was handed over, O5-11 would be executed. SCP-7449-A was Dr. Allen Rizzo, a former researcher at Site-22. However, when handed over, O5-11, instead of being given over, stabbed SCP-7449-A forty-seven times, stopping at several points to allow MTF-Alpha-1's medical staff to resuscitated SCP-7449-A. When SCP-7449-A was terminated, O5-11 commanded MTF-Alpha-1 and Site-22 as a whole to "Stand down - we got our man!"

O5-11, Alpha-1 and Site-22 as a whole are currently suspended following further investigation.

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