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Item#: 7442
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No More Second Chances.

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Upload Commencing.

For a brief moment, the ocean flared green worldwide, an algae bloom of unprecedented proportions.

An earthquake shook apart the Golden Gate.

A wildfire consumed kilometers of palm oil plantations in Indonesia yet left the nearby jungle unharmed.

Snow buried Cairo and clung on for days.

We should have recognized the patterns for what they were.

Our first and only warning.

That she had grown tired of us.

Yet, we were too blind to see the connections.

Too used to the world rebelling against Human interference.

If you are reading this, know that you have to do better.


Her Stone Skin

Entry Uploading 17%



Defunct Prometheus Lab Bunker

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7442 SCP-7442-Gamma, resides within a defunct Prometheus Labs bunker just south of the Chicxulub Crater on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Amnestics are authorized for use on civilians within 200 meters of the bunker's entrance.

The surrounding area is designated as government property.

The anomaly is contained within an organically constructed cavern, held in place by a mixture of thaumaturgic runes and mechanized chains made from an unknown polymer. The chains are in a constant state of self-repair and must be checked daily for any signs of lasting degradation.

As a precaution, individuals with Thaumic abilities should remain within the presence of wards three or more times a week. Baseline empowering rituals should keep the wards steady until the bunker's hidden thaumic generator is discovered.

MTF Zeta-9 "Molerats" and MTF Eta-5 "Jäeger Bombers" are onsite. The former is to continue the exploration of the bunker and the dialogue with SCP-7442-Gamma. The latter are on call if the entity breaches its current containment.

Description: SCP-7442-Gamma, is a rough-hew stone statue with jade eyes that contain an internal radiance, of an unknown species of Ceratopsian, with features combining Triceratops horridus1, Styracosaurus albertensis2, and Pachyrhinosaurus canadensis3.

The entity has since been classified as a Thaumic LSA(Large-Scale Aggressor).


Sketch of SCP-7442-Gamma

It stands 19 meters tall and is approximately double that in length. It weighs upwards of 181 metric tons. Its body is composed of various earth minerals but resembles suevites4 in appearance.

Outside of its restraints, the entity is capable of a full breadth of motile functions, including lying down, standing, and even rearing on its hind legs.

The entity has thaumaturgic control over stones, sands, clays of various chemical makeup, and numerous ferrous and nonferrous metals. The true breadth of its geokinetic abilities is unknown at this time. Yet, it can mold and shape the aforementioned materials into several forms, setting them into motion without any outward signs of concentration.

Update To Entry: SCP 7442-Gamma: The entity's destructive capability far outstripped initial estimates. Defensive capabilities enable it to shift its chemical composition to mimic a number of metals and minerals, as well as transmute the stone around it to mimic the same properties. These include numerous toxic heavy metals, which appear to have a heightened deleterious effect on humans in their vicinity.

Its geokinetic abilities are found to directly terraform the land surrounding it up to fifty kilometers away, with the most common examples being earthquakes exceeding 9.0 on the Richter Scale.

It can comprehend and communicate in at least twelve different languages, including languages that resemble reconstructions of proto-Mayan, Yucatec Mayan, Spanish, English, and French.

Following a number of odd weather phenomena, the Foundation was drawn to Cicxulub Puerto following a Category 6.3 earthquake. Initial Investigations led to the discovery of the bunker.

The bunker was previously hidden by the usage of an unknown memetic agent that has since become inoperable.

Foundation personnel have begun converting the bunker into a working base of operations while mapping out the numerous defunct tunnels. Initial estimates have the bunker covering at least twenty hectares.

Incident Reports, Initial Discovery, and Interrogation Logs are as follows:

Climate Crisis Incident Reports.
8 June 202█ Oceans across the globe experience brief but expansive algae bloom that color large sections a deep jade green for a period of one week—signs of environmental interference at the hands of anomalous entities or GOI under investigation.
16 June 202█ A category 8.5 earthquake strikes the Bay Area doing considerable structural damage to the Golden Gate Bridge, which has been closed for reconstruction. Initial investigation has it being a nonanomalous occurrence.
14 July 202█ A wildfire in Indonesia consumes several palm oil plantations. Approximately 56 hectares. Notably, the surrounding jungle is left largely untouched. Preliminary investigation places blame on unseasonably dry conditions and speculation of eco-terrorism.
23 Oct. 202█ 30.48 centimeters of snow blankets the Egyptian cities of Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza, and uncommonly chill temperatures(-7.22222°C) see it remain for around five days. The occurrence is believed to follow the increasing pattern of climate fluctuations and is not from an anomalous source.
16 Dec. 202█ A category 6.3 earthquake strikes Chicxulub Puerto. Residents reported that a bunker had "appeared overnight" on the nearby beach following the earthquake. MTF Zeta-9 is sent to investigate.

After the initial contact, the team leaves the bunker and reports its findings to the lead researcher, Dr. Erende. The decision is made for the team to reenter the bunker and attempt to open a dialogue with the entity after examinations show no sign of memetic influence. It appears to understand attempts to converse with it yet prefers responding in Yucatec Mayan, with Agent Morales functioning as a translator.

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