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Item #: SCP-744

Object Class: Keter/Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-744's remains are to be stored in a reinforced fiberglass containment area surrounded by at least four 35-tesla electromagnets. In the event that power is cut to the electromagnets, standard Keter-level facility destruction procedures are to be initiated. The location of the containment facility must be at least two hundred (200) kilometers from any nearby city or industrial installation, as SCP-744's strength and robustness increased exponentially with its consumption of metal objects. SCP-744's remains have shown no signs of activity since neutralization; █████ ████████ [01-5281] speculates that further irradiation of the remains may prevent any possible regeneration by the remains of SCP-744.

Description: SCP-744 was a vaguely-humanoid amalgam of decaying scrap metal and oxidized iron measuring approximately 33 meters in height and calculated to weigh at least 325,000 kg. The entity managed to offset its constant state of decay by ingesting any nearby metal objects, after which the mass of the absorbed object was integrated into its physical makeup. Absorption of metal objects seemed to augment SCP-744's strength and resistance to physical harm. SCP-744 displayed remarkable physical strength: when confronted with an M1 Abrams deployed in an effort towards containment, it struck the tank with sufficient force to flip it over entirely, at which point it was consumed by SCP-744. Bullets and artillery rounds of varying caliber were absorbed directly. Due to the entity's unexpected appearance and the danger it posed to the civilian populace, Mobile Task Force Ω-7 was dispatched to contain SCP-744 (Incident Log 361).

Incident Log 361:

0912 hours: Reports begin coming into Site 19's monitoring station of the emergence of a "rust monster" from a scrap yard located near 31º██'██" N 85º██'██" W. ███████ National Guard dispatched under the pretense of a natural gas fissure.

0942 hours: Existence of the entity confirmed. M1 Abrams tank moves in and attempts to neutralize the entity.

0945 hours: Entity finishes consuming Abrams tank. Noticeable growth evidenced. ███████ National Guard retreats. Containment procedures begin. Entity given designation SCP-744.

0949 hours: SCP-076-2 requests that Mobile Task Force Ω-7 be dispatched to neutralize threat. Overseer O5-██ approves request. Evacuation of nearby civilian structures begins.

0953 hours: Ω-7 begin containment operation. SCP-076-2, accompanied by Agent T█████ R██████ [Ω7-0008] and [REDACTED], move in to ascertain SCP-744's structural composition and evaluate any weaknesses. SCP-105 provides backup through a high-resolution image taken of the area by an SR-71 belonging to the Foundation. Members [Ω7-0014], [Ω7-0015], [Ω7-0019] and [Ω7-0020] are equipped with HK-016-compatible magnetized plastic rounds and deployed 250-300 meters from the target to contain its movement.

0955 hours: [Ω07-0008] and SCP-076-2 enter combat with the entity. SCP-076-2 materializes a Zweihänder-style two-handed sword.

0956 hours: Upon seeing SCP-744's apparent instinct to devour the weapon, audio recordings indicate that SCP-076-2 yelled a Classical Greek1 phrase believed to be "Μολὼν λαβέ". SCP-744 takes advantage of SCP-076-2's lack of movement and strikes him with its right fist, sending SCP-076-2 flying approximately 400 meters and rendering him unconscious.

0957 hours: [Ω7-0008] engages SCP-744 in combat. SCP-744 attempts to strike [Ω7-0008] but misses. [Ω7-0014], [Ω7-0015], [Ω7-0019] and [Ω7-0020] fire on SCP-744 with little effect.

0958 hours: [Ω7-0008] inflicts severe lacerations to the legs of SCP-744, causing it to stumble. [Ω7-0008] then disengages under orders of Overseer 05-██ owing to the potential for SCP-744 to absorb SCP-193.

0959 hours: Lacerations on legs of SCP-744 spontaneously heal. Significant decrease in entity's overall size noted.

1001 hours: SCP-105 remotely administers 20cc of an adrenaline-ketamine solution to SCP-076-2. SCP-076-2 regains consciousness and recommends military action against SCP-744. SCP-076-2 reenters combat. Overseer O5-██ recommends the use of thermobaric explosives against SCP-744 based on statements made by SCP-076-2.

1007 hours: Overseer O5-██ informs SCP-076-2 that a suitable location has been found for detonation. SCP-076-2 disengages and begins to taunt SCP-744, causing SCP-744 to charge towards SCP-076-2. SCP-076-2 then begins to lead SCP-744 to designated detonation area.

1058 hours: SCP-744 arrives at designated detonation area.

1059 hours: SCP-076-2 delivers massive blow to SCP-744's legs, severing them at the entity's "hip". SCP-076-2 quickly retreats and calls for detonation.

1100 hours: Fuel-air thermobaric explosive detonated.

1109 hours: Fallout clears. SCP-076-2 asserts containment of SCP-744 and secures its four remaining pieces.

1130 hours: Disinformation office releases news of SCP-744's destruction under the guise of a tornado and the resulting explosion as a result of an accident at a sugar refinery.

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