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You will have thirty-seven seconds to save the world.

Hopefully, you are a Foundation employee. If you are not, we are desperate. Your position is irrelevant – what matters is that you are needed, not just by the Foundation, but by humankind and potentially more.

You may recall a recent blood test. You are here because you tested positive for the DBAA-e7 gene; it is extremely rare, but critical to accomplish your assignment. You may not be the only living person with this gene, but there are other limiting factors involved; assume you are the last person able to accomplish this task. Do not fail us.

This introductory video should have come with four documents. First is the file for SCP-090, the anomaly you will be working on. Second is the file for SCP-7439, the anomaly you will be working with. Third is the proposal document and addenda for the cross-test you will conduct, and fourth should be the complete records of all information left to you by previous participants.

If you have not been provided these, request them from the agent assigned to oversee you. If there is no agent, the situation is dire and you must find them yourself.

Do not rush. Your thirty-seven seconds have not begun, and will not until you want them to. You have as much time as you need to prepare, and you may spend it however you deem appropriate, so long as you are preparing. If there is further information you believe will be relevant, request it from your assigned agent; your security clearance can be dealt with later. Your co-operation will not be classified.

Once you are ready, inform the agent – or if there is none, go to Area-090, where both required anomalies should be found – and begin the test. But make sure you are ready.

You will have only thirty-seven seconds to save the world.

You will not get a second chance.

Read the notes left by previous participants.

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