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Item #: SCP-7436

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-7436's nature, containment is not currently known to be possible. Discussion of possible SCP-7436 instances on online forums or social media is to be monitored and discredited when necessary. Surviving individuals subject to SCP-7436 instances are to be interviewed and amnesticized as per standard protocol. Research into the source and any possible preventative measures of SCP-7436 is ongoing.

Foundation employees located within continental United States and Canada who are involved in a possible SCP-7436 event are strongly encouraged to remain in their current location and avoid interacting with any possible anomalous entities to reduce likelihood of injury or death.

Description: SCP-7436 is an ongoing series of phone calls received in the continental United States and Canada between the hours of 09:00 PM to 04:00 AM. The contents of these calls vary, though they are typically regarded as highly unusual or distressing by their recipients. Additionally, SCP-7436 is capable of impersonating individuals its target is familiar with, and is seemingly aware of information these individuals and the target would be privy to. It is unknown how SCP-7436 'selects' a victim, though it has thus far only targeted individuals who are alone or among strangers.

Individuals who engage with an SCP-7436 phone call will invariably trigger an SCP-7436 event, in which the call's recipient will become subject to a number of anomalous phenomena. This includes the manifestation of anomalous entities and objects, transportation to an extra-dimensional space and other apparent manipulation of reality. The goal of SCP-7436 and related entities appears to be to coax or otherwise remove its target from their initial space, after which they are typically injured or disappear. SCP-7436's general motivation and the fate of individuals who go missing as a result of SCP-7436 events are both unknown.

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