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Safe Class / Level Three / TL-7432

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-7432 must not be removed from 17 Cromwell Street, London until the Foundation of TL-7432 does so independently. The discovery of SCP-7432 on September 9, 1999, must not be averted or delayed. SCP-7432 must be present at Site-115 on February 26, 2188, alongside SCP-23049 (of TL-7432), which must undergo an Oblique Event on that day.1 Chronology Department personnel must avoid and avert any actions or events which may significantly alter these events. The annual documentation of SCP-7432 must be regularly reviewed to identify unexpected historic alterations.

A temporal tracking device must be incorporated into every spatial tracking device the Foundation of TL-7432 attaches to SCP-7432. The temporal tracker attached to SCP-7432 on February 26, 2188, must be Model XRTD-MCD/IV, regardless of inferiority and/or redundancy. The whenabouts of SCP-7432 must be constantly monitored to ensure the item is returned to TL-7432 by February 26, 2188.

Further containment procedures enacted by the Foundation of TL-7432, varying by era, are available on request and must be complied with.


SCP-7432 is a small trapezoidal keystone approximately 15 centimetres in height, 11 to 16 centimetres in width and depth, and weighing 7 kilograms. The item appears to be comprised entirely of granite; due to its secondary anomalous function, samples cannot be safely obtained to confirm this and/or discern the origin of the granite. The front face of SCP-7432 is engraved with a triskelion,2 surrounded by a ring of glyphs of unknown origin.

The primary anomalous property of SCP-7432 manifests when it is held against, or used as, the keystone of an arched doorway with a functional door. If a subject touches SCP-7432 while imagining a desired location, the opened door will lead directly to the location; the only known limitation to potential destinations is that they must possess at least the same three spatial dimensions as baseline reality. SCP-7432 can otherwise be used to access any cognisable location, including alternate time periods and timelines, altered states of reality, and locations with subjective correlation to concepts.3

The secondary, passive property of SCP-7432 is its central role in a temporal loop, present only in TL-7432 and thus serving as the timeline’s distinguishing feature:

  • February 26, 1606: SCP-7432 manifests in a delivery of stone in the Cromwell Street construction yard, resulting in its misuse as the keystone for 17 Cromwell Street, London’s front entrance. The error is not corrected.
  • September 9, 1999: Resident Adam Loe returns to 17 Cromwell Street intoxicated; he accidentally triggers the item, transporting himself to his hometown of Bingara, Australia. SCP-7432 is subsequently discovered by the Foundation, relocated to Site-115 for containment, and replaced with a non-anomalous replica.
  • February 26, 2188: SCP-23049, while stored at Site-115, undergoes its 9th Oblique Event, coincidentally displacing SCP-7432 to the year 1606 under the exact circumstances of its manifestation.

As a result of this, SCP-7432 is never physically created, possesses no discernible origin, and undergoes no permanent alterations across the entirety of its functionally-infinite existence; investigating Chronology Department personnel suggest this lattermost aspect may be due to an unrecognised regenerative property, however testing cannot be conducted to confirm this due to the potential creation of a temporal paradox.


Containment Failure

An unknown influence is causing SCP-7432 to demanifest from TL-7432 on March 21, 2009, preventing the temporal loop from being resolved. However, TL-7432 is not undergoing an expected total temporal collapse; the events of February 26, 1606, through to March 21, 2009, continue unaltered, including the paradoxical existence of SCP-7432.4 Following the demanifestation of SCP-7432, TL-7432 is spontaneously replaced by an unidentified, metastable branch timeline designated TL-7432-!.

The temporal tracker of SCP-7432 is transmitting from within TL-7432-!, suggesting that SCP-7432 is remanifesting in a potentially recoverable state. Task Force Ora-4 is being dispatched to recover SCP-7432 if able, and document the contents of TL-7432-!.

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