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SCP-7431-1 illustrated by ████████ ██████ ████████████, Argentina, 1926.

Item #: SCP-7431

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7431, being spontaneous, cannot be systematically contained through the means available to the Foundation. Its containment must be carried out through identification and intervention in cases related to it. Any records or information that describes SCP-7431-1 must be censored/deleted. Records of a historical nature are considered of greater relevance and must be confiscated for study.

SCP-7431 victims must be immediately detained for interrogation and subsequent amnesty. Depending on the level at which they were affected by the anomaly, the prescription of anxiolytics or psychiatric treatments is recommended for greater cooperation and a more efficient study of the anomaly.

Description: SCP-7431 is a phenomenon that occurs spontaneously and that, at the time of writing this article, has affected approximately 4% of the world's population. This phenomenon causes a sudden state of comatose and uninterrupted sleep in individuals who suffer from it. The duration of the process can vary from 20 minutes to 7 hours, and ends with the individual waking up due to natural causes.

This sleep state cannot be interrupted in any way through external factors and all attempts to interrupt this cycle have failed, including methods such as overexposure of the patient to various stimuli as well as the infliction of extreme pain. Approximately 78% of Recorded cases of SCP -7431 develop various anxiety and depression disorders in the time after the event, the most common being schizoid personality disorder and paranoid personality disorder as well as a tendency to self-flagellation.

SCP-7431 -1 is a metaphysical escape attended by victims of SCP-7431.

All information regarding SCP -7431 -1 comes from the various testimonies of SCP -7431 victims and from various historical records recovered mainly from European and pre-Columbian sources dating from between the 15th and 17th centuries. The possible relation with the anomaly remains under study.
The exact size, properties, origin, or functioning of this space is still under study. General information confirms the existence of a primarily humanoid sub-society, based on hierarchies, extremely hostile and highly volatile. Veneration towards violent ritualistic acts predominates as a cultural constant within this society, leading to acts of torture, excision, and devouring subjected to human individuals who arrive at SCP-7431-1 by its inhabitants.

SCP-7431-1 has a property that causes beings who arrive due to SCP-7431 to constantly regenerate their body matter and living tissue, making them virtually indestructible to any damage, or at least, preventing the possibility of death for any subject within the escape. This should be considered a negative factor, since the exposure of individuals to multiple methods of torture without the possibility of dying due to the injuries results in extreme emotional distress and the development of mental disorders in said individuals. The flow of time within SCP-7431-1 also appears to be different from that of the base reality. Individuals who appear to have been in the effects of SCP-7431 for only a short period of time testify to having spent longer periods of time inside the escape. Being the longest time inside ever recorded, according to one subject, of 6 years.

Three relevant locations have been identified within the escape:

Wasteland: Considerably vast desert that extends for kilometers around the center of SCP-7431-1. It appears to be non-Euclidean in nature, and is normally saturated with humans in perpetual starvation due to the lack of resources.

Citadel: Massive structure, similar to the Panopticon, a design ideated by Jeremy Bentham towards the end of the 18th century. It appears to be a center for the highest hierarchies within SCP-7431-1, and is where torture and punishment activities towards humans within the escape are carried out.

Tower: Structure that sits on top of the citadel. It contains, according to certain sources, an entity inside. No further information is available.

SCP-7431-2 is the collective designation for the multiple entities and beings that inhabit SCP-7431-1, whether native to it or not.

Addendum 7431.1: List of known SCP-7431-2 instances


Artistic representation of SCP-7431-2-A. Found in Los Andes, date undetermined.

Designation: SCP -7431-2-A

Description: Sentient humanoid entities that roam the wastelands of SCP -7431-1. Its anatomy is characterized by the absence of reproductive organs and any type of body orifice. Testimonies also affirm the absence of certain organs, limbs or other parts of the body. These absences seem to vary depending on the instance. The presence of a single eye of disproportionate size in relation to the size of the skull predominates in all instances.

Instances of SCP-7431-2-A move in groups, wandering aimlessly and erratically. Certain witnesses claim to have heard these entities producing vocalizations in different known languages, which are mostly described as short, unintelligible, or mere words without any relationship between them.

These vocalizations have been recorded, based on various witnesses and translators, in Portuguese, Russian, English, Spanish, French, Guaraní, Aymara, German, and Mocovi.

Addendum 7431.2: Exploration attempts

On ██/██/████, the SCP-7431 research team launched the ██████ project, with the goal of exploring and studying SCP-7431-1 in a controlled environment. For this, SCP-████, derived from the failed ████████ project, would be used.

On ██/██/████, a class D subject was implanted with SCP ████, and based on the notes of Argentine artist ████████ ██████ ████████████, a series of specific conditions were put in place to trigger the effects of SCP-7431 in the subject. Despite the time difference that divides our plane of reality from SCP-7431-1, the constant communication of the class D subject describing his experiences in real time based on specifications and orders previously given by project researchers would serve for a greater understanding of the anomaly. Said temporal difference did not allow a real-time exchange with the subject. Advanced recording and editing technology allowed the creation of an understandable record of the subject's experiences. The difference was 35 minutes in the base reality, and 4 hours within SCP-7431-1.

While the first exploration was considered a failure due to subject being captured by 2 instances of SCP-7431-2-E, at which point the individual's communication became purely erratic, the recovered material continues to be studied and will be taken taken into account for a second exploration already approved and scheduled for ██/██/████

The class D subject was amnesticized and is currently undergoing psychiatric treatment.


DATE: ██/██/████
TEAM: D-21126


[ D-21126 regains consciousness within SCP-7431-1 ]

D-21126: Uhm-

D-21126: Yes, uh, i'm inside.

D-21126: It's, uh, like… a desert. It's not very hot in here but there's lots of sand so-

D-21126: I can see some branches in the distance, sticking out of the sand. I'll go check.

[ 5 minutes from arrival ]

D-21126: So, these weren't- shit…

D-21126: Yeah, these were, uh, people. Arms, in the sand. I tried to remove one and it scratched me, but-

D-21126: I wanted to describe the scratch, you told me to report that kind of things but-

D-21126: No- I can't find the scratch, I don't see it. Maybe I imagined it?

[ 26 minutes from arrival ]

D-21126: Uh, do you copy me? There are- there are things walking here. Are these the same ones you described? Let me get closer…

D-21126: Yes they are.

SCP -7431-2-A: Est-Ce Que Tu Peux Me Voir?

D-21126: What?

SCP -7431-2-A: Je te vois.

D-21126: He's talking in- Honestly i don't know what he's saying.

D-21126: So, uh, he has no arms, his skin is very pale, it's like, very dry…

D-21126: He's just, standing there, looking at me. You told me not to bother them, i think i'm going. There should be many more anyway, right?

SCP -7431-2-A: Espèce de putain de cochon

D-21126: He's still talking…

SCP -7431-2-A: Enfoirée

D-21126: Uh.

[ 46 minutes from arrival ]

D-21126: Yes, I see something in the distance. I'm still far away, but it's like… a building, or a tower, but it looks old. It's… all white, it has a dome at the top, emerald green. This thing is huge.

D-21126: But there's also a- well- uh.. it's like..

D-21126: Yes, it's like a tower, it looks strange, crooked… but-

D-21126: It's like, if I concentrate I can see the details, but when I stop focusing, it fades away, like a mirage… Anyway. I won't get close, I'll move around it, like you guys told me.

[ 1 Hour and 38 minutes from arrival ]

D-21126: It's starting to get dark. The sky…uh, there's no dusk, I mean, I don't see a sun setting anywhere. It's as if- the sky just turned off, to black. Before, the sky was white, like cloudy, although there are no clouds… now it's like, gray…

[ 2 Hours and 25 minutes from arrival ]

D-21126: So, I'm behind a rock, on a mound of sand. When it got dark, it was pitch black, no moon and no stars. I couldn't see my own nose and-

D-21126: I saw a glow in the distance and approached it. I'm seeing it now, it's people, uh, set on fire, shit-

D-21126: Yes, their whole bodies, set on fire.

D-21126: There are about 9, or 10… some of them are, well, running, screaming, there's one rolling on the floor, this one doesn't move- but this other one, uh, this one looks like he's dancing. It doesn't seem like he's in pain, it's just like a choreography, he seems very calm.


[ 2 Hours and 43 minutes from arrival ]

D-21126: Focus- Hello. Hello- Fuck, they-

D-21126: Those- ugly things, they found me.

D-21126: Two of them, as soon as they saw me, they ran at full speed towards me, I couldn't even stop to breathe. They're almost like giants-

D-21126: I am hidden in a small sinkhole, almost like a cave. There are two more of these things, you know, the ones that can talk. They are standing still, looking at me, doing nothing. I'll try to stay here until they get tired of hunting me, if that at least happens.

D-21126: Am I supposed to be asleep? I'm fucking tired…

[ 2 Hours and 58 minutes from arrival ]

SCP -7431-2-A (1): Deine Angst ist unsinnig

D-21126: So.. fuck- I've been thinking-

SCP -7431-2-A (1): Es ist nur ein kleiner Kratzer

D-21126: It's a very big tower, up there. But there is one detail that- uhm-

D-21126: There's this small detail that I noticed while I was watching it. I'm not an idiot, I think there are things about this place that you guys didn't tell me.

SCP -7431-2-A (2): Huyeron desde el este para esconder este lugar entre las montañas. Yo lo encontré. Despues de siglos, para qué han vuelto? Para mantener el secreto? Imberbe. Ignorante

D-21126: The tower has a small decoration at the top. A little star, elongated, with 6 points. And I'm pretty sure I've seen it somewhere else.

D-21126: In the- uh- “Drawings”, which you showed me as a guide. I saw it a couple of times, like- a crown, or like a halo, i don't remember vey well.

SCP -7431-2-A (2): Infeliz. El vulgo sirve al monarca. El monarca sirve a Dios. Siga la escalera

D-21126: Remember, like, a while ago? When I said there were no stars in the sky?

SCP -7431-2-A (1): Wenn ich das gewusst hätte, hätte ich mich in die Zitadelle gestürzt. Was für ein Privileg. Was für ein Privileg.

SCP -7431-2-A (1): Well, right now I'm looking at the sky, and- uh- I think I was wrong. There's one. It's the same, exact one. You guys should write that down somewhere.

[ Pause ]

D-21126: Anyway, maybe I'll get lucky. Maybe it won't be long until-

SCP -7431-2-A (1): Die Kameradschaft ist angekommen.

D-21126: What? No-

[ D-21126 is intercepted by the 2 instances of SCP-7431-2-E, who attack him. The pain caused by the attack added to the desperation of the moment makes communication erratic and unintelligible. ]

SCP -7431-2-A (2): Que Dios lo bendiga!


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