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Welcome to the SwanTran Translation and Transcription tool. I am an artificial intelligence, here to make your filing and updating work a little easier!

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Error. User credentials not recognised.

Please relog, or contact Harrit Swanepoel via the SwanTran Lifeline!

SwanTran Lifeline chat initiated

GIJS: Harrit, I can’t log in anymore.
GIJS: Or did you add a misgender module to the SwanTran tool?
GIJS: For an authentic experience :’) :’(
SwanTran-Lifeline [HARRIT] is typing a message…

Gijs is an old queer. He had his struggles, fought the battle decades longer than I have. And he found a way to let it slide off him. I know that.

His marriage might be legal. Somewhat normal, even. But it’s still not approaching ‘mundane’. He and his husband still turn a head or two, when they’re out together. There are still places, moments, people that are unsafe.

I know he copes with humour.

If it works for him, that’s fine. I just…

I hope I’ll find something that works for me, someday.

SwanTran-Lifeline [HARRIT]: I’ll take a look. I've got a test to run on SCP-7422 anyway.

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    SwanTran7.1 Tool: Warning, electrical overload detected


    Analysing input…

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      Dataset 1

      You’re my daughtersonchild. I just want what’s best for you.

      I know, mum.
      But that doesn’t mean it can’t hurt me.

      Can’t you just try to –

      Feel different? Be different?

      I love you. I love you! You know how deeply I love you?!

      I know, mum.
      You love the idea of me. The person I am in your mind.

      It takes some time to get used to it. I will, █████████.

      You’re mourning the child I never was. You bury them. Read the eulogy. I just want someone to dance with me at the funeral.

      Harrit. Harrit! I meant Harrit! I’m sorry sondaughterchild.

      You’re trying, I say, swallowing the sting, I’m glad you’re trying.

      I just want you to be SAFE.

      I will be, mum, I lie.

      SwanTran tool update: object Class entered as Safe.

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        Dataset 2

        “You know I didn’t mean it like that.”

        Then why did you say it? I think.
        I know you don’t, I say.

        “You know I support you. I’ve shown you before, I support you people! Even though I don't get it.”

        We live in a binary world, trapped in binary minds.

        “I don’t want to offend. I mean, should I just watch my words around you all the time?”

        I carefully choose my words before I respond.

        I have to.

        Because I don’t get the same luxury as you.

        “I mean, I get what you’re saying. I understand. But you could’ve said it differently. You could’ve been nicer/quieter/kinder/less public about it.”

        I scream into the void. Quietly. I lock away the hurt and anger and humiliation and pain and carefully place my hand on your shoulder and tell you I get it, it is hard, I’m so glad you try, but please, please don’t say that, please don’t, please just respect me for who I tell you I am, please,

        I swallow the tears and curse words because if I don’t, it’ll just be giving you a reason to disregard my request.

        We live in a binary world, trapped in binary minds. You said a Bad Thing, but you’re a Good Person. And saying a Bad Thing is something a Bad Person does, and you’re not a Bad Person. So I must’ve interpreted it wrong, or misunderstood your intentions. You have to explain to me you’re a Good Person, still.

        It doesn’t even enter your mind that sometimes, Good People still do Bad Things. The world doesn’t judge you by your intentions. I certainly don’t.

        But I can’t tell you that. Because you’ll never listen to me again if I do.

        I have to earn being heard.

        So I swallow. And I hide. And I ask you, kindly, calmly, please: just hear me. Just accept who I tell you I am. It’s not binary. You can be a third thing: a Better person: someone who learned.

        And I support you through the hurt I caused you by being hurt.

        SwanTran tool update: Special Containment Procedures entered.

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          Dataset 3

          “But if they find your bones 200 years from now, what would they call you?”

          Have you ever wondered what would flash before your eyes? What would you see in that last moment before the lights go out? One bright spark, a shock to the system before shutdown.

          So many memories to choose from. A lifetime worth of data, little 1s and 0s, strung together.

          We live in a binary world. A world of facts, data, 1s and 0s. But we colour it. Turn it into a spectrum of colours and nuance. A beautiful painting of depth and perspective.

          A perspective unique to just me. Isn’t it all just an amazing feat. A beautiful trick of the mind.

          I’m not anyone’s story to tell. I am my own. They can find my bones 200 years from now, tell a new story with those building blocks. God knows how true that story will be – but here’s the kicker: it doesn’t have to be. A story is only a truth for the person telling it.

          The narrative they’ll tell with my bones, it’ll only say something about the narrator. Their perspective. Their experience of the world. Plenty of stories of people like me have been forgotten. Rewritten, renamed, deadnamed, by those who get to decide.

          So first we hide. Then we revolt. Then we celebrate. Take Pride in who we are, yell at that binary world in colours and perspectives previously unheard. Redacted. Removed.

          And we’ll keep on yelling. Screaming. Until we are heard. Until all of us are heard.

          Until we are no longer exceptions. Until the day we are mundane.

          God, I can’t wait to be mundane.

          SwanTran Tool: Analysis complete. Compose file? Y/N

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            SwanTran7.1 is composing a file, please wait

            Hi there!

            It seems you've been struggling with the clinical language required for Foundation documentation. Not to worry! SwanTran's Linguistical AI module has corrected for tone and word choice.

            Just to be sure, this file has been forwarded to lead researcher GIJS VAN OOSTERBEEK for review before uploading to the database is completed.

            You have been assigned training module 5: Clinical Tone. This will help you get a better grip on that concise style needed to document these difficult subjects!

            Questions? Contact Harrit Swanepoel via the SwanTran Lifeline!

            Item#: 7422
            Containment Class:
            Secondary Class:
            Disruption Class:
            Risk Class:

            Assigned Site Site Director Research Lead Assigned Task Force
            Site 312 Marianne Verwoerd-Kerkerling Gijs van Oosterbeek N/A


            SCP-7422 as seen on the desk of Mx. Harrit Swanepoel before activating

            Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7422 is currently held in containment locker 10 in Site 312's anomalous storage unit and is being monitored for reactivation.

            Description: SCP-7422 is an anomalous technology construct resembling a BBC Micro Ceefax. There is no available connection for an external power source, and no detectable internal battery. Current hypothesis is that it is powered by absorbing energy from organic matter in its surroundings.

            The attached visual display switches between 3 headers on a 10 second timer, reading "EAST", "WEST" and "CENTRAL", with no accompanying text underneath. The counter in the top right corner indicates the existence of 10 available headers in total.

            SCP-7422 came into Foundation possession as part of a collection of anomalous technological artifacts seized after a tip from the AIVD.1

            On 2023-11-10, the device activated unexpectedly during analysis of its components. An electrical shockwave transmitted from the device disconnected most of Site-312’s integrated systems, resulting in a site-wide blackout. The investigator and only attendant, Site-312 Head of Technical Infrastructure Mx. Harrit Swanepoel, was the sole casualty.

            The body of Mx. Swanepoel was disintegrated completely upon activation of SCP-7422. Their ashes were returned to their family after thorough analysis showed no anomalous properties.

            Documentation for SCP-7422 was uploaded via the SwanTran tool to lead researcher Gijs van Oosterbeek's review queue, and has been included unaltered.

            SCP-7422 has not activated since.

            SwanTran Tool: Update, additional data found.
            On 2024-04-22, a 4th header and additional text appeared on the visual display of SCP-7422.

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